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Voting is open for the Best of the South Wedding Awards Finalists: Digital Photographers, Film Photographers, and Videographers!

Pop the champagne and grab the biscuits, it’s time to meet our final batch of Best of the South Wedding Awards finalists!! Capturing your wedding day is a big job, but we know that this group is up for the challenge. Each one of these talented folks creates imagery that will be treasured for generations to come, an idea that just gives me giant chicken bumps.

The votes are pouring in — over 13,000 (!!!) and counting — which has the whole SW team high fiving and exchanging text messages full of confetti cannon emojis and celebratory gifs. Why? Because your enthusiasm for the Pineys is more than we could have ever imagined. We dreamed up this celebration of vendors in tandem with our tenth-anniversary issue because we wanted to honor the wedding community in the South that has bloomed over the last 10 years alongside us. We knew that our fellow Southern wedding vendors were some of the best in the world and y’all are proving us right! Keep the votes coming…

Note: If you’re reading in a feed reader, you may need to click through to the blog to vote! Blog comments do not count as votes, though we love your enthusiasm!

The Piney’s: Photographer – Digital

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The Piney’s: Photographer – Film

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Please vote once in each category; all voting will be open until June 9th!

As a reminder, there are prizes worthy of the Pineys for the winners in each category. In addition to golden pineapple trophies (!) and serious bragging rights, a feature in our tenth-anniversary issue is up for grabs! So cast your votes for your favorites and tell all your friends. We can’t wait to roll out the seersucker carpet and award some shiny gold pineapples in a few weeks!

Missed a day of voting? See all of our 2017 finalists and vote here!

kristin Written with love by Kristin
  1. avatar Rhonda Lee reply

    East West Productions is the best!!

  2. avatar Rachael reply

    East West has the talent to turn any event into the most cinematic and romantic film possible. Caleb and his team work relentlessly to provide the best service and professionalism on your wedding day in addition to the end results which are what I believe to be the best films on the market.

  3. avatar Mike Lee reply

    East West are the most stress reducing vendor on wedding day

  4. avatar Kristin Congelli reply

    A.J Dunlap Photography is amazing!

    Inkspot crow was the best to work with for my wedding.

  5. avatar Tracy reply

    Love Leslie Hollingsworth’s work

  6. avatar Tricia McLister reply

    Love them! Congrats to all the finalists!

  7. avatar Cortney Rains reply

    Holly felts !

  8. avatar Court Price reply

    My fiancé and I could not be more in love with Ryan and Alyssa! They work and their personalities! They do the best work and make sure you are comfortable no matter what!

  9. avatar Riaan reply

    Anna is the best

  10. avatar T. Forrest reply

    Whitney Neal photography is unmatched. Love her work like no other!

  11. avatar Tommy Cox reply

    Kelly Ginn is the best!!!

  12. avatar Taylor bunch reply

    Go Maggie !!!!

  13. avatar Morgan pettigrew reply

    Loved kelly Ginn Photography!

  14. avatar Lauren Wilson reply


  15. avatar Lauren Wilson reply

    Kelly Ginn is absolutely amazing and we are so incredibly lucky to have her as our wedding photographer!!!

  16. avatar Hailey james reply

    Kelly and john ginn are the best!!!

  17. avatar Larissa reply

    Maggie is an amazingly talented woman and photographer

  18. avatar Ashley Hurley reply

    Kelly Ginn is amazing!!

  19. avatar Liz Shaw reply

    Good luck everyone!

  20. avatar Lindsey Cronlund reply

    The Happy Bloom does absolutely amazing work! The best choice for any wedding!

  21. avatar Brittany reply

    Kelly Ginn Photopgragy is awesome!! Very sweet loving couple

  22. avatar Lauren Watson reply

    KellyGinnPhotography is hands down the best in Memphis!

  23. avatar Caitlyn reply

    Leslie rocks!

  24. avatar Andrea Tutor reply

    Kelly Ginn is amazing and super super sweet!!

  25. avatar Liz Alford reply

    Kelly Ginn photography!

  26. avatar AFAgnew reply

    The Happy Bloom is my favorite!

  27. avatar Jessie Armitage reply

    Melissa is THE. BEST.

  28. avatar Kelsey A. McCathie reply

    Kelly Ginn photography is original, beautiful, and they are the most precious people!! ❤️❤️

  29. avatar William McCoy reply

    Maggie’s awesome

  30. avatar Melissa reply

    Beautiful pictures ♡Melissa Wilson

  31. avatar Adam Lader reply

    Margaret Taylor is fantastic!

  32. avatar Kara reply

    Bright Frame Films

  33. avatar Michelle Clover reply

    Al weddings is amazing.

  34. avatar Debbie reply

    Go Holly!!

  35. avatar Sarah thatcher reply

    We love Aaron and Jillian!!!

  36. avatar June Watkins reply

    thank you for the opportunity to vote.

  37. avatar linda Conner reply

    Great Job everyone!

  38. avatar Alicia reply

    I am obsessed with Pen Weddings ❤️ I follow them on YouTube, and Facebook and watch their videos as if they are going out of style. They really know how to capture raw, pure emotion and get the most of every couples story in each film they make. The day I get engaged is the day I’ll be booking them for my wedding, hands down!

  39. avatar Emily reply

    The shacklefords are amazing

  40. avatar Kristen Buchignani reply

    Reel Special videographers did a superb job at capturing our most cherished moments on on such a special da! They made us feel relaxed and everything was so natural! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a videographer!

    • avatar Ryan & Brittany Worthen reply

      You are the absolute BEST, Kristen! Thank you SO much for voting and for choosing us to capture your wedding day! It was truly an honor and we’re so blessed to now call you friends (and soon to be parents)!

  41. avatar Cortney reply

    Margaret Taylor is AHH-mazing!!

  42. avatar Tabitha reply

    Tiffany Danielle has some amazing work.

  43. avatar Larry reply

    Pen Weddings! :D

  44. avatar Peter Nguyen reply

    Pen wedding is the best!

  45. avatar Mary reply

    Asha is amazing! Bright Frame FFilms has such quality work!

  46. avatar R Boxberger reply

    Love Pen Weddings

  47. avatar Abbey Bain reply

    Anna does amazing work!!

  48. avatar Robin reply

    Anna S. Is a fabulous photographer!

  49. avatar Jarrett Tyus reply

    Go Kelsey!

  50. avatar Melissa Chrzastek reply

    Heartstone films!

  51. avatar Kim Aldridge reply

    Love the way Caitlyn Lee captures the hearts of her wedding party.

  52. avatar Cindy Chafin reply

    Leslie Hollingsworth has been a long time friend. She has taken many photos of my family and all have been absolutely beautiful. She never disappoints

  53. avatar Danielle K reply

    Photos By Heart are the best film photographers!!! We used them for our wedding, and I have been using them for every other event since!

    • avatar Haley Bilunas reply

      Thanks, Danielle! So fortunate to have shared in your wedding day, and to now count your family as some of our dearest friends. Love you!

  54. avatar Richie Stone reply

    I’ve known Daniel and Anna Shackleford for nearly a decade. Not only are they two of the most talented people with a camera, they are even better people! As a fellow working photographer/videographer they are always willing to speak freely about the business and ways to help their fellow photogs! That doesn’t happen very often!

  55. avatar DElizabeth reply

    We love Melissa!

  56. avatar Melissa Barnes reply

    Phenomenal videographers!!!

  57. avatar Jessie reply

    Loved Tiffany Danielle’s work. While all the photos were beautiful, she chose a location that complimented the dress. The composition highlighted the couple. The lighting brought a heavenly atmosphere. artistic, yet intimate.

  58. avatar Becky i reply

    I adore Melissa Wilson’s Photography, her work is truly exquisite. She shot both my wedding and also my brothers. She’s amazing!!

  59. avatar Jeanne Kaufman reply

    Jonathan and Kaye deserve to win!!!!!!
    Beautiful work and so very talented and very accommodating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. avatar Jacob reply

    Vote holly

  61. avatar Allison Adams reply

    Twenty-One films is the best far and away!

  62. avatar Nate Sweeting reply

    Great photographers all around.

  63. avatar Allison reply

    Twenty-One Films is far and away the best!

  64. avatar Alexis Williams reply

    Nancy Ray all the way :)

  65. avatar Kat May reply

    They are all so great!!

  66. avatar Stacey Payne reply

    Melissa Wilson is amazing!

  67. avatar Talal Salameh reply

    How can someone not vote for the filmpoets after seeing their work… amazing stuff.

  68. avatar Christy knutson reply

    Love Twenty One Films’ work!

  69. avatar Bob reply

    Ally and Bobby

  70. avatar KRISTIN ROSE reply

    Always LOVE Justin DeMutiis work!

  71. avatar Cathy reply

    Bright frame films is incredible.

  72. avatar Lexi Tolbert reply

    Justin Demutiis is incredibly talented. He shot our wedding in Tampa last November. Not only is his work amazing, he is incredibly thoughtful. I will cherish his work forever!!

  73. avatar Evan Junot reply

    Asha only creates great videos. Since she is my sister-in-law, I know how dedicated she is and how much she loves what she is doing.

  74. avatar Hannah Tellez reply

    Way to go Bright Frame Films.

  75. avatar Laura Layne reply


  76. avatar Kayla reply

    Bridefilm is the best!

  77. avatar Rachel Hebert reply

    My husband and I still watch our wedding video often and we got married September 2013. Jonathan and Kaye gave us a priceless gift!

  78. avatar elizabeth reply

    This photo makes me want to get married again!!

  79. avatar Jackie Weaver reply

    Al weddings makes beautiful pictures.

  80. avatar Helen reply

    Wow Kristen Sweeting. SWEET photo!

