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Welcome to the season of giving, y’all! The Southern Weddings gals are donning our Santa hats and spreading some holiday cheer. We want to say THANK YOU (yes, you!) for a great year, and for being so wonderful year in and year out! We say it over and over, but it’s true: y’all are sweeter than honey, and we couldn’t be more excited for our newly-engaged friends. We know this time of your life can be chaotic and stressful, so for our giveaway series this year, we wanted to focus on experiences over things – experiences that will help simplify your life, so that you can focus on your engagement and your significant other!! The good stuff :)

To kick things off, we’re crossing meal planning off your to-do list by giving away a whole MONTH of HelloFresh deliveries. Dinner ingredients delivered right to your front door? Sounds like a perfect date-night in!!

Not familiar with HelloFresh? It’s a meal delivery service that drops fresh ingredients and healthy recipes right on your doorstep! Each box comes with step-by-step instructions and pre-measured, seasonal ingredients — just have salt, pepper, sugar, a good cooking oil, butter, and time to do just a little prep to get the meal on the table!

Win: An MONTH of HelloFresh deliveries (four boxes)

Number of winners: One

Ways to enter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. Our sweet friends at HelloFresh are spreading extra Christmas cheer and giving all SW readers the chance to experience the magic of dinner delivered to your doorstep. Use the code ILOVESWMAG to take $35 off your first HelloFresh box (this is valid for first-time customers only). Come on back tomorrow for Day 2 of the Twelve Days of Southern Weddings Christmas!!

kristin Written with love by Kristin
  1. avatar Danielle Peck reply

    Tacos are a go-to meal every week!

  2. avatar Hannah Anderson reply

    My favorite at home dinner to cook is grilled chicken, green beans, and a salad. It makes eating at home quick and easy but I’d love to try HelloFresh because I’d love to learn how to cook better! And I’d also love to be able to blog it!

  3. avatar Chandler Leik reply

    My favorite dinner to make at home is fajita chicken! I pair it with black beans, chips, cheese, guac and salsa

  4. avatar Hailey Tanner reply

    My favorite quick dinner is making breakfast for dinner or “brinner” as we call it! It’s a family favorite and whipping up some eggs, pancakes and bacon is super quick!

    • avatar Kristin reply

      Hailey!! We love BFD (breakfast for dinner) in our house too!! Makes me want to make pancakes tonight ;)

  5. avatar Crystal reply

    I have heard of HelloFresh but not yet tried it. I like that they have different packages for families and vegatarians.

  6. avatar Tina G. reply

    My favorite quick at home dinner is grilled chicken breasts and some steamed vegetables!!

  7. avatar Donna Marie reply

    We love to have pizza bagels.

  8. avatar Chase reply

    I have always wanted to try one of these healthy subscription box services!

  9. avatar Kelly reply

    Oh I’ve been wanting to try this! And y’all are the sweetest! I love interacting with y’all here and on instagram. :)

  10. avatar Alexa reply

    Would LOVE to win! Our wedding is in March so definitely need to up the healthy eating game :)

  11. avatar Alexandra Patterson reply

    I love quinoa taco casserole!

  12. avatar Courtney reply

    Crockpot recipes are my go-to: chili, soup, fajitas! I come home from work and dinner is ready, the BEST!

  13. avatar Jennifer W reply

    My favorite is chili. It’s really easy and there is usually enough for leftovers.

  14. avatar Abby Pestak reply

    My favorite go to meal is lemon chicken! A quick bread, pan fry, whip up the sauce while past cooks & it tastes amazing!

  15. avatar Jenny Ham reply

    spaghetti is what I make when I am in a hurry

  16. avatar Kimmy Ripley reply

    Italian Drunken Noodle is my signature dish! Clean Plate Club for everyone!

  17. avatar Mallory Moran reply

    We like to do a lot of stir-fry’s! I always keep a bag of frozen veggies in the freezer, the sauce is quickly made with kitchen staples, add a protein and boom, done! Plus there’s only one pan to clean up, and it’s super healthy!

