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With her mantra of “grace not perfection,” it’s hard to think of anyone better to kick off the “At Home” portion of our Southern Newlywed column than Emily Ley. Many of y’all may know her as a great friend to Southern Weddings (she and Lara are BFFs through their work with Making Things Happen) or because you own one of her lovely and intentional products like the Simplified Planner.

Emily exemplifies what we’re hoping to communicate with these home tour/interviews – it’s not about having the “perfect” abode or having everything “done” before you can share it, it’s about finding joy and inspiration in what you have, where you live, and who you share it with. Though Emily shares often and openly about life with her family on instagram, we are so excited to share this first look into her happy Tampa home, courtesy of Shay Cochrane

Names: Emily and Bryan Ley
Years married: 6
Childrens’ names and ages: Brady, 3

Your love story in one sentence: A 16-year-old gal falls madly in love with the cute frat boy with the red jeep and dreams of how cute her married name would be…
Do you rent or own? We own our home in Tampa, Florida. Bryan lived here before we got married. We dream of one day building what we call our “forever home.” One of our favorite things to do is plan this space and mentally draw diagrams of rooms and closets and jack-and-jill bathrooms.

Tell us about the process of moving in together. Do you have any tips for blending your two styles? Ha ha! We have two different answers on this. My answer is that we moved in together and my crisp, white, airy, slightly country taste meshed perfectly with Bryan’s masculine, rich leather, hardwood style. Bryan’s answer is that I moved in, filled 19 bags with “donations,” and let him keep his airplane propeller and our vintage ’74 Bronco. (Okay, it might have happened a little like that… but we both adore our space now! He has been very sweet letting me have the reigns on our interior decorating).
Which room in your home is your favorite, and why? We live in our kitchen and family room. They’re very open to each other and you can find all three of us here at any given time. This space is very welcoming, full of natural light, and has been organized in a way that really works for our lifestyle. We remodeled this space a few years ago and made all the decisions (big and small) together. It was really fun to incorporate both our styles into one big room that truly feels like us and is still kid-friendly.

Where do you splurge and where do you save when decorating? What are some of your favorite sources for home things? Early in our marriage, our house felt very empty because we hadn’t accumulated many mementos and souvenirs (or even photos!) from adventures together. I made the mistake of filling the “white space” with random things (vases, fake flowers, knick-knacks) that had no meaning to us – they simply filled a void (if that isn’t a great metaphor for life, I don’t know what is!). As the years have gone by, we’ve slowly replaced the meaningless stuff with really special things that have specific memories or people associated with them. This is probably my favorite part about our home. Most of our decor pieces come from One Kings Lane, HomeGoods, or Target. We decided early to splurge on furniture that is great quality and may even be passed down to our children.

Who cooks dinner? Well, neither of us love to cook, but we get it done. I’m typically a very healthy eater. Bryan loves pizza and chicken wings and mashed potatoes. We blend our tastes together. On the weekends, Bryan grills a lot – I bought him a Big Green Egg smoker for his first Father’s Day and he’s a champ on it! He makes the best chicken and pulled pork ever.
What is your go-to weeknight meal? Weekend meal? I love soups and stews for the week. They’re filling and can be made really healthy (the boys don’t even have to know it!) without tasting like they’re missing something. On the weekend, we eat out on Saturdays and have a big family dinner on Sundays (much like my own mama does back home!).

Which items from your wedding registry do you use the most often? Definitely the staple kitchen supplies – nice non-stick pots and pans.
What different decisions, if any, would you make for your registry if you knew then what you knew now? I would have registered for great everyday dishes instead of our fancy china. We only use it once a year when we host Thanksgiving dinner!

What’s your best tip for balancing your relationship and other priorities in life (work, personal time, extended family, etc.)? Date night. We try to have an adults only, screen-free date night at least once a month. No cell phones allowed. We typically go to our favorite local spot, Catch 23, and have some wine (we love trying new wines together) and a long dinner. It’s so nice to reconnect and talk over a good meal.

How does your family handle finances? Do you use a set budget? When we got married, Bryan and I decided to put our individual strengths to work financially. We decided that Bryan would be “CEO” and I would be the “Office Manager.” I handle the day-to-day needs (i.e. paying bills that come in the mail) and Bryan manages our long-term, big picture financial plan (i.e. investments, insurance, retirement, etc.). I take an active role in these things by understanding the terms, meeting with our financial advisor with Bryan, and helping to make important decisions, but ultimately, Bryan leads us in this. He’s great with our finances, so I feel really fortunate to have him by my side with these things.

