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While a wedding is about you and your beau, I know I have a hard time imagining what my engagement season would have been like without my best friends, my sisters, and my mama by my side, and I’m sure many of you could say the same! These women may have loved and supported us since childhood, and celebrating with them and leaning on them for support creates some of the sweetest engaged memories. For V8, we had so much fun brainstorming special ways to say thank you to the ladies who mean the most to us. Take a peek below!

P.S. A few of these goodies are up for grabs, so see below for details on how to enter the giveaway!

Clockwise from top left: Pearl statement necklace, pearl cluster earrings, pearl cluster necklace, honey body butter, Charleston rice beads bracelets, Blossoms and Bourbon honey body scrub, Sweetheart robe in Babes, oyster shell jewelry dish, monogrammed gold leather clutch, Tropicana clutch

And now for the giveaway! To enter, leave a comment below and let us know which of the FOLLOWING items you’d like to win:

Pearl statement necklace
Pearl cluster earrings
Pearl cluster necklace
Honey body butter
Charleston rice beads bracelets
Blossoms and Bourbon honey body scrub
Sweetheart robe in Babes (size small)

Winners will be randomly selected and emailed on Friday!

lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar Erin reply

    Oh my–I would love to win that pretty sweetheart robe! xoxo

  2. avatar Aleigha reply

    All of these are lovely and would be the perfect gift my maids! The sweetheart robe is something I would love- I have a soft spot for any lacey details.

  3. avatar C.L. reply

    That robe is gorgeous! I’d love to win it.

  4. avatar Jessika reply

    Sweetheart robe in Babes! So pretty!

  5. avatar Molly reply

    I love the Pearl Cluster Earrings! So pretty!!!

  6. avatar Cassidy reply

    The Pearl Statement Necklace is so Southern and so divine!

  7. avatar Lindy reply

    Y’all hit a home run with this one!!! Every single one of these items is fabulous and something I would be thrilled to own!! If I HAD to pick a favorite, I’d go with the pearl cluster necklace but oh my… that would be a hard decision!

  8. avatar Lauren reply

    Oh man! That pearl jewelry is all so beautiful, but I love the robe too! How could I ever choose?

  9. avatar Lauren reply

    Love all of these items! This would make such a lovely gift for your maids/sisters! I would love the pearl statement necklace or the Sweetheart robe! Both so classic and pretty!

  10. avatar Sarah reply

    Love all of the southern touches! I’d love the Sweetheart robe…so feminine and pretty.

  11. avatar Mollie reply

    I would love to win the rice bead bracelet. I am from the small part of Missouri where rice is grown (only a few counties in MO grow it), and my uncles are some of the few farmers there who grow it. What a great reminder of home! :)

  12. avatar Emily Kristen reply

    I would love to win the sweetheart robe!!

  13. avatar Sarah Beth reply

    The pearl cluster earrings & necklace and the jewelry oyster dish :)

  14. avatar Christine reply

    I’d love to win the Sweetheart robe!

  15. avatar Abbey reply

    I love them all! But I especially would love to win the Charleston rice beads bracelets!

  16. avatar Katie reply

    I’d love the Charleston Rice Beads Bracelets…. My fiancé’s family always vacations in Charleston & Folly Beach so it would be a sweet reminder of the times I have enjoyed with his family.

  17. avatar Vicki Wolski reply

    I would absolutely LOVE to win the Pearl Statement Necklace and Sweetheart robe <3 I'm sure my fiancé would love the smell of the Blossoms and Bourbon honey body scrub – we will be having a Bourbon mule as our signature drink!

  18. avatar Kristen reply

    I love the pearl cluster necklace!!! Both classic and trendy.

  19. avatar Skye reply

    Charleston rice beads bracelets, Pearl cluster earrings, Pearl cluster necklace!

  20. avatar Dani reply

    I would love the tropicana purse!

  21. avatar Jenna Halliwell reply

    Sweetheart robe, I have been eyeing that same robe for ages!!!

  22. avatar Kelsey Padgett reply

    I’d love to win the Sweetheart robe in Babes to gift a sweet friend and bride-to-be!

  23. avatar Casey reply

    That darling sweetheart robe in babes!! What a fun color name too!

  24. avatar Hannah Porter reply

    I would love to have the pearl statement necklace! I have so many uses for pearls, from everyday wear, gamedays, church, and date night with my sweet boy! Pearls are the classic statement of every sweet, southern lady!

  25. avatar Morgan Tyus reply

    Oooh I’d LOVE that sweetheart robe!!!

  26. avatar Brooke reply

    The robe – it’s so lovely!

  27. avatar Emily reply

    The sweetheart robe!

  28. avatar Ashley reply

    I would love the pearl statement necklace! Stunning!

  29. avatar Whitney reply

    I would love to have the pearl cluster necklace ! So pretty!

  30. avatar Emily reply

    That lovely sweetheart robe!!!

  31. avatar Mandi reply

    Oh goodness. I would love love love the pearl necklaces, the pretty robe, or the rice beads bracelets. Such great gift ideas!

  32. avatar Megan Horner reply

    The sweetheart robe!!

  33. avatar Jeni reply

    I have that robe and it’s BEAUTIFUL! I love the pearl cluster earrings … Would be perfect with my rehearsal dress!

  34. avatar Sarah Drake reply

    I absolutely love the Charleston rice jewelry. My mom has a charm and necklace that I adore. It would be great to win a piece of my own. Thanks!

