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One of the most impressive parts of the Stationery Show — aside from the truly vast amount of booths in one building — is the amount of personality in the convention center. Seeing each designer’s take on similar themes, from indie to preppy and sarcastic to sentimental, makes the trip consistently packed with visual stimulation. Part of why we love paper is the same as why we love weddings: each design represents a unique story. Though our feet were aching by the time we reached this part of the show, we couldn’t resist continuing until it ended for the day just so we could see more designers’ takes on traditional greeting card sentiments!

Oh, Belle and Union! You get us every time. It was so difficult culling down the dozens of photos we took of this booth to just a few. Designer, Meg and her sweet Southern products are such a perfect fit for SW that we couldn’t resist sharing more than a peek at her amazing booth and just a few of her new products. My favorite parts of her booth were the Southern vintage hardware and the produce-stuffed floral arrangement — the perfect complement to Meg’s tea towels, recipe cards and wooden recipe box.

Belle and Union makes our favorite Southern phrases even cuter than usual!

Dear Hancock’s booth is always a favorite of mine. Their floral illustrations are bright and cheery, making their cards a great option for spring weddings! How fun is that football card for groomsmen?

We got a good laugh perusing Emily McDowell’s designs, but Ruthie and I both let out an “aww” when we saw these two cards on display.

Farewell Paperie (top) spoke our language with their new marriage card — Sweet Tea Society perfection, we think! At the Pink Orchid Press booth (bottom), interactive connect-the-dots cards made us want to receive them from our beaus!

Love and warm fuzzy feelings were rampant at the Oh Hello Friend booth. Their cards put sentiments we’ve all felt into adorable paper form, and we loved seeing little packaging details throughout the shelves! Heart-printed tape and wooden gift tags would be adorable for wedding favors and gifts!

Whimsical hand lettering and fun die-cut shapes at Creative Lab Press drew us in immediately and we instantly fell in love with this new-to-us stationer. We were positively smitten with the state-shaped greeting cards! Luckily, more states (including Texas and other Southern gems) are being added to the collection soon. We think they’d be perfect for relocated newlyweds!

Two more letterpressed favorites were discovered at the Ladies of Letterpress booth (a collective of letterpress-savvy gals with tons of creativity). The beautifully pressed invitation suite from Smokey Road Press was both rustic and bright at the same time. On the other side, Missive crafts four words into the best combination we know.

It was as if these “happy engagement” cards from Iron Curtain Press came straight from my own thoughts! When you’re happy about an impending marriage, sometimes all that needs to be said is, “EEEE!!!”

Praxium Press was another Southern favorite at the show. Cards based on banana pudding, sweet potatoes and okra go right up our alley.

Ruthie and I were so happy to meet the couple behind Betsy Ann Paper. Their happy yellow booth was a welcome boost toward the end of the day, too, and displayed the sweetest illustrations and paintings. Their wedding collection was a darling mix of traditional and whimsical. I adore the chapel card!

While we love pretty prints, we especially appreciate those that have a message. On the left, the “Bless this home” print from Fawnsberg would make a thoughtful wedding shower gift. On the right, Starshaped Press’ Farmer’s Market print reminds us of Southern retro design and the bounty of the South.

Stay tuned, y’all! I’m only halfway done sharing our favorites from the Stationery Show. Which design do you think fits your personality best?

All photos by Ruth Eileen Photography.

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Emily reply

    The Creative Lab Press state cards are definitely my favorite from today’s round-up! So cute!

  2. avatar Lisa reply

    I want to send that “Eeeeee!” card to everyone I know that gets engaged!!

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Belle & Union Giveaway!

by in Main on

Whether you’re a bride-to-be filling up your registry or you’re recently married and getting settled into a new home, everyone loves cute kitchen accessories! You may already be familiar with Belle & Union‘s whimsical, oh-so-Southern products from the Southern Weddings Shop, but if not, allow us to introduce you through this basket of goodies they’re giving away to a lucky SW reader!

Belle & Union creates custom gift baskets that would be so much fun for bridal showers, housewarming parties, or even as wedding welcome baskets. Along with some bestselling Belle & Union products, like letterpress cards and recipe tea towels, this basket also includes a few adorable kitchen tools. For information about creating your own custom basket, send an email to [email protected].

