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Our final entry in this round of the Ultimate Southern Challenge is a collaboration between Sweet Tea Photography and Petal’s Edge Floral Design. These vendors and their team put together several burlap-based projects, which we’re excited to share with you today!

Petal’s Edge put together this French hand-tied bouquet using natural cotton, cotton pods, and magnolia foliage. They wrapped the stems in burlap and added a pearl-centered burlap rosette (see below for the DIY!).

Another burlap rosette made its way onto a boutonniere, accented with a brown cotton pod and mini magnolia leaves. We also loved the burlap-covered pew cone holding a simple posy of balsa wood flowers. To make your own, take a square piece of card stock and spray adhesive glue on the surface. Place a piece of burlap across the face to adhere. Roll the paper to form a three-dimensional cone, and use hot glue or staples to secure.

A peek at the burlap-based table the team put together, including a burlap-wrapped luminaria, burlap linens, burlap napkins, and a burlap menu wrap! We love the centerpiece of magnolia leaves, tweedia, and cotton, too!

Last but certainly not least, the team put together two different burlap wreaths. They included these simple instructions for the one on the left: “To make a burlap wreath, begin by cutting a long strip of burlap approximately 4” in width. Thread the burlap onto a length of wire using an accordion-style fold. Continue adding more burlap to the wire until you have the degree of lushness that you want. For the wire, you can use a heavy duty floral wire or a coat hanger.”

Florals: Petal’s Edge Floral Design // Photography: Sweet Tea Photography // Paper Goods: Little Bit Heart // Cake: Kendall’s Cakes // Location: Lee-Fendall House // Rentals: Select Event Rentals

Thank you so much! Readers, if you love these ideas, be sure to leave a comment below! Remember, you’re welcome to vote for more than one concept.

Burlap rosette instructions:
Begin by folding a square or rectangular piece of burlap into a roll about 1”- wide. Once you have the burlap strip rolled, take one end and make a dog-ear fold. Roll the fold towards yourself about 4-5 times. This makes a nice center for your rosette. Then flip or twist the burlap and continue wrapping it around the rose center. You can hot glue the burlap to secure your coils as you go along. Continue until you have a flower the size you want. (NOTE: If you want bigger petals, start with a folded strip of wider than 1”.)

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  1. avatar Jaime reply

    This is all beautiful! Go Petal’s Edge!!

  2. avatar Lisa Marie reply

    Thanks so much for including us! We had such a lovely time working on this shoot! Thanks for holding these fun competitions! Your magazine is the “bee’s knees!”

  3. avatar Donna reply

    Who knew burlap could be so pretty? Love, love. love this! So creative!

  4. avatar [email protected] reply

    Great job team!!

  5. avatar Addie Conte reply

    I love everything Little Bit Heart does. These ladies are not just so very talented and uniquely creative but truly lovely people as well! Good luck in all your creative adventures!

  6. avatar Joe reply

    Beautiful and so creative!

  7. avatar Rebecca Henry reply

    Obviously I love it! Thanks for posting our work! We really enjoyed the challenge.

  8. avatar debbie reply

    little bit of heart always manages to pull off the most unique, appealing designs. I just love that company!!!

  9. avatar Amber Karson reply

    Looks fabulous ladies!

  10. avatar Daniel Wellington reply

    Wow, what a fantastic idea. Love how it combines the rough with the elegant and still pulls it off as completely classy!

  11. avatar Gerry Rogers reply

    We had so much fun collaborating with our team on this challenge. Thanks for including us!!

  12. avatar Engaging Affairs reply

    STUNNING! So happy we get to work with such talented people! Awesome job Lisa Marie and Gerry & Rebecca!

  13. avatar martha reply

    Howdy Y’all. Love the cotton centerpiece. The photographs were impressive too!

  14. avatar Betty reply

    What an awesome idea. Love the table setting with the menu wrap on the napkin, how creative. Those girls at Little Bit Heart are amazing.

  15. avatar Elizabeth reply

    Beautiful work….I love it all!! Little bit heart always has the most unique, creative, beautiful paper goods! I love their work!

