Palmetto preps are right at home in South Carolina, but they welcome with open arms the couples
from all over flocking to their charming coastal cities, delicious Southern eats, and gorgeous beaches. We admire the ease and elegance of South Carolina weddings!

  • Capital: Columbia
  • Biggest city: Greenville
  • Population: 4.724 million
  • Best known for its: Oyster roasts
Pick my peas! Did you know...

South Carolina produces the most fresh peaches in the United States!

Peaches became the official state fruit in 1984, and a welcome addition to dessert tables throughout the South!

South Carolina state flower

Pick my peas! Did you know...

The Carolina Shag is the official dance of South Carolina

This dance originated on the beaches of South Carolina. We love seeing couples break out their best shag moves at weddings all over the state!

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