  81. avatar JW reply

    What a gross concept, judging weddings. None of the pictures here are spontaneous. That are all staged by the photographer. Oh look at the loving embrace: no that we directed by the photographer. Couples wanting so desperately to by the subject of a romantic photo-documentary would be better served by enjoying the authentic moment.

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi JW! No one here is judging weddings, people are casting their votes for wedding vendors! Very different. I also think to say that there is no genuine emotion here is extremely disrespectful to both the photographers and the couples themselves. I see tons of authentic joy and emotion when I look at these photos.

  82. avatar Becky Bishop reply

    Film poets is the best! Comitted to excellence.

  83. avatar Taylor Gilliland reply

    Lance deserves this!!

  84. avatar Natalie Eve Sandi reply

    BrideFilm is the best!

  85. avatar marianne mankin reply

    all these finalist are so talented.

  86. avatar Danna reply

    Penn Weddings is the best!!!

  87. avatar Mackenzie reply

    The Film Poets rock!

  88. avatar Pat Gingrich reply

    Heartstone is so beautiful!

  89. avatar Natalie Eve Sandi reply

    BrideFilm is the absolute BEST!

  90. avatar Alicia Trias reply

    Justin rocks

  91. avatar michael reply

    Lance Holloway is by far the best videographer! All our guests were blown away with his final result!

  92. avatar Jason Williams reply

    Film Poets – outstanding video Grapher, even better people!

  93. avatar Cynthia Greenberg reply

    The finalists certainly brought their “A” game! I can’t wait to see which of these expert artists prevail.

  94. avatar Laura reply

    Love photos by Heart!!!

  95. avatar Chelsea Hagopian reply

    Jonathan and Kaye are the BEST!!!! They did such an amazing job with our wedding!! Love y’all!!

  96. avatar Kendall reply

    Kelly is awesome

  97. avatar Rachel Whitaker reply

    Pick kelly ginn!

  98. avatar Debbie reply

    Go Bright dream films

  99. avatar Crystal Inglis reply

    Lance Holloway is the best!

  100. avatar Shirley neal reply

    Whitney neal

  101. avatar Will Cliatt reply

    Hands down the best videographer in the south. Thanks Lance!

  102. avatar Naomi wretham reply

    Julia Wade’s work- stunning!

  103. avatar Laura Murray reply

    Reel special is amazing!

  104. avatar Tyra Campbell reply

    Reel Specials is amazing!!!!

  105. avatar Alvin Coleman reply

    film poets absolutely ROCK!!!

  106. avatar Christian Harris reply

    Pennweddings captures more than just images.
    Emotions and memories come along with their gifted eyes.

  107. avatar Grace Moleton reply

    We loved working with Davy Whitener and he’s incredibly talented!

  108. avatar Linda reply

    Davy is the best!

  109. avatar Shelly reply

    Film poets are amazing!

  110. avatar Stephen reply

    Melissa is truly wonderful photographer!

  111. avatar Alexander reply

    Ally and Bobby are excellent people and stellar photographers!

  112. avatar Diana Meyer-Dittman reply

    Such a wonderful contest!!!

  113. avatar Courtney reply

    Tiffany Danielle….that is pure excellence

  114. avatar Jan reply

    Melissa’s photography is fabulous!

  115. avatar Gail Hill reply

    Twenty one the very best

  116. avatar Anna Culver reply

    Reel Special does an amazing job and absolutely the best videographer I know!

  117. avatar Katie reply

    AL Weddings is wonderful!!

  118. avatar Vic reply

    Love Aaron and jillian

  119. avatar Tabitha reply


  120. avatar Carolyn Dunlap reply

    AJ Dunlap has done exceptional work over the last 8 years+. We have followed them through several family weddings and on instagram and Facebook and seen their progress and expertise grow. We believe they are one of the best photographers in The Southeast. They get my vote.

  121. avatar Marcia Hudson reply

    The Happy Bloom does great work!

  122. avatar Meredith Keller reply

    Bride Film is amazing

  123. avatar Nicole Johnson reply

    Bride Films

  124. avatar MacKenzie reply

    Thank you so much for nominating us for this award! What awesome company we keep! Many thanks!- MacKenzie & Philip, Inkspot Crow Films

  125. avatar Jenna bosch reply

    Highly recommend Holloway productions

  126. avatar Peggy LeCour reply

    Davy Whitener is the best very professional, experienced, and listens to you and exactly what you would want your pictures to look like also willing to travel to you

  127. avatar Jaclyn Gibbs reply

    Love these photographers!

  128. avatar sumaya maghariaf reply

    Davy whitener is a very gifted & talented photographer, love his work & love working with him .

  129. avatar Samantha Hill reply

    So inspiring to look at such great work!

  130. avatar Jan Cook reply

    Kelly Ginn is wonderful

  131. avatar Sherrie Bass reply

    Love Julia Wades work!

  132. avatar Cacky Dias reply

    Go bright frame films!

  133. avatar Carrie Geddie reply

    Julia Wade!

  134. avatar Stephanie reply

    Film poets are amazing

  135. avatar Lidia Santelices reply

    When a videoagrapher can make you cry and you don’t know the family, they are great!!! Such is the case with BrightFrameFilms!! The best I’ve ever seen or used.

  136. avatar Robby Nelson reply

    Melissa always seems to catch the unplanned moments!

  137. avatar Lindsay Kelly reply

    Heart stone is the best!!!

  138. avatar Shayna Banfe reply

    Pen Weddings are so incredible!!!

  139. avatar Ginger Thompson reply

    Justin D! He’s the best!

  140. avatar Ellen Potts reply

    Holloway Productions — WONDERFUL!!!

  141. avatar Karen Proctor reply

    Reel Special does outstanding work. They film from the heart and capture the details you want to always cherish and remember in a unique and creative way.

  142. avatar Amy mcpherson reply

    What happened to katie cannon art? She was nominated !

  143. avatar Anthony Loudis reply

    Pen Weddings is the finest Wedding Videographers EVER!

  144. avatar Banessa reply

    Julia wade is amazing!!!

  145. avatar Paige reply

    Love Melissa’s work and personality!

  146. avatar Becky reply

    Melissa’s work is amazing!! I love her pictures. She did an amazing job on my wedding.

  147. avatar Vanessa reply

    Julia wade is amazing!!!

  148. avatar Ashley reply

    BrideFilm rocks!

  149. avatar Talia reply

    Love Pen Weddings

  150. avatar Traci reply

    Love the happy bloom

  151. avatar Robin Vouga reply

    Wow! These are fantastic! REALY tough choice!!!!

  152. avatar Laura Weiser reply

    Holly Felts!!

  153. avatar Haley Warren reply

    We LOVE Melissa!!

  154. avatar Danielle reply

    This was hard to choose from!

  155. avatar Vanessa reply

    Julia Wade is so incredible!

  156. avatar Katie Eberly reply

    Davy Whitener is absolutely the Best!!! You can not top his talent, his talent shines through in every moment he captures in photographs!!! He did a fantastic job capturing my wedding, my sisters wedding and every wedding I have seen on his site; you can not beat his photography skills and passion. He is hands down the Best!!!

  157. avatar Trish hannah reply

    Photos by heart are great

  158. avatar Erin Edwards reply

    FILM POETS!!!!!!

  159. avatar Tena Calhoun reply

    Film Poets videos brings weddings to life. We love to watch them over and over.

  160. avatar Emily Vocke reply

    I can’t imagine anyone capturing my wedding day other than Bridefilm!

  161. avatar Julia reply

    Bride film makes a wonderful video. Best choice!

  162. avatar Caroline reply

    Love Davy and his beautiful wife! So sweet and does amazing work!

  163. avatar Aly C reply

    Bright Frame was wonderful! Asha is the sweetest Towork with and does amazing work! We were sooo happy with our video!

  164. avatar Ashley Tidwell reply

    Be Light Photography did an amazing job at capturing my special day!! I would recommend them to anyone! My husband and I get to cherish the beautiful pictures for years to come and we couldn’t be more thankful!

  165. avatar Amanda reply

    Love ryan and Alyssa!!!

  166. avatar Natasha Gonzalez reply

    Reel Special is amazing!

  167. avatar Kristen J Scott Events reply

    love so many of these vendors!

  168. avatar Barbara Taylor Beggs reply

    Congratulations to Tiffany Daniel for her nomination as best photographer in the South. Her work certainly merits this!

  169. avatar Betty Kilpatrick reply

    Excited to vote for these two extremely talented individuals!

  170. avatar Sara reply

    Kelly Gin is by far the best photographer!

  171. avatar Klaida Fleming reply

    Love Holly so so talented.

  172. avatar Roxanne reply

    Love Miss Holly Felts!

  173. avatar Seth Taylor reply

    The Reel Special team is absolutely amazing! you couldn’t ask for a more passionate, kindhearted, positive and just all around amazing people. Reel Special makes you feel just that, special with how personable they are and how amazing they are at what they do!

    • avatar Ryan & Brittany Worthen reply

      You are too kind, Seth! Thank you so very much for your encouragement and thoughtful comment. We are just so humbled that we get to capture such important moments in the lives of those around us!

  174. avatar Marjory Badham reply

    Holloway Productions was timely, professional and a great videographer and end result of wedding video! Highly recommend!

  175. avatar Toni Wheaton reply

    Awe this is such exciting news!! Thank you so much for including us in this list among such talented creatives!! We love our couples!! xoxo Toni+Chris and the Heart Stone team

  176. avatar Toni Wheaton reply

    Awe yay!! This is so exciting, thank you so much for including us among such talented creatives!
    We love our couples!!
    xoxo Toni+Chris & The Heart Stone Team

  177. avatar Ryan & Brittany Worthen reply

    We are SO thankful to even be considered as a finalist in this amazing group of wedding video providers…THANK YOU to the amazing gals at Southern Weddings for including us! We also LOVE seeing several of our friends nominated in other categories…go cast your vote for Jaclyn Journey’s AMAZING floral designs, Jason and the team at Kentucky PRO DJ, Meredith and the INCREDIBLE team at The Biltmore Estate, our friends at the Apiary right here in Lexington, Kentucky, Allison and Dana with PinkLouLou because they are the absolute BEST hair stylists, and last but not least, the Twirl girls (Ty and Liz, we L-O-V-E you and your hearts of pure gold!!!).

