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Though I don’t use that many beauty products, sometimes I feel like I’m constantly on the hunt for the next, newest, and greatest one. For the last few years, though, my hunt in the cleanser and moisturizer department has been suspended in favor of two all-stars from One Love Organics. (Skin Savior and Easy Does It, in case you’re in the market!) I’ve adored every product I’ve ever tried from this fantastic (and green!) Southern company, and I’m so excited that one of y’all will surely become a convert after winning today’s giveaway!

Win: One Beauty Resolution Detox and Glow kit from One Love Organics, which includes a Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover (4 oz), a Vitamin C Brightening Facial Serum (1 oz), a Skin Savior Multitasking Wonder Balm (1.8 oz), a Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Sponge, and a Brand New Day Microderma Scrub + Masque (.4 oz)

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emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Cassidy reply

    Get back into a workout routine!

  2. avatar Emily reply

    To take the uber frugal month challenge from Frugalwoods every other month!

  3. avatar Kristy reply

    I want to eat healthier and buy more healthier products.

  4. avatar Caroline reply

    I want to live a healthier lifestyle–to be conscious of the products that I use and purchase in all aspects of life.

  5. avatar ashley e reply

    depend on God’s grace, not my efforts!

  6. avatar Leah H. reply

    My new years resolution is to cook more dinners for my husband and 1!

  7. avatar rust reply

    My resolution is to write my book.

  8. avatar Crystal Joyce reply

    Would LOVE to try this line! I need organic skin care products.

  9. avatar Amy reply

    Work on more calligraphy projects than I did this year!

  10. avatar Kerry Schwidde reply

    Spending more time with Family#

  11. avatar Hannah reply

    My New Year’s resolution is to take the time to read more books.

  12. avatar BarbaraMae reply

    My resolution is more date nights with my fiancé. More time spent together having fun!

  13. avatar molli taylor reply

    this year i will take a training course to better myself

  14. avatar Virginia Pigg reply

    My resolution is to finish my masters in nursing so I can finally plan my wedding.

  15. avatar Ashy B reply

    My news years resolution is to be nice to people even when they are super-rude.

  16. avatar Olivia reply

    My New Years Resolution is to make a habit of using my PowerSheets binder. I bought all of the supplies, but I’m not very good at staying consistent with using it. I want to plan my goals and follow through!

  17. avatar Abbey Angelle reply

    My New Year’s Resolution is to be more patient with others, and to be a positive voice. It is easy to get bogged down with negativity in today’s world, and I have to remind myself daily to look for the small happy’s in everyday life.

  18. avatar Lindy reply

    Finish our will!!!

  19. avatar Janna reply

    My new year’s resolution is to get in the best shape of my 20’s before I turn 30 this year! :)

  20. avatar Meredith reply

    Love this! My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time with friends

  21. avatar Dana reply

    new years resolution: make time for myself

  22. avatar kim s reply

    My resolution is going to be to try to eat healthier and get some daily exercise!

  23. avatar Mallory Moran reply

    My fiance and I are getting married on New Year’s Eve, so my resolution is pretty simple: start our first year of marriage on the best foot! Primarily through more one-on-one date nights.

  24. avatar Summer reply

    My resolution is to do yoga three times a week!

  25. avatar Kim O reply

    to stay fit

  26. avatar shannon fowler reply

    My new years resolution is to push myself to make new friends since we just moved to a different state.

  27. avatar Caroline reply

    My New Years resolution is to be in the word of God daily!

  28. avatar Alina reply

    Mine is to take some time off for myself. Focus on myself and allow me time for just me :)

  29. avatar Sean reply

    One of my resolutions is to ensure that I eat ‘clean’ healthy at least 5 times a week.

  30. avatar stafford reply

    To make more time for my friends and family and slow down on work.

  31. avatar Court reply

    I’ve heard wonderful things about this company! Would love to try.

  32. avatar Elizabeth Foster reply

    My new years resolution is to make sure my words about others are “sweet to the soul”.

  33. avatar Meredith reply

    My word of 2017 is Contentment!

  34. avatar Emily reply

    To tackle my finances head-on and build up a nice savings account and a suitable emergency fund!

  35. avatar latoya reply

    To make no new years resolutions! I never keep em.

  36. avatar Hannah Anderson reply

    My New Years resolution is to be more intentional with my relationships and also to take better care of myself.

  37. avatar Maegan reply

    journal more!