Do you have children? What are your hopes and plans for the future in this area? We do! Brady Ley is our sweet little boy. He’s three years old. He’s fantastic. Being his Mom and Dad is the greatest thing on Earth. We’ve dealt with infertility for a long time and continue to struggle with Baby Ley #2, but our faith and our commitment to each other make room for lots of hope and gratitude.

In 2014, our family is most excited about… growing together more. Brady is learning new things each and every day. We are in a unique situation (purposely) in that I work part-time running a full-time business and am able to be home with Brady in the afternoons and on Fridays. The name of the game in 2014 is to soak up these precious moments as a family of three. Hopefully, that will be changing soon, so we’re relishing every second that we’re able to spend with just Brady. We have much to be grateful for.

What is one small way you love or serve your spouse? I am a big believer in love languages. Over the past few years, I’ve been trying hard to learn Bryan’s love language. When we were first married, I would leave little love notes for him around our house or a surprise bag of M&Ms (his favorite) in the driver’s seat of his car. Acts of kindness and surprises are definitely my love language, so surely, that would be his too, right? But it wasn’t! And it hit me, recently actually, that his love language is in our finances. Sounds super strange, I know. Bear with me and get to know my husband here: Bryan takes his role as “Ley Family CEO” and co-provider for our family very seriously. In the past (and gracious, I’m still not perfect at it), I’ve been careless sometimes with excessive random Target trips for things we don’t need or too many trips to Banana Republic (my weakness). These excessive expenditures made Bryan feel frustrated. When I stepped back and realized that my respect for our finances was what made him feel the most respected and loved, it hit me like a ton of bricks! So, I serve my husband by respecting our finances more.

What has been the most surprising thing about marriage? The most surprising thing about being married is that marriage takes work and effort. My parents are incredible role models for us after having been married 37 years. The amount of respect they have for each other is remarkable and inspires us to always take a step back and remember what really matters most when things aren’t easy. Bryan and I have grown so much over the past six years, facing infertility and a high risk pregnancy together, living eight hours from our hometown and my family, and raising a son, all while pursuing our own careers. We’ve become pretty good about telling each other when we need a hug, when we need some time to ourselves, or when we just need a good glass of wine, Netflix reruns, and a hand to hold on the couch.

What is your favorite part of being married? Living with my best friend. No one makes me laugh like Bryan does. And on that same note, no one can make me laugh at myself like Bryan does. He encourages me to not take life so seriously and to truly soak up the joy in our journey. His lightheartedness is what won me over when we were just kids working at a restaurant together. Well, that and his handsome, crooked smile. :)

Huge hugs to Emily for giving us this glimpse into her family’s life! Be sure to pay a visit to her site, blog, and instagram.

A little reminder before you go: We have great things in the works for this column, but we’d love your help! Our hope is to feature REAL couples in the South – not just folks who write blogs (though we love them, too!), but also your inspiring friend, super talented cousin, or neighbor with the cutest house – the kind of person everyone would love to “e-meet.” If that sounds like you or someone you know, take a peek at our Southern Newlywed submission page and shoot us an email!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Kat reply

    Oh, y’all!! I LOVE this new series!!! What a great way to talk about Newlyweds in the South!! Emily’s home is so beautiful… I can’t wait to see what other women you feature!!! xo!!

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  3. avatar Bonnie reply

    What a sweet feature! I just love Emily and this new little spot on SW for newlyweds has my heart singing! It is so great to read about other young couples and discover what unique ways they pursue each other in their marriage. Emily’s home has me so inspired to find special ways to incorporate both my husband and my personalities more into our little home!

  4. avatar Lara reply

    Yay! So happy to have you on SW, Em!

  5. avatar Maureen reply

    So glad you featured Emily Ley! I’ve loved her for years!

  6. avatar Nicole reply

    Love!! And Love Emily’s insight into love languages.

  7. avatar Emily reply

    I have to agree with Miss Emily on the best part of being married! Living with your best friend is the best :)

  8. avatar Wanda reply

    I loved this interview and glimps into Emily Ley’s family. I feel very related with her when she spoke about honoring and showing that she loved her husband. My husband feels more love when I take care of our finances too. It does sounds weird, but it’s just the way they are. Thanks for sharing the Ley’s family, I enjoyed it a lot.

