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All y’all, a drumroll, please! Finalist voting is open for the Best of the South Wedding Awards!!

As you already know, the South is overflowing with amazingly talented vendors, and we’ve got 250+ Pineys finalists to prove it! Over the past week, we’ve spent many, many hours going through every single one of your nominations to tally entries and prepare for final voting.

We owe thousands of thank yous to y’all for taking the time to nominate your favorites, and in doing so, introduce us to some incredible new-to-us vendors and gorgeous locations across our beloved South. Not to get sidetracked, but that’s one of the reasons we started the Pineys in the first place – to introduce y’all to the best our region has to offer. We just didn’t know we’d be surprised with new talent along the way, too!

While we wish we could share every single nominee here today, it’s time to get down to business – and that means finalist voting!

Over the next 5 days, we’ll release all 21 category finalists in batches of 3-5 per day (to avoid writing the longest blog post in the history of blogging ;)). Please vote once in each category; all voting will be open until June 9th.

Up first, the best Southern wedding venues, as nominated by you! We know selecting a venue is a great launching point for wedding planning, so get ready to learn about the best barns, ballrooms, and more below the Mason-Dixon. Without further ado…

Note: If you are reading in a feed reader, you will likely have to click through to vote!

The Pineys: Prettiest Chapel

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The Piney’s: Barn or Farm

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The Piney’s: Plantation

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The Piney’s: Hotel or Ballroom

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The Piney’s: Garden

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*Note: We combined the Farm and Barn categories for finalist voting, as there was almost total overlap in the nominations!

As a reminder, there are prizes worthy of the Pineys for the winners in each category. In addition to golden pineapple trophies (!) and serious bragging rights, a feature in our tenth-anniversary issue is up for grabs! So cast your votes for your favorites and tell all your friends. We can’t wait to roll out the seersucker carpet and award some shiny gold pineapples in a few weeks!

Check back tomorrow to vote for the finalists in the Calligrapher, Paper Goods, Band, and DJ categories!

Image credits for Prettiest Chapel photos: Live View Studios, The Nolans, Theo Milo, Valles Photography, Ashley Seawell, Landon Jacob, Kristyn Hogan, Pure 7 Studios, Ashley Cox, Chloe Giancola

Image credits for Best Barn or Farm: Candi Leonard, Sawyer Baird, Kristyn Hogan, Hartman Outdoor, Andi Mans, Vue Photography, KT Merry, Anna Paschal, Becca Lea

Image credits for Best Plantation-Style Venue: Nyk + Cali, KMD Creations, Pure 7 Studios, BraskaJennea, Nancy Ray, Pasha Belman, Loren Routhier, A Bryan Photo, Aaron & Jillian, Rebekah Senter, Stephanie Yonce, Allison Pedigo

Image credits for Best Hotel or Ballroom Venue: Altmix Photography, Archetype Photo, Amy Arrington, McCardell Photography, Eric Kelley, Mecca Gamble

Image credits for Best Garden Venue: Amy Arrington, Kristyn Hogan, Christen Jones, Kevin Milz, Nicole Barrett, Anna Shackleford, Eric Boneske

Palmetto Bluff, Old Edwards, Cedarwood Weddings, Amy Arrington, Anna Shackleford, Nancy Ray, Proximity Hotel, Live View Studios, The Nolans, Theo Milo, Landon Jacob, Sawyer Baird, Becca Lea, and KT Merry are delightful members of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

kristin Written with love by Kristin
  1. avatar Mary Douglass Smith reply

    Voted for Wavering Place! Such a gem in SC!

  2. avatar Shana Adams reply

    Thank you for doing this!!!!

  3. avatar Sherry butler reply

    Waverly place is so beautiful!

  4. avatar Rose Shiver reply

    Wavering Place!!!

  5. avatar Rose Shiver reply

    Congratulations to all of the nominees

  6. avatar Desi Fernandez reply

    You should consider adding the Lace House to the list of garden locations

    • avatar Emily reply

      Thanks for the suggestion, Desi! These finalists came from nominations from our readers, not our choices! :)

  7. avatar Rachel reply

    Wavering Place Plantation by far is the best venue for a wedding! The service, beauty and location is beyond expectations.
    This venue is a must for any wedding or event!