To enter to win this basket, visit the Southern Weddings Shop and then leave a comment on this post letting us know which Belle & Union letterpress card is your favorite. A winner will be selected on Friday and announced in the Weekly Round-Up!

lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar Nissa Ragan Sayers reply

    I love the one that says written in the stars. My Nannie use to sing me the song ” The Keeper of the Stars”when I was real small, and this card reminds me of that song. This is how I feel about my fiancé. Our up coming marriage was written in the stars!

  2. avatar Carly Rae reply

    Love, love, love the “you butter my biscuit” and “you sweeten my tea” cards :)

  3. avatar Kelly reply

    I love the “You Butter My Biscuit” card, so cute!

  4. avatar Mollie reply

    I love them all, but especially the “Thank You Kindly” card!

  5. avatar Lindy reply

    I like the “over the moon” one! But all are so cute!!

  6. avatar Jacqueline B. reply

    My favorite Belle & Union letterpress card is “Thank my lucky stars!” because I am so grateful to be engaged to my best friend!

  7. avatar Tarynn reply

    So cute! I would love to win this!

  8. avatar danielle bush reply

    i love baking

  9. avatar Tarynn reply

    I love the “you butter my biscuit” cards. Too cute!

  10. avatar Sammie reply

    They’re all super cute, but my favorites are definitely the “Thank You Kindly” and the “Cute as a speckled pup in a wagon” cards. :]

  11. avatar lea reply

    Love the written in the stars. I love stars and think everything happens for a <3

  12. avatar Melissa Navarro reply

    I love the “You butter my biscuit” card.

  13. avatar courtney reply

    I love the cheerful Southern Phrase Letterpress Greeting cards. How fun and sweet!? I especially love the ‘Hankerin’ for your Lovin\'” card… perfect for Valentine’s Day :) xo

  14. avatar Caroline reply

    I love the “tickled pink” card! So cute!

  15. avatar Diana Schmitmeyer reply

    My favorite card is the “Cute as a speckled pup in a wagon”

  16. avatar Kirsten reply

    love the “thank you kindly”….i’m a sucker for a cute thank you note!

  17. avatar Nicki reply

    I love the bushel and a peck car:d!

  18. avatar Kristyn Monaghan reply

    My favorite is the “Cute as a speckled pup” card! One of my favorite sayings!

  19. avatar Danielle O’Malley reply

    My favorite is “Bless Your Heart”

  20. avatar Jennie reply

    I love the “Tinkled Pink” card! So presh!! :)

  21. avatar McKenzie Brown reply

    I love love love the Buttered Biscuit card! So cute! Goes with my whole wedding themes and i’d love to have it framed during the reception! Perfect for my biscuit bar :) Thanks SW! Ya’ll are the best!

  22. avatar kristin kellstrom reply

    I am getting married in 2015. I would love the giveaway.

  23. avatar Vanessa Miller reply

    You’re a peach! So cute and summery!

  24. avatar Catherine Grace reply

    ooo so hard to choose, but I have a soft spot for the letterpress flag cards for operation write home, growing up an army kid I can’t help but love them :)

  25. avatar Nicole reply

    I love the “You’re a Peach” card! Perfect for Georgia girls & guys!

  26. avatar Susi Grob reply

    They’re all so cute, and I love the “you butter my biscuit” cards.

  27. avatar Jamie Wilson reply

    I love SW! A lot of my wedding ideas have came from this great page!

  28. avatar Jamie Wilson reply

    Oh and I love the butter biscuits card!

  29. avatar Haleigh reply

    The Southern Phrase Letterpress Greeting Card is my favorite!! Such a wonderful giveaway – whoever wins will be one lucky girl!

  30. avatar Blair reply

    I love them all, but I would have to say the ‘I love you a bushel and a peck’ is my favorite :)

  31. avatar Melissa W. reply

    My favorite Belle & Union letterpress card would have to be a toss up between “You’re a Peach” & “I Love You A Bushel & A Peck”. My fiancé is a farmer so we love & we love bsushels of wheat. The saying just seems fitting for us. Also, who doesnt love peaches? It’s a theme for our wedding!

  32. avatar Eva McCracken reply

    My husband & I are avid campers so I love, love, LOVE Belle & Union’s “You Make Me A Happy Camper” print. It’s SO adorable!

  33. avatar Melanie T reply

    I love the southern phrases!