  38. avatar nikki perkinson reply

    I am going to start whole 30 and I am going to do Nancy Ray’s contenment challenge!

  39. avatar christopher h reply

    to lose weight

  40. avatar Jenna Lea reply

    To make more active plans in my personal life

  41. avatar Ashley Moody reply

    My news years resolution is to be become more efficient with my time by using power sheets! :)

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Confession: I’m not a big coffee drinker. This may come as a shock to some, and I’m sure Lorelai and Rory would be so disappointed in me. However, I will say that when I have a few moments to relax, I love a good cup of coffee on the porch. But hot chocolate on the other hand — yes, please! I’m all for cranking up the AC, Netflix-ing a Christmas movie, and savoring a few slow minutes with with a warm mug. I am also a huge fan of the adorable Ashley Brooke Designs, so I am extra excited she’s going to be gifting goodies to help you luxuriate your favorite winter beverage.

Ashley Brooke Designs creates the cutest products with just the right amount of sass to perk up your day. From phone cases and notecards with AB’s fabulous hand illustrated designs to the the most darling makeup bag that is on the tip top of my holiday wishlist. Oh, and mugs! Adorned with fun phrases, there is one for everyone on your shopping list!

Win: Your choice of four Ashley Brooke Designs mugs and a $50 Starbucks gift card.

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One winner will be drawn on December 19!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Jillian Chamberlain reply

    I’ve always loved these designs! Cheers,y’all!

  2. avatar Holly reply

    baby, it’s cold outside
    mrs. fancy pants
    treat yo’ self
    be happy & do good

  3. avatar Emily W reply

    I love the color of the Baby it’s cold outside mug! I definitely want that one :)

  4. avatar Heather Miller reply

    I don’t know which mug I’d choose ? I LOVE them all!!

  5. avatar Heather Miller reply

    I don’t know which mug I’d choose ? I LOVE them all!

  6. avatar Rebecca Davidson reply

    Hoping to win a mug!!!

  7. avatar Ashley Pugh reply

    Perfect additions to help encourage you to slow down and savor your season!

  8. avatar Anna reply

    Baby it’s cold outside is darling!

  9. avatar Raquel Thibault reply

    I ABSOLUTELY love the “baby it’s cold outside” mug!!❤️❤️

  10. avatar Grace Anne Dorman reply

    Love the Busy Busy Busy and the Every Day I’m Hustlin mugs, but they are all so cute!

  11. avatar Anna reply

    I love the Be Happy & Do Good mug, the treat yo’self mug, the baby, it’s cold outside mug, and the Jingle Juice mug! They are all amazing!

  12. avatar Kelly reply

    I just love Ashley’s mugs!

  13. avatar Caroline reply

    Ashley’s mugs are so cute! My current daily routine is wrapping up in a big knit blanket next to our Christmas tree and drinking my morning coffee with holiday tunes playing. Would love to win some of these cute mugs with carol lyrics!

  14. avatar Diana Pressel reply

    These mugs are the cutest! I especially love the Be Happy & Do Good mug.

  15. avatar Shannon reply

    LOVE Ashley Brooke Designs! I’d choose the “Hello Sunshine!”, “Don’t panic”, “Be strong and courageous”, and “Baby it’s cold outside!” mugs!

  16. avatar Hope reply

    I love her holiday collection every year – so cute!

  17. avatar Ashley reply

    I would love to get these mugs:
    1.All The Feels
    2.Be Happy & Do Good
    3.Everyday I’m Hustlin’!
    4.Mrs. Fancy Pants

  18. avatar Emily Tucker reply

    And I was just thinking I need a new mug for tea (or coffee!) at work!

  19. avatar Susie T reply

    I love the jingle juice mug!! So cute :)

  20. avatar Jordan Holderfield reply

    I would get the baby it’s cold outside!

  21. avatar Hannah N reply

    I love a good cup of coffee, and a cute mug doesn’t hurt either!

  22. avatar Morgan Parks reply

    I love the baby, its cold outside; the floral mug, be strong and courageous, and the Mr. and Mrs. set! Too cute!

  23. avatar Becka p reply

    Love the baby it’s cold outside mug! Beautiful color.

  24. avatar Michelle reply

    These mugs are adorable and I know for sure that my Grandma and other family members would love them!

  25. avatar Lindy reply

    Love the florals and busy busy mugs!!!!