  178. avatar Lauren reply


  179. avatar Jaclyn Gibbs reply

    Love these photographers

  180. avatar greta reply

    So many incredibly talented people on the list!
    Inkspot Crow is always my number one recommendation to the couples

  181. avatar Katie reply

    I love inkspotcrow!!!

  182. avatar Martha reply

    Inkspot Crow!!!!

  183. avatar Lindsay Riney reply

    I would get married all over again just to have Inkspot Crow film my wedding! I love their work!

  184. avatar Kristina reply

    Julia is the best!

  185. avatar Margaret reply

    Inkspot Crow did a phenomenal job for my wedding!

  186. avatar Cheri Peele reply

    Inkspot Crow-love

  187. avatar Anna reply

    Julia Wade!

  188. avatar Patricia Ward reply

    Philip is a former student of mine and his creativity has continued to flurish. He is definitely worthy of this honor.

  189. avatar Natalie reply

    Yay for Inkspot!

  190. avatar Janelle Hutchinson reply

    Inkspot Crow filmed my wedding almost 3 years ago and they are THE BEST. They are kind, thoughtful, and extremely talented. You couldn’t ask for a better team.

  191. avatar Adam reply

    Inkspot Crow is the best!

  192. avatar Lydia Mayfield reply

    Loved working with Graham Terhune and Inkspot Crow last March!

  193. avatar Perry ? Houghton reply

    Love ink spot crow!!!!!!

  194. avatar Frances King reply

    Inkspit Crow is amazing!!

  195. avatar Trish Deerwester reply

    Love, love Inkspot crow!

  196. avatar Lydia Mayfield reply

    Love Graham and Inkspot!

  197. avatar Caroline reply

    It would be impossible for me to cast this vote with more admiration and gratitude for inkspot crow!! MacKenzie and Henry are a tremendously talented duo with even bigger hearts (if that’s possible!) they were an absolute pleasure to have our wedding weekend and absolutely deserve this award!! – Caroline & Rory

  198. avatar Martha Ezell reply

    Philip and MacKenzie Henry at Inkspot Crow filmed two of our children’s weddings. They were AMAZING in every way!Professional, creative and fun to work with. I would recommend them to anyone.

  199. avatar Marcus Adams reply

    Justin at The Happy Bloom is an amazing photographer! He is very good at what he does and takes amazing photos!

    The Happy Bloom for Life!

  200. avatar josh reply

    be light photography!

  201. avatar Carmen reply

    kristen kilpatrick is a DREAM! she makes the shyest of us feel sooo beautiful in front of the camera. is there anything better than that?!

  202. avatar Rachel reply


  203. avatar Kasey Kilpatrick reply

    Kristen kilpatrick photography is hands down the best!

  204. avatar Natalie Pappas reply

    Go Kristen go!!

  205. avatar Clay reply

    Kristen rocks

  206. avatar Brooke reply

    Reel Special does an amazing job! Love their work!

    • avatar Ryan & Brittany Worthen reply

      Brooke, thank you so much! We are so honored that Reel Special was included amongst so many other talented filmmakers, but it makes it that much sweeter when we see comments like yours!

  207. avatar Phyllis Moreno reply

    Jonathan and Kaye!

  208. avatar Ky reply

    Great contest!

  209. avatar Angela Hoogstad reply

    BeLight… AMAZING!!!

  210. avatar Mary kunz reply

    Good luck!! xoxo

  211. avatar Michael Noel reply

    Inkspot Crow is beyond comparison!

  212. avatar Melanie reply

    Hampton Road is awesome! Used them for both daughters weddings!

  213. avatar Heather Knowles reply

    So much talent!

  214. avatar Meleah reply

    Hampton Road Studios filmed my wedding, and I could not be more delighted with their work! My husband and I will treasure our wedding video forever- they captured our day in such a beautiful, sweet way! I am so grateful for their skill and artistry! Not to mention, they are two incredible people in their own right! They are a pleasure to work with!

  215. avatar Cortni reply

    Jonathan & Kaye are world-class at photo AND video. We LOVE working alongside this dynamic duo!

  216. avatar Melisa Tanverdi reply

    We could not have been luckier to have our wedding memories captured by Graham Terhune and Inkspot Crow. These “vendors” quickly became dear friends, and their talent continues to amaze and inspire!

  217. avatar Best of the South – Finalist for Best Digital Photographer – Julia Wade Photography reply

    […] so happy to have been nominated for Southern Wedding’s Best Digital Photographer in this year’s Best of the South […]

  218. avatar Grace truscott reply

    I love the wedding photos of Holly felts

  219. avatar Jeanne Dupuy reply

    BrideFilm is incredibly talented and awesome to work with! Their work always surprises and amazes me. They really capture everything you want for your wedding! Love them!

  220. avatar Joal Stone reply

    Our family is truly blessed to have had Bride Film provide the most beautiful memories of all three of our children’s weddings through their extraordinary filming and editing. We are forever grateful to this amazing couple! Thank you, Bride Film!!!

  221. avatar Ashley Gardiner reply

    Bride film was used for my wedding and they were spectacular

  222. avatar Emily Ware reply

    Love Aaron and Jill! They were the best part of my wedding!

  223. avatar Kim Bair reply

    KT Merry’s work is beyond gorgeous!!

  224. avatar Lucy Stefani reply

    I love AJ Dunlap photography, and twenty-one films!

  225. avatar meryt harding reply

    Bride film videod our daughters wedding and it was the best investment we made in the wedding as we have watched the footage time and time again. !!

  226. avatar Kelli reply

    Aaron andJill

  227. avatar Mary Drylewski reply

    KT Merry is amazing!!!!!

  228. avatar Donna reply

    Twenty-one Films are awesome

  229. avatar Claire Law reply

    Aaron and Jillian are by far the best. Amazing photographers and even better people!

  230. avatar Irene Tseretopoulos reply

    KT Merry is simply amazing

  231. avatar Brit reply

    Jill is the best!

  232. avatar Demi Mabry reply

    Awesome list to choose from!

  233. avatar Anna reply

    Love julia wade

  234. avatar lynnesy reply

    Go Whitney!

  235. avatar Jerrell reply

    East West Productions
    Nancy Ray
    Julia wade

  236. avatar Tom reply

    so many hard choices!

  237. avatar Hannah C. reply

    Nancy Ray and her team of film photographers are highly skilled, passionate about serving their clients, and intentional to educate other creatives.

  238. avatar alicia belle reply

    Beautiful work! Congrats guys

  239. avatar Josh reply

    Ryan and Alyssa are the best.

  240. avatar Sarah reply

    We will be using Heartsone for our wedding in Sea Island on October 13 and we cannot wait! Their work is stunning and they are so personable!!

  241. avatar Rachael blood reply

    Whitney is amazing!

  242. avatar Susannah reply

    love! so much talent here!

  243. avatar Jessie reply

    Love Whitney Neal!

  244. avatar Robert reply

    go whitney!

  245. avatar Danielle reply

    Holly Felts is awesome!

  246. avatar Jan reply

    I loved Kari’s photos

  247. avatar Kipp reply

    Kelly Ginn is wonderful to work with!! Her eye for photography is beautiful!

  248. avatar Amy reply

    My fiancé and I loooooooooved Kelly and John’s photos when we were doing our research for wedding photographers. And we fell in love with them even more after meeting them!! We are so excited about having them there to capture our day later on this year!! #teamKellyGinn

  249. avatar Jamie Collett reply

    Ryan & Brittany are AMAZING!

  250. avatar Jeff reply

    Great videographers

  251. avatar Laurie brotherton reply

    So many talented artist!!

  252. avatar Kayla Walker reply

    I will forever be thankful to Reel Special. They made our wedding even more special!

  253. avatar Ryan & Brittany Worthen reply

    Aww Natasha…We just can’t even thank you enough for your support and encouragement!!!!

  254. avatar Beth reply

    Julia Wade! not only does she has the best work, she has the kindest heart.

  255. avatar Tara reply

    Ryan and Brittany could not have done a better job. Everything was perfect! Would absolutely use them again and highly recommend them. Thank you Reel Special again for making Morgan and Scott’s wedding so perfect!

    • avatar Ryan & Brittany Worthen reply

      Thank you so much, Mrs. Van Epps! That you would take the time to vote for us AND comment here means so much to us… It was such an honor to be able to capture Scott and Morgan’s wedding and we pray that footage will be treasured for a lifetime to come!

  256. avatar Karen reply

    Love Julia Wade!!

  257. avatar Ivette reply

    Great job Davy Whitener!

  258. avatar Sharon Roach reply

    Daniel and Anna Shackleford do amazing work!

  259. avatar Ken reply

    Reel Special!

  260. avatar k piuze reply

    davy has been taking photographs & building his skill since he was a kid & it shows

  261. avatar Grace Huh reply

    Love Ally and Bobby!

  262. avatar Jackie McCain reply

    Davey Whitener is unequald in talent as a photographer. The best of the best.

  263. avatar Holly reply

    Yay Anna and Daniel!

  264. avatar Terri Jorgenson reply

    Julia is amazing!!!

  265. avatar Cristina Bearden reply

    Good luck to all of these amazing folks!

  266. avatar Melissa reply

    Go Reel Special!!