  9. avatar Kaya reply

    I love Emily Ley!!! And her home! Her office is inspiring me to update mine.

  10. avatar Lisa reply

    Love this so much! I’m definitely taking heed of her words about not accumulating stuff to “fill the void” in my own mostly-bare apartment–other than picture frames filled with amazing memories, the rest can come with time!

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  12. avatar Denise reply

    What a great idea to feature newlyweds! So much build up with the wedding that many forget the marriage!

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  14. avatar Allison reply

    Oh, I just love this! I can’t wait to read more!

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When we announced our V5 Photo Contest, we had no idea just how stinkin’ cute our readers are! Now we do, and let me tell you, y’all are cuter than a little red wagon full of speckled pups! Let’s recap: super cute kiddos, a sweet nana (who appears on page 54 of this issue!), a loving hubby and adorable pups? Check! Our big ol’ Southern Weddings V5 photo contest finalists are some kind of adorable. So adorable, in fact, that we need your help choosing a winner!

A little more background, just for fun: Peyton (the blond) gifted her recently-engaged best friend Melissa with her own copy of SW. You may recognize Marissa as a model from two of our past photo shoots (she’s showing off more of her posing skills above). That adorable golden puppy was involved in the proposal for Amanda, Julianne’s friend (with a copy of SW being the next logical step). Stephanie said, and I quote, “hubby literally took it off my lap.” Love that!

Help us find a winner! Vote by leaving a comment below with your favorite’s name! The winner will receive an adorable Emily Ley iPhone case!

Voting will end on Friday, February 1, so get your votes in quick! One vote per person, please!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
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When I received my Emily Ley Simplified Planner in the mail not too long after my sister got engaged this summer, I fell in love with the gold corners and the luxurious linen cover and then promptly scheduled a time after work to organize it — dating the pages and deciding what to label the dividers. (Which is, in all seriousness, my idea of fun.) Then I realized, my sister would really appreciate this planner. Maybe even (dare I say?) more than I would. It is, after all, one of the most challenging organizational efforts to plan a wedding, work a full time job and in her case, act as mommy to a pug and schedule time to see her fiance who currently lives in another state. I selflessly surrendered the planner to her as my first act of maid of honor.

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nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Anna reply

    Love the planner! i am looking forward to finalizing the ceremony!

  2. avatar Ashley reply

    Liked Emily Ley and Southern Weddings on Facebook!

  3. avatar Cameron reply

    So cute!! Who new organization could be so sweet :)
    I’m excited about finalizing the flowers and the decor….those special touches can create the perfect atmosphere for celebration!

  4. avatar Brittany reply

    I am so excited just to begin planning (I just got engaged!) and this would be the perfect helper! I can’t wait to spend time with my mom and grandmothers getting all of the pretty little details figured out!

  5. avatar Amy reply

    Looking forward to every part of planning to make my vision become reality!

  6. avatar Amy reply

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  9. avatar Sarah Lindsay reply

    The part of my wedding that I am most looking forward to is “the first look!” My fiance and I will be doing a “first look” separate from me walking down the aisle, simple because we will be signing a Ketubah. I am excited to see his face when he sees me for the first time in my dress and knowing that today we will soon be husband and wife.

  10. avatar Sarah Lindsay reply

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  11. avatar Sarah Lindsay reply

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    & I follow on Pinterest FYI :)

    Facebook = Sarah Margaret

  12. avatar Sarah Horton reply

    My favorite part of wedding planning has to be a tie between choosing the menu and choosing the invitations. Menu planning is so fun because you get to show your guests your personalities through the food! The invitations are the first thing toset the tone for the wedding so it’s so important that they look amazing!

  13. avatar Paige reply

    Oh my! This lovely item would make all this planning so much easier…beautiful and helpful. I just adore great organization tools…not to mention all the Emily Ley awesomeness!

  14. avatar Sarah Horton reply

  15. avatar Sarah Horton reply

    Liked both the pages on facebook!

  16. avatar Whitney Evans reply

    I’m most looking forward to planning the decor and theme of our wedding – a gold Christmas! I would love to win this planner because right now I’m working with just a manila folder. I’m planning all of it myself, I work a full-time job at the SC State Museum, and I teach horseback riding lessons on the side, so I clearly need to get my act together! This would be such a welcome gift. Thank you for the opportunity. I love your blog and magazine!