  18. avatar marlene harris reply

    i make beans and rice

  19. avatar Kenzie reply

    Crockpot tacos are our go-to easy meal! Would love to try some new recipes!

  20. avatar Hannah N reply

    Hello fresh sounds like a great subscription!

  21. avatar Nancy Munson reply

    Our favorite quick dinner is chili

  22. avatar Shareen Mioskowski reply

    My favorite quick meal is beef vegetable soup, it is quick easy and delicious!!

  23. avatar Angela burns reply

    My favorite at home dish to cook is chicken enchildas!!!

  24. avatar Heather Williams reply

    Spaghetti. It’s so simple and quick.

  25. avatar Mary Margaret reply

    My most recent favorite is kale, sweet potato, and sausage soup! So easy and nice and cozy!

  26. avatar Cassidy reply

    Oh! I’ve been meaning to try one of these subscription meal services.

  27. avatar Margaret Rice reply

    Fried Turkey Sausage, rice, corn muffins, green salad

  28. avatar Barbara Adams reply

    Big fans of burrito bowls, the only cooking is the rice

  29. avatar Diana G reply

    I make a quick baked curry spice chicken breast and roast summer squash

  30. avatar Nickie reply

    My quick meal is spaghetti

  31. avatar Jennifer Vega reply

    Grilled chicken with vegetables

  32. avatar Kristy B reply

    Anything Tex-Mex :)

  33. avatar Juanita May reply

    I always make spaghetti when I want a fast easy meal.

  34. avatar Courtney H reply

    Eggplant parm is my favorite quick dish to make at home

  35. avatar Katie reply

    We love to make a good hearty chili together on the weekends in the winter time!

  36. avatar angela meek reply

    My family’s fave quick meal is a shrimp stir fry over angel hair pasta. ?

  37. avatar Kim reply

    Stuffed baked potatoes

  38. avatar April Morrison reply

    Pasta and tomatoes. Simple!

  39. avatar Victoria Robinson reply

    It would have to be jambalaya

  40. avatar Kristin reply

    Tacos. Quick easy and delicious

  41. avatar Christian Cole Melvin reply

    My favorite quick meal is stir-fry. Healthy and delish!

  42. avatar Sarah Evans reply

    My favorite meal is chicken with tzatzki and veggies! My sweet hubby loves it too!

  43. avatar Stephanie reply

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. avatar Shannon Shaughnessy reply

    We love HelloFresh! It’s been a staple with a new baby!

  45. avatar Kate reply

    Turkey burgers!

  46. avatar Anna reply

    I love the idea of someone doing the grocery shopping for you! This is such a busy time of year already!

  47. avatar Morgan Parks reply

    My favorite, easy, go-to meal would be crockpot chicken fajatas! It is so easy my fiance has even offered to make it while I was at work! Yum!

  48. avatar Jessica reply

    Tacos or crockpot soup! I would love to know everyone else’s quick meal recipes! New ideas are always helpful! :)

  49. avatar Kate R reply

    I love this idea! Great way to mix up the meal plan!

  50. avatar Lindsay Holt reply

    Our favorite quick meal is a shrimp taco salad! I would love to try Hello Fresh to eat healthy as we get ready for our wedding!

  51. avatar Sarah reply

    A quick pasta salad with chicken or sauteed zucchini! soo yummy :)

  52. avatar Beatrice P reply

    Great holiday giveaway

  53. avatar Christine reply

    I love to make pasta–specifically spaghetti with vodka sauce!

  54. avatar Angela Adelman reply

    I like to make pasta as a goto quick fix

  55. avatar virginia reply

    I really enjoyed your blog

  56. avatar Megan reply

    My favorite quick at-home dinner to cook is macaroni and cheese, but I’d love to branch out more with HelloFresh!