  267. avatar Erin Estrada reply

    I was treated to a beauty session with Leslie Hollingsworth and was blown away! I had no idea of how to pose or what to wear, but she guided me every step of the way. The pictures turned out so well and I came away with a renewed view of myself.

  268. avatar Debbie Levy reply

    Bride Films is the best videographer.

  269. avatar Amory Godley reply

    Reel Special is incredible!

  270. avatar Mary reply

    Love Whitney’s work!

  271. avatar Elizabeth Woods reply

    How can someone be mentioned or picked or voting? I am a local Makeup and Airbrush Tanning artist and would love to be featured in the future.
    Thank you!

  272. avatar Laura Crafton reply

    Davy is incredible!

  273. avatar Pamela reply

    Go Julia, you rock!

  274. avatar June reply

    Bridefilm is cutting edge. Always in the know. Love Bridefilm. You are the greatest.

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Voting is open for the Best of the South Wedding Awards Finalists: Event Planner, Rentals and Decor, Florist, Caterer, and Cake and Sweets categories!

Toss the confetti, because it’s time to meet our second-to-last group of Best of the South Wedding Awards finalists!! As a reminder, all these finalists were nominated by Y’ALL because you believe they’re experts in their field. From making your dream bouquet chock full of the fluffiest white peonies to creating a cake that’s so tasty even your meemaw is asking for seconds, we think this batch of vendors is the cream of the crop for all things wedding day related.

P.S. Your excitement about these first-ever awards (we’re blown away!!) has the whole SW office giddy to see who will take home The Piney in each category (a.k.a only the cutest golden pineapple trophy in history). We can’t award trophies if you don’t vote, so get to it…

Note: If you’re reading in a feed reader, you may need to click through to the blog to vote!

The Piney’s: Event Planner

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The Piney’s: Rentals

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The Piney’s: Florist

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The Piney’s: Cakes and Sweets

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The Piney’s: Caterer

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Please vote once in each category; all voting will be open until June 9th!

As a reminder, there are prizes worthy of the Pineys for the winners in each category. In addition to golden pineapple trophies (!) and serious bragging rights, a feature in our tenth-anniversary issue is up for grabs! So cast your votes for your favorites and tell all your friends. We can’t wait to roll out the seersucker carpet and award some shiny gold pineapples in a few weeks!

Don’t forget to hop back and vote for our finalists in each category:
Paper, Calligraphy, and Music
Bridal Salons, Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists, and Honeymoons

Don’t miss voting for our last set of finalists tomorrow: Digital Photographers, Film Photographers, and Videographers!

Image Credits for Event Planner Photos: Anna Shackleford, Eric Kelley, Leslie Mitchell, Tec Petaja, Landon Jacob

Image Credits for Rentals Photos: Katherine Elena Photography, Koral Bleu Photography, Lauren F. Liddell Photography, Anna K Photography

Image Credits for Florist Photos: Katelyn James Photography, Kate Headley, Heather Hawkins, Pipervine Photography, Catherine Taylor, Whitney Neal Photography, Ashleigh Jayne Photography, Landon Jacob, Riley Hitchner Photography, Eric Kelley Photography, Katelyn Ann Photography

Image Credits for Cakes and Sweets Photos: Simple Color Photo, KT Merry, Mary Rosenbaum, Allison Pedigo, Happily Everything Co., Jen Fariello, Katie Stoops, Melanie Mauer, Anna Paschal, Arte de Vie

Image Credits for Caterer Photos: Robyn Van Dyke, Nancy Ray, Clark Brewer, Alisha Crossley

Invision Events, Jacin Fitzgerald Events, Sapphire Events, Leigh Pearce Weddings, Rebecca Rose Events, 12th Table, Lovegood Wedding and Event Rentals, Paisley and Jade, Supposey Wedding Florals, Holly Chapple, Ashley Cakes, Sugar Bee Sweets, Sugar Euphoria, One Belle Bakery are delightful members of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

kristin Written with love by Kristin
  1. avatar Lindsey reply

    Love this opportunity to vote! Xx

  2. avatar Danielle Sears reply

    Love Aleen Floral! Karen is an exceptional designer who cares about details.

  3. avatar Callie reply

    We love Invision Events!

  4. avatar Kevin Ray reply

    We love belles catering

  5. avatar Cyndi reply

    So exciting! Thanks so much!!

  6. avatar LUISA HAMMETT reply

    Good luck to all these talented southern vendors!!

  7. avatar Neale panzram reply

    Supposey is the best florist!

  8. avatar Lacey Berry reply

    Yay Supposey!

  9. avatar LaToya Caldwell reply

    Sugar Euphoria

  10. avatar Melissa reply

    Great selection of vendors

  11. avatar drew hardgrave reply

    Supposey made the most beautiful Peacock tail out of flowers for our wedding and it was such a statement at the reception!

  12. avatar Julia Andrews reply

    So many great vendors!!

  13. avatar [email protected] reply

    So many great vendors!!

  14. avatar Lucas Ulloque reply


  15. avatar Shannon reply

    all great vendors that were nominated. we are honored to be among them!

  16. avatar Kelly reply

    Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals ROCKS!

  17. avatar Kris Vos reply

    Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals is fantastic! Their staff is friendly and attentive.

  18. avatar Nikki reply

    We like to know how we may be put on the list next year, Thanks!

  19. avatar Haley Warren reply

    We LOVE Supposey florists!!!

  20. avatar Claire reply


  21. avatar Claire reply

    Goodwin Events is the absolute BESTTT!

  22. avatar Amy McGinnis reply

    Megan Byrd is the best!

  23. avatar Sarah Yarnell reply

    Bold American is great!

  24. avatar Ashley reply

    Leigh Pearce is awesome!!

  25. avatar Andrea reply

    12th table is not only an amazing wedding décor vendor but great for any party or family gathering!!

  26. avatar Bobbi Roberts reply

    All are exceptionally talented

  27. avatar Lakisha D. reply

    Good luck to all the finalists!

  28. avatar Lori godwin reply

    Great vendors listed

  29. avatar Bobbi Roberts reply

    All stellar companies

  30. avatar Carol Vance reply

    Leigh Pierce was the event planner in our daughter’s wedding in 2012. She was professional and very sweet and kind. Don’t know what I would have done without her!!!

  31. avatar Michele Hayes reply

    Meaghan Cease is the best

  32. avatar Melissa Forman reply

    Love 1618 on location

  33. avatar Donovan reply

    Sugar euphoria!!

  34. avatar Janet reply

    So many good choices. I have been very impressed withe the elegance and style of 12th table.

  35. avatar JIll Donovan reply

    Good luck everyone!

  36. avatar Lorri Hilbert reply

    I will never forget Karen’s stunningly beautiful bouquet at my daughter’s wedding!

  37. avatar Megan Wentz reply

    Bold American is the best!!

  38. avatar Leigh Pearce reply

    Oh my stars! This is the best news! Thank you SW ladies! XO

  39. avatar annie reply

    Bold American is the best!!

  40. avatar Peggy wininger reply

    Love you magazine and CeCe Designs

  41. avatar Mark Leggett reply

    Congrats to all the finalists!

  42. avatar Ben Fisher reply

    12th Table is the best!

  43. avatar Kelli Fowler reply

    Good Luck to all the nominees!

  44. avatar Bonnie Stone reply

    What a wonderful selection of participants.

  45. avatar Kelli fowler reply

    Good luck to our #1 Goodwin Events!

  46. avatar Lovegood Wedding & Event Rentals reply

    Honored to have made the list for Rentals! Thank you for the opportunity. Congrats to all the other nominated vendors in each category!

  47. avatar Jenna Brigham reply

    Chancey Charm is a must use when planning your wedding!

  48. avatar Sarah Newman reply

    Love all of these vendors!!!

  49. avatar Kathy G Mezrano reply

    We strive to have fresh delicious food with creative presentation

  50. avatar Anna Gray Wise reply

    Excited for these amazing vendors!

  51. avatar Keena Thompson reply

    Kathy G’s team is awesome! Food ,presentation and service are just THE BEST!

  52. avatar Allison Brymer reply

    Love these vendors in each category!

  53. avatar TIFFANY M DAVIS reply

    Supposey Florals are simply UhMazing — this girl was born to do this — Natural Talent at it’s best and she should consider setting up a Satellite Shop in
    Santa Monica or Beverly Hills — :)

  54. avatar Paul Bishop reply

    one belle is simple the best

  55. avatar Sarah reply

    We love Orlando Wedding & Party Rental

  56. avatar Melissa reply

    Good luck to all!!

  57. avatar Missy blaylock reply

    Everyone I voted for are most
    Deserving. My daughter recently got married at our home and everyone made it absolutely a fairytale wedding.

  58. avatar City Heat Band Atlanta reply

    Meghan, and her staff at M. Elizabeth Events are the best! The band typically is last thought of at events, however Meghan greets us same as she treats/greets all the guests. She is thorough, and her brides’ seem to always appear safe, sound, and peace of mind. That’s because M. Elizabeth Events knows how to professionally care for their clients, guests, and vendors. The band is always happy to know when we are working with Meghan and the rest of the staff. Hope they win!!!

  59. avatar Elisa Bricker reply

    Such great people on these lists!

  60. avatar Patty reply

    Arthur’s has fantastic food and superior service!!

  61. avatar simone reply

    Tiffany MacIsaac is the best!

  62. avatar Hope reply

    Love Erin and her team!

  63. avatar Sarah reply

    Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals are the best. All of there inventory is in fantastic condition. Super professional and courteous!

  64. avatar Dianne Beard reply

    Christy is amazing!!!!

  65. avatar Katie Dixon reply

    Erin is the best planner!

  66. avatar Theresa Syros reply

    Good luck to some great vendors

  67. avatar rita reply

    Love Rebecca Rose Events

  68. avatar Emilee reply

    HotHouse / PropHouse!