  34. avatar Hailey Rotenberry reply

    I have LOVED the you’re a peach card forever! I saw it months ago and I have been dying to buy it! Would love this precious little basket of goodies :)

  35. avatar Heather B. reply

    love the “you’re my huckleberry” card but they’re all so cute!

  36. avatar MaryAnn Corey reply

    If I had to choose (they are all so fabulous) a favorite card it would have to be “You’re a Peach”. What a perfect thank you card!

  37. avatar Brandi L. reply

    Oh my darlin’ is by far my favorite for two reason. My great uncle, that lived in Virginia, would make surprise visits to us in Georgia and every time he walked in the door you would hear that deep voice saying “Hello Darlin’.” Luckily my uncle picked it up along the way so I still get to hear it. The second reason is sophomore year in college a friend bought a banjo on a whim and another friend learned the WHOLE song of “Oh My Darlin’.” Let me tell you it’s long.

  38. avatar Lauren reply

    Love the ‘you butter my biscuit’ card! So cute!

  39. avatar Caroline F. reply

    I love the “You Butter my Biscuit” card! Adorable!

  40. avatar Brooke reply

    Belle and Union letterpress cards are the perfect gift for any sweet thing!! I love the ‘Oh My Darlin’ card the best!

  41. avatar Kylie Pool reply

    These are precious! I’d love to have when baking for my bridal parties!

  42. avatar Ashli M. reply

    My favorite card is “I love you a bushel and a peck”! My grandmother used to always say that when she would hug her children :)

  43. avatar Katherine reply

    Love sweet tea and the lovely sweeten my tea card.

  44. avatar Emily reply

    I love the Happy Camper print. It would look so great hanging in my in-laws’ vintage camper!

  45. avatar Danielle M reply

    “Oh my Darlin’,” the phrase my fiance says to me all the time!

  46. avatar emily thompson reply

    Love the cute as a speckled pup in a wagon and the thank you kindly.

  47. avatar Monica reply

    “I love you a bushel and a peck” is too sweet!

  48. avatar Laura reply

    I love the “I love you a bushel and a peck” one! My mom has sung that to me so many times! The “You butter my biscuit” one would be precious in my kitchen!

  49. avatar Emily reply

    It’s hard to pick….If I must make a choice, “Over the Moon” is my favorite!

  50. avatar Lauren reply

    “I love you a bushel and a peck” is my favorite….I would LOVE to win this basket…it’s full of the goodies I’ve been eyeing for a while! :)

  51. avatar Rachael reply

    I love the “you’re a peach” one! I say that all the time and the colors are so adorable!

  52. avatar Michelle Robison reply

    I love the “oh my stars I love you card”. It is so pretty and touching!

  53. avatar Amanda reply

    I love them all, but my favorite is the “happy camper” card. I grew up listening to my parents say “happy camper,” and my fiancé likes to camp–so it’s perfect for us!

  54. avatar Kelley Apoldo reply

    “You Sweeten My Tea” is too cute!

  55. avatar Kaylin @ reply

    I love the You Butter My Biscuit card

  56. avatar Samantha Spivey reply

    I Love The “You’re A peach” Print!!

  57. avatar Brittany Jacobson reply

    I love the “Bless Your Heart” letterpress card!!

  58. avatar Tao Tao Wang reply

    those cards are so cute esp the “cute as a speckled pup in a wagon”!

  59. avatar Julie reply

    Happy Camper – so cute!

  60. avatar Katelyn S reply

    “You butter my biscuit” is my all time favorite southern quote followed by anything to do with peaches!

  61. avatar Lindy reply

    I have loved Belle& Union’s tea towels ever since I spotted them at ShopSCAD here in Savannah. I would love to add those to our kitchen!

  62. avatar Mandy reply

    Wow, what a difficult decision. So many of these phrases are so dear to my heart. I have always dreamed of having a southern home to truly express my Georgia roots. I honestly can’t choose just one but “Bless your heart” and “you butter my biscuit” are definitely a top two!

  63. avatar Mandy DeTurk reply

    The You’re My Huckleberry card is my favorite! :)

  64. avatar Shelby Druktenis reply

    I absolutely LOVE over the moon card!!!! It goes perfectly with my wedding and how I feel about my fiance!!!! I am over the moon in love with him!!!!