  17. avatar Whitney Evans reply

    I tweeted – @whitneyev

  18. avatar Courtney reply

    I’d love to give this to one of my brides! Obviously my favorite part of wedding planning is the table design!

  19. avatar Whitney Evans reply

    of course I already liked Southern Weddings, but I liked Emily Ley too!

  20. avatar Ashley reply

    The part of wedding planning I am mostly looking forward to is going through each step with my fiancé. I thought he wouldn’t want anything to do with the wedding planning process, but he really enjoys it. With both of us working over 60 hours a week, it is nice to do this together. I love getting his opinions on things and knowing our wedding will be just that… OUR wedding. Happy wedding planning to all the amazing brides out there! :)

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  23. avatar Blair Thomas reply

    I love love love this planner, so classic! The part of the wedding planning that I am most excited about is pulling all the southern traditions together for celebrating our love for each other! Southern traditions including wearing my mother’s veil, the charms for the cake pull and using the lace off of my grandmother’s dress from 60 years ago for my bouquet wrap! There’s many more, but those are my favorites that I am looking forward to having to plan for our day! O, and of course the cake tastings : )

  24. avatar Ashley reply

    Oh my twitter name is aliebert63!!

  25. avatar Sara Gwinn reply

    This planner would be a lifesaver for me! As a designer myself, I can’t wait to find unique incorporate our own “wedding brand” and tiny details to every aspect of our wedding day–from our invitations to our reception decor! Liked both pages on facebook too!!

  26. avatar Blair Thomas reply

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  28. avatar Lauren @ Chocolate, Cheese and Wine reply

    So cute! I love everything from Emily Ley! I am looking forward to finalizing the menu.

  29. avatar Emily Nycum reply

    Wooo! I can’t wait to work on all those little DIY details I’ve been storing up in my mind! Y’all and Pinterest just make my head explode with so many fun ideas! And while it’s not really related to the wedding, I’m most excited about/enjoying getting ready for marriage and looking forward to a life spent with the man I love!

  30. avatar Emily Nycum reply

    Tweeted and you ladies and Emily!

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    Cake tasting and menu sampling are my favorite parts of wedding planning ^_^ Hair Trials are always fun too!

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  35. avatar Rebecca reply

    I can not WAIT to start planning where we are getting married! We just moved to London, use to live in DC, I’m excited to pick a country and after dating for 7+ years but our wedding to reality with my soon to be hubby!

  36. avatar Mary Mullen reply

    I am actually going to be a bridesmaid in my brothers wedding this summer! I would love to be able to give this to my future sister-in-law as an engagement present. She is 2nd grade teacher and is planner her wedding from out-of-state. This would be a major help to her and I would love to pass along a little somethin’ Southern Weddings and Emily Ley to her to kick off the wedding planning!

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    The part I’m looking forward to the most about planning my wedding is the decor design. I have such big ideas and I can’t wait to bring them to life!

  41. avatar Kailey reply

    Tweeted ! (and retweeted by some bridesmaids :))

  42. avatar Meghan Peevely reply

    I am most looking forward to planning my wedding with my fiance! We were both hospitality majors in college, and so we both enjoy events and anything that goes into them. He wants to be involved, and has done a wonderful job so far! He’s also such a foodie at heart and his favorite part will most likely be booking our caterers and of course taste testing. I am also really looking forward to taking our engagement and wedding pictures to have beautiful moments of my fiance and I to share with everyone.

  43. avatar Danielle Goforth reply

    The best part of wedding planning is chandeliers and good ol’ southern hospitality!! :)

  44. avatar Christie Ray Harrison reply

    I’m a Maid of Honor so I’m most looking forward to planning bachelorette events and bridal showers!

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    I’m looking forward to going back home for my wedding. Im from Texas and I live in Michigan. I am planning a Southern Texas wedding. I can’t wait to go home to plan and then to get married in my home state.

  49. avatar Gabi reply

    i am looking forward to decorating and coordinating, the whole shebang!

  50. avatar Gabi reply


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    I am really looking forward to cake tasting and tastings from the caterer when it comes to my wedding plans.

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  54. avatar Carly reply

    I am excited to plan the reception! There are so many fun details that can make the day special!

  55. avatar Kelly @ From Charleston with Love reply

    I am most looking forward to putting together all of the ideas that I have had over the years to make one complete look for the big day!


