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From Tara of Asheville-based {Weddings With Tara}. “Lora and Jeremy were married at the Lioncrest at the {Biltmore Estate}. Liz, with {The Purple Iris}, filled the ballroom with candlelight.  The focus of the ceremony decor was a fireplace that Liz had built, filled with candles. With the lights dimmed, the room was breathtaking! Lora’s vision was romantic and elegant. Outside they had long tables decorated with ferns, pine cones, hydrangeas and lanterns. Beautiful!  Brian, with {Woodward + Rick}, captured the event perfectly.”  Enjoy~


Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar [C+D] Cathy and David – Photographers reply

    HOLY COW!!! I can NOT wait until we get a wedding of this magnitude. We love the cute little intimate weddings and we love simplicity but the regal-look of this one (and being designers in our past lives) makes me want it BAD! :-D Also. I love the dog! ^_^

  2. avatar Fan reply

    I have seen many of the weddings that have been done by Weddings with Tara. By far, she is one of the best in the Southeastern US. I love the decorations on the tables. Beautiful!

  3. avatar Tara reply

    I loved working with Lora and Jeremy…such a beautiful couple inside and out! Thank you SWS for blogging this one, and thank you to Woodward and Rick for such fantastic pictures!

  4. avatar Kathryn reply

    I love this! And the table arrangements are incredible!

  5. avatar [email protected] Tables reply

    Gorgeous tables! Love the pine cones and moss!

  6. avatar Ashley @ Bliss Event Group reply

    All of this looks beautiful. Her dress is absolutely ravishing..who is the designer?

  7. avatar kristin @ the fairmount bride reply

    That dress is amazing! Who is made by?

  8. avatar Tara reply

    It is a Monique Lhuillier dress…it is amazing!

  9. avatar Diana @ with this ring. reply

    Stunning!!! And again… that dress is breathtaking.

  10. avatar Lora Brooks reply

    How cool! What a day we had- our wedding was definitly all that I wished it would be and more. And to top it off, Tara(wedding planner) was perfect!Thank you for all the great compliments-I did love my dress-and wish sometimes I could dance around the house in it!-Lora Brooks

  11. avatar Alexandra Payne reply

    Another stunningly captured wedding by the likes of Woodward + Rick!

  12. avatar elle reply

    Wow – beautiful, the tables fab, the dress amazing.

  13. avatar carrie edwards reply

    gorgeous bride and gorgeous photographs!

  14. avatar Allison :) reply

    I love the wedding!! Who made those Earrings!!!!! ????

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Funniest moment? Before we walked down the aisle, we were waiting in a little house across from the church with both parents and grandparents, and both grandparents fell asleep in 2 arm chairs right next to each other, it was too cute!
What were your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue items? Old: My great, great grandmothers ring; New: Wedding Dress; Borrowed: the ring from my mother since I had to give it back, something blue: my earrings and the ring. We also did a cocktail menu with 5 items: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
Why do you love your husband? Because he loves me for who I am, and he is always there for me. I also love how close he is to his family and how he values those relationships. I love how much h cares for others even thought he wont admit it.
The most unexpected event on our wedding day was: The crazy gift from my father’s long time friend; all the guys played golf the day before, and he said all our gifts on our registry were silly, so he took the total score of all the rounds of golf (equaling to 395) and gave that to us in all dollars bills CRUMPLED UP ONE BY ONE!!! It took us about 6-8 hours to unravel all of them, and we are still using them for odds and ends!!!
How was your wedding different than the way you’d always imagined it would be? Well it is hard to say, because I always imagined it at some old southern antebellum home. But growing up I always thought my home would be there, and I would have wished that our house would have been devastated in Hurricane Katrina and to loose everything. But it is bring my parents a great retirement home and perfect place to have a backyard wedding. I thought after all the we have gone through, what else to do but celebrate what we have fought back to overcome!
Three adjectives that describe the day are: Exciting, Smooth, Perfect
What advice would you give to someone planning their wedding? Things can always go not how you plan it, but somehow they work out. So don’t sweat he small stuff! In the end, remember it is about you and your husband, not about the table runners, and dresses, and what music has to be played. It is about the rest of your lives together.

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar Ashley @ Bliss Event Group reply

    I want to see the pic of the two grandparents asleep before the wedding. That’s too funny!