  57. avatar Lorelai reply

    I make a mean split pea soup with ham!

  58. avatar India reply

    I’ve heard such good things about this service and would love to try it!! :)

    xo, India

  59. avatar Julie reply

    I think crockpot soups are a good quick dinner.

  60. avatar Jennifer Hendrix reply

    My favorite quick at-home dinner is Spaghetti with garlic bread for sure. It’s quick, easy and my whole family loves it.

  61. avatar Regina Zay reply

    Would love to have a free month of Hello Fresh. I am really just getting into cooking and I think this would help me to learn how to cook quick healthy meals. Crossing my fingers…. Good Luck All!!

  62. avatar patricia nolan reply

    want to win

  63. avatar laura thingelstad reply

    what a fantastic idea!

  64. avatar Lynn Kriegel reply

    Made-Rites (which is seasoned crumbled ground beef on a bun), tater tots, and baked beans.

  65. avatar Sandra Sue Baldwin reply

    I like anything without meat so I will say just a good healthy salad.

  66. avatar Heather Pelton reply

    I would love t try this. My favorite go to meal is homemade pizza.

  67. avatar Cheryl reply

    My favorite quick go to dinner is bean and cheese burritos

  68. avatar Rebecca reply

    Love the idea of everything I need for a meal being delivered. I hate going to the store

  69. avatar April Moore reply

    My favorite quick and easy meal is pasta salad! The kids all love it and it’s healthy!

  70. avatar Frances McQuery reply

    would love to win

  71. avatar Susan M reply

    My favorite at home quickmeal is… Cook up some ground beef and make up two,cups of rice. Then mix those with cream of mushroom soup. Top with shredded cheese.

  72. avatar s holland reply


  73. avatar shannon sweitzer reply


  74. avatar melina brittain reply

    Awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  75. avatar Janna reply

    ohlala! That sounds like my kind of gift! We’ve been wanting to try Hello Fresh!

  76. avatar kelly hanley reply

    chicken salad!

  77. avatar Theresa Perry reply

    My quick at home dinner would have to be either Tacos or Sloppy Joes.

  78. avatar Destiny reply

    Tacos,sloppy Joe or dirty rice! My family loves them all!

  79. avatar Sandra bloom reply

    Love making comfort foods during the cold winter . Pot Roast with potatoes, carrots and onions.

  80. avatar Jen Donelow reply

    Our favorite is Dorito Nachos my son loves them and it’s a quick, easy dinner to make after work

  81. avatar Michelle O’Rourke reply

    I’d LOVE this!

  82. avatar Tammy Sanchez reply

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a nice prize and Happy Holidays!

  83. avatar jamie reply

    One of our favorite at-home quick meals is creamy chipped beef, though we generally throw it over mashed potatoes instead of toast.

  84. avatar cassandra reply

    my favorite quick at home dinner is chicken strips and butternut squash. MY husband love spaghetti and my son loves hot dogs and mac & cheese

  85. avatar Billy Lilley reply

    My favorite quick at home dinner to cook is pasta or rice.

  86. avatar Steph reply

    Love a quick
    Pasta dish

  87. avatar Amber Cheras reply

    love a quick meatloaf or chicken and broccoli casserole.

  88. avatar Michelle Baker reply

    I want 4 boxes!!! Ty

  89. avatar Constance Smith reply

    My goto quick meal is probably breakfast, eggs, toast, and sausage. Or soup and sandwiches.

  90. avatar Dana Edwards reply

    Enough spaghetti to feed an army! ;)

  91. avatar chuck derr reply


  92. avatar sally wallis reply

    Good luck to all. Thanks for sharing.

  93. avatar Linda Angel reply

    This is so great of a deal

  94. avatar Shannon Smith reply

    All of their food looks delicious!

  95. avatar Ashley P. reply

    Breakfast for dinner is my go-to quick dinner. You can’t beat it!