  8. avatar Sarah Shell reply

    <3 Wavering Place!

  9. avatar Julisa reply

    Love the venues!

  10. avatar Melissa Vessechia reply

    Very beautiful venues!

  11. avatar Mac Mosier reply

    Wavering Place Plantation in South Carolina is outstanding.

  12. avatar Ponza Vaughan reply

    Wavering Place is the hear and soul of the South

  13. avatar Lola Dee Photography reply

    Such beautiful venues! It’s hard to pick! I love Wavering Place.

  14. avatar Leslie Ellison reply

    As a former wedding and event planner (Dreamy AffairsSignature Weddings) I had the pleasure of visiting several of these locations-beautiful! Best of the Best!!

  15. avatar Morgan reply

    Wavering Place is like a dream it is so beautiful!

  16. avatar Zimri reply

    Beautiful venue choices

  17. avatar Leslie reply

    Love the barn venues

  18. avatar Jan reply

    Aldridge Gardens is beautiful.

  19. avatar Leslie reply

    i would love to visit all of these

  20. avatar Jc reply

    Might get married at any of these especially the ballrooms

  21. avatar Bernadette Callahan reply

    Beautiful places, and Bethesda is my favorite.

  22. avatar Tamyra Keller reply

    Good Luck Mary Ann and Tom

  23. avatar kendra reply

    Biltmore Estate is beautiful

  24. avatar Jamie w reply

    Thats so great for them all to have made it this far

  25. avatar Debbie Diaz reply

    The Biltmore Estate is beautiful!

  26. avatar Ashlee reply

    Birmingham has some of the best venues around! We love working with The Barn at Shady Lane, Grand Bohemian Hotel and Aldridge Gardens! Congrats friends for being a finalist!

  27. avatar Will reply

    Go Big Spring!

  28. avatar Becca Melton reply

    I recently got married at Cedarwood in Nashville and it was the most gorgeous wedding ever! I love that place and the staff all so much! My our wedding day perfect!

  29. avatar Alli reply

    Big spring farm!!!

  30. avatar Sean Ankenbruck reply

    There are some great venues mentioned in this article!

  31. avatar whitney reply

    Cedarwood is the best! Timeless beauty and the staffs attention to detail is amazing.

  32. avatar Luanne ashlock reply

    Cypress Grove is an amazing magical place! My daughter’s wedding was perfect! Thank you Cara!

  33. avatar Laurie Summers reply

    Summerfield Farms is a little slice of Heaven right here in Summerfield

  34. avatar Larry Hicks reply

    The Parlour at Mann’s Chapel is a beautifully restored 1800’s church.

  35. avatar Cliff spencer reply

    Shady grove rocks

  36. avatar Debra reply

    Absolutely love THE BARN AT SHADY GROVE!

  37. avatar Diana Braun reply

    Love All Saints Chapel!!!!

  38. avatar Diana Braun reply

    Love All Saints Church in Raleigh, NC!

  39. avatar Gail Wiesner reply

    Beautiful places. Difficult choices!

  40. avatar Wendy Dutton reply

    J&D Farms is amazing!

  41. avatar Elaine Guthrie reply

    Summerfield Farms!

  42. avatar Regina reply

    The venues were so beautiful all of them.

  43. avatar Lynn Lester reply

    Cypress Grove is beautiful.

  44. avatar Kristine Schaffer reply

    Magnolia Gardens is the most romantic gardens in the south with so many acres of beauty. The white covered bridge and red bridge surrounded by so many plants, flowers, trees, especially the magnolia trees. The staff and volunteers provide excellent service with a friendly smile. Southern Hospitality is given to each guest and visitor at the most romantic place in Charleston, SC. Magnolia Gardens has been my favorite plantation since I was 7 years old so that is 43 years of seeing and loving everyday I visit.