  26. avatar Bianca reply

    Miss Fancy Pants

  27. avatar Madison Brown reply

    Love coffee, hot cocoa, and all things ABD!!

  28. avatar Meghann Richardson reply

    I love the Hello Sunshine!, Be Strong & Courageous, Mrs. Fancy Pants and the floral mugs!

  29. avatar Stefanie G reply


  30. avatar Caroline reply

    love the “i woke up like this” one :)

  31. avatar Heather M reply

    What a great giveaway!

  32. avatar Kristy bender reply

    I love Jingle Juice!!

  33. avatar Julie Mayo reply

    Love this giveaway ladies!

  34. avatar Meredith Sledge reply

    I love the Too Legit to Quit one because I say that all the time! Hah!

  35. avatar Rachel reply

    I would get the busy busy busy, be strong and courageous, you got this and too legit to quit mugs.

  36. avatar Leah H. reply

    I love the Jingle Juice mug! Soo festive!

  37. avatar Shannon reply

    I’d pick the “like a boss”, “baby it’s cold outside”, “hello sunshine”, and “be strong and courageous”!!!

  38. avatar Tiffany Banks reply

    I love the Like a Boss mug & the baby its cold outside mug! they are both super cute!!

  39. avatar ashley e reply

    Yes to the hot chocolate! I’d pick the “I woke up like this,” “I’ve got my love to keep me warm,” “be strong & courageous,” and “treat yo self” :)

  40. avatar ashley e reply

    Yes to the hot chocolate! I’d pick the “treat yo self,” “Be strong & courageous,” “I woke up like this,” and “I’ve got my love to keep me warm” :)

  41. avatar Jen reply

    I like to jingle juice mug best by ashley brooke designs!

  42. avatar Jackie Ngo reply

    I really like a lot of the mugs that Ashley Brooke offers, but my favorite has to be the “Be Happy & Do Good” mug!

  43. avatar Dena A reply

    Hello Sunshine!
    Be Happy and Do Good
    Baby It’s Cold Outside
    Be Strong And Courageous

  44. avatar Victoria reply

    These are the cutest and would make the absolute perfect Christmas gifts! I’d love the “I’ve got my love to keep me warm” “Let’s Always Be Fancy” “Hello Sunshine” and “Be Happy and Do Good” <3

  45. avatar Elisabeth Carol reply

    Loved ABD mugs!! Especially the All the Feels mug and the I’ve got my love to keep me warm mug!

  46. avatar Lauren reply

    Love this! Can’t beat coffee and cute mugs!!! xoxo

  47. avatar Sara reply

    Be Happy!! #iloveabd

  48. avatar Victoria Clevenger reply

    I love ABD products (and would love to add a few more of her mugs to my kitchen cabinet)! I love the mug that says “baby it’s cold outside” and the “busy busy busy” mug is also on my wish-list. I guess you could say my fingers are crossed for this adorable give-away! :)

  49. avatar Meredith reply

    WOULD LOVE to win these for gifts :)!!! All the Christmas mugs!

  50. avatar Jordyn reply

    Love them all! I’d choose “Best Day Ever” “Hello Sunshine” “Treat yo’self” and “Jingle Juice”

  51. avatar Jennifer reply

    These are so cute. They can brighten up cold and dreary days. Be blessed :)

  52. avatar Katherine reply

    I’ve always wanted the Jingle Juice mug!

  53. avatar Samantha Goble reply

    I love the “You Got This” mug!

  54. avatar Claudia Killion reply

    This is a fantastic giveaway!! Have a lovely holiday season too

  55. avatar Elly reply

    As a HUGE coffee drinker, I really need these mugs.

  56. avatar Amy S reply

    I would pick 4 of the “be strong and courageous” cups to give as gifts to friends.

  57. avatar Bethany Wuethrich reply

    Would love to have…
    Hello Sunshine
    I woke up like this
    Treat Yo Self
    & This is how we do it!!
    Love love!!!

  58. avatar Samantha Elmankabady reply

    I would choose Mr. Handsome, Mrs. Fancy Pants, Don’t Panic, and Jingle Juice

  59. avatar Miranda reply

    I’m liking the “baby it’s cold outside” mug. Thanks for the chance!

  60. avatar Elizabeth R reply

    You can never have too many coffee mugs! Especially ones as cute as these!

  61. avatar Caitlin duff reply

    Love all the mugs I would take any 4 !!!!