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    EEK! I need this y’all! Trying to plan a wedding and trying to get my doctorate are much too much to handle sometimes! As much as the guest list has been hard to wrangle, I am looking forward to seating table charts!

  60. avatar Taylor J reply

    Woohoo!! I tweeted! @taykatelyn

  61. avatar ashley barnett reply

    I am really really looking forward to crafting all the DIY’s I have lined up! I can’t wait to see it all put together on the wedding day. I really think it will be one of my favorite parts of the day- opening up the big barn doors and seeing the room how I imagined it!

  62. avatar susie flores reply

    Excited to start dress shopping with my momma & my girls!!

  63. avatar susie flores reply

    I can’t wait to start dress doing with my momma & my girls!

  64. avatar Erika reply

    Im most looking forward to my center pieces and decor. :)

  65. avatar susie flores reply

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    I am most looking forward to THE ENTIRE THING!! I just recently became a certified wedding planner in august and I was actually just looking for one of these gorgeous planners at Barnes ans Noble! Love love love it!

  69. avatar Kristen reply

    I’m very much looking forward to planning the wedding design. My fiancee and I are basing the overall design and them on “Pride and Prejudice” with a high tea. I can’t wait!

  70. avatar jessica mccormick reply

    I just tweeted about the giveaway!!

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    I’m looking forward to dress shopping with my mom and sister :)

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    I’m most excited about marrying my man! But in the meantime, I am excited about every. single. detail! ; )

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    … and I have “liked” you both!

  85. avatar Cathy Otto reply

    OH this is soo neat, Cant wait to help design wedding invitations and make the wedding decorations

  86. avatar Cathy Otto reply

    I liked and really enjoy Emily Ley and Southern Weddings, thank you for introducing them to me

  87. avatar Arielle reply

    Just tweeted that I entered the contest!
    I just entered the @EmilyLey Simplified Wedding Planner giveaway on @iloveswmag!

    Can’t wait to start planning our wedding – hopefully on this cute little planner!

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    Love this planner!! I am mostly looking forward to choosing our menu for the reception…my fiance and I are big time foodies!!

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    liked you on facebook!

  92. avatar Jocelyn reply

    My favorite thing about planning my wedding is the decor!!

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    I just tweeted that I entered the wedding planner giveaway!

  94. avatar Brianna Tally reply

    I’m looking forward to planning the installation of glass and crystal chandeliers beneath a hundred something year old oak tree! The tree will sparkle in the front yard of the early 1900’s prairie-style mansion where we are getting married in south Mississippi!

  95. avatar Brianna Tally reply

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    Love the website! I’m looking forward to help my best friend plan her wedding. She just got engaged last month. I would give her this planner if I won.

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    I am not engaged myself but would love to gift this to my college roommate, who just got engaged! I’m looking forward to hearing all about her wedding plans as they unfold!

  101. avatar Brooke reply

    I tweeted! : )

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    I liked SW and Emily Ley on Facebook. Thanks, girls!

  103. avatar Shannon reply

    I am actually looking forward to seating arrangements! I’m envisioning long tables and am excited to mix my fiance’s friends with mine and our families together!

  104. avatar Maia reply

    I am most looking forward to finalizing the decorations and flowers!

  105. avatar Maia reply

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  107. avatar Abby reply

    The part of planning I’m looking forward to most, is trying to be ahead of schedule so the month leading up to the wedding is as simple as possible! I’m juggling full time job, grad school, dog mama duties & QT for the fiancee & I…oh wait & the wedding, too! Please oh please send this my way!

  108. avatar Abby reply

    I sure do LIKE Emily Ley & Southern Weddings on FB…I have a feeling quite a few of Emily’s goodies will be going on my wishlist!

  109. avatar Meagan reply

    I can’t wait to meet with my wonderful vendors again! I’m dying to finalize flower, paper and the other details with my planner!

  110. avatar Meagan reply


  111. avatar Meagan reply


  112. avatar Ashleigh reply

    Well I’d be lying if I didn’t say the food + cake tasting are the parts I am most looking forward to about my wedding planning. I crave structure in the form of organization – so planners are my BEST FRIEND. I would love to win this so I can continue my planning and tuck some inspiration from V5 into those sheet protectors!

  113. avatar Ashleigh reply

    I tweeted I just entered the @EmilyLey Simplified Wedding Planner giveaway on @iloveswmag! check it out @ashleighnfarley! fingers are crossed!