  45. avatar Catherine Cooper reply

    Whitfield Chapel- Bethesda Acadamey

  46. avatar Lyla Woodward reply

    The Duke Chapel is beautiful, but it gets plenty of publicity, whereas All Saints Chapel is just as beautiful, but not well known.

  47. avatar Jennifer Taber reply

    We love All Saints Chapel!

  48. avatar Robin reply

    Love The Parlour!

  49. avatar Melissa Rice reply

    All of these places are beautiful

  50. avatar Ann Stanford reply

    The Shady Grove Barn is beautiful inside and out!

  51. avatar Tambra Williams reply

    Spain Ranch rocks!

  52. avatar Donna Duvall reply

    Love Big spring farm!

  53. avatar Shannon reply

    all are such beautiful venues. it’s hard to choose just one!

  54. avatar Chelsea Pockman reply

    J&D Farms!

  55. avatar Becky pollock reply

    My wedding day at Cedarwood was nothing short of magical. I didn’t have a worry in the world and the wedding coordinators took care of everything and made it look effortless. I received so many compliments on the venue and style of the wedding and that was all due to Cedarwood. I would do it again next weekend if I could!!

  56. avatar Becky pollock reply

    Cedarwood was hands down the best decision I ever made!! I’m ready to do it again this weekend!

  57. avatar Michaela Davis reply

    Beautiful venues

  58. avatar Stephanie Couch reply

    Summerfield Farms is my FAVORITE!

  59. avatar Mark Leggett reply

    Congratulations to all of the finalists!

  60. avatar Elizabeth Biber reply

    Love seaside!

  61. avatar Linda Wright reply

    We are so honored to be nominated for this prestigious list!

  62. avatar Joan Lee reply

    Beautiful venue run by beautiful people!

  63. avatar Alexandra reply

    The Roosevelt New Orleans

  64. avatar Ashley reply

    The Greenbrier is a beautiful place to get married!

  65. avatar jean reply

    Go Greenbrier Resort

  66. avatar Karen Stanfield reply

    We absolutely love catering at J&D Farms. The venue is breathtaking and Danny, Jana and Patrick are so wonderful to work with.

  67. avatar Roxana Hebert reply

    The Waldorf Astoria Ballroom is one of the most beautiful hotel ballrooms I have seen!

  68. avatar Kristen Barner reply

    Magnolia Plantation is the best!!! Always my favorite place to officiate!

  69. avatar Lia reply

    Seaside Chapel is so romantic!

  70. avatar Elise Bean reply

    One venue that I did not see that should have been included was Anchorage1770 in Beaufort, SC. Right across from the harbor, horse and buggy ride and gorgeous settings for pictures in and outside the grounds. Please consider them another time.

  71. avatar Penni Hochuli reply


  72. avatar Sol Moreno reply

    Magnolia is where we are getting married in October! We can not wait!!! Everything is so gorgeous!

  73. avatar Anita Heyd reply

    The Roosevelt Hotel ballrooms are beautiful.

  74. avatar David Smith reply

    Great selections of venues.

  75. avatar Jessica Allison reply

    Love WinMock and Rebecca and Laura are amazing at their work!

  76. avatar Staci Bridgewater reply

    Love J & D Farms! My daughter’s wedding is there this Saturday, 5.27.17!!!

  77. avatar Cathleen Camann reply

    All Saints Chapel

  78. avatar karli christman reply

    Summerfield is a gorgeous place to have a wedding or any special event

  79. avatar Nancy Bancroft Hiers reply

    My daughter was married at Whitfield Chapel in Savannah and it was gorgeous!

  80. avatar Alisha Harris reply

    I love The Barn at Shady Grove it’s so beautiful and elegant.

  81. avatar Allyson Hank reply

    They are all beautiful!!!

  82. avatar Sharon Van kemp reply

    Summerfield Farms is a gorgeous venue !

  83. avatar Tammy Knapp reply

    This is an amazing accomplishment.

  84. avatar Mattie reply

    All of the venues are beautiful

  85. avatar Loucrecia Hollingsworth reply

    I attended a wedding at J&D Farms. It was the most beautiful & fun wedding I’ve ever been to! It was like a fairy tale!