  62. avatar Stephanie N reply

    I love them all!
    Like a Boss
    Baby It’s Cold Outside
    Hello Sunshine
    You Got This

  63. avatar Abbey Angelle reply

    I love the Baby, It’s Cold Outside mug! Too cute!!

  64. avatar Sarah Scott reply

    The “Baby It’s Cold Outside” mug it the cutest!

  65. avatar Alexandra Apple reply

    I would choose her Best Day Ever mug!

  66. avatar Megan reply

    So cute!!

  67. avatar Laura reply

    Love the baby it’s cold outside. It’s my fave color Carolina blue!

  68. avatar Janna reply

    My guy always calls me Fancy Pants- I’d definitely get the Mrs Fancy Pants and Mr Handsome mugs!

  69. avatar Meredith reply

    It is freezing up here in DC, a nice cup of tea sounds like the perfect way to warm up!!

  70. avatar Daniela reply

    The floral mug, the “I’ve got my love to keep me warm” ‘if, 5)3 “baby it’s cold outside ” mug and the “busy busy busy”! But they’re all beautiful!

  71. avatar Ally W reply

    It’s so hard to choose just four! I would pick Baby It’s Cold Outside, Jingle Juice, Be Happy and Do Good, and Hello Sunshine :)

  72. avatar Bianca Karafotias reply

    The mugs I would get are: “ain’t nobody got time for that!”, “treat yo self”, “go big or go home”, and “busy busy busy”

  73. avatar Mallory Moran reply

    I’m a big fan of sassy fun coffee mugs, it’s a great way to let personality shine through at work! I would probably choose “everyday I’m hustlin\'”, “like a boss”, “miss fancy pants”, and “too legit to quit”.

  74. avatar JERIKA reply

    Definitely baby it’s cold outside!

  75. avatar Natalie reply

    I would LOVE the “Like a Boss” gold coffee mug… I mean c’mon!

  76. avatar Amber reply

    So many fun ABD mugs I love! Some of my favs:
    Like a Boss
    too legit to quit
    jingle juice
    you got this…
    just to name a few! :)

  77. avatar Christina reply

    I would pouch the jingle juice, baby it’s cold outside, be happy and do good, and be strong and courageous:)!!!

  78. avatar Lisa reply

    This is such a fun giveaway! I would definitely choose the ‘All the Feels,’ ‘Treat Yo Self,’ I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm’ + the ‘Mistletoe’ mugs! :)

    Mostly Lisa

  79. avatar Alina reply

    I’d choose MiSS FANCY PANTS!

  80. avatar Sean reply

    Love ’em all. I’d choose Like a Boss, Jingle Juice, You got this and Fancy Pants.

  81. avatar stafford reply

    Fancy Pants, Jingle Juice, Baby It’s Cold Outside and Like A Boss

  82. avatar Jen D reply

    Love the Jungle juice mug!

  83. avatar Lauren List reply

    Too cute!

  84. avatar Erin J reply

    I love the baby it’s cold outside mug!!

  85. avatar Jenna reply

    Oh, I love all these so much! I’d choose the jingle juice, more sugar, mrs. fancy pants and mr. handsome mugs!

  86. avatar Elizabeth Foster reply

    “Everyday I’m hustin’!”

  87. avatar Christina reply

    I LOVE my “Good Morning, Dollface” ABD mug! The other four I’d be so happy to own are:
    “Miss Fancy Pants”
    “Be Happy and Do Good”
    “Let’s Always Be Fancy”
    “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

  88. avatar Hannah Anderson reply

    I love the don’t panic, busy, and the new jingle one!

  89. avatar Lindsey reply

    My New Years resolution is to design my own website and to get to cooking in my new kitchen!!

  90. avatar maegan reply

    like a boss, be happy do good, hello sunshine and more sugar!

  91. avatar Jenna Lea reply

    “Baby It’s Cold Outside” “Hello Sunshine” “Be Happy & Do Good” and “Busy Busy Busy” …. Love her mugs and it’s a great addition to my coffee obsession

  92. avatar Sarah Johnson reply

    The Mr. & Mrs. mugs, the “hello sunshine” mug, and the “you got this” mug! So cute!

  93. avatar Ashley Moody reply

    I love them all!! But some favorites…
    Everyday I’m Hustling’!
    Be Happy Do Good
    Best Day Ever
    You Got This

    Also Love- Mrs. Fancypants and Mr. Handsome :)

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Let’s be honest, we all love snail mail! It’s so much fun to have a fun surprise arrive at your doorstep to brighten your day. And while your doorstep might get see the UPS truck a bit more during the holidays, it’s extra fun to get a shiny new package after the holidays. And it’s even better when it’s happy little box of goodies created to make you feel good from the inside out.