  65. avatar Abby P reply

    The you make me a happy camper is my absolute favorite! It’s a saying I’ve used for as long as I can remember! :)

  66. avatar Jessica Tarter reply

    I love them all! haha but seriously…
    IF I had to choose just one it would have to be the “I love you a bushel and a peck” one. I just love this southern saying. My grandpa used to tell me he loved me a bushel and a peck and a hug around the foot (instead of the neck) just to be goofy and make me laugh.

  67. avatar Kate Eggleston reply

    I’m a big fan of the “I love you a bushel and a peck” card. My grandfather used to sing that song all the time when i was a little girl! Plus the card is just beautiful!!!

  68. avatar Jessa R. reply

    Cute as a speckled pup in a wagon <– my favorite at the moment! I can't wait to send my sister the "oh my darlin'" card when the moment is right!

  69. avatar Amy S. reply

    You’re a peach is definitely my favorite as a girl from NC who moved to Savannah, GA for grad school!

  70. avatar Kim reply

    The “You’re my huckleberry” card is too cute!

  71. avatar Katie Minnick reply

    Oh oh oh! I took a letterpress class in college and absolutely fell in love with it. I have dreams of opening up my own studio one day.. Alas, college debt prevents me so right now. Instead, I just drool over letterpress products! My absolute favorite letterpress card from Belle & Union is “You butter my biscuit.” Hilarious. Love it! Would love to win. :)

  72. avatar Hailey Sumner reply

    Love you butter my biscuit!

  73. avatar Mallory Swann reply

    My favorite card is the “you butter my biscuit”!! All of them are so adorable though!

  74. avatar Charity reply

    So hard to pick just one!! I think it’s a tie between “Bless your heart” and “You’re a peach”

  75. avatar Lindsay reply

    I LOVE the ‘Hey there sugar’ card! My husband and I have called each other some variation of the pet name sugar, like sug and suggy, since we first started dating. This card makes me think of him!

  76. avatar Carolina Garza reply

    I love the Bushel and a Peck card!! So cute and perfect for that handsome man in your life ❤ would love to give one to mine

  77. avatar Brenley Hardin reply

    “You Butter My Biscuit!” :)

  78. avatar Kari Brosier reply

    I love the “written in the stars” card since that is how I feel everyday about me and my husband! Our relationship truly feels like it was written in the stars so it’s a little sentimental :)

  79. avatar Stacie Smith reply

    I absolutely love the “you are a peach” card! It’s perfect for a Georgia girl like myself, and I say it all the time to my fiancé. So cute! :)

  80. avatar Katie Connell reply

    Loving all of them, but my favorite has to be “Thank my lucky stars”. So very thankful for my fiancé that I get to marry in 39 days!

  81. avatar Mary-Kate McClure reply

    I love their Operation Write Home Card in your shop! I would love to send it to my cousin serving an Afghanistan and it makes me so ready for summertime and July 4!!

  82. avatar Lindsey Pond reply

    I love “you’re a peach”! They are all so cute!

  83. avatar Lara Beth reply

    I love the “You butter my biscuit” card. My fiance is a huge cook and always makes me dinner. This one definitely resonates with us!

  84. avatar Kyla F reply

    While I adore all of the products from Belle & Union, my favorite letterpress card is the ‘I love you a bushel and a peck.” Too cute!

  85. avatar Kelly Sartorius reply

    Tickled Pink!

  86. avatar Julie Netemeyer reply

    Definitely the “Letterpress a Flag Catds for Operation Write Home”

  87. avatar Beverly Holden reply

    “Oh my darling” so cute!!!

  88. avatar Kirstie Fine reply

    “You butter my biscuit” is my fav!

  89. avatar Cassie reply

    I love the Written In The Stars one, but they are all so pretty! Thank you for the opportunity!

  90. avatar Lauren Jolly reply

    What an adorable giveaway! My cousin is getting married and would love to give her this basket (and maybe sneak a few pieces for myself!). My favorite letterpress card is the “Oh My Darlin\'” card. It’s so adorable and I love me some peaches!! Fingers crossed!

  91. avatar Alaina reply

    Loved the “Tickled Pink”

  92. avatar Jennifer Reddick reply

    I love the “Bless your heart” ❤️

  93. avatar Samantha thonad reply

    My favorite is the vows print in pool! So beautiful.

  94. avatar Allison Shoaff reply

    I absolutely love all the Belle and Union cards but my favorite one is “you butter my biscuit” :)

  95. avatar Laura Caroline reply

    I just adore the “Oh my Darlin\'” card!

