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Welcome back to our month of giveaways! We are so grateful for you sweet readers, especially for all of the ways you’ve supported our new issue and our shop this year, so we wanted to do something fun for the holidays. Since many of you are starting new lives together with new holiday traditions (and new married monograms!) we decided to give away one of our favorite monogrammed products each week in December!

I must admit that of all the weeks, I might be most jealous of the winner of this one! Always obsessed with my grandmother’s hatboxes as a girl, I would have absolutely ordered one of Trousseau & Co’s monogrammed hatboxes for my wedding day, had they been around then! Designed specifically to organize and store your most precious heirlooms and accessories for your wedding day and after, Trousseau & Co. boxes are a practical and so very chic place to carry your grandmother’s pearls, your new glittery heels, and all the sweet pieces you’ve collected throughout your engagement. It’s perfect for passing off to your photographer on your wedding day to capture all those special pieces, then carried off on your honeymoon!

I’m so excited that our friend Joy of Trousseau & Co has offered our winner a hatbox in the color of her choice!

How to enter: Visit the Trousseau & Co. site, then leave a comment below and tell us what you’d store in this beautiful box.

One winner will be randomly chosen on December 30!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Tracy Soley reply

    I would love to win this for when my daughter gets married, it could be her something new.

  2. avatar Abbey reply

    I’d love to store my wedding shoes in it for safe keeping… They were my mom’s and are very special to me.

  3. avatar Kelly E. reply

    Gracious, y’all, these are gorgeous! They would be perfect for storing those extra special pieces you collect throughout your life – marriage, yes – but also the other little bits of lovely that have impacted you. I’m thinking about letters from my beloved grandmother. The letters she sent even when we only lived 30 miles away from each other. Small words of encouragement from loved one are perhaps my most treasured item, so that’s what I’d use this beautiful box for. Imagine being able to open the box and share those letters with your own children? So precious.

  4. avatar Julie K. reply

    My cathedral-length veil, sparkly shoes, and the jewelry I am borrowing from my mom!

  5. avatar Ashley Hirst reply

    These boxes are so beautiful! I’d store some items from our wedding in the box – my mom and grandmother’s handkerchiefs, my veil, my grandma’s necklace, etc.

  6. avatar Ashton reply

    I would store photos in this beautiful treasure.

  7. avatar Megan reply

    I would store the pass downs and special gifts from my momma, grandma, and mamaw. They’ve given me different pieces of family jewelry over the years (grandma from my dad’s side and mamaw from my mom’s) as well as written me sweet letters.

  8. avatar Ellie reply

    I would definitely store wedding momentos! Shoes, veil, paper, a cocktail napkin, a champagne cork…

  9. avatar Alexandra Schmitt reply

    My mother’s veil that she has passed down to me for my own wedding.

  10. avatar Sarah Ray reply

    I would store all of my wedding keepsakes in this pretty box! Garters, veil, cards, etc :)

  11. avatar Danielle Ehrlich reply

    I would love to store my wedding heirlooms for my daughter in this!

  12. avatar Aly reply

    These hat boxes are so beautiful! I would pack all of my wedding and honeymoon necessities in one, and after our wedding I would use it to store our wedding and family heirlooms.

  13. avatar Alex Bassett reply

    These are absolutely gorgeous! I would keep my lace wedding shoes, the delicate lace bolero I wore on my wedding day, my veil, and some photos from our wedding. Though I would be tempted to use it for weekend trips to show it off! :)

  14. avatar Laura reply

    That taupe box is a beauty! I would love to keep cards we get , ribbons from my bouquet and maybe some dried flowers in this! And a copy of our stationary. I love memory boxes and this one would be extra special!

  15. avatar Brittney reply

    How gorgeous are these! Thank you for this opportunity. :) I would store sweet love letters that my soon-to-be husband and I have passed back and forth over the years. I would also add my veil and some of our wedding pictures. This is just so precious, y’all.

  16. avatar Allison reply

    I would put my custom Derby hat in it! :) Gorgeous boxes!