  96. avatar Laura Arlt reply

    So happy I found this blog

  97. avatar lori reply

    would love to try this!

  98. avatar Allison L. reply

    Turkey tacos are a quick go to.

  99. avatar Andrew reply

    Yes please

  100. avatar Ally Willix reply

    Would LOVE to try HelloFresh!! Tacos are definitely our go-to quick dinner :)

  101. avatar Ashley Hirst reply

    Crock Pot meals are the easiest go-to quick meals! Last night, I made ranch, chicken tacos!

  102. avatar Kimberly reply

    I have a great and easy shrimp and grits recipe I make when I want to impress, but don’t want to slave over a stove all day.

  103. avatar Ashlie reply

    I’ve been wanting to try Fresh for awhile. This would be an awesome dinner with my family!!!

  104. avatar Olivia reply

    My favorite meal to cook at home is spaghetti. My papa has a secret recipe that I love to use!

  105. avatar Anna reply

    I love to make chicken and steamed broccoli!

  106. avatar Rachael reply

    An open-faced breakfast melt is a favorite quick dinner in our house. We just put some bacon in the oven, cook a couple eggs sunny-side up and place it all on top of buttered toast with a slice of cheese. What’s better than breakfast for dinner? mmmhhmmm!

  107. avatar Holly reply


  108. avatar Bianca reply


  109. avatar Lindy reply

    Crock pots are my friend!!! Potato soup is one of my faves.

  110. avatar Casey reply

    OH! I’ve been wanting to try this!!! My favorite go-to quick meal is either a simple herb grilled chicken, steamed broccoli and diced sweet potatoes or ground turkey tacos!

  111. avatar Michelle reply

    My favorite quick meal is roasted tomato pasta!

  112. avatar Nicole reply

    My fiancee and I just moved in together and Wednesday night is our date night– which often consists of cooking together, so this is perfect!

  113. avatar Leah H. reply

    Crockpot chicken is super easy! Take 4/5 chicken breasts and a jar of salsa and cook in the crockpot on high for 3-4 hours!

  114. avatar ashley e reply

    Easiest meal – frozen green beans roasted with garlic, salt & pepper, along with a mashed sweet potato with butter & salt :)

  115. avatar Jay reply

    Spaghetti is our quick and easy meal we make.

  116. avatar Kimberly G reply

    I like to make fried chicken and fried potatoes.

  117. avatar Meredith reply

    Would love win this and try Hello Fressh :)

  118. avatar BarbaraMae reply

    Our easiest go-to meal are the lemongrass chicken egg rolls from Trader Joe’s. Simple, quick and delish.

  119. avatar Carly Williams reply

    My favorite quick dinner is spaghetti.

  120. avatar Heather D reply

    My easy to-go is mac and cheese or pizza. The kids love both.

  121. avatar Miranda reply

    bean and veggie burritos!

  122. avatar molli taylor reply

    a nice stir fry is easy and adaptable to whatever you have handy.

  123. avatar Megan S reply

    My favorite quick dinner is pasta

  124. avatar Diana reply

    My husband and I love to cook dinner at home – I recently started eating chicken, cheese and eggs after years of strict veganism, so much to my husband’s delight I have been experimenting with delicious, cheesy & chicken-y dishes!

  125. avatar shannon fowler reply

    My favorite quick dinner is either stir fry or dirty rice.

  126. avatar Amanda Dillman reply

    I loved using Hello Fresh in the past but doing it all the time is a struggle on the budget and also weekly events that pop up but I’d love be to get back into the swing of things especially in the winter!

  127. avatar Alina reply

    Pasta with some lemon and butter. YUM! Quick and oh so delish!

  128. avatar Sean reply

    My go to quick meal is chicken stir fry. All in one pan meal!

  129. avatar stafford reply

    Chicken breast with some sauteed veggies.

  130. avatar Jenna reply

    My favorite quick at-home dinner to cook is ground beef tacos with homemade rice! Sounds like a lot but it’s so simple once you’ve done it a few times. Second favorite would have to be pasta with garlic marinara sauce!