  96. avatar Katie Macgregor reply

    All beautiful but I adore the always and forever,

  97. avatar Charis Brooks reply

    I love the “Oh my darlin” clementine card! Too cute!

  98. avatar Anna reply

    My favorite Belle & Union card is “You make me a happy camper” because it was on a group camping trip that I realized I loved my husband (boyfriend at the time). I always enjoyed camping with my family and friends, but I have never been a happier camper than when I am with him :)

  99. avatar Lynsey Beasley reply

    My favorite letter press card is the American flag for Operation Write Home. I’m a lover of anything that supports our troops, and I was so happy to hear this particular mission keeps our brave soldiers in touch with those who they love the most! What a beautiful card for such beautiful sentiment!

  100. avatar Sarah Brooke reply

    They are all adorable! I love “Aww Shucks!”

  101. avatar Allison reply

    The “Over the Moon” card is so cute. I love the simplicity of it.

  102. avatar Ashley McGee reply

    I love the “Bless Your Heart” card. A must for any Southern home!

  103. avatar Megan Andzulis reply

    I love “you butter my biscuit”!! Adorable!

  104. avatar Katie Godfrey reply

    I love the “bless your heart!”

  105. avatar Amanda nacca reply

    I would love this

  106. avatar Maeci reply

    I love the “You make me a happy camper” card!

  107. avatar Lauren Easler reply

    Written in the Stars!!

  108. avatar Kiley W. reply

    I love the ‘Thank you kindly’ card-mainly because O say that already!

  109. avatar Rachel reply

    Although all of the cards are lovely, I have to pick the “You are a Peach” card. I am having a peach-inspired wedding in just a few months and those cards would make perfect thank you cards!

  110. avatar Lauren Easler reply

    Written in the Stars

  111. avatar Elizabeth Christy reply

    I love the “You Make Me a Happy Camper” card – my fiance and I have talked about renting an old Airstream trailer and traveling the country in it. So cute!

  112. avatar Samantha reply

    My favorite is “you’re a peach” because it’s got a little bit of Georgia in it!

  113. avatar Dana reply

    you butter my biscuit is framed in my room!

  114. avatar Candice Tice reply

    My favorite is Love never fails

  115. avatar Krystal reply

    Our favorite (my fiancé and I) love “Thank my lucky starts!” We love this one because we are so grateful to have found one another. We are so happy to be engaged! And we love reading all your posts!

    Stephen and Krystal

  116. avatar Lindsay S. reply

    I love the “You’re a peach!” card. What a cute way to say thank you to someone!

  117. avatar Krystal reply


  118. avatar Allison reply

    I don’t know that I could choose a favorite! They are all so cute!

  119. avatar Courtney Johnson reply

    I love the “You’re A Peach” card. I say/write this to people all the time, and the card is adorable! It would be a perfect fit.

  120. avatar Whitney reply

    My favorite is the “You make me a happy camper” card. So adorably sweet!

  121. avatar Shayna reply

    Such a fun giveaway! I love the tickled pink letterpress card. :)

  122. avatar Danielle reply

    Tickled Pink is by far my favorite! It reminds me of Shelby from Steel Magnolias!

  123. avatar Megan Lee reply

    I absolutely love the “You Butter My Biscuit” and “Written in the Stars” cards!

  124. avatar Sophie C reply

    Love the “you’re a peach” and the “you sweeten my tea” one. Adorable!!

  125. avatar Anne reply

    My absolute favorite is “You Butter My Biscuit”!

  126. avatar Katie Owens reply

    I love the Belle & Union letterpress card that says “You butter my biscuit”! I think that is one of the cutest southern sayings! People don’t know affection until they’re are in the south!

  127. avatar Whitney reply

    The ‘You butter my biscuit’ card is precious!

  128. avatar Jessica K reply

    The card that says “you make me a happy camper” is my favorite!

  129. avatar Sarah reply

    The “Tickled Pink” letterpress is my favorite of the bunch! To me, an old-fashioned Mason Jar drink with a striped paper straw is the epitome of a relaxed summer get-together in the South!

  130. avatar Brittany Davidson reply

    You make me a happy amper is my favorite letterpress! My husband would love it! We have always been tempted to buy a camper and travel the states while we are young—if we don’t do it soon we will definitely do it after we have children !

