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Hi belles! Every season we like to find a way to get to know you more, and to share our hearts. To dovetail with our current Cozy Fall focus, each of the Southern Weddings gals will be sharing our favorite ways to simplify and get cozy in our home lives over the next few months. We hope our ideas are helpful as you work to streamline and simplify your own lives for what matters most!

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Favorite simple beauty routine or product: Y’all, I am such a product junkie. I love to try new hair and beauty products, so I have a laundry list of favorites. Currently, Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and Philosophy Purity face wash are at the top. I put my makeup on rather early in the morning and don’t have time for touch-ups throughout the day, so the primer helps everything go on smoothly and stay put all day. I’m also religious about taking my makeup off at night, and with a toddler, everything has to be done quickly. Purity takes off mascara and everything in one swoop.

Favorite simple fall activity: The pumpkin patch! This was the first year EK actually knew what was going on at the pumpkin patch, so it could not have been more fun! Though we got caught in a Florida sun shower on the hayride, picking out our family pumpkin, as well as EK’s mini pumpkin, was a blast.

Favorite tech device/app/strategy: When it comes to work, Dropbox, but when it comes to my personal life, Carousel! I have a bajillion photos of my girl on my phone–I am the mama who can’t delete those sweet shots, even the ones where she’s not even looking at the camera. I love how Carousel syncs the photos to my Dropbox, so I don’t have to worry about losing them.

Favorite morning routine that simplifies your life: Instant grits and Kodiak Cake Minute Muffins. EK is going through a phase where she’ll only eat grits for breakfast (I know, #Southernbabyprobs), so I always have a pack of instant grits on hand to make our mornings a bit easier. And the minute muffins? They’re for me. So cozy and so quick. Perfect for busy fall mornings!

Favorite evening routine that simplifies your life: Our dishwasher has a delayed start that I am pretty smitten with. After dinner, we clean up the kitchen and load the dishwasher, and I set the delayed start for the middle of the night. I love that this means the dishwasher doesn’t steal EK’s hot water for bath time, but I won’t forget to start it. Let’s just say forgetting to start the dishwasher has happened more times than I’d like to admit.

Favorite trick for simplifying your schedule: Saying no. It’s so simple, but sometimes, the easiest way to clear your schedule is to just say no. It’s easy to burn the candle at both ends. I’m definitely guilty of trying to jam-pack everything into the weekend because I had a busy week, or trying to go to the grocery store at 8 at night, but sometimes, “no” to whatever is cluttering your schedule is the right answer.

Favorite simple weeknight recipe: Does calling for takeout count? No, really! I’m not much of a chef. However, BDK and I are obsessed with Target’s parmesan breaded chicken. It’s so good, and you buy it pre-made, so it’s the perfect kind-of-home-cooked supper after a busy day. We keep a pack in the freezer for nights when we know we might not have tons of time.

Favorite simple date: Sushi and a movie in. BDK and I have always been movie-night-at-home kind of people–we used to walk to our local Blockbuster when we were in college! I know, Blockbuster! Now, we order “the usual” from our favorite sushi place and pick a movie or TV series to watch on Netflix. I’m known for falling asleep during the movie, so BDK has to tell me the ending in the morning. It’s kind of a tradition.

Favorite simple way you love on your beau: Sleep! I am positive that sleep is one of BDK’s love languages. On the weekends, I get up early with EK and we grab breakfast and dine al fresco on the porch so that BDK can sleep in.

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