  114. avatar Ashleigh reply

    AND I followed @emilyley on Twitter. Of course I was already following @iloveSWmag (pre-engagement!)… can’t believe I wasn’t following miss Emily! fingers + toes are crossed now!

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    Already “liking” both Emily Ley and Southern Weddings on Facebook. Huge fan of BOTH!

  116. avatar Ranney Wiesemann reply

    Definitely the dress! Dress dress dress!!

  117. avatar Jenny reply

    I am looking forward to just about everything! I can’t wait to design and put together our invitations.

  118. avatar christian r. reply

    I am 3 months away from my wedding day so I am in the midst of many plans. It’s fun planning the details and being engaged.

  119. avatar christian r. reply

    I tweeted that I just entered the @EmilyLey Simplified Wedding Planner giveaway on @iloveswmag

  120. avatar christian r. reply

    I liked SW and Emily Ley on facebook.

  121. avatar Lauren Stefanski reply

    I’ve been an intern for three wedding companies– totaling about 2.5 years now. I’m finally getting to plan my first wedding on my own and I think it would be a great gift to give to my first bride. PLUS I think it would help calm my nerves to have everything so perfectly organized for her!

    (I tweeted and “Liked” both pages!) Thanks girls!

    PS… I LOVE LOVE LOVE my V5- My boyfriend and I had been looking for it since the 13th. Literally every night after work we would drive to Publix, Walmart, Walgreens, Barnes and Noble, Harris Teeter, and Target. (Thank goodness they’re all within 10 minutes of each other!!) And for a whole week we had no luck. I just figured it wasn’t coming to my area so I was going to order online.

    I was having a horrible day at work and suddenly got a phone call from my boyfriend saying to come out to the parking lot… I knew he was going for a bike ride in the area so I figured he wanted to just say hi. He rode over a copy of V5 — he called Barnes and Noble (who didn’t have it yet) and then called Target. There was only one copy left there so he had the guy hold it for him… He was pretty embarrassed when he went to pick it up. I must say I had to put it in my car to resist myself from peeking at it during work!

    Long story short– it was well worth the wait and now Brandon is hooked on the mag too!

  122. avatar Luzdary Leest reply

    Our wedding day is in June 2013 in Aruba. I am originally from this island and most of our guests have never been here. This will also be the first event where my family and his family will meet. I look forward to planning not only the wedding but also all activities where both sides of the family and friends will have an amazing time!

  123. avatar Lauren Stefanski reply

    I’m most excited about planning my first wedding after being an intern with three different companies! I think it’d be a great gift to give my first bride to calm both our nerves! But I can’t wait to help pick her theme/ color pallette and stationary!

    Ps. Loving v5– my bf searched stores with me for a week before we could find it! He stopped by my work on his bike to deliver it to me in front of my all women office! He’s truely the best!

  124. avatar Annie Harris reply

    The part of wedding planning that I am most looking forward to is the final result! I cannot wait to see the results of all the hard work!

  125. avatar Annie Harris reply

    I just retweeted that I just entered the @EmilyLey Simplified Wedding Planner giveaway on @iloveswmag! on my twitter @anniebob16

  126. avatar Annie Harris reply

    I liked Southern Weddings and Emily on facebook!

  127. avatar Brittany James reply

    I am so excited to begin planning my wedding! I am recently engaged and am most excited about creating a rustic look for my wedding and reception. Many of my family and friends are excited to help and create things to dress up the reception with me as well. This planner would be so helpful to aid in this process!!

  128. avatar Brittany James reply

    Just liked both on facebook!! :)

  129. avatar Jillian Wist reply

    My boyfriend just proposed in front of Cinderella’s Castle! I can’t wait to start planning our fairytale! I’m most looking forward to incorporating details that represent both he and I.

  130. avatar Jillian Wist reply

    I just “LIKED” and mean “LOVED” both Emily Ley and Southern Weddings on facebook!

  131. avatar sarah reply

    I LIKED/LOVE EMILY LEY & Southern Weddings on facebook!

  132. avatar Laura reply

    I am looking forward to everything!! But most of all, getting to plan everything alongside my significant other…that quality time is by far the most precious.

  133. avatar Hanna reply

    The best part of wedding planning is getting everything organized in one place – that makes everything easier later!

  134. avatar susie flores reply

    I look forward to writing out vows!

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