That’s where our friends at FabFitFun come in! They send seasonal gift boxes filled with the new most fab items, hand-picked by the FabFitFun Team! It’s a mix of beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness and home products. Full-size, premium products that is! And today, I am thrilled to say that one lucky reader will win one year subscription.

Since they’re such sweet things over there at FabFitFun, they’re offering all our readers $10 off with the coupon code SOUTHERNWEDDINGS.

Win: A 1-year subscription to FabFitFun!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

One winner will be drawn on December 19!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Ellen Watson reply

    Too fun! Would love to win!

  2. avatar Salem reply

    My favorite way to prepare for the week is to plan to have my Sunday’s completely free of commitment! I work for lululemon so my weeks are filled with lots of sweating and engaging in the community which is fun but tiring, so I like to take time to plan my “sweats” for the week on sundays and I go to my favorite deep-stretch yoga flow!

  3. avatar Rust reply

    I prepare for the week with lists and making sure my wardrobe is ready to go.

  4. avatar Ashley Pugh reply

    What a fun idea for a giveaway!

  5. avatar Jordan reply

    I always get ready for the week by planning my week in my Simplified Planner after church!

  6. avatar Brittany reply

    Super excited for this giveaway! Y’all are amazing!!!

  7. avatar Caitlin reply

    What a fun giveaway, I hope I win!

  8. avatar Mallory reply

    Yay for FitFabFun!
    My favorite way to prepare for the week is to clean house. Mundane, but I always feel good Sunday night knowing the house is clean, fridge is full of food for the week, and I’m ready to tackle Monday morning!

  9. avatar Anna reply

    great gift for the new year!

  10. avatar Anna reply

    My favorite way to prepare for the week is to plan my meals, go grocery shopping, and write out my to-do list for the week!

  11. avatar Morgan Parks reply

    I love to meal plan! It makes me feel like I am a step ahead for the week when I know what I am making each night for dinner, and one step closer to know what I’m buying when I go to the store :)

  12. avatar Kate R. reply

    I love to prepare for the week by doing the laundry, cooking a few meals, and changing the linens!

  13. avatar Caroline reply

    Love this giveaway!
    My favorite way to prepare for the week is to meal prep!

  14. avatar Jessica reply

    Fit fab fun sounds awesome! It’d be a great asset to use to during months of wedding prep!

  15. avatar christina reply

    I always start my morning with a cup of coffee before I walk to work.

  16. avatar Holly reply

    Meal planning helps me tremendously to conquer the week ahead!

  17. avatar Bianca reply

    to wash all clothes on the weekend, prepare meals or write down what to eat.

  18. avatar Casey reply

    I prep for each week by filling up my tank on Sunday night with some of my favorite people at our small group. Afterwards, I plan out my daily “to-do’s” in my planner for the week & create a grocery list to buy the following morning. I set out my clothes to teach my 6 am Monday morning barre class & get to bed early! :)

  19. avatar Lindy reply

    Meal plan and make sure ALL my groceries are purchased… no time for mid-week trips back to the store!

  20. avatar Grace Anne Dorman reply

    My favorite way to prepare for the week is to catch up will all my roommates about what’s going on with them. It feels so good to be known by your friends.

  21. avatar Michelle reply

    I love preparing for the week by meal prepping my lunches and organizing my planner! I would be lost without my Lilly Pulitzer planner!

  22. avatar Lacy Engelhardt reply

    Would love the baby it’s cold outside mug!

  23. avatar Caroline reply

    so fun!

  24. avatar Leah H. reply

    I plan out my meals and my workouts for the week on Sunday!

  25. avatar ashley e reply

    I like to sit down with my calendar and journal and think through the upcoming week, a cup of hot tea on hand :)

  26. avatar Jackie Ngo reply

    I wanted to try this but it’s out of my budget currently. So fingers crossed!

  27. avatar Lauren reply

    I’ve heard of FabFitFun so often and I’ve been meaning to try out their service! Love this!

  28. avatar BarbaraMae reply

    I prepare for the week by grocery shopping, making a big crock pot of something to eat for next week and spend a little quiet time with my fiancé.