  17. avatar Tiffany Mosel reply

    My little sister is getting married in July and she would love this! She would store all her invites to the festivities, garter, and other items to remember the day!

  18. avatar Brandy lynn reply

    I would store the heirlooms of my family. The box symbolizes the journey that started long before me and will continue long after me.

  19. avatar Katy reply

    Everything! It is a great size for a minimalist overnight getaway.

  20. avatar Lindy reply

    So gorgeous! I’d want to keep this on display in my house all the time. It could house mementos from our wedding and life together!

  21. avatar Madison reply

    These hat boxes are the epitome of classic elegance! I would probably have to store all of my treasured vintage hats and handbags in this because after all… is a hatbox:)

  22. avatar Tiffany Mosel reply

    My little sister is getting married in July and she would love one of these gorgeous boxes. She would add all the invites to the wedding festivities, garter, and so many other items to remember her special day. So gorgeous!

  23. avatar Jordyn Paige reply

    What a beautiful hat box! I’d use this classic beauty to store the secrets that make our our relationship work – recipes from date nights, photos from date nights, mementos from special occasions and letters of wisdom that my parents have written to me to guide me through the years to come.

  24. avatar Maggie reply

    I would store my vintage hat collection!

  25. avatar Elizabeth reply

    I would make it a memory box with all of my wedding memories and goodies!!!

  26. avatar Harrison Turner reply

    If I won this gorgeous hatbox, I would store all my vintage gloves, hats, & scarves inside of it. It would be the perfect addition to my collection!

  27. avatar Makaela Luallen reply

    I would LOVE to have one to store my special pieces from my wedding in! I’m getting married soon, this new years eve! So it would be a perfect wedding present :)

  28. avatar Olivia Jade Collins reply

    I’m planning my wedding for June 11th 2016. This would be an amazing addition to my vintage theme to pack all my accessories in. A gorgeous hat box would make for perfect pictures. After my wedding I would use it for its original purpose, storing hats. Being from Kentucky, we love going Keeneland or Church Hill Downs where hats are a necessity. I hope I win♡

  29. avatar Jerri Lin Henry reply

    I just had to throw away an old hat box of my grandmother’s. I stored scarves and handkerchiefs in it. I’d use it for that. It’s so pretty though, I’d want to carry it perhaps for travel.

  30. avatar Michelle reply

    I would love to use s as a decoration on my wedding day to display pretty old things, programs, etc!

  31. avatar Ashley jhawer reply

    Swooning!! I just got married to my wonderful husband and would love to have one of these gorgeous boxes to store my wedding keepsakes. Some of my favorite items that would be stored here are our handwritten vows books we made for our wedding day, the flowers I wore in my hair, our invitation suite, our rose gold toasting glasses (on top of course so we could sneak them out to toast to all of life’s important moments together!), our elephant name place card holders, and my beautiful lace garter!

    We had the most amazing wedding and I would love to have a place to store all of these memories!

    Thank you,
    The New Mrs. Jhawer!

  32. avatar Olivia sigler reply

    I would store my bouquet from the wedding. Something borrowed, blue, and new. Special things.

  33. avatar Stephene Ward reply

    This is the most beautiful hat box I’ve ever seen! Before and during my wedding, I would keep my accessories that I want photographed on my wedding day in the box (shoes, jewelry, invitations, etc.). And after, I would store my veil I had made using the lace from my mom’s wedding dress until one day when my daughter can wear it again!

  34. avatar Mary Miller reply

    I would store mementos from my wedding in my monogrammed hat box. It would serve as a memory box that I would place in a place of prominence in my house.

  35. avatar Grace Pierce reply

    I would store all of my handwritten notes, ticket stubs, programs, and photos from my life here in Chicago!

  36. avatar Lesley Server reply

    I would store not only the memories of my wedding, but the memories of previous family members weddings. My mom said she has a lot of mementos to give to from her mother on the day of my wedding. I can’t think of a better way to house them to give one day to my daughter!