  131. avatar Madison Grisham reply

    That Aww Shucks card is everything. Colors. Art. Phrase. I love it!

  132. avatar Jessica Black reply

    My favorite Belle & Union letter press is probably “I love you a bushel and a peck,” because my Grandma used to say that to me and end with “and a hug around the neck.” Brings back memories. I love them all, though, really.

  133. avatar Sarah reply

    I just absolutely adore the “Thank You Kindly” card! Thank you notes are a MUST in the South and what is better than a pretty pink bow?!

  134. avatar Cynthia Stacey reply

    Belle & Union letterpress card is my favorite by far – love the gift ideas!!!!

  135. avatar Allison S. reply

    These baskets are amazing!! I love camping so the happy camper card is always my favorite!

  136. avatar Lindsay M reply

    My favorite is “I Love You a Bushel and a Peck!” What my late Nana always used to say to me <3

  137. avatar Katherine F. reply

    All of them are simply adorable but I think the “you’re a peach” is my favorite!

  138. avatar Waverly Tucker reply

    I love the “you’re a peach” card! I say that to people all the time! Absolutely precious!

  139. avatar Sara Maddox reply

    My favorite card is “Aww Shucks!”

  140. avatar Pickett Brault reply

    The Southern Phrase Letterpress Greeting Card – LIMITED EDITION! Are definitely my favorite! I love the southern phrases, very simple, unique, and cute :)

  141. avatar Krista Earl reply

    I love “You’re A Peach” – so sweet, and I adore cards! Plus I am newly married so would love to win these goodies :)

  142. avatar Hope reply

    These are adorable! My favorites are “tickled pink,” “hey there, sugar,” and “oh my darlin’.”

  143. avatar Chelsea Wilson reply

    I love the southern phrase letter press cards. :)

  144. avatar Victoria reply

    Oh my heavens!!! It would be a dream come true to win a basket like this! I will say the you make me a happy camper is my favorite card. Though I absolutely love them all!

  145. avatar Andrea reply

    So many precious, clever options to choose from. If I had to pick just one though I’d have to pick Bless Your Heart. Just adorable!

  146. avatar Stephanie reply

    You Butter My Biscuit!

    Oh my goodness, I would just love to use that as a just because I love you card!

  147. avatar Kelsey reply

    All so adorable! I love the “You sweeten my tea” card!

  148. avatar Angela Rekucki reply

    I just LOVE the “Bless your heart” Belle & Union letterpress card…it’s just too sweet and makes the perfect thank you card!

  149. avatar Jessica reply

    I’m loving the ‘YOU’RE A peach’ card – very cute!

  150. avatar Claire reply

    I love the “you butter my biscuit”!!

  151. avatar Alicia reply

    I LOVE “you butter my biscuit!” So cute!

  152. avatar Keli reply

    I like the southern phrases cards! So cute!

  153. avatar Sarah Risk reply

    Party til the cows come home! I can remember my sweet Maw Maw using this phrase and it reminds me of my southern roots!

  154. avatar Mcihelle G reply

    “You Butter my biscuit”

  155. avatar Christy Scheidler reply

    All of these cards are SO cute!! It is so hard to choose a favorite! But, I have to choose “I love you, A Bushel and a Peck”!
    Because my favorite musical is Guys and Dolls! I was a member of the crew on my high school’s performance of this show, and it will always be a true love of mine. Miss Adelaide sings the song “Bushel and a Peck” at the Hot Box in the show! :)

  156. avatar Elyse G. reply

    I love the “oh my darlin\'” card. It would look adorable framed next to my vanity. *fingers crossed*

  157. avatar Bianca Hammond reply

    Your a sight for sore eyes is my favorite, My great grandpa used to say that.

  158. avatar Heather Oakes reply

    I LOVE the You’re a Peach card! Perfect for a thank you to my family in Clanton, AL who give me peaches during pickin season.

  159. avatar Melanie reply

    My favorite is the Mr & Mrs Print! It is ADORABLE and I’m about to order it- thanks for the connection to it! :)

  160. avatar Jessica reply

    My favorite card is “You sweeten my tea”. Too precious!

  161. avatar Melanie reply

    I love the one that reads, “You’re my huckleberry!”

  162. avatar Carley reply

    Though I love them all, I adore the “you butter my biscuit” card. Biscuits are a staple in my family and remind me of sweet memories with my family and friends in Natchez MS at the Carriage House. And it’s just the cutest saying.