  29. avatar Miranda glaeser reply

    I like to make a list of all my To do’s for the week, helps me feel a little more organized.

  30. avatar Beth Minyard reply

    I always make sure to get a good night’s sleep on Sunday

  31. avatar molli taylor reply

    i write out a loose calendar and cleaning schedule and meal plan!

  32. avatar Virginia Pigg reply

    My favorite way to prepare for the week is to take a nice warm bath and light candles.

  33. avatar Megan S reply

    I prepare for the week by spending quality time with my family to relax Sunday night

  34. avatar Olivia reply

    My favorite way to prepare for the week is sitting down Sunday evening and writing out my list of goals, meetings, work out classes and everything else that needs to get done. I then add them to my calendar and schedule everything out. It helps me to go into a new week feeling prepared and stress free!

  35. avatar Janna reply

    I like to prepare for the week by my having all my laundry done and meals prepped on Sunday evenings.

  36. avatar kim s reply

    I prepare for the week by having a nice relaxing Sunday!

  37. avatar Amanda Dillman reply

    How fun!! This would be an exiting treat! I love checking the mail!!

  38. avatar Summer reply

    I always spend a few hours on Sunday afternoon grocery shopping and then prepping my meals for the week so that I’m not running around like a chicken with its head cut off every morning. I also lay out my outfit for the morning the night before. All little trick I learned from my girls, Karena and Katrina at Tone It Up!

  39. avatar shannon fowler reply

    My favorite way to prepare for the week is to precook some healthy foods that can snacked on or cooked for dinner

  40. avatar Christian reply

    One of my favorite ways to prep for the week is to make sure the house is in order.

  41. avatar lindsay reply

    meal prep on sundays and write a list of goals for the week

  42. avatar Alina reply

    Favorite way to prepare is set out my clothes for the next couple of days to include accessories and prep my lunch.

  43. avatar Sean reply

    My favorite way to prep is ensuring my calendar is up to date with everything for the upcoming week and that I have a great cup of coffee first thing on Monday morning.

  44. avatar stafford reply

    To relax the night prior to starting my week with reading a good chapter and ensuring my wardrobe is set out.

  45. avatar Jenna reply

    My favorite way to prepare for the week is to complete our grocery list, go grocery shopping, and create a to-do list for personal and work projects. If there’s a lot for the week, I’ll prioritize from high to low. Once all of that is complete, I’ll do yoga for about 30 minutes and then meditate.

  46. avatar Elizabeth Foster reply

    My favourite way to prepare for the upcoming week is Sunday morning church. Time worshipping with community is the best way to set my heart in the right place for the week ahead.

  47. avatar Liz N reply

    I check my calendar so I can plan ahead – and confer with the hubby so we both know what’s going on!

  48. avatar Nelle reply

    My favorite way to plan for the week, iron my outfits for the week!

  49. avatar Yvonne McKenzie reply

    I prepare for the week, first with prayer by putting God first and then try to keep a list of what i need to do.

  50. avatar Nicole H reply

    I go over my week in my planner and try to gather anything I need together. I also make a note with all the things I need to do the night before.

  51. avatar latoya reply

    My fave way to prepare for the week is to take a walk in my nearby park on Sunday evening.

  52. avatar Morgan reply

    I prepare for my week by doing major meal prep!

  53. avatar Teagan Wynne reply

    I would love to win this

  54. avatar Hannah Anderson reply

    I like to prepare by making a Sunday checklist and cleaning to prepare for the week.

  55. avatar Melanie reply

    I prepare by writing everything in my planner!

  56. avatar MAegan reply

    To make a game plan with meal prep!

  57. avatar Jessica McElroy reply

    I would love to win this! I have been wanting to subscribe to them for the longest time but haven’t had the money! Would be a dream come true :)

  58. avatar Lindsay reply

    I love to plan out my to do’s with a cup of coffee on Monday morning- it’s the best way for me to prepare for the week ahead. Especially when I have my favorite mug and my dog snuggled up with me! ❤️

  59. avatar Jenna Lea reply

    Sounds like a lot of fun goodies

  60. avatar Sarah Johnson reply

    Masking Mondays!

  61. avatar Edye reply

    I normally pray and make lists :)

  62. avatar Ashley Moody reply

    One of the best ways for me to prepare for the week is a Sunday afternoon movie with a cup of coffee and cuddles with my kiddos , husband, and pups. The chance to enjoy what matters most energizes me for a productive week! :)

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