  37. avatar Kate Burson reply

    I would pack all my essentials for a girls weekend getaway!!!

  38. avatar Ali Williams reply

    My wedding planning it just beginning, so I’m sure there are many trinkets and treasures to put in there that have yet to be discovered. But I definitely think accessories, photos, invitations, and maybe even letters from my parents and my man. Items so special deserve a special storage space – a plastic container definitely wouldn’t do them justice!

  39. avatar Georgia Warren reply

    This box is beautiful! I would use it to store my veil shoes and accessories for my wedding day! The box could be the very first item with my new name that will forever remind me of the start of our lives together.

  40. avatar Vera reply

    I dont even know where to start. This thing is just toooo gorgeous. I would store my Collection of Vintage & handmade flowercrowns made out of fine silk flowers with reat sttention to detail by my friend Niki from Miss Lillys hats. They are on of a kind and deserve the best possible home ever … I think this might just be one of this amazing Trousseau & Co boxes. They would be sent off to a lovely environment :)

  41. avatar Anne Jones reply

    I would store my grandmother’s Pearl/diamond earrings that I plan to wear on my wedding day along with my ballet flats, veil, perfume bottle, and love notes to give to my bridesmaids while we get ready!

  42. avatar Lindsay reply

    My hats! I have inherited so many from my mother and grandmothers!

  43. avatar Marie Davis reply

    I would store all the hairpireces. Copies of all invitations to bridal showers, as well as save the dates and wedding invitations. Along with any other special keepsakes from the wedding

  44. avatar Sarah Walton reply

    I would store my sun hats in one of these beautiful boxes

  45. avatar Kelsey reply

    I would keep all the beautiful cards we
    Were given for our wedding and the notes my husband and I have shared over the years.

  46. avatar Ali Sherrod reply

    As a wedding planner I carry the most essential items for each of my brides on their wedding day. With one of these beautiful boxes I could carry each of my client’s most valuable wedding day possessions – grandma’s vintage hanky, the bracelet mom wore on her wedding day, the sorority pins lent to their sister to pin on her bouquet or grandpa’s medals from his time in the military to hang just above the handle of the wedding bouquet. Every weekend it would have new possessions and again be filled with the endless love that goes along with those.

  47. avatar Amelia reply

    Wow, these are breathtakingly beautiful! I’d love to store all the heirloom treasures in the blush hatbox I’m collecting until the big day!

  48. avatar Mallory Montgomery reply

    I would love to keep special things that I have received throughout my engagement so far and the things that are to come until our wedding in June of 2016! This hat box is absolutely beautiful!

  49. avatar Erin reply

    As I am just starting to plan my wedding, I’d love to keep all the mementos of that day in this one beautiful box. I can see it sitting in my home office now just thinking about it!

  50. avatar Madison reply

    These are so darling! I can’t wait to use my new monogram once we’re married, and I would be tickled to have a hatbox! On the wedding day, I would use it to store my pearl necklace and earrings, my garter, my invitation suite, and a sweet surprise for my mama so that the photographer is able to lay it out and capture those treasured details. Thank you for this blog post! If I won your giveaway, there wouldn’t be anyone more grateful for this dreamy hatbox.

  51. avatar Victoria Spearman reply

    I would put my derby fascinators! The box would look beautiful on top of my armoire dresser.

  52. avatar Shelly Sobol reply

    I absolutely LOVE the blush box, and goes with my blush, blue hydrangea and navy scheme for April 2016. I’d love to use it to store my old, new, borrowed and blue… especially my “old” which is my mother’s lace veil with applique and crochet that was turned into my custom garter!

  53. avatar Gabrielle reply

    I would love to use on my wedding day to keep my something old, something new & something blue! And document with my photographers talent and have as a keep sake for years to come and pass along , to God willing my daughter one day for her wedding day!

  54. avatar Abbey Carter reply

    I’d store my new hat in this beautiful box! Would love to win!

  55. avatar Gabrielle reply

    I would love to use on my wedding day to keep my something old, something new & something blue! And document with my photographers talent and have as a keep sake for years to come and pass along to God willing my daughter one day for her wedding day!