  2. avatar [C+D] Cathy and David – Photographers reply

    What AWESOME AWESOME stuff! By stuff I mean all the nifty doo dads. :-D I wish we could have had lanterns at our wedding ^_^. I love the idea as well of putting the table cards in the divider. That’s just plain ingenious. I MUST remember that.

  3. avatar raych reply

    two beautiful, beautiful people with a beautiful wedding.i was touched by their commentary too!

  4. avatar Melissa DiStefano reply

    This is amazing! What fun! Everything looks so beautiful, and super chic!

  5. avatar Fabulously Lizy reply

    The hanging lanters are a fabulous idea and a wonderfully fresh touch.

  6. avatar Kelly the Bride reply

    I have a picture of the 2 grandfathers….I am not sure how I can post it! It was so cute though!!!

  7. avatar Jessica reply

    Hi, I was just glancing through photos and I love the groupings of lanterns you had in your reception! How did you string them up? Its such a great idea, really brings the room in and gives it a great focal point.

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From {Meg Baisden Photography}… “When you pull up to a quaint little church built in 1892 with a 1956 classic Bentley parked out front, you know it’s going to be a good day!” Location – Ocean Springs, MS.   For more of Kelly + Robert’s big day, visit the Meg Baisden {BLOG}.


The weather was: Wonderful! Clear blue skies, mid 70s
What was the design inspiration for your wedding? We wanted clean modern lines with a southern twist!
What colors did you choose for your wedding? green and blue. I originally wanted to just have blue and white, but Robert wanted to incorporate green (the state of Vermont color, where Rob is from)
Describe your wedding flowers: Very organic and a mix of color and texture, like wild flower like. Hydrangeas, lilies, roses, Irish bells
Describe your wedding cake: 3 tier square cake with fondant and white butter cream underneath, and white almond cake with chocolate icing from “Sweet Stuff in Biloxi, MS” The ribbon is a real ribbon and real flowers with a metal initial cake topper
How did you meet? We met in college at Huntingdon College, Montgomery, AL. We met during my junior year and his sophomore year. He was very quiet and I thought he didn’t want anything to do with me, but I was feeling brave and needed a date for our Sorority New Member Party, so I asked him out over IM!! Thank God for the internet :) We actually started dating around 9-11 happened, and haven’t been able to stay away from each other since!
Describe your engagement: I was in PT school in Pittsburgh, PA and it was Rob’s Birthday actually a few days before Thanksgiving (Nov 22, 2006) and I knew it was coming at some point because we had talked about it for a while but I thought we were going out for his birthday dinner. So before dinner we rode up and down the Duquesne Incline, then had dinner by this huge window, and before dessert he got down on his knee and proposed! I don’t remember anything he said, I was just so tearfully happy! It wasn’t some grand proposal like some people, but he wanted it to be between me and him and be a special intimate moment.
What attracted me to my husband was : Well Duh, he is ITALIAN!!!!
What attracted me to my wife was: her smile :)
A date we went on that we’ll always remember: Going out to ship island when we first started dating (which is where her mom got the picture to paint for their wedding present)
Our favorite detail of the wedding was: The favors: they were bookmarks that were just notes written that the couple donated money to the American cancer society to honor both of their deceased grandparents that both died from cancer.
What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding? Being so far away in Boston! Thank God I trusted my mother to take care of everything and even how organized I am, she is even more so!
Where there any special family traditions you included in the wedding? I took a picture to replicate my mother’s bridal portrait, I wore my great, great grandmother’s ring.
What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? Walking into the church and looking at Rob……..he looked so happy, and it felt like it was just me and him in the room.
Scariest moment? When the DJ called the night before saying jokingly he almost missed his flight back from Africa (who tells a bride that the night before her wedding?!?!?!?)

More to come in Part II… 

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar holly hatam reply

    The bride’s dress is so beautiful!

  2. avatar [email protected] Event Group reply

    I can’t wait to see that cake. I hope it’s in part II!

  3. avatar Shannon reply

    Ohhh ahhh! I love the little church! Everything has a classic old fashion feel to it but with a modern twist! Love it!

  4. avatar kristin @ the fairmount bride reply

    As always, just beautiful. I really like the blue hydrangeas. I am in a wedding later this summer where she is using the blue as well, and I can’t wait to see how it comes out. I just think there is something so old school and classic about them.

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