  163. avatar Sarah Buchman reply

    My favorite letterpress is thank my lucky stars! Super cute!

  164. avatar Katie reply

    My favorite letterpress card is “You’re a peach!” But I love all of the southern sayings! :)

  165. avatar Brooke reply

    LOVE the Belle & Union letterpress card that says “You Butter My Biscuit.” So cute!!– and what southerner doesn’t love buttered biscuits?!

  166. avatar shawna c reply

    you sweeten my tea is my favorite for sure :)

  167. avatar Lisa E reply

    I just adore Belle & Union! I have a few of their letterpress cards framed in my kitchen. The Butter my Biscut card is probably my favorite.

  168. avatar Alexandra reply

    It’s hard to choose, but I love the “You butter my biscuit” card!

  169. avatar Jacklyn S reply

    “You’re a peach.” By far my favorite.

  170. avatar Lauren Burke reply

    LOVE the “you butter my biscuit” card! But they’re all super cute!

  171. avatar Sarah Heath reply

    Oh my goodness! It is tough to select a favorite but the “tickled pink” is fabulous! Love this and would love to see it all on my butcher block countertops!

  172. avatar Kathleen reply

    I love the “thank my lucky stars” card. What a fun giveaway!

  173. avatar Katie M reply

    I love the “Written in the Stars” card and the “Happy Camper” card!

  174. avatar Ashley Mitchell reply

    Aw, do I have to pick one? I love the “You butter my biscuit” card, but the “Hey There Sugar” sounds just like something my grandmother would say. I love them all!

  175. avatar abby r reply

    i love you butter my biscuit

  176. avatar Natalie B. reply

    I absolutely Love the tickled pink letterpress!!

  177. avatar Kristy reply

    You’re a peach!!!

  178. avatar BAW reply

    “You butter my biscuit” is the cutest … Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  179. avatar Paxton Lamb reply

    What’s the Dill, Pickle?! Love love love!

  180. avatar Jennifer Mark reply

    Butter my biscuit! My fiance knows my love for butter almost matches my love for him… almost.

  181. avatar Katie reply

    I LOVE Southern Weddings and Belle & Union! My favorite letterpress card is you make me a happy camper. It’s adorable!

  182. avatar Emily K. reply

    LOVE this set!

  183. avatar Brandy reply

    So hard to choose! If I had to pick one favorite, it would probably be the “Oh My Darlin” letterpress card. Love everything from Belle & Union!!!

  184. avatar Hailey reply

    I love the you are the butter in my biscuit letterpress card. So cute!!

  185. avatar Hannah Mallalieu reply

    “Tickled Pink” would be a perfect card for my sister-in-law expecting a baby girl this spring!

  186. avatar Jenni Roberts reply

    I think I like the “tickled pink” card the best!

  187. avatar kathy v reply

    love the “You Butter My Biscuit” card, so cute!

  188. avatar Ellen reply

    “you’re a peach” is so cute!

  189. avatar Diane reply

    I love “you butter my biscuit!”

  190. avatar Ali reply

    I love the “thank you kindly” cards. So cute!!

  191. avatar Adriana reply

    “You’re a peach” is my favorite! Super cute :)

  192. avatar Laura reply

    My favorite card is the “You Butter My Biscuit” card. So adorable and Southern!

  193. avatar Jenny reply

    Love the “You Make Me A Happy Camper” card. So cute!

  194. avatar Julie reply

    They are all so cute! I like ‘You sweeten my tea’ the best. However, all of them bring a smile to my face!

  195. avatar Caroline D. reply

    Such a cute giveaway gift! I truly love it all! I think, after debating for solid 20 minutes,”You butter my biscuit” or “You’re a peach” would be my first choice for now! :)

  196. avatar Terinna Rath reply

    I think the “Over the Moon” is my favorite- or maybe the “You Butter my Biscuit” one– hehehe either way, I love that they remind me of my hubby! :)

  197. avatar Molly reply

    I love the “You butter my biscuts” card! Adorable!

  198. avatar Mary Michael Cummings reply

    I love the “You’re A Peach” card! Being from Georgia, everything with a peach on it feels special to me!

  199. avatar Karen Katchuk reply

    I love the Thank You Kindly card….the You Make Me a Happy Camper runs a very close second. :)

  200. avatar Alaina Lemoine reply

    I love the Mr. & Mrs. letterpress. They are chic, yet fun. :) Will be ordering some in the near future! Cannot Wait!

