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Surcee: A Southern term for a little gift given unexpectedly to the ones you love. There are few things more satisfying than finding the perfect gift for someone–especially if you’re anything like me and gifting is one of your love languages! That’s why the Surcees feature in our annual magazine is a favorite all around, both for us to put together and for you to read (or so we hear :)). This year for V8, we did something a little different and invited a few stylish, in-the-know, Southern tastemakers to share their suggestions with us–thanks so much to Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting on Martha for helping us out with our surcees for newlyweds page!

P.S. We’re giving away a few of these items–see below for details!

Clockwise from top left: Y’allsome tee, endearment mug, Pleased as Punch paper coasters, Short Stack cookbooks, mini pineapple bowl and gold spoon, gingham sheet set, “Home” embroidery, original salted caramels, monogrammed napkin rings, One Line a Day memory book, Pick a Pickle recipe deck, beeswax celebration candles, commemorative cork holder, wooden pie carrier, gardenia blossoms soap

And now for the giveaway! To enter, leave a comment below and let us know which of the FOLLOWING items you’d like to win:

Y’allsome tee (in medium)
Wooden pie carrier
Commemorative cork holder
Gardenia blossoms soap
One Line a Day memory book

Winners will be randomly selected and emailed on Friday!

lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar Chloe reply

    I love all of these, but would love to have the wooden pie carrier!

  2. avatar Amy M. reply

    Love that Y’allsome tee!

  3. avatar Kristy reply

    Fun! I would like the blossoms soap and one line a day memory book and why not the pie carrier :)

  4. avatar Lindy reply

    Super cute! I’d love the pie holder! But all are such fun ideas and great for newlyweds.

  5. avatar Laura reply

    How cute are all of these?! I’d love the One Line a Day memory book, especially since it looks like they’re sold out!

  6. avatar Edith Vargas reply

    I would love the “one line a day memory book”. I think it is something very important to do :)!

  7. avatar Jennifer A reply

    Wooden pie carrier, how cute!

  8. avatar Rene Maldonado reply

    EEEEEEEEE I would love to fancy up that “y’allsome” shirt! I could totally dress that shirt up and out wear it like crazy!

  9. avatar Maria reply

    These are great ideas for newlywed gifts! I would LOVE and use the One Line a Day memory book. Wooohooo!!!

  10. avatar Kristin reply

    I would love to win the commemorative cork holder. I have a cork from when we got engaged and I’m always afraid someone is going to throw it out by accident!

  11. avatar Kimberly Wolf reply

    The commemorative cork holder for the cork from our wedding!

  12. avatar Natalie reply


  13. avatar Kate R. reply

    I would love to win the soap! Gardenia is one of my very favorite scents :)

  14. avatar Val reply

    Y’all some tee!

  15. avatar meg w. reply

    I would love the one line a day book! all of them look so fun though!

  16. avatar Hannah Staley reply

    I would love to win the wooden pie box. I was going to actually have one made for a wedding gift but this would be awesome! Southern Weddings, your truly the best!

  17. avatar Emily reply

    I’m in love with the t-shirt!

  18. avatar Cordelia reply

    What a lovely surprise to see our Gardenia Blossoms soap featured on Southern Weddings today! Thank you so much!

    I have used the one line a day book for years and absolutely love it!

  19. avatar Sarah Potts reply

    I love that “y’allsome” tee – so cute & adorable!

  20. avatar Kirsten Barber reply

    I love gifting, too, Lisa! There is something so special about seeing the surprise on someone’s face when you present them with a unique or unexpected gift. Love these ideas. I’d love to win the One Line a Day memory book. I always have a notepad next to my bed and I could actually keep this cute little book out.

  21. avatar Jessica M reply

    I would love the Yallsome shirt! ❤️

  22. avatar Karen Cottrell reply

    What fun items! Gift giving is one of my love languages too! I would definitely pick the Yallsome t shirt!

  23. avatar Sarah B. reply

    Thanks ladies for being so sweet to us! Love all the following surcee ideas! I would personally enjoy recieving the Pie Box if I won.

  24. avatar Megan Pollard reply

    Would love to win the gardenia blossoms soap!

  25. avatar Jessica k reply

    I would love that one line a day memory book, so fun!

  26. avatar Odester hepburn reply

    I would like to receive the memory book.

  27. avatar Caroline reply

    These are so cute! I love love love the pie carrier!

  28. avatar Laura reply

    I would love to win the commemorative cork holder! (Well…really any of these!)

  29. avatar Amy S reply

    I would love the wooden pie carrier or the Gardenia blossoms soap!

  30. avatar Lauri Butler reply

    Pie carrier!

  31. avatar Salena Strate reply

    I would love to win the wooden pie carrier. Thank you so much Southern Weddings!

  32. avatar Dana reply

    I wish I made more pies for the pie carrier, but until then, I’d enjoy the memory book!

  33. avatar Meredith reply

    Love being a newlywed and would love the one line a day memory book!!! So cute!!

  34. avatar Janna Toruno reply

    The pie carrier would be a wonderful treat to surprise my boyfriend and family with the desserts I love making for them!

  35. avatar Cameron reply

    I love the one line a day memory book! Sometimes it’s hard to find time to write in my journal but I would love to record our first year of marriage (starting in less than 7 weeks!) with this!

  36. avatar katyrenee reply

    The y’allsome tee is calling my name. So fabulous!

  37. avatar Andi Justice reply

    One Line a Day memory book!!!

  38. avatar Kate reply

    We got an adorable picnic basket set as a wedding gift, and having the pie carrier to use on picnics as well would be so much fun!

  39. avatar Gentry reply

    I would LOVE to win the Y’allsome tee! It us perfect for this Florida belle :) Thanks for hosting!

  40. avatar Karen Bame reply

    I would love to win the Y’allsome t-shirt or the pie carrier!

  41. avatar Jessica Coleman reply

    Love the pie box!

  42. avatar Abby reply

    I’m the one who makes pies for holiday desserts – that pie box would be amazing!

  43. avatar Becca reply

    Gotta love that mug!!! I would definitely give it to newlyweds — or keep it for my and my fiance!

  44. avatar Destiny reply

    All of these gift ideas are just beautifully thoughtful for the perfect wedding event.

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