  35. avatar Molly reply

    The Tropicana clutch would be perfect for my Florida wedding :-) So cute and fun!

  36. avatar Kayla reply

    I would love the bracelet or the beautiful robe!

  37. avatar Kelly reply

    These are too sweet! I love that pair of pearl earrings!

  38. avatar Cat Calhoun reply

    The sweetheart robe! So pretty!!

  39. avatar Alicia reply

    Sweetheart robe in babes!!

  40. avatar Caroline reply

    Ooh it’s hard to choose! Either the necklace or that robe – both are beautiful!

  41. avatar Kristy reply

    Looove the pearl statement necklace!

  42. avatar Kenzie reply

    These are all beautiful! I would love to win the sweetheart robe!!

  43. avatar Alexandra Thees reply

    the pearl cluster earrings are gorgeous!

  44. avatar Casey reply

    Sweetheart robe!

  45. avatar Carrie reply

    I would love to win the robe! I’ve been looking for one for the big day for me and my girls.

  46. avatar Sarah Ingrasselino reply

    All are so gorgeous! I would love to win the Charleston rice beads bracelets. My wedding is in Charleston this summer, and it is also where my fiancé and I met, where he proposed to me, and where we will start our lives together as husband and wife.

  47. avatar Christina Hunter reply

    Sweathart robe in Babes!!

  48. avatar Jessica Stwart reply

    The pearl cluster necklace is beautiful! I would be so lucky and fortunate to win it for one of my lovely bridesmaids!!

  49. avatar Ally D reply

    These are great gift ideas!! I would love to win the Charleston rice beads bracelets or the Sweetheart Robe in Babes! So beautiful.

  50. avatar Stacy Bubenik reply

    Oh my gosh! I would love to win the sweetheart robe in Babes!

  51. avatar Olivia Ashurst reply

    Love the precious robe and gold clutch!!

  52. avatar Audrey reply

    The Sweetheart robe in Babes is perfect color for my upcoming wedding! <3

  53. avatar Spenser reply

    I would love any of the items, but especially the robe!! :-)

  54. avatar Dana reply

    The pearl statement necklace!

  55. avatar Lindsey Czarra reply

    Glowing skin makes everyone feel fabulous whether you are the bride or a bridesmaid. The scrub looks positively perfect! I would love to have that, please! <3

  56. avatar Bethany reply

    I would love to win the sweetheart robe!

  57. avatar Sara Colbert reply

    Would love to win the sweetheart robe in babes!

  58. avatar Laura reply

    Oh my stars, I love all of these! I’ll pick the honey body butter, though!

  59. avatar Shelby Vanhoy reply

    Love this giveaway! Such sweet ideas for bridesmaids! I would LOVE the Charleston Rice Bracelet. I’m actually about to start planning a Charleston wedding!

    xo, Shelby

  60. avatar Amy reply

    Everything is cute! If I had to pick, I’d go with either pearl necklace or the robe.

  61. avatar Blair reply

    I love the pearl cluster earrings. Pearls go great with any outfit and I love them. I also would be happy with the Charleston rice beads bracelet. VERY classy!

  62. avatar Melanie reply

    Honey body scrub – definitely needed right now in this awful winter cold!

  63. avatar Esther reply

    I’m not generally a necklace person but I would definitely add the pearl cluster necklace to my wardrobe! It’s so simple but elegant!

  64. avatar Ana reply

    I love the Charleston rice beads bracelet! So unique!

  65. avatar Jenna reply

    I love that robe!

  66. avatar Caitlyn reply

    These are all gorgeous! I would be happy winning any of these, but that Sweetheart robe would be perfect to wear while getting ready for my wedding in a few months!

  67. avatar Kelly reply

    Sweetheart robe in Babes!

  68. avatar Lauren Porter reply

    I love all things pearls! The pearl cluster earrings would be perfect for my best friends summer wedding!! Great ideas!!

  69. avatar Alli reply

    I would love that sweetheart robe! How perfect!

  70. avatar Abby reply

    I’d love to win whose Charleston rice bead bracelets – they are adorable!

  71. avatar Kate reply

    My mom bought a pearl necklace on her honeymoon, and I’ve always wanted one like it, so I’d love to win the pearl cluster necklace!

  72. avatar Cameron reply

    I truly love them all however that oyster dish is divine! Perfect way to remember our oyster roast rehearsal dinner coming up next month!

  73. avatar Lorelei reply

    Loving the pearl cluster earrings and necklace– Thanks for the chance!

  74. avatar Rachael reply

    What a fun giveaway! I love the robe and the oyster dish :) would be happy to win anything at all!

  75. avatar Maddie Pothour reply

    Oh be still my heart!!!! I live in Colorado but Southern Weddings is my BIGGEST wedding inspiration for my October wedding! EEEK! We are going for a lovely barn/antique wedding filled with lots of personal touches, as I always say, classy girls always wear pearls! I just ADORE this sweetheart robe! I would absolutely love one!

  76. avatar Jen Nee reply

    Sweetheart robe in Babes

  77. avatar Michelle Christy reply

    Sweetheart robe in Babes is so adorable! I would love to win it :)

  78. avatar Lauren reply

    The Pearl Statement Necklace!

  79. avatar Kate Huie reply

    sweetheart robe!

  80. avatar Jamie Pettit reply

    So sweet! I love the pearl cluster earrings!

  81. avatar Betsy Paulk reply

    Absolutely love the robe and Charleston rice beads! They would be a lovely gift for my Charleston wedding in May!

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