  56. avatar Elizabeth reply

    I would love to use this to carry my bridal necessities to my destination wedding (shoes, heirlooms, etc) and then use it as a way to collect cards and well wishes for the reception back home!

  57. avatar Heather Nugent reply

    I would store special momentos from my wedding on this beautiful hat box!

  58. avatar Mallory Johnson reply

    These are such exquisite pieces- I would fill mine with love letters sent from my grandfather to my grandmother during WW2, my other grandmother’s lace gloves and pearls, my mama’s veil, pressed flowers from my bouquet, and sweet prayers from my family and friends. Thank you all for sponsoring this! xoxo

  59. avatar Molly hauge reply

    would love to store my intimates in this lovely little box!!

  60. avatar Amanda Rohwedder reply

    I would pack my toiletries and “unmentionables”, as well as my special jewelry and accessories in this gorgeous hat box for a weekend getaway trip!

  61. avatar Kaitlyn reply

    My mom has sent me a letter every week I’ve been in college (7 years!), and a monogrammed hat box would be the perfect storage location for them!

  62. avatar Susan jung reply


  63. avatar Annie reply

    I would travel with it! It would be the chicest carry on of all time! Take photos of it on all my journeys. And eventually pass it down to my future daughter.

  64. avatar Emily reply

    I would keep all of the memories from my wedding in it! Save the dates, invites, program/menu, and anything else I want to pull out and reminisce about!

  65. avatar Katie mead reply

    A copy off our wedding invitation and my wedding shoes.

  66. avatar Molly Brooks reply

    These boxes are absolutely lovely! I would pack my haute bride earrings, my wedding day perfume, a spare invitation, and of course a picture of my sweet hubby to be. :)

  67. avatar Kristy reply

    I love to have this to store all of the small personal trinkets :)

  68. avatar Stephanie reply

    Hard to choose with such a gorgeous box! I would likely put my veil, a handkerchief given to me by my grandmother, and other mementos.

  69. avatar Courtney reply

    I would save all the sweet memories from my sister’s, my mother’s and grandmothers’ weddings – photos, pieces of their dress, heirloom jewelry, etc for my wedding day this July!

  70. avatar nicki reply

    What a lovely place for keepsakes: Love letters, a feather found on a special hike, the first birthday gift ever received from a sweetie, pictures, the lace hankie from my grandmother’s wedding, a special prayer book passed through the family.

  71. avatar Lauren W reply

    I have so many so many items from our wedding day that are haphazardly strewn around our house. The handkerchief lined with the lace from my mother’s wedding dress, the notebook my grandfather wrote his wedding wishes to us because he was unable to attend our ceremony, all of the cards we exchanged during the day, and so many more! I would love to have a place to safely store all of these precious items to reflect upon every May 30th and to eventually share with our children. :)

  72. avatar Darby reply

    I would use this to store all the other beautiful things from that day! Something old and something borrowed-A bracelet my great grandmother has passed down for all the brides to wear on the wedding day with the old family home on it- made for her specially by my great grand father,something blue-sorority pin for something blue, something new-my veil. All other necessities for the day as well- garter, shoes, letters from my fiancé, perfume…

  73. avatar Kim reply

    I’ve been coveting a hat box like this since seeing Amal Clooney looking so glamorous with one during her wedding weekend! I’d love to have a cream one, to store whatever hair pieces I decide to wear for my wedding!

  74. avatar Heather B. reply

    I would store my (gold glitter Jimmy Choo!) wedding shoes and jewelry in this gorgeous box. I have been looking for the perfect keepsake box to keep my sentimental wedding items in and this one looks like the perfect home for them.

  75. avatar Kate R. reply

    I love the idea of storing the special things I have from my wedding day! I’ve been trying to figure out a solution for that since my wedding day :)

  76. avatar Allison reply

    I would love to win this giveaway! It’s so beautiful.