  69. avatar Melissa Shahady reply

    Vote for the best! – Donovan’s Dish

  70. avatar Matt wilson reply

    Meghan Cease did an amazing capturing our day! We could not have done it without her!

  71. avatar Susan Wolinski reply

    Le Petit Sweet was by far the easiest wedding vendor to work with. We met with many different vendors, especially for our cake, and they exceeded our expectations. The best thing too is the relationship did not end after the wedding. I still frequent their shop regularly.

  72. avatar Nicholle Reusch reply

    Buttercream Bakeshop is amazing!! I could scroll through their beautiful and tasty creations on Instagram all day.

  73. avatar Rose Winter reply

    Buttercream Bakery makes the best!!!

  74. avatar April Sawicki reply

    Le Petite is the best with so much to offer!

  75. avatar Margaret Montgomery reply

    Invision events!!!

  76. avatar Sandy G reply

    Congratulations to everyone! Sending Lucky Charms your way!! RRR

  77. avatar Shayna reply

    Happy for everyone nominated especially Lindsay Coletta Scurr

  78. avatar Sarah reply

    Love good rentals!!!

  79. avatar E Steinberg reply

    Shindigs- delicious food, beautiful presentation, great service at my sisters wedding. Highly recommend!

  80. avatar Renee Johnson reply

    All are winners from the pictures

  81. avatar Mallory reply

    Holly Carlisle is amazing. Truly a work of art.

  82. avatar Rhonda Bartone reply

    Awesome caterers.

  83. avatar Amy reply

    Love Shindigs! Always fresh, quality ingredients!

  84. avatar Sarah reply

    Go Holly ?!!!

  85. avatar Nancy Selfridge reply

    Love Donovan’s Dish.

  86. avatar Ashley Smith reply

    Love Lauren at Lovegood Weddings! She’s so sweet and talented! <3

  87. avatar Leigh Pearce Events Blog » LPE named a finalist in The Best of the South Awards!!!!!! | North Carolina Wedding Planner reply

    […] VOTE: /2017/05/25/best-south-wedding-awards-finalists-voting-day-4/ […]

  88. avatar Sage reply

    Love 1618❤️️

  89. avatar Laura Held reply

    Yay! Such wonderful people and companies were nominated!

  90. avatar Henriette Khoury reply

    Orlando and wedding party rentals are simply the best in Orlando!

  91. avatar Sarah Brazell reply

    Buttercream Bakeshop is the best!!

  92. avatar Ellen Johnson reply

    Congratulations to all the nominees! Good luck!

  93. avatar DawnGoodwin reply

    Best of luck to all!

  94. avatar Christina Patterson reply

    Can’t say enough about Southern Vintage and how they helped make my daughter’s Wedding even more special! As a wheelchair bride, we were able to incorporate their gorgeous settee for she and her Hubby to sit for their ceremony and we used their vanity for the Cake Table so everything was accessible for her during the Cake cutting, “first bites” and pictures. Two perfect, inclusive additions to compliment the rest of the beautiful decor and stemware we rented.

  95. avatar Beth-Anne reply

    Rebecca ? #1

  96. avatar Michelle reply

    Have only heard rave reviews about 1618! Hoping to try it out soon!

  97. avatar Alexis silver reply

    chancey charm

  98. avatar susan b loftis reply

    i do i do is the best!

  99. avatar Arak ztilb reply

    I love Buttercream Bakeshop!!

  100. avatar Marjory Badham reply

    We are blessed to have so many wonderful Wedding planners- they surely made my wedding planning easier

  101. avatar Katieshore reply

    I love supposey

  102. avatar Kathi Gilleland reply

    Dulce created our beautiful and delicious wedding cake almost nine years ago, and people are still talking about how wonderful it was.

  103. avatar Janine Halvas reply

    Cottage Luxe is classy and so elegant!!

  104. avatar Donna Hannum reply

    Shindigs is the best !

  105. avatar Michelle Stone reply

    Goodwin all the way

  106. avatar Cher reply

    The talent Jaclyn Journey has is unbelievable! Her “let’s make this happen” attitude and ability is simply incredible.

  107. avatar Hannah reply

    Jaclyn is the best!

  108. avatar Jessie Armitage reply

    Supposey is ONE OF A KIND.

  109. avatar Sharon reply

    Love the work of Supposey!

  110. avatar Rose Rich reply

    Courtney Wolf at Invision Events embodies everything you could want in a wedding and event planner. She is creative, supportive, calm, reassuring, organized, and the consummate professional. My daughter’s wedding this July could not be in better hands. We’re so grateful to have Courtney guiding us through the planning process!

  111. avatar Tera Davis reply

    We LOVE Jaclyn Journey! She is incredibly talented and we can confidently refer her to any of our Couture Closet Brides and know she will rock it.

  112. avatar Vivian Ruth Sawyer reply

    Jaclyn Journey does the most beautiful flowers of anyone! She did my daughter’s wedding, plus other events I have hosted. She’s fantastic!

  113. avatar David reply

    Southern Table. Go vote.

  114. avatar Tammy reply

    LOVE Dulce Desserts!!! I hope they win!!!

  115. avatar Sally Connr reply

    Jacklyn Journey for best florist. Beautiful colors and arrangement. Sally Connr

  116. avatar Elana reply

    Leigh is the best!!!!

  117. avatar Will berry reply

    We love Leigh Pearce!!!

  118. avatar Cakes by Kim reply

    Soooo many talented vendor friends here!!! Good luck everyone!

  119. avatar Larry Smith reply

    Crush is awesome!!!

  120. avatar Perkins Morgan reply

    What an amazing group of creatives!

  121. avatar Cg reply

    Love Cottage Luxe

  122. avatar Amanda Caldwell reply

    Lovely vendors

  123. avatar Becky reply

    1618 is the best!

  124. avatar Peggy wininger reply

    Love CeCeDesign

  125. avatar Stefanie Davis reply

    What a great group of talented vendors!!

  126. avatar Kim Stroud reply

    Good luck y’all!

  127. avatar Rachela mele reply

    So exciting. Good luck??

  128. avatar Trena reply

    I have personally worked with some of these vendors and they are absolutely the best in the business. Their attention to detail is impeccable! They capture the brides dream and more.

  129. avatar Cmfisher reply

    Love Hothouse Studios!

  130. avatar Donald Ward reply

    A Chair Affair has always shown the Spirit of Excellence in every thing they have done for us and friends. DLWard

  131. avatar Nicole Mckenzie reply

    Thank you for the opportunity to vote. A Chair Affair was amazing to work with.

  132. avatar Richard Gregory reply

    Don’t see Sprinkles here, we’ve been serving the south for over 28 years with literally thousands of satisfied couples.

  133. avatar Kim Johnston reply

    Fabulous chairs and staff at A Chair Affair

  134. avatar Lindsey reply

    Go A Chair Affair!

  135. avatar Nancy Woodward reply

    It was difficult to choose as they were all magnificent.

  136. avatar Jason reply

    Love Southern Way

  137. avatar Glenda young reply

    CeCe Designs is the best.

  138. avatar Phyllis Johnson reply

    Highly recommend Blue Eyed Yonder

  139. avatar Ma x reply


  140. avatar Eatherley Schultz reply

    thanks! love this

  141. avatar Annmarie Gallo reply

    The Best is Chair Affair!! Best of luck to all!

  142. avatar [email protected] reply

    Chair Affair is amazing!

  143. avatar Alex reply

    Brianne McMullan Events is the best!

  144. avatar sallybeam reply

    louis and neillie were absolutely the best – i was an out of town mother of the bride === gave it up to them and my daughter absolutely loved them — felt like family handling the wedding.

  145. avatar Donna Taylor reply

    Good luck to all!

  146. avatar DENISE Jones reply

    Regalo is an exceptionally gifted team…

  147. avatar Jean locascio reply

    A Chair Affair is a wonderful company to work with. They are so thoughtful and caring . They deserve to win they all work so hard.

  148. avatar Brittany Sobering reply

    Good luck to all the finalists!

  149. avatar Aldy Lopez reply

    Good luck to all!

  150. avatar hector reply

    Everyone of these vendors is awesome!

  151. avatar Maggie reply


  152. avatar Josh reply

    All of the nominees are so great!

  153. avatar kim reply


  154. avatar Jaclyn Gibbs reply

    Great choices!

  155. avatar Bridge reply

    Go Sugar Bee Sweets!

  156. avatar Kristin – Our DJ Rocks reply


  157. avatar Zimri Ramos reply

    Amazing choices

  158. avatar Brenda reply

    As a young child, Kathryn learned to bake in her Easy Bake oven. Now she bakes in a commercial oven and she is following her dream! Her cakes are outstanding – very moist and creative. She is attentive to detail and designs a cake to meet the specification of every special bride.

  159. avatar Brooke reply

    Love CeCe Designs!!

  160. avatar Leigh Ann millican reply

    Kathryn steed has the prettiest cakes!!!

  161. avatar Kate reply

    Voting for Kat with Lush Cakery! Incredible design and taste-that’s from someone who doesn’t even prefer to eat cake!! Such a hit at our wedding -so many referrals

  162. avatar Tatum Henley reply

    CeCe basically designed my entire wedding for me in our first meeting. I love her!

  163. avatar Mills Davis reply

    Huge fan of Kristen Kilpatrick’s photography work!! Also, love Southern Weddings. Always come here for inspiration :)

  164. avatar Lori reply

    Sugar Bee Sweets has the best cakes and customer service you will find.

  165. avatar Jonathan reply


  166. avatar Suzanne reply

    Happy Catering!!

  167. avatar Joy reply

    All of these are so great!

  168. avatar Jennifer reply


  169. avatar Cathy reply

    Love Happy Catering!

  170. avatar Trisha Conrad reply

    Birmingham is so lucky to have the vendors in this wedding industry.