  16. avatar Emily Rusch reply

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Good luck, Petals Edge!

  17. avatar JoAnn reply

    Little Bit Heart – what can I say??? You guys did an amazing job once again! You are always bringing such a great sense of style to EVERYTHING that you touch. Well done!

  18. avatar Victoria C. reply

    LOVE this look!!! It’s fabulous.

  19. avatar Allison Manning reply

    Woo Hoo! Always amazed by their work.

  20. avatar Rana reply

    Love this!

  21. avatar linda butler reply

    wonderful ideas so back to nature and do it your self ideas. great for other events as well!

  22. avatar Mariel reply

    LOVE Sweet Tea!!!! They are amazing! Lisa is doing my wedding in November and I can not wait! SO talented – GO SWEET TEA!!!

  23. avatar Emilie Hilsenrath reply

    Love this so much! So many cute and fun ways to incorporate burlap :-)

  24. avatar Leah reply

    Wonderful photos and I love the idea of a burlap floral boutonniere!

  25. avatar Valiantsina reply

    Great ideas!

  26. avatar Tonya reply

    Love this! So much nicer than the typical predictable wedding flowers.

  27. avatar Lauren reply

    those centerpieces are to die for! nicely done.

  28. avatar Chrissy reply

    This is so fabulous it makes this northern city girl want to have a burlap wedding!

  29. avatar Dana reply

    Great work. Love all the designs!!!

  30. avatar Nicole reply

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! did I say that I LOVE this!!!

  31. avatar Shauna reply

    Loved the cotton floral arrangement! So gorgeous as always, Petal’s Edge!

  32. avatar jane reply

    Petal’s Edge is amazing!

  33. avatar M reply

    Petal’s Edge is AMAZING! So creative, with a unique design for every aspect of a beautiful Southern wedding! They get my vote!!!

  34. avatar Ketaki reply

    Gorgeous & incredibly creative!

  35. avatar Neil B. reply

    Amazing, per usual!

  36. avatar Carolyn Hengstler reply

    Very unique ideas. A step away from the norm. Beautiful photos.

  37. avatar ann s. reply

    beautiful photography by sweet tea photography….as usual!

  38. avatar renee reply


  39. avatar Liz reply

    What unique and beautiful ideas!

  40. avatar Lynn Adams reply

    I think these designs from Petal’s Edge are great. I love the rustic concepts.

  41. avatar Kevin reply


  42. avatar Shannon reply

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love this look, it’s so charming.

  43. avatar amy reply

    I love this! So creative and lovely! Definitely my favorite!!

  44. avatar Penney reply

    Gorgeous work. Who knew burlap could be so elegant? This gets my vote.

  45. avatar Jilandra reply

    I love this!! What a cute idea.

  46. avatar Anthony J. reply

    Sweet Tea never fails to amaze me. Your ingenuity and creativity are a winning combination.
    Thanks for coming through again!

  47. avatar KSGent reply

    Love the burlap! Every creative and original.

  48. avatar April L. reply

    I love this!!! What a beautiful way to be so rustic :D Love it!!!! I adore the cotton in the floral arrangements :D Great Idea Petal’s Edge !!!!!

  49. avatar robin reply

    I love these designs, but I am especially loving the burlap rosette boutineer! Beautiful, petals edge!

  50. avatar Sean reply

    Amazing that burlap can look so beautiful.

  51. avatar Susan Armstrong reply

    Just such a creative use of materials! Who would believe burlap could look so beautiful!

  52. avatar bree [capitolromance] reply

    omg i LOVE this! Sweet Tea rocks ~ and i love all these DIY burlap details. everything ties together so nicely and is so unique!

  53. avatar Colleen {Soundtrack To I Do} reply

    Gorgeous shoot!! Love all those details!

  54. avatar David Armstrong reply

    Petal’s Edge did the floral arrangements for my daughter’s wedding in 2009–beautiful work, great people to work with.

  55. avatar Karla reply

    Love the use of cotton!