  77. avatar Amanda Gutknecht reply

    I would store all of our wedding day things, like the program, invitation, cake topper, etc.

  78. avatar Janelle reply

    thid box is absolutely beautiful and would to use it as my card box at vintage wedding. Afterwards, I would store my wedding photo albums.

  79. avatar Judy Mehalic reply

    I have two beautiful new granddaughters and I would store pictures of them in the hat box so that one day we can look back at all the precious memories.

  80. avatar Cynthia reply

    I have the beautiful porcelain pieces from my cake topper, invitations and photos, some dried flowers and starfish and the books of my vows and the reasons he wanted to marry me that all need a home.

  81. avatar Janine Smajstrla reply

    I would love to give this to my mother to put all of her special pieces from her wedding in. The boxes are so beautiful and perfect for keeping out in her house year round to show off the little things that mean the most to her and it could also be showcased at my future wedding! Absolutely love them!

  82. avatar Celinda reply

    All of the my special wedding keepsakes!

  83. avatar Elizabeth reply

    How GORGEOUS and so very elegant! Among other special heirlooms I would definitely store my pearl halo and bouquet wrap in this lovely box, but I would also probably stick in some sweet treasures from that day in- like the sleeve of my Starbucks cup that morning or a napkin with my lipstick blot!

  84. avatar Chloe reply

    I would love to win and pack it with my shoes, jewelry and signature lip color for my big day!

  85. avatar Lindsay reply

    If I had this gorgeous box I would store all of the little keepsakes I’ve been gathering over the course of my wedding planning/engagement (but first I would take it as a carry-on to my honeymoon and pack it with my honeymoon essentials!)

  86. avatar Elizabeth reply

    The fascinator and veil from my wedding could use a home as lovely as a Trousseau & Co. hat box!

  87. avatar Suzanne T. reply

    These boxes are the perfect marriage treasure chests! I would store my wedding gloves, shoes, jewelry, and veil in one of these hat boxes. I would put little notes from my future husband with them. I would also add a wedding picture, and pictures of our parents on their wedding days. They are our biggest inspirations and incredible examples of what marriage should be.

  88. avatar Ashley erickson reply

    I would keep an invitation, napkins, a few Polaroids, my shoes, my lipstick, a dried flower or two, and some handwritten notes from people.

  89. avatar Emily L. reply

    What beautiful boxes! I would love to store family mementos in the handsome taupe box. As the only girl among an older brother and boy cousins, I’ve become the one my family looks to give old family photographs and special treasures. I love the idea of showing my future children and little family members their history. Taking such sentimental heirlooms out of these beautiful boxes would undoubtedly be a memory made for all.

  90. avatar Julie Kay reply

    my Cuyana beach hat would fit perfectly!

  91. avatar Pamela Bunten reply

    This hat box is absolutely gorgeous and so incredibly special! Our wedding is in September and will combine elegance with tradition and family – all elements that I feel are encapsulated perfectly by these beautiful hat boxes. I’d love to use it to pack my essentials for my wedding day and have my photographer capture a timeless black and white photo of the hat box with those items! Love, love, love!

  92. avatar Janelle reply

    This box is absolutely beautiful! I am having a vintage-themed wedding and would love to use it for my card box. I then would use the box to store my wedding albums and display it in my house.

  93. avatar Brittany Lakes reply

    This is absolutely perfect! It is definitely something that I would use. It is so classy and personalized. I would store all of our special wedding memorabilia; way better than a shoe box! I am keeping a lot of our stuff, not just for precious memories, but also in hopes of passing them down to our children someday.

  94. avatar Laykan Butler reply

    I would use it on my wedding date to carry my shoes, make-up, & my other small wedding necessities needed & in some photo shots. I would also use it on my honeymoon to carry my camera & possibly a bottle of wine.

  95. avatar abbe powres reply

    This would be so lovely for wedding day odds and ends and then for storing mementos and letters later.

  96. avatar Robin reply

    I’d store all our love notes!

