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Introducing the Wedding Day Journal

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The day after I got home from my honeymoon, I opened up a fresh Word document and started typing out everything that had happened on my wedding day. It wasn’t anything fancy (the first sentence: “When my alarm went off at 6:15 on the morning of September 15, I was not quite ready to get out of bed.”). Over the next few days, I worked through each moment of that day from dawn to dusk, ultimately ending up with about 3,000 words that chronicled my experience of my one and only wedding.

Looking back, a lot of it is mundane… exactly the kind of detail you’re likely to forget. And I so badly wanted to remember every little moment of that magical day, especially since even just two weeks removed, I could already feel it slipping into happy haziness. I recorded everything, because I had no idea what I would want to remember in the days and decades to come.

I credit this journaling with why, even now, exactly three years later (today!!), I can still remember most of my wedding day with vivid clarity.

So naturally, when we first started discussing the Wedding Day Journal, I was immediately on board. However, the credit for our newest offering really goes to Mrs. Kristin Winchester. After filling out the interview for her own real wedding feature on our site, she commented on how she loved that the questions brought her right back to her wedding day, and how much she loved digging into those memories. She wasn’t the only one – we’ve heard similar accounts from many other featured brides. And while we can’t feature every reader’s wedding on SW, we wanted to give every one of you the opportunity to remember, and record.

Our Wedding Day Journal covers not only your wedding day in great detail, but all of the months (and years) leading up to it. There’s space to write about how you met, dates you’ll never forget, your favorite things to do together, his version of planning the proposal, and more. And on the other side, we’ve reserved pages for the honeymoon, newlywed life, and your first anniversary. (And yes, there’s a page for recording what time you woke up, and what you did, on the morning of your wedding!) Can you imagine what an amazing thing this would be for your children and grandchildren to read one day, once it’s all filled out? It makes me so tickled just thinking about it!

We have a limited number of Wedding Day Journals available right here. The cover is bright white vegan leather, with beautiful gold foil lettering by Kristen Drozdowski. We can’t help but think our Journal makes a perfect gift for a bride to be (or yourself!) side by side with the Southern Weddings Planner, since you can start using them at the same time! If that’s the option you’re interested in, your package is right here.

Happy memory making, and remembering, belles!

All photos by our delightful Blue Ribbon Vendor, Caroline Lima!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Katie reply

    My husband and I were looking for exactly this when we returned from our honeymoon in August! We ended up using a blank May Books notebook to write down our memories, but now I’m going to purchase this and re-copy everything (and surely add more too)!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Love it, Katie! Like you, I’m so glad I did it, and I know you won’t regret the time it takes to recopy and add to your account! :)

  2. avatar Blaire reply

    I love this! I love “legacy” items that will mean so much to my children and grandchildren someday. I just hope I can remember all of the details of my Aug. 1 wedding!

  3. avatar Jadzia reply

    Coming up to 30 years married and I am surprised at how many details I remember of that day but I am sure I would be more surprised at how many I have forgotten! This is a wonderful idea and a beautiful journal!

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