  56. avatar Cris of Kiss My Tulle reply

    The burlap mini rosette on the bouqquet is ADORABLE!

  57. avatar Rachel B. reply

    This is beautiful! Love it!

  58. avatar Sara @ Bella Notte reply

    What fun ways to incorporate burlap and cotton. Love it!

  59. avatar Laurel G reply

    Oh this is my favorite!

  60. avatar Heidi reply

    This one is my favorite. Simple and elegant.

  61. avatar Sandy reply

    It’s lovely!

  62. avatar Elisa reply

    Amazing!! I didn’t even know burlap could be beautiful until I saw this. Every detail, the wrap around the flowers, the rosette, the combination of or groups paper goods and, who knew it, beautiful burlap!

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  64. avatar Vicki Portney reply

    I love the use of burlap by Petal’s Edge in all the designs. Somehow the designers managed to use a material thought of as plain and turn it into an elegant design accompaniment. It may have been through the gentle color combinations that worked so well with the burlap or the addition of beautiful touches such as the burlap rosette. However they did it, the results were stunning!

  65. avatar Charlotte reply

    This is beautiful!!

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Our next finalist in the Ultimate Southern Challenge, burlap edition, is a sweet DIY sent in by Taryn from Atlanta, who writes the blog Formal Fringe. Based on the idea that one thing all Southerners share is a pride in their home states, she imagined a creative guest book alternative wrapped in — you guessed it — burlap.

From Taryn:

“One thing that all Southerners share is pride in their home states. Instead of a traditional guestbook, let your wedding guests leave their mark on a burlap-covered map. Each guest can grab a ribbon-covered pin from the mason jar, then pin it onto the burlap map and show how far they’ve traveled to be there on your special day. This is an easy DIY project that any bride can do. The red and natural brown burlap and the sweet query “Where y’all from?” adds Southern flair to any party south of the Mason-Dixon Line!”

Materials: Foam core board, brown & red burlap, extra-long satin pins, red and black striped ribbon, stick-on black glitter letters, craft wood, white paint, spray adhesive, hot glue gun

1. Print a large map of the United States onto paper using the “poster print” function. Tape the pieces together and cut along the edges of the map. Trace the shape onto your foam core board, then cut out the shape with a craft knife.
2. Spray the front of the board with spray adhesive, then cover it with the brown burlap. Pull the excess burlap around to the back of the board and secure with hot glue.
3. Paint the craft wood white and let dry, then use stick-on letters to spell out “Where y’all from?” on the wood pieces. With hot glue, attach the craft wood sign to a “ribbon” of red burlap, then attach it to the burlap-wrapped foam board outline. Attach a long length of ribbon to the top of the map for hanging.
4. Cut the remaining ribbon to 2-inch lengths, then fold and attach to the ends of the satin pins with hot glue. Hang the sign and leave ribbon-topped pins nearby for guests to pin their home states.

Thank you so much for sharing, Taryn! Readers, if you love this idea, be sure to let us know in the comments! And remember, you’re welcome to give a vote of support to more than one concept.

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Laura reply

    Oh my goodness, I love this idea and the fact that directions came with it. This would be so fun to make and show your guests that you have friends from all over the country that wanted to come celebrate with you.

  2. avatar Linda L reply

    Love this idea! And it’s easy to adapt the ribbon pins to match wedding colors if needed. Great concept!

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  5. avatar Nicole reply

    Love this!!!

  6. avatar Wendy reply

    Such a cute idea. I think it will be a hit at many weddings. Love to know who traveled the farthest, such a great conversation starter and you could add in the wedding colors as needed. THanks for sharing this idea.

  7. avatar Madeline Fiol reply

    Such a unique & clever idea….I love it! My sister has just announced her engagement & living in the ‘country’ of central Forida I know she will want me to make her one! (crafting makes her head spin where I hate to go a day with out crafting something)
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. avatar Mary Beth Ritzul reply

    Such a cute idea! I love it! Great job!

  9. avatar J.R. reply

    This one is so creative! I think it should win!!