  97. avatar Devin O’Donnell reply

    This box is so beautiful and special! I would love to store my shoes, grandmother’s pearls and mother’s handkerchief in this box for my wedding day! Love it

  98. avatar Caroline Cole reply

    I need this! I would love to store my Charlie 1 Horse floppy hat!!

  99. avatar Stephanie Jordan reply

    I would love one of these gorgeous hat boxes for my wedding day next November! I would use it for the wedding day to store my shoes, veil, jewelry, and invitation suite so I can hand it all over to the photographer so they can photograph these sweet memories like yall suggested! But I would also use it after my wedding to store my most treasured belongings to be collected through married life such as letters, favorite pictures, and keepsakes so that one day I may pass the box and its belongings down to my future daughter, and her to her future daughter to become a family heirloom!

  100. avatar Kelsey Ann Gilman reply

    I would love to use the hatbox to collect cards on our special day, showing off just how beautiful it really is. After, I would store our vow books, ring holder, my something old, new, and blue, as well as the USB with all our awesome photos :)

  101. avatar Abby reply

    Along with the orange shoes that I’m designing (I’m a Clemson girl, I can’t help myself!), I’d love to keep my mom’s veil, that I am also wearing for my wedding, in that gorgeous hatbox! Maybe I’ll have a daughter who will also want to wear the veil!

  102. avatar Molly reply

    Letters to my future husband to give him on our wedding day!

  103. avatar Marianna reply

    Would love to store little sentimental memories from the big day in there !!

  104. avatar Alexa Tornberg reply

    I would put all of the beautiful cards and letters loved ones sent to us because words of affirmation is my love language so I love reading through them!

  105. avatar Kris Cornelius reply

    I would store everyone’s comments on what makes a great marriage, along with our love letters and store it in this box, so we could read them on each anniversary!

  106. avatar Elizabeth reply

    The Trousseau & Co’s hat box is the perfect compliment to a Southern Bride’s ensemble! I would tuck away a few of my favorite things that I plan to use on my wedding day- the antique necklace that belonged to my grandmother, my cousin’s exquisite headpiece that she is letting me borrow, the vintage garters from my bridesmaid’s shop in the French Quarter, my best friend’s veil that I plan to wear for the reception, and the perfect blue shoes that my patient and persistent mother found after searching for hours on end. These items make up the collection of items that remind me of how special this day is. A Southern girl is always influenced by the women she surrounds herself with, and to have such lovely reminders of wonderful, inspirational women all stored in one classic heirloom would mean so much!

  107. avatar Natalie reply

    Love these boxes! I would use them to store my wedding shoes, jewelry, my grandmother’s garter, and any momentos from our reception like napkins, champagne cork, pictures.

  108. avatar Michelle Dupont reply

    These are absolutely beautiful! I would love this for keeping the special items from my wedding in June. Things that I hope to pass down to my children one day!

  109. avatar Stephanie Decker reply

    Beautiful and timeless, it’s easy to fall in love with Trousseau’s heirloom hat box. As my fiancé and I plan our July 2016 wedding, I would quickly fill the box with all of our favorite things to remember our big day–photos capturing our day, handwritten vows, invitation suite, jewelry, perfume, shoes, veil, etc.

  110. avatar Sarah Westlake reply

    These pieces are so beautifully made! Wow! I would store my sparkly wedding heels along with some of my other accessories including my veil and jewelry. It would be such a nice piece to store all the smaller pieces take to our venue for our wedding. Completely swoon worthy!

  111. avatar Laura reply

    Beautiful boxes!! I would use it to store letters, cards, movie tickets, photos, etc from my hubby and our adventures

  112. avatar Desiree reply

    I would store my beautiful chinese laundry blush pumps I just ordered to match my wedding dress.

  113. avatar Sara Colbert reply

    I would definitely put my wedding shoes and my wedding jewelry in here for the big day! and then perhaps use it again for the honeymoon!