  86. avatar Vyonne reply

    Magnolia Plantation is perfection!

  87. avatar Jan Eldridge reply

    Lovely finalists!

  88. avatar Mari lindsay reply

    Love the Carolina Inn

  89. avatar Telissa Long reply

    The Barn at Shady grove definitely has my vote!

  90. avatar Suzanne reply

    Wavering Place Plantation- so beautiful!!

  91. avatar Paddy nyegard reply

    The Lang Farm is an amazing venue!
    The staff makes sure your wedding is “your” wedding ! Not some cookie cutter version

  92. avatar Caitlyn reply

    All Saints is wonderful. I got married there!!!

  93. avatar Debra reply

    J.D. Farms!!!

  94. avatar Kenna Covington reply

    This was fun! I’m a wedding officiant and I’ve had the honor of visiting many of these venues. As an officiant, I feel like I have the best seat in the house because I get to see it all, the location, the guests, and the wedding couple up close.

    This list is extensive and includes many gorgeous venues. I think my favorite venue of 2017 so far is a place I never knew existed: Winston Salem’em Graylyn Estate. I’m a native North Carolinian and recently officiate a wedding in the tobacco Baron’s turn off the century home. My family is planning to return for a tour because it’s spectacular!

    Thank you for highlighting so many wonderful wedding venues.

  95. avatar Shug Franks reply

    Love Magnolia Plantation & Gardens for the perfect wedding. Words cannot express the beauty and the concept of the peacefulness.

  96. avatar Holley skaggs reply

    Love J&D Farms! Beautiful place

  97. avatar Jill reply

    Magnolia Plantation and Gardens…the best anytime of the year!

  98. avatar Mary Kate reply

    I just got married at Adaumont Farm this weekend. It was absolutely beautiful and exceeded every expectation and vision that I had for our wedding!

  99. avatar Candice reply

    Adaumont Farms I live close to and pic do ant do it justice. The entire property and barn not pictured are just beautiful

  100. avatar The Barn at Shady Lane reply

    We love this contest and we are honored to be a finalist! Thanks!

  101. avatar Jim Rohan reply

    The Greenbrier is an incredible wedding site.

  102. avatar Tracy Boyd reply

    Love Proximity Hotel

  103. avatar michael hwang reply

    All Saints was simply the only choice for our wedding.

  104. avatar Linda Wickersham reply

    Look forward to the results?

  105. avatar Donna Duvall reply

    Love how Big Spring Farm sits in the middle of the beautiful mountains with the little lake and beautiful views!

  106. avatar Meagan reply

    Loved all these vendors… it was near impossible to choose just one!

  107. avatar Taylor Triana reply

    We love the Roosevelt! An incredible venue.

  108. avatar Jaclyn Gibbs reply

    Beautiful wedding spots!

  109. avatar Best of the South Wedding Awards!! | The White Sparrow Barn reply

    […] GO VOTE THE PINEYS!! […]

  110. avatar Sarah reply

    Go Nottoway! It’s absolutely the best venue out there..?

  111. avatar Donna Beamer reply

    All are beautiful and deserving.

  112. avatar Sidney reply

    Middleton Place the best

  113. avatar Joan Shortino reply

    All of the entrants are beautiful but Middleton Place is breath taking.

  114. avatar Jennifer Rhodes reply

    Great places

  115. avatar Gina Carter reply

    Summerfield Farms ROCKS!

  116. avatar karli christman reply

    Summerfield farms is the most beautiful farm venue ever.

  117. avatar Stephanie reply

    Great venues!

  118. avatar Shelby McDaniel reply

    Getting married at Middleton Place, on butterfly lakes February 17, 2018! :)

  119. avatar Karla Palomo reply

    I love summerfield farms for the diversity of their venue. It’s gorgeous, anytime of the year!

  120. avatar Jesse Rodriguez reply

    Been to 3 weddings at Montage. BEAUTIFUL CHAPEL!

