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I am giddy to be writing my first Lisa’s Southern Wedding post of 2015–I’m getting married this year!! Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, by this time next month, our beloved family and friends will be starting to pop their RSVP cards into the mail and book their plane tickets to Raleigh for the big day. I can hardly wait!

Like almost all of my sweet coworkers, and I’m sure many of you as well, I’ve been reading/hoarding wedding magazines since LONG before a fiancé or a ring was anywhere on the horizon. In college, I discovered wedding blogs too, and now, thinking/reading/writing/talking about weddings is my job. Yes, it is the best :) It also means that one of the first questions many people asked me when I started planning my own wedding was if I’d had it mentally planned for years. My answer to that is an emphatic no, but that said, I will admit that there are a few details that I have always known would be included in my future wedding. Thankfully, Dave loves all of these ideas as much as I do, and I’m excited to share them with y’all today!

1. Some of my all-time favorite wedding pictures are of brides getting into vintage cars–I can just imagine the anticipation and excitement of these moments, and there is always a quiet calm about them too that I just love. Dave and I really want to spend our first few moments of marriage alone, and sitting in the back of a beautiful old car together for the drive from our ceremony to our reception would be a dream come true! P.S. We have been hunting high and low for a beautiful old car in the Triangle, so if any Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill friends know of any, please email me!

Top: 509 Photo via Southern Weddings; bottom: Ali Harper via Something Pretty, A Bryan Photo via Southern Weddings

2. I love creative escort card displays as much as the next wedding magazine editor, but my favorite has always been simple rows of cards in beautiful, classic calligraphy. Elegant, understated, and incredibly timeless. Yes please!

Top: Jenny Ebert via Something Pretty, Katie Stoops via Southern Weddings; bottom: Josh Gruetzmacher via Snippet & Ink, Patricia Kantzos via Something Pretty

3. Dave and I are both deeply thankful for the amazing marriages we’ve witnessed in our families, and paying tribute to those relationships at our wedding is a no-brainer. We’ll be displaying wedding photos of our parents, grandparents, and Dave’s siblings on our guest book table, and we can’t wait to see them all lined up!

Haley Sheffield via Southern Weddings

4. I love the thought of wedding decor that can be repurposed in our newlywed home, and one of my favorite ideas is our bar sign! We’ll be serving wine, a fun assortment of local North Carolina beers, and a signature cocktail on the big day, and we’re asking a calligrapher to make an oversized sign outlining the options. We’re leaving our names and the date off of the sign so that it’ll be right at home displayed above a bar cart in our future living room! Here are a few designs that I love.

Top: Katie Stoops via Southern Weddings, Jen Huang via Style Me Pretty; bottom: Amanda Dumouchelle via Style Me Pretty

There will be many more details at our wedding, but y’all will have to wait till after May 2 to find out about those! Now I want to hear from you–are there any details you have always known would be included in your wedding? Big or small, serious or sweet, I’d love to hear them!

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  1. avatar Dana reply

    Love the bar sign! These weeks can’t go by fast enough!

  2. avatar Lara reply

    I love all of this! So inspired by your heart and these meaningful touches!

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