  10. avatar Raqueol reply

    What a crafty and unique idea!

  11. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    This one wins my final vote! Definitely the most quirky, fun, and creative! Love it! I have never seen this idea before!

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  13. avatar Lisa Tilley-Newman reply

    Love this idea!! So adorable!! Shared this on my facebook page!!

  14. avatar Jenna M. reply

    This one gets my vote!! So cute and creative, I haven’t seen anything like it!

  15. avatar Floral Cotton reply

    Cute Idea!

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Welcome back to our finalist series for our third Ultimate Southern Challenge! As you may recall, this time we’re all about burlap. Our next finalists, Tying the Knot and Greer G. Photography, combined to produce a full shoot based on oysters and burlap (since oysters traditionally are packaged in burlap sacks), and we love their ideas for lending a little bit of glamour to this humble material! They put together several different projects, so let’s take a look:

First, the team put together a beautiful boxed invitation with a burlap and lace wrap.

An old window and burlap-backed seating charts made for a fun twist on the traditional escort card.

This rustic glam burlap garland would be perfect at the entrance to your venue or strung from chair to chair at a wedding ceremony. And it’s so easy to make!

For a beyond-easy DIY, dress up store-bought pillar candles with burlap and twine bands.

Finally, we had to share this adorable burlap banner:

If you’d like to see more from this shoot, you can check it out right here!


Planning and Design: Tying the Knot Wedding Coordination // Photography: Greer G. Photography // Florist: Bee’s Wedding and Events // Lighting Decor: Luminous Events // Invitation Suite: Tupelo Honey // Venue: Race and Religious // Makeup: Ashley Melzer Sievert // Hair: Ginger Dickey at Color Bar Salon

Thank you so much, Elyse and team! Readers, if you love this idea, be sure to let us know in the comments! And remember, you’re welcome to give a vote of support to more than one concept.

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar giselle g cuccia reply

    These pictures are amazing. I wish you were my photographer when I got married. XOXO

  2. avatar Bobbie reply

    Love the Rehearsal Dinner shoot. It is fresh and delightful and Bride and Groom would be lucky to have those memories captured in such beautiful photos.

  3. avatar Stevie reply

    Love!! These are my favorite for sure :) Greer is fabulous, and they make a great team!

  4. avatar Heather reply

    This is the best! Absolutely stunning and very well put together!

  5. avatar Tracu reply

    I really love the attention to detail in every photograph. I especially love the window idea for the seating charts. Who knew burlap could look so beautiful?

  6. avatar Katie reply

    I love this look… and the candles are just perfect!

  7. avatar Lisa LaFrance reply

    Beautiful, classic, elegant and most importantly UNIQUE! Fabulous work!

  8. avatar Toni Napolitano reply

    Love this! So unique & thoughtful in both concept & execution. Who would have thought burlap could be elegant? Absolutely adore the seating chart idea always refreshing to see a new twist on tradition. You have my vote!

  9. avatar Jason Anthony reply

    This is THE ONE, fresh, classic, duplicable, glam meets southern charm, perfect!!!

  10. avatar Mona reply

    The perfect amount of details, each coming together seamlessly, from the burlap to the lace, to the candles and florals, so incredible…wow!

  11. avatar Brandon O’Neal reply

    This is stunning, I love it! Truly some really beautiful, chic ideas. Any bride would be lucky to work with Greer and this team.

  12. avatar jessica crawford reply

    gorgeous! I am in love with the invitation suite and the neutral color scheme

  13. avatar Ashley reply

    So New Orleans Classy… LOVE the oyster and pearl detail on the invitation!

  14. avatar Melissa Johnson reply

    Wonderful representation of New Orleans and burlap! We do love our NOLA wedding industry family! Brava!

  15. avatar ChickiD reply

    Just gorgeous!

  16. avatar Sybil reply

    Rustic and elegant in a perfect blend. Every detail absolutely beautiful…Got My Vote!

  17. avatar vicki reply

    Love the theme…very original; and, the the photography is amazing, does it justice!!!!!