  171. avatar Elizabeth Limbaugh reply

    Love Happy Catering! My guests still rave about the food over one year later

  172. avatar Susan Edge reply

    I have used Happy Catering Company each year since 2008 for our large department Christmas luncheon. They are absolutely wonderful!

    April 2017 I used them for a personal event, a small family/friends gathering to remember a special friend who had just passed away. Happy Catering Co. was outstanding.

    Bill, Robby and Holly are “the Bomb”.

  173. avatar Nona Timothy reply

    Good luck to everyone!

  174. avatar Amber Holton reply

    Ashley cakes did a n amazing job with our wedding cake!! We still talk about our cake almost 5 years later!!

  175. avatar Jasmin reply

    Ashley’s cakes are the best! Every wedding I’ve catered with her has been the best.

  176. avatar Julia Fox reply

    Great vendors. Hope to see Kast Events next year!

  177. avatar Terri. Neely reply

    Ce Ce Florist

  178. avatar Barb Sullivan reply

    Love working with all these wonderful vendors!

  179. avatar Emily reply

    Love shindigs

  180. avatar Mike Wood reply

    Shindigs is like taking your taste buds to the fair!

  181. avatar Kassady reply

    Shindigs is amazing!!!! So proud of them getting nominated and for all they have accomplished!

  182. avatar Meredith Hooper reply

    Good Luck Mariee Ami!!

  183. avatar Leah Weaver reply

    Shindigs is great for your catering needs

  184. avatar Ashley Morand reply

    Go NOLA!

  185. avatar Jesse reply

    The Southern Table

  186. avatar Jamie reply

    Yay southern table!

  187. avatar Kristen reply

    thanks for the opportunity to vote!

  188. avatar Holly reply

    I love how the soulthern Table makes the flowers look like a magical secret garden! The work it amazing!

  189. avatar Cortni reply

    Best of luck to all nominees!

  190. avatar Heather Bragg reply

    Southern Table combines excellent work with fantastic service!

  191. avatar Debbie Injaychock reply

    Kat is the Best! Not only are her cakes delicious and beautiful but she is an absolute “angel” to work with.

  192. avatar Karina Diaz reply

    Good luck to all!

  193. avatar twinkie reply

    Love new inspiring folks that bring their passion and dedication to work everyday to produce beautiful cakes like this one by Lush Cakery

  194. avatar Jennifer Ball reply

    Good Luck to all of those participating!

  195. avatar Kevin reply

    Such a fan of L. Pearce and 1618 combined

  196. avatar Briana Glasel reply

    Love Hot House floral!

  197. avatar Elana Berry reply

    Leigh is the BEST!!

  198. avatar Tamara Kossatz reply

    Martine’s Pastries delivers delectable flavors in every bite!

  199. avatar Fran Pinczewski reply

    Martine’s Pastries in Lexington Kentucky makes the finest wedding cakes, bar none.

  200. avatar Tina Brouwer reply

    Martine’s is the best!

  201. avatar Emily reply

    Martine’s is doing our wedding cake in July. She and her staff were wonderful to work with and the samples that I tried were delicious! I can’t wait to see the final product.

  202. avatar Lily reply

    Martine and Jim Holzman of, Lexington, KY, are by far the best bakers in the south or in the whole country.

  203. avatar September Moments reply

    Lush Calery is fabulous and delicious!

  204. avatar Jan reply

    Olexa’s cakes are divine!

  205. avatar James reply

    CRU catering can’t be beat and the weddings they do with Calder Clark planning are phenomenal!

  206. avatar Jon reply

    Cru is amazing

  207. avatar Nikolay Stoyanov reply

    CRU Catering are the best caterer ever. Me and my family love them. 17 years on a row are best caterer in Charleston, SC. CRU is perfection of perfect food quality and charmy southern service.

  208. avatar Paulo Villela reply

    Lush Cakery is the best

  209. avatar Jillian Osteen reply

    We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ash & Co, Snyder Rentals and CRU Catering!! Love to see our fellow Charleston, SC vendors represented! YAY!!!

  210. avatar Danielle Liszka reply

    Cru catering is spectacular!

  211. avatar cassie whitney reply

    I have worked with Karen many times and she is talented and professional. I wish her the best.

  212. avatar Michelle reply

    Love sugar bee sweets we used them for my wedding

  213. avatar Michelle reply

    Jaclyn is amazing ?

  214. avatar Cynthia reply

    Sugar bee sweets!

  215. avatar Melody reply

    Good luck all!

  216. avatar Tricia reply

    Southern Way is amazing – quality food, superb staff. We love them!!

  217. avatar logan reply

    Congrats to all of the finalists!

  218. avatar The Piney Awards – Southern Way Catering reply

    […] We have been named as a finalist for the “Best Caterer” category, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. There are so many fantastic catering companies throughout the south and to be named one of the top is truly an honor. If you’d like to vote for us, you can do so here! […]

  219. avatar Jennifer johnson reply

    Love that Saphire Events is on the list. Amazing wedding happening in the south.

  220. avatar MMB1 reply

    Cru Catering is the best!

  221. avatar Beau Loendorf reply

    We love Sarah and her team

  222. avatar Katie guthrie reply

    Martine’s is the best. Not only is it an incredible bakery but also wonderful people!

  223. avatar Susie Taylor reply

    Jim Smeal should have been a finalist for weeding cakes. Perfection is what he brings. Having catered hundreds of weddings, his cakes are quite recognizable.

  224. avatar Miki Derrico reply

    Where can I find a listing of all the finalists nominated for your 2017 Best of the South Wedding Awards? All I can find are the pictures and the winners list.

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Voting is open for the Best of the South Wedding Awards Finalists: Bridal Salons, Hair Stylists, Make-up Artists, and Honeymoons!

Moving right along, it’s day three and time to meet the Piney finalists who will help you feel like the most beautiful bride on your big day!! From helping you pick the ballgown of your dreams, to knowing just the right shade of pink lipstick and how to make the perfect Southern bump, these finalists will help ensure your fashion and beauty preparations are magical from the moment you try on your very first dress. And since the South is overflowing with amazing travel destinations, we’ve got nine of the best destinations for your Southern honeymoon, as recommended by y’all. Now, time to vote…

Note: If you’re reading in a feed reader, you may need to click through to the blog to vote!

The Piney’s: Bridal Salon

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The Piney’s: Hair Stylist

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The Piney’s: Makeup Artist

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Please vote once in each category; all voting will be open until June 9th!

As a reminder, there are prizes worthy of the Pineys for the winners in each category. In addition to golden pineapple trophies (!) and serious bragging rights, a feature in our tenth-anniversary issue is up for grabs! So cast your votes for your favorites and tell all your friends. We can’t wait to roll out the seersucker carpet and award some shiny gold pineapples in a few weeks!

Check back tomorrow to vote for the finalists in the Event Planner, Rentals and Decor, Florist, Caterer, and Cake and Sweets categories!

Missed a day? Vote for the best Southern wedding venues and Paper, Caligraphy, and Music!

Image Credits for Bridal Salon Photos: Carolyn Scott Photography, Kristen Weaver Photography, Justin DeMutiis Photography

Image Credits for Hair Stylist Photos: Southern Grace Photography, Cassidy Dawn, Katie Stoops, Jake + Heather, Whitney Neal, Anna Shackleford, Davy Whitener, Landon Jacob, Perry Vaile, Julie Livington, Claire and Barrett Photography, Melanie Mauer

Image Credits for Makeup Artist Photos: Drake Photography, Lyndi and Jason Photography, Kelly Ginn Photography, Sara Anne Photography, Bronwyn Duffield Photography, Emily March Photography, Alicia Antoinette Photography

Heidi Elnora, Twirl Boutique, Ivory & White, Teighla Norris, LULA Hair + Makeup, and Verde Beauty are delightful members of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

kristin Written with love by Kristin
  1. avatar Austin Mann reply

    Glad to give my input.

  2. avatar Melissa Rudiger reply

    Maggie Louise!!!

  3. avatar Roxy Toledo reply

    Katy is awesome!

  4. avatar katherine reply

    I absolutely love Lauren at Modern Trousseau in Charleston! She was phenomenal in helping me find my dream dress!

  5. avatar Tiffany Gaither reply

    How lucky I feel to be a southern girl! <3

  6. avatar Alyssa Marion reply

    Katy is amazing! She is so kind and pleasure to be around, I’d use her in a heartbeat!

  7. avatar Sarah reply

    Go Verde Beauty!

  8. avatar Jennifer Hicks reply

    Love Lula Blue!

  9. avatar Andrea reply

    Is truly a treasure!

  10. avatar Brittany reply

    Love Verde Beauty!

  11. avatar Jessica reply

    Katy is a beautiful person inside and out who deserves this more than anyone else I know. Her love for hair and makeup is surely reflected on her clients!

  12. avatar Jessica reply

    Katy is the most deserving person of this. Her passion for hair and makeup is surely reflected on her clients! Her work is absolutely beautiful!

  13. avatar Roxy Toledo reply

    Kart is amazing at makeup and hair!

  14. avatar Joe Ann Durham reply

    Lula is a lovely place and a caring place to get your dress for your wedding. Andra is the best

  15. avatar McKenzie Clapp reply

    Katy Lynn is amazing!!

  16. avatar Kelli Gilchrist reply

    Go Lula Blue!

  17. avatar Brandon reply

    Gilded Bridal is the best!!

  18. avatar Rachael reply

    In LOVE with Verde Beauty studio’ sworn! They are doing the hair and makeup for my wedding at Nottoway Plantation in October of this year and I could not be more excited!

  19. avatar Courtney Smith reply

    Good luck Ash!

  20. avatar Samantha statler reply

    Yay twirl!

  21. avatar Meredith vetell reply

    Modern trousseau was fantastic!