  114. avatar Kayleigh W. reply

    I would love to start a memory box for our future child (arriving May 2016!) I want him or her to see the beginning of his/her story- how his/her parents met, fell in love, started a family and how that love has grown over time. I’d start with all the birthday cards that were handmade for me by my now husband over the years, include the letters we wrote to each other on our wedding day, and all the sweet things we have already collected for this little one. I think a sense of family and place is so important and I’d love to be able to create a tangible legacy of love for this little one!

  115. avatar Amy S reply

    I would use this to store items of sentimental value — my wedding veil, the wedding letters my husband & I wrote to each other, and future mementos! It’d be a beautiful but also practical piece for our bedroom.

  116. avatar Ashley P. reply

    What a timeless and beautiful box! I would store all of the saved mementos from my relationship with my boyfriend – all of the sweet letters, date reminders, and other items saved from our 14 months together so far.

  117. avatar Valerie reply

    SO Cute! I would love to store my wedding shows, garter, and other precious day mementos!

  118. avatar Whitney Evans reply

    hats from the Carolina Cup! I never know how to store them!

  119. avatar Kelsie reply

    I’d likely store sweet keepsakes from our time of engagement & wedding!

  120. avatar Sally reply

    Classic and elegant. I’d keep those special tokens, a prayer card, handwritten letters, the handkerchief passed down through the family in here. It’s a beautiful pandora’s box of the best memories to open periodically and browse through when you need lifting up.

  121. avatar Anitra reply

    I would store my momma’ handmade cards and scrapbooks as family heirlooms!

  122. avatar Emmy reply

    My most valuable possessions <3

  123. avatar Hope reply

    What a beautiful and sentimental way to store my great grandmother’s veil that has been passed down through the generations until the time comes to pass it on to the next family bride.

  124. avatar Kate reply

    I’ve been looking for the perfect box to store wedding mementos – my veil, some photos, extra invitations. This hatbox is so beautiful, and functional!

  125. avatar Lorelei reply

    My grandmother used to own so many of these–but none of them have lasted. This would be an amazing daily reminder of her.

  126. avatar Elyse G. reply

    I would store my wedding shoes and veil in that gorgeous hat box. *fingers crossed*

  127. avatar Kate Noel reply

    This is amazing!! I would keep my wedding shoes in this gorgeous hatbox!

  128. avatar Shannon Williams reply

    I would store all the precious hand-written letters that my husband has sent me over the years! I love looking back and reminiscing about all that we’ve been through together!

  129. avatar Bethany reply

    I would store the sweet little scalloped flats I wore on my wedding day, scraps of lace from when my grandmother altered my gown by hand, an invitation to our wedding, and my husband’s dried boutonnière in a cream hatbox.

  130. avatar Deanna Griffith reply

    I’d store all the lovely notes we received from family and friends from our engagement through to the after wedding parties. It will be ideal to open it on our first anniversary and reminisce!

  131. avatar Michele reply

    I would store my winter scarves in this hatbox. I think they’d look lovely all rolled up and placed inside.

  132. avatar Kelly reply

    I have a very plain and not very nice box now where I keep things I’ve treasured from my wedding like my veil, invitation, and headpiece. I’d love to give them a more elegant home!

  133. avatar Ashley Hawkins reply

    This beautiful box would be the perfect place to store my wedding mementos, like my save the dates, invitations, program, and keepsake photos!!

  134. avatar Paige Filmeck reply

    I would use this gorgeous box to store my Kurt Geiger wedding shoes. A shoe that beautiful needs a box this beautiful!

  135. avatar Mallory Taylor reply

    I would love to store some of the antique hats I collect in one of these beautiful boxes!

  136. avatar Ashton reply

    Until I meet that one and have a beautiful wedding featured on southern weddings, I’d store my KY derby hats!

  137. avatar Stewart reply

    What a fabulous gift! I would use this to take my bridesmaids’ gifts to their luncheon & then to take my own wedding day accessories the bridal suite.

  138. avatar Uplighting Rental reply

    Absolutely love your website, the pictures are wonderful on the blog.

  139. avatar Britt reply

    Do you know why they stopped selling? I would love one for my wedding.

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