  131. avatar Emily reply

    Soup in the slow-cooker! An easy and warm dinner when you get home from work.

  132. avatar Tina Alexander reply

    Taco Salad!

  133. avatar Jill Rivera reply

    I love omelets they are so fast and can be changed with what every is in the refrigerator.

  134. avatar Haylie Cooler reply

    I love making chicken fajita taco salad!

  135. avatar Liz N reply

    Stir fry veggies with some meat and eggs!

  136. avatar Michelle LaClear reply

    Favorite easy thing to cook at home is Hamburger Helper meals and mac and cheese

  137. avatar Renee Griffin reply

    Tacos or Spaghetti

  138. avatar Angela Barsi reply

    I love Hello Fresh, I have used them before, I am not what anyone would call a cook. but they make it a little less stressful with the help of all ingredients and step by step instructions.

  139. avatar Renee Weaver reply

    My favorite, quick at-home dinner to cook is pot roast. Take all of your ingredients and throw them into the crock pot. It can sometimes be hard to find the time to make a full sit-down meal at home between having 5 children and running them to all of their different things!

  140. avatar Krista reply

    Hello fresh giveaway sounds awsome

  141. avatar Melissa Ashbrook reply

    Shrimp, Leek, and Spinach Pasta! It’s delicious!!

  142. avatar Kendra Staley reply

    This would be an amazing win!!!! I’ve heard great things about this company. Thank you so much for the chance!

  143. avatar Amber Owens reply

    My favorite quick dinner to cook is chicken alfredo! It’s something we all enjoy and the rich homemade sauce tastes like heaven

  144. avatar Denise reply


  145. avatar Nicole R reply

    My favorite quick meal is meatloaf… cook time is shorter by making :mini loafs” and bonus everyone gets their own special dinner.

  146. avatar Marina Cook reply

    Thank you for awesome giveaway

  147. avatar jacqueline ising reply

    my quick recipe at home is toco caaserole

  148. avatar Kristin Baty reply

    Tator-tot casserole mmm

  149. avatar Kristin Baty reply

    Tater-tot casserole

  150. avatar Alicia A Wilson reply

    Spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic bread is my quick and easy meal.

  151. avatar Meagan Kirkland reply

    Love this blog! The website is also very pretty :)

  152. avatar Meagan Kirkland reply

    Stir fry fajitas

  153. avatar latoya reply

    My favorite at home quick meal is broccoli cheese rice.

  154. avatar Morgan reply

    Hello fresh sounds awesome, and such a time saver.

  155. avatar Cheryll Shubert reply

    Baked ziti is my easy go to meal!! They love it and it’s so easy!! Win-win!!!

  156. avatar Laura Keogh reply

    I’ve always wanted to try!

  157. avatar Melanie reply

    I love to make tacos!

  158. avatar Maegan reply


  159. avatar christopher h reply

    sweet potato hash

  160. avatar Savanna reply

    My favorite quickie at-home dinner is tofu stir fry with lots of veggies and noodles!

  161. avatar Ashley B reply

    I love to cook ramen and then throw some egg in it, because I am lazy and tired.

  162. avatar Lindsay reply

    I love to cook but what I love even more is when the ingredients are pre-measured, pre-cut, and the recipes are pre-tested!!

  163. avatar Madeleine Dewan reply

    Last night I made mac & cheese with real cheddar, chopped sweet onion, salt and pepper and browned ground venison/wild game and stirred it all together and was it ever *good* with fresh ground game. Next time I’m going to mix a little sour cream with the melted cheddar.

  164. avatar Sarah Johnson reply

    It’s called broccoli pesto pasta- so good!!

  165. avatar Ashley Moody reply

    Chicken and Yellow Rice :)

  166. avatar Kate reply

    I’ve been wanting to try a meal delivery service! This is great!

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