  18. avatar Eddie Marroquin reply

    LOVE the old world feel of race and religious! and greer, your amazing eye captured these details beautifully! excellent work, y’all!

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  20. avatar Justin reply

    The flowers look great. Some real beautiful work by bees weddings and event design

    • avatar Andree C reply

      Justin: I agree, Justin. The whole thing is beautiful, but the flowers, which can make or break it ,definitely pulled the whole thing together and are just exquisite. Beautiful job Bees Florist!

  21. avatar Heather reply

    Great decorations and a unique theme. Great job by the entire team

  22. avatar kayla reply

    the flowers look amazing! great job to bee’s wedding and events :)

  23. avatar Wendy reply

    Absolutely gorgeous! Bee’s does incredible floral work and the pictures capture the elegant and unique feel of this wedding.

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  25. avatar Lindsay reply

    I love this creative use of burlap on the table, garlands, and menus! What a creative way to tie New Orleans’ oyster heritage into a gorgeous event!

  26. avatar Julia reply

    Stunning! Absolutely burlap-tastic!

  27. avatar Valerie reply

    These photos are breathtaking! Im definately hiring you to shoot all my future events!

  28. avatar Chase LaBure reply

    Beautiful design!!

  29. avatar Jeremy Fredricks reply

    This is amazing work! best of the best!!!

  30. avatar Robyn reply

    This photoshoot is amazing!! The flowers by Bee’s Wedding and Events are phenomenal! Great work as usual Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Eric!!

  31. avatar Terry Taravella reply

    Very Beautiful!!!

  32. avatar Debbie reply

    Love the flowers – so elegant, simple and unique! Just beautiful!

  33. avatar Megan reply

    I LOVE this, everything is so unique and thoughtful!

  34. avatar Denise Grein reply

    Love the photos by greer g photography. Beautiful!!!

  35. avatar Kelly reply

    LOVE Elyse at Tying the Knot Wedding Coordination! I wouldn’t have anyone else coordinate my wedding! :)

  36. avatar Sandy Spitale reply

    Amazing! Flowers are magnificent – natural colors and white arrangements are outstanding. Just stunning!

  37. avatar Tina p reply

    I love Love LOVE how all the different textures were captured to create a stunning event! Great design…. Even better photography!! Rustic glamorous!!!

  38. avatar Carmel Johnson reply

    This is the best! Love all of the creativity!

  39. avatar Danielle reply

    This is so beautiful!! Great work everyone!!

  40. avatar Kathy H. reply

    Beautiful photography and love the flowers. Great job by all!!

  41. avatar Kathy K reply

    Beautiful work done by Bees Weddings and Designs. Especially loved the unique way they used burlap in the old window as a part of the seating chart and the burlap banner that the couple is carrying.

  42. avatar Christopher Wise reply

    These pictures look amazing. Splendid job!!!

  43. avatar Jen reply

    Absolutely amazing! Im impressed with the photographers keen eye.

  44. avatar Elizabeth Zweiback reply

    Great photos, nicely done Greer G!

  45. avatar eric fredricks reply

    Thanks to everyone who had a part in this photo shoot. This was truly a group effort. We had so many great ideas came to the table that we did not even use. In the end I think the best ideas came to the table.

  46. avatar Shannon Rhodes reply

    Fantastic ideas! Especially looooove luminous events! The candles are simply beautiful!

  47. avatar Kathy Herrmann reply

    Great job by Bee’s!!!

  48. avatar Danielle reply

    love the pictures, absolutly gorgeous… amazing job Greer G. Photography!!

  49. avatar Jacqueline Simon reply

    Elyse did a PERFECT job designing the burlap photo shoot! It’s simply breathtaking! Also, the candles/lighting from Lisa at Luminous and the flowers from Bee’s are magnificent. Greer did such an amazing job of capturing the organic beauty of the materials used. Again, it’s pure perfection! New Orleans has such amazing vendors and is the perfect place to host a real southern wedding. This is definitely the winner of the burlap challenge! :) :)

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