  22. avatar Niki Loiacono reply

    Carla White is beyond Amazing !!!! Hair , makeup she does it THE BEST!!!!!

  23. avatar Keely reply

    Carla is the best!!!

  24. avatar Lyndsay reply

    Teighla is seriously the best! I couldn’t ask for a better stylist! :)

  25. avatar Anthony Pellegrino reply

    Referred two friends to Gilded Bridal and they had nothing but wonderful things to say.

  26. avatar cody darrough reply

    Ashley Franke is the best.

  27. avatar Mike reply

    Guilded is great

  28. avatar Taylor pickard reply

    These girls are AMAZING!!!! Fun and patient…they showed up on time and catered to all of my girls and definitely catered to me. My bridals were perfect, my engagements were perfect, and my wedding day was perfect! I would recommend Tina and the girls to anyone! ❤❤

  29. avatar Hannah Johnson reply

    Pink Lou Lou is the best

  30. avatar Jennifer Hood reply

    Lula Blue for the win!

  31. avatar Jessica reply

    Katy is awesome!!

  32. avatar Pamela Garrison reply

    Good luck!! Go Lula Blue!

  33. avatar Kristal reply

    Morgan is an incredible artist

  34. avatar Jennifer Tingle reply

    Pink Lou Lou !! Great girls! Amazing hair and make up!

  35. avatar Samantha Robins reply

    Lula Blue the owner is down to earth from a small town, she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

  36. avatar Sarah reply

    LOVE the White Room

  37. avatar Shae reply

    The White Magnolia is truly the best! Kerrie is wonderful!

  38. avatar Veronica Lewis reply

    I love Make up for Your Day!!❤️

  39. avatar Kassandra Hamilton reply

    Hard to choose! ?

  40. avatar Jody Parten reply

    Lula Blue rocks!

  41. avatar LeeAnna Robertson reply

    KATY LYNN IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST! always has been!

  42. avatar Catherine Marks reply

    Heidi Elnora is the BEST!

  43. avatar Sandy Angelly reply

    Lauren at Modern Trouseau is absolutely fantastic.

  44. avatar Amanda harwood reply

    Good luck Ash Franke

  45. avatar Alivia reply

    Morgan Nichols is amazing!!

  46. avatar Elizabeth Hall reply

    <3 pink lu lu

  47. avatar Stacey reply

    Love Modern Trousseau!!

  48. avatar Jordan osborn reply

    Twirl and pink Lou Lou are the best!

  49. avatar Amber reply


  50. avatar Jenna reply

    Love southern weddings!

  51. avatar Kelsey Mowrey reply

    White Magnolia is the absolute best bridal salon!

  52. avatar Bonny Bailey-Finck reply

    Solutions is Amazing and always treats our Clients like Royalty.

    We are pleased to have them in Orlando!

  53. avatar Maria reply

    Makeup for your day is amazing!

  54. avatar Courtney Pate reply

    Brooke at Ivory & White is the BEST!!

  55. avatar Maggie reply

    I purschaed my wedding dress at The White Magnolia and I could not be more impressed with their selection, service and overall aesthetic of the store.

  56. avatar Victoria Clapp reply

    Katy does an absolutely stunning job on makeup! Honestly like I’ve never seen before :)

  57. avatar RJ Garner reply

    Thanks for supporting young entrepreneurs!

  58. avatar Jessica reply

    I went to White Magnolia Tampa and found my dress in April. The entire experience was AMAZING!!! The selection and the staff completely blew me away. I loveevery minute. They totally deserve this award!

  59. avatar Michele Bethel reply

    Teighla is absolutely amazing! Extremely talented make-up and hair artist.

  60. avatar Erin reply

    TWM is the best bridal shop around!!

  61. avatar Jennifer reply

    Hayden Olivia Bridal is hands down the best Bridal store ever. They have great selection and the staff is exceptional.

  62. avatar Janet ashby reply

    I follow Pink lou Lou. They are the best.

  63. avatar Joann Ray reply

    Emma Collins is extra special when it comes to makeup artist…

  64. avatar Molly reply

    Pink Lou Lou <3

  65. avatar Brandi Collins reply

    Emma Collins Beauty is the best!

  66. avatar Lauren Carney reply

    Absolutely love Hayden Olivia.

  67. avatar Dana reply

    Love Emma. She is crazy talented

  68. avatar Jess reply

    What a great honor for each one listed!! Congrats all!

  69. avatar Kristi reply

    Alison Sardina Best Hair Stylist!!!

  70. avatar Kelisha Amos reply

    Love Alison’s hair styles and she is a great person

  71. avatar Marjory Badham reply

    The White Room has helped me with wedding dresses and Mother Of Bride and Mother Of Groom…their expertise in style, fashion and honest opinion on dresses that look best makes such a difference. Last but not least, the quality and perfection in alterations makes it PERFECT!

  72. avatar Kate reply

    Modern Trousseau CHS made me feel like I was their #1 priority and knew everything about me and my special day!

  73. avatar Misty Cole reply

    If you want an AMAZING one of a kind dress Lula Blue is the place to go. Believe me you won’t be disappointed. Owner/Designer Andrea Glenn Ingram is a truly talented woman, who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

  74. avatar Jackie Goldfarb reply

    Love modern trousseauchs!! Lauren is the best

  75. avatar Shelley reply

    Go WMB

  76. avatar Maria Prna reply

    Jackie Robinson is the best

  77. avatar Katie Pursche reply

    Teighla did hair and makeup for my wedding in April 2016 and she killed it! We all looked AMAZING!

  78. avatar Tori reply

    I love Rawwbeauty!!!! Jackie does the absolute best makeup and is so easy going and hilarious!!!

  79. avatar Amanda reply

    Emma Collins is awesome!!!

  80. avatar Kirstie Chancey reply

    Love Emma Collins Beauty!!

  81. avatar Michele Schosser reply

    I have had several enjoyable visits in Hayden Olivia Bridal!

  82. avatar Janet Morana reply

    Love Raww Beauty!

  83. avatar Brittany reply

    White magnolia!

  84. avatar Christi Ledbetter reply

    Love Jackie Robinson with RAWW Beauty. She is the best!

  85. avatar Kaylan Ledbetter reply

    Jackie you are very talented! I’m extremely proud of you and everything you have accomplished and also thankful to call you family!!!!!! You are amazing!! Great job! Keep up the fantastic work!!!

  86. avatar Rosemary Dobbins reply

    I was the mother of the bride and my daughter bought her dress at the White Magnolia in Tampa!. We travelled from VA to FLA because TWM was recommended by everyone we knew and Kerrie and her staff did not disappoint. They did a fantastic job and my daughter bought an unbelievable dress. She was a gorgeous bride and TWM made her dreams come true. The staff did everything in their powers to make the bride find the “one” dress and I will definitely return with my other two daughters when their time comes. Thank you Kerrie and staff!!

  87. avatar Rose reply

    Emma Collins is the best! Love her work!

  88. avatar Rose reply

    Modern Trousseau and Emma Collins are the best! I absolutely loved working with them!

  89. avatar Alei flanders reply

    Emma collins beauty did a wonderful job on my makeup! Love her

  90. avatar Katy Barham reply

    Maggie Louise is very deserving!

  91. avatar Ashley reply

    Amazing experience at The White Magnolia!

  92. avatar Bethany AdMs reply

    Alison is amazing! She is so fast, professional and not to mention a good friend of mine from high school! When my husband and I decided to get married on the beach, I chose a place where I could be close to Alison!! I was so please with everyone’s designs!! Bethany AdMs

  93. avatar Nina Fike reply

    Jackie is the best .

  94. avatar Sophie Raines reply

    Go Maggie Louise!

  95. avatar Anna Smith reply

    Maggie Louise is the perfect place to find the wedding gown of your dreams! It was one of my favorite experiences during the wedding planning process!

  96. avatar Natalie Curry reply

    The White Magnolia is an amazing bridal salon, I had such a wonderful experience selecting my dream dress with them in Jacksonville, FL.

  97. avatar Tyler Litwack reply

    Emma Collins has done my makeup on multiple occasions and there is no one like her!!!

  98. avatar Joann Rhodes reply

    Absolutely love working with Solutions Bridal and About Face Design Team!

  99. avatar Emily Allen reply

    Love love love Katy Lynn Beauty

  100. avatar Jennifer Black reply

    Gilded is absolutely beautiful and they are so amazing to work with!

  101. avatar Ashley Brooks reply

    I found my wedding dress at Maggie Louise and my whole experience was so lovely like a dream come true!

  102. avatar Betty Black reply

    Morgan is an extremely talented Makeup Artist, loves her work and I seen a lot of her work and it is outstanding!

  103. avatar Carla reply

    Excited to vote!

  104. avatar Julia reply

    Alison Sardina is amazing to work with and does an incredible job!

  105. avatar Ronni reply

    LOVE White Magnolia’s unique dresses!!

  106. avatar Lydia Middleton reply

    Love how Alison does hair!! She’s amazing.

  107. avatar Ashley Rahill reply

    Solutions Bridal’s is number one !

  108. avatar Beth reply

    Jackie at RawwBeauty is the best

  109. avatar Logan reply

    Gilded bridal made my gown shopping a dream!

  110. avatar Henry reply

    I love Susan at Gilded Bridal!

  111. avatar Maggie Matthews reply

    Maggie Louise is a dream store!

  112. avatar Lauren Roether reply

    Has the most amazing experience at The White Magnolia! Still love my dress as much as the day I bought it!

  113. avatar Valerie reply

    We LOVE Johna Lutz at White Magnolia!

  114. avatar Emily reply

    Emma Collins Beauty is the best in business! She is a TRUE artist and has a wonderfully talented team of stylists that will execute the perfect makeup look for you! Good Luck Emma, even though you wont need it!