  201. avatar Marie reply

    I love the “You’re a Peach” card. They would make great and unique Thank you cards.

  202. avatar Kelly E. reply

    “I love you a bushel and a peck” is one of my favorites. The “Oh my darlin\'” one is pretty cute, too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  203. avatar Julie C reply

    I love the peach greeting card!!

  204. avatar Shelley reply

    I like the “Thank you Kindly” card but everyone you have are great!

  205. avatar Katie D reply

    Love everything! Especially the tea towels. I’m getting married in May so they would be so pretty and happy to put into our new home together!

  206. avatar Lena reply

    Absolutely love the southern phrase cards! and would love to win this giveaway!

  207. avatar Danielle Ehrlich reply

    It’s so tough to choose just one! I absolutely adore the “Tickled Pink” letterpress card though!

  208. avatar Lauren S reply

    I love all of them, but “I love you a bushel and a peck” is my favorite! My mom has said this to me since I was little, and her daddy used to say it to her! These are adorable.

  209. avatar Kirsten reply

    My favorite is the “You’re a Peach.” As a Georgia girl, this is the perfect way to say “Thank you!”

  210. avatar Chloe reply

    I love the O My Darlin’

  211. avatar Meredith Y. reply

    Tough decision! I adore the “Over the Moon” card. Although planning a wedding alongside a full time job can be overwhelming, I dream about the magical day approaching in June. That day I will truly be “over the moon” with excitement to marry my love.

  212. avatar Jessika W. reply

    As a self-procalimed iced tea addict, I just love the “You sweeten my tea” card!

  213. avatar Jennifer Stinson reply

    My favorite card is “you’re a peach” . It’s just so southern! <3

  214. avatar natty reply

    Tickled Pink!

  215. avatar Kelly Hughes reply

    Being a Georgian, I LOVE the “You’re a Peach” card :)

  216. avatar Lisa Hays reply

    I love all the goodies in this basket but am IN love with the tea towels! I see this for my future daughter-in-law.

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My sixth and final National Stationery Show recap contains some SUPER Southern gems. Let’s get started!

I just about died and went to Southern heaven when I walked into the Belle & Union booth! It was their first time exhibiting, and they sure bowled me over. Expect to see a lot more of this Southern goodness coming at you over the next few months!

Of course, old favorites are always nice to see, too, like our talented friends at Rifle Paper Co! Did I tell you that they designed my future sister in law’s wedding invitations? They did, and they were beautiful!

Up next was May Books, another new one to me. I loved their colorful patterned covers, and their motto – “life is too short for ugly notebooks.” Indeed! These customizable gems would make another great bridesmaid gift.

I was so excited to get to the Fig. 2 Design booth, not only because I love Claudia’s invitations and stationery, but because we had recently been corresponding about a fun collaboration for V5! You’ll have to wait until the fall for the reveal, but it’s goooood!

I loved this sweet little ribbon and gold shimmery backdrop at the Great Lakes Goods booth.

Don’t you love traveling halfway across the country only to meet someone from the next town over? That’s what happened with This Paper Ship, one of my favorite new exhibitors! Their booth was so cute, and I loved that they’re our Chapel Hill neighbors.

I thought this month-by-month watercolor calendar from Fine Day Press was especially beautiful.

As always, Dear Hancock had some beautiful hand-drawn and watercolored cards, but I especially liked their new product, the stand-in peony, which is meant to sit on your desk when you can’t have fresh flowers! Such a sweet idea!

The fill-in card for the year you were married was my favorite design at the Double Bravo booth. Again, such a great frame-able keepsake!

Flywheel Press was showing an assortment of adorable and just plain cool cards. I’m not even sure how those metallic, ombre-looking cards were printed, but they were really neat!

Last but most certainly not least was Rebecca from Wild Ink Press. I loved her sweet + cute greeting cards! Also, her business cards were THE COOLEST.

And that concludes my coverage of the 2012 National Stationery Show! I hoped you enjoyed seeing all the paper goodness that was on display this year. Let’s give one last huge thank you to Cyn Kain, who snapped all of these photos for your viewing pleasure!

In case you missed a segment…
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Until next year!

Cyn Kain is a fabulous member of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

emily Written with love by Emily

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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