  121. avatar Emily Cohn Smith reply

    This is so neat! I was just married at the May River Chapel in Bluffton, SC and our reception was The Peabody in Memphis, TN!

  122. avatar Mary reply

    Adaumont is exceptional!

  123. avatar Jackie Arthur reply

    Middleton Place is not only beautiful and romantic, but an authentic plantation with the original “family home”. The gardens contain so many different types of plants and layouts – wedding photos and ceremonies can take place to meet everyone’s desires.

  124. avatar kelli reply

    Montage Palmetto Bluff has the best venues!!!!

  125. avatar Emma Nunn reply

    Such hard decisions! All so beautiful.

  126. avatar Lauren reply

    All choices were idyllic, very hard to pick favorites!

  127. avatar Tim doney reply


  128. avatar Stephanie Robinson reply

    All are breathtaking.

  129. avatar Robin reply

    Enjoyed. Looking at all of the beautiful Wedding Venues!!!!

  130. avatar Karli Christman reply

    i love summerfield farms

  131. avatar Connie Vinson reply

    We love Summerfield Farms

  132. avatar [email protected] reply

    They truly took waverly place and made it come alive again. They poured their heart and soul into this plantation. When you’re there you feel like youre with family not a venue

  133. avatar Heidi Bolden reply

    beautiful venues

  134. avatar walker sanders reply

    Summerfield Farms is the best in the State and likely SE.

  135. avatar paula hunter reply

    I am THRILLED that The Merrimon-Wynne House has been nominated!

  136. avatar Amber allen reply

    Bridle Oaks Bar. In Deland, FL is absolutely breathtaking. Please look into it.

  137. avatar Courtney Kirchmann reply

    I loved our wedding at Merrimon-Wynne!!!

  138. avatar Emily reply

    Merrimon- Wynne!!

  139. avatar NINA TIE reply

    I am having my wedding at Merrimon-Wynne and I’m so excited about it!

  140. avatar Rachel reply

    Rose Hill Mansion is beautiful!

  141. avatar Jessica reply


  142. avatar Shirley reply

    Pippin Hill has the best views and location for a wedding!

  143. avatar Kaylah McKinley reply

    We are getting married there this November 4th! So excited! Good luck!

  144. avatar Lauren S reply

    Hi! What time does voting end tomorrow? Thanks :)

  145. avatar HOLLY reply

    Summerfield Farms is the PERFECT slice of heaven on earth with two amazing barn venues, an on-site Market, organic produce and grass-fed beef! We love spending all of life’s special moments at Summerfield Farms!

  146. avatar Roxana Hebert reply

    The Waldorf Astoria Ballroom at the Roosevelt Hotel is my favorite!

  147. avatar Pam C reply

    I love Summerfield Farms!

  148. avatar Brie reply

    Summerfield farms is a dream!!!

  149. avatar Bryan Tice reply

    Beautiful venues!!

  150. avatar Diane Adams reply

    Holly with Barn at Summerfield Farm is wonderful to work with for any occasion!

  151. avatar Paula J Stober reply

    Summerfield Farms is a beautiful place

  152. avatar Lily reply

    Beautiful Venues!

  153. avatar Brittnie reply

    Lovely wedding venues ! They are all

  154. avatar Jessica S. reply

    So many memories in many of these places. This is a great line up!

  155. avatar nicole orie reply

    Love what you do! The Biltmore Estate is beautiful!

  156. avatar Liliana castille reply

    Nottoway makes your dream wedding come true!

  157. avatar Chelsea engel reply

    Nottoway is so beautiful!

  158. avatar Laurie Summers reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Summerfield Farms Barns

  159. avatar Alene Awerbach reply

    Adaumont farm is my favorite

  160. avatar Erin Fuller reply

    Love Magnolia Plantation????

  161. avatar Robert conkey reply

    I love big spring farm

  162. avatar Kellie Jo Bell reply

    The Biltmore. Such a beautiful place with wonderful wedding planner such as Meredith Hearld

  163. avatar Lisa Gregory reply

    J&D is beautiful!

  164. avatar Angelica reply


  165. avatar Traci reply

    The Biltmore

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