  115. avatar Sue reply

    Verde Beauty Studio are awesome!

  116. avatar Charla reply

    Gook luck everyone

  117. avatar Joe Ann durham reply

    Lula Blue is the greatest! Andra is a wonderful lady!

  118. avatar Joni dawson reply

    Emma Collins beauty is amazing!

  119. avatar Jessica reply

    Katy Lynn is awesome!

  120. avatar Rhonda reply

    Allison at Pink Lou Lou does beautiful work and she is a true southern sweetie.

  121. avatar Jaclyn reply

    Katy Lynn Beauty is amazing!

  122. avatar Bobbi reply

    Love verde beauty!

  123. avatar Karen reply

    Gilded bridal is the best.

  124. avatar Telissa Long reply

    Definitely Lula Blue!

  125. avatar Lori Black reply

    Morgan Nichols has done make-up for both of my daughters and myself, more than once(lots of occasions). She is professional and always on time, with a smile on her face. We have never had to have her change anything! Would recommend!

  126. avatar Hillaree Bennett reply

    They are ALL super talented!

  127. avatar Sarah reply

    I hope the sentimentalist wins!

  128. avatar Meghan reply

    Carla is the sweetest person and I cannot wait to work with her. Her reputation goes far before her and she has nothing but rave reviews.

  129. avatar Amanda Rhodes reply

    I love the sentimentalist!!!! My bff got her dress there and the staff was so wonderful and knowledgeable. Can’t wait for my day to visit

  130. avatar Kristy Anderson reply

    I had the most wonderful “this is the dress” experience that every bride dreams of. The hite Magnolia exceeded my expectations. No other store came close to comparison.

  131. avatar Luke Riley reply

    Absolutely love gilded bridal

  132. avatar Lauren reply

    Good luck to everyone!

  133. avatar Lynn reply

    Love Gilded Bridal!

  134. avatar Ja reply


  135. avatar Debra phillips reply

    Love make up for a day!!!! Jennifer House is awesome!!!!

  136. avatar Martha mitchell reply

    Love Maggie Louise!!!!!

  137. avatar Malynda reply

    Carly is talented at creating a brides dream hair in a day that can be so muvh trouble… One less thing to worry about when this woman is on the job.

  138. avatar Molly reply


  139. avatar Cynthia Williams reply

    Love Carley!

  140. avatar Jennifer hill reply

    I’ve know Carla for years and I’m always amazed by the beautiful hair styles she creates. She is friendly and personable. She listens to what the bride wants and then exceeds their expectations

  141. avatar Suzi Denzin reply

    Love these vendors

  142. avatar Dena Desbiens reply

    Kasey Scuff is the best make up artist in the Mid-South area!

  143. avatar kim davis reply

    Love Kasey Acuff!!!!

  144. avatar Anna reply

    Kasey Acuff is AMAZING!

  145. avatar Mary Ann reply

    Love them all

  146. avatar Kim reply

    Kasey did my makeup for the Warriors shoot and made me look like a Supermodel!! Love her!!

  147. avatar Kelly reply

    Good luck to kasey!

  148. avatar JESSICA reply


  149. avatar Desi reply

    Katy Lynn!

  150. avatar Beth Southworth reply

    Special attention is given at Ivory and White!

  151. avatar Michelle Dixon reply

    Go emma

  152. avatar Amanda Warner reply

    Love Kasey Acuff!

  153. avatar Jillian reply

    Rawwbeauty is the best!!!

  154. avatar LeeAnna Robertson reply

    Katy Lynn!

  155. avatar Anna Underwood reply

    Good Luck everyone!

  156. avatar Catherine Kelley reply

    Love The White Room :)

  157. avatar Debra reply

    The Sentimentalist is the absolute best!

  158. avatar Jaclyn Gibbs reply

    Love Brittany Massey!

  159. avatar Atoya reply

    Katy made us look beautiful for my cousin’s big day!

  160. avatar Ingrid Benjamin reply

    So many great choices to choose from!
    Congrats to solutions bridal for making the list I will be visiting when I am ready to pick my dream dress :D God bless all!

  161. avatar Laura Arnold reply

    Love all of Heidi Elnora’s designs.

  162. avatar Janet ashby reply

    Love Pink Liulou

  163. avatar Ann reply

    Katy Lynn is an incredible make-up artist!!

  164. avatar Hogan Gangaware reply

    Maggie Louise for the win!!! Absolute best experience ever

  165. avatar Charlotte Sparks reply

    LOVE Maggie Louise. She and her team go above and beyond to make you feel special and work with you on customizing the perfect dress.

  166. avatar Miller reply

    Maggie Louise was the experience I have always dreamed about!

  167. avatar Allie reply


  168. avatar Jean reply

    Love love Molly and the team at Maggie Louise

  169. avatar cameron reply

    Love love maggie louise!!

  170. avatar Lauren Watson reply

    Maggie Louise is amazing! These ladies give such a great experiencing finding my dream dress!!

  171. avatar Michelle Gurley reply

    Maggie Louiseee is by far the best bridal boutique out there!!

  172. avatar Ann reply

    Carla has always been a phenomenal hair stylist specializing in updos!

  173. avatar Kori Taylor reply

    Maggie Louise is the best!!

  174. avatar Megan hines reply

    Lula blue

  175. avatar Jeanette Piper reply

    Love LulaBlue

  176. avatar Alisha Harris reply

    I love Lula Blue. It’s an amazing place with amazing people.

  177. avatar Cynthia reply

    Difficult choices!

  178. avatar Misty reply

    Love, Love Lula Blue! One of a kind shop with a one of a kind owner/designer!

  179. avatar Bobbi reply

    Go verde!

  180. avatar Sophie raines reply

    Go Maggie Louise! :)

  181. avatar Laura Goff reply

    Jennifer Nieman is an amazingly creative artist. I hope she wins. She truly deserves this honor!

  182. avatar Elizabeth Higgins reply

    wish was added to the make up artist list!

  183. avatar TIffany reply

    Morgan Nichols is the perfect wedding make-up artist. She’s creative, kind, and wants to see you shine. <3

  184. avatar Amber Lynn reply

    Verde Beauty is top notch!! There was no question which artists I wanted for my wedding once I had my consult. They listen to the client’s wants and incorporate it with current trends to create a picture perfect look!

  185. avatar Betsy diFrancesca reply

    I voted for Jennifer Nieman for Hair Stylist because before living in Atlanta, she lived in L.A., CA and used to help me out when I had Large bridal parties. She was amazing and I was sad to see her go. But she always posts her work on Social Media and she’s gotten even better!

  186. avatar Louise reply

    Heidi Elnora!

  187. avatar Allie reply

    Cathleen helped me pick out my dress and I am absolutely in love! #LovelyBride

  188. avatar Lanie reply

    Lovely Houston!!!

  189. avatar Rachel reply

    Once again I cannot explain how happy I am to be a part of the “Heidi Family” they go above and beyond to help you in picking out and designing the most important dress of your life! They treat you as though you are their own daughter, niece, etc. getting married so they are invested in every detail. I could not have asked for anything better!

  190. avatar Jennifer reply

    PinkLouLou is the best!

  191. avatar Christina reply

    Woooo! Lovely Houston has my vote! xx

  192. avatar Shannon Riley reply

    Ash and co

  193. avatar Maria reply

    Katy Lynn beauty is awesome and she’s perfect she definitely deserves this

  194. avatar lynnesy catron reply

    Go Carley!

  195. avatar Angela Rachel reply

    Solutions Bridal is a beautiful shop and the staff does everything they can to make every moment special.

  196. avatar Lynn reply

    Solutions bridal treated me like a princess! They gave me the best wedding experience ever!

  197. avatar Alisha Harris reply

    Love Lula Blue

  198. avatar Alyssa reply

    Katy is the best! She always make you feel absolutely beautiful!

  199. avatar Anne reply


  200. avatar Makayla reply

    I love twirl! The ladies were nothing short of amazing

  201. avatar Carly kaelin reply

    TWIRL is the best bridal salon in the south! They made my wedding dress experience exceptionally perfect. They made this KY bride feel right at home as soon as I walked in. I knew I was going to find my dress that day and I did. Can’t thank the girls at twirl enough!

  202. avatar Rori Middleton reply

    Go Twirl!!!

  203. avatar Dylan Tullberg reply

    Ash and co are phenomenal

  204. avatar Tricia reply

    We loved visiting Asheville!

  205. avatar Mary reply

    Tina and her team of makeup artist with Verde Beauty are the best they strive to make your day unforgettable with complimenting your beauty with fabulous make up and beatific hair styling.
    Vote Verdemail Beauty Studio

  206. avatar Alyssa reply

    Go Katy!

  207. avatar Misty Cole reply

    Can’t say enough great things about Lula Blue!! Such an AMAZING owner/designer, she will make “YOUR DAY” the BEST DAY EVER!!

  208. avatar Gregory Booshitz reply

    Gilded Bridal is the best!

  209. avatar Jenna Wilmhoff reply

    I love TWIRL

  210. avatar Sarah reply

    I had the BEST experience at Gilded Bridal. Their dresses are one of a kind and beautiful and the owner, Susan is so helpful and knowledgeable.

    I could not recommend this place enough!

  211. avatar clara frost reply

    Carla White hands down is the best hairstylist in the South!! Her reputation goes before her for her talent and love of brides. Vote for her!!

  212. avatar Deanna Keal reply

    I love Twirl!!!

  213. avatar Ab reply


  214. avatar Sara-Elizabeth Bush reply

    Love my twirl girls!

  215. avatar Ginny reply

    Carla white is the best!

  216. avatar Patti reply

    Go Ashley!

  217. avatar Hayley Measner reply


  218. avatar Meredith Warren reply

    Twirl is the best!

  219. avatar Kendra reply


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