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We Want You in Southern Weddings V7!

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Friends! We are SO close to sending our next issue to print, but before we do, we need some help from our sweet married readers with one of our favorite upcoming features!

Love this photo of Clark and Caroline Brewer from their Southern Newlywed post!

We would love to hear your answer to this question: what is your favorite thing about being married? Please feel free to elaborate and get creative!

Comment below and tell us by Friday! We’ll sprinkle our favorite answers throughout the next issue, so please only comment if it’s okay for us to include your quote, plus your first name, last initial, and hometown in print. We’d love to have you join us!

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lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar Ashley Hirst reply

    The best thing about being married is having your best friend always by your side. I love seeing his smiling face everyday after work, it makes going home so much better!
    Ashley H, Orlando, FL

  2. avatar Mary V. reply

    I think my comment got eaten so I’m trying again!

    My husband and I dated long distance for almost 5 years before we got married 2 years ago so my favorite thing about being married is all the time we get to spend together now! Since most of our dating was spent rushing around weekends trying to fit a month’s worth of activities into two days, we now look forward to any weekend that has zero plans and use that time to create a blanket nest on the couch.

  3. avatar Jillian reply

    My favorite thing about being married is having a partner, to help you, hug you and be there for you whenever you need it. My second favorite, a close runner up, is a having a lifelong sleepover with your favorite person.

    Jillian S. Beltsville, MD

  4. avatar Maggie Hickman reply

    The absolute best thing about being married is having an accountability partner in my walk with Jesus Christ. My husband keeps me grounded, and helps me to remember to always keep God first in every aspect of life. He’s also pretty cute to look at!

  5. avatar Whitney M reply

    Knowing that I always have someone in my corner & on my side (: No matter if my hair is a mess or I completely burn a casserole, he’s right there waiting with a hug & kiss. He truly embodies what “extending grace” means, & it’s one of my favorite things about having a husband!

  6. avatar Lauren P reply

    It’s been surprisingly fun to have the same last name. Newly monogrammed things aside :).. When you’re dating you don’t think how it will feel for people to refer to you as mrs-his-name. There’s something about it that feels so fun and special and permanent, connecting you to generations before you and beginning your own little family of two.

  7. avatar Amy Salo reply

    My favorite part of marriage is getting to start and end each day with my best friend. It’s the fact that his home is my home, too.

  8. avatar Lauren P reply

    I was surprised by how much I love sharing a last name. There’s something so sweet and special about being Mrs-his-name. You feel connected to generations before and that somehow it makes your little family of two official.

  9. avatar Lesley Tapley reply

    The best part about being married is having a partner to experience every walk of life with; the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

  10. avatar Melissa P. reply

    My favorite thing about being married is having someone who makes me want to be the best version of myself. Even after almost 9 years, he still constantly encourages me to be successful, loves me like I’m the most deserving person in the world- even when most times I feel far from deserving.

  11. avatar Lacey Rabalais reply

    There’s so many things I love about being married. Besides having someone to take out the trash and kill bugs, it’s wonderful to have a partner in life. Someone to enjoy the big moments along with the little ones. Someone to cheer you on and lift you up. Someone to keep you in check when you’re getting a little crazy. Someone to just truly love you and for you to love back.

  12. avatar Juliana Spivey reply

    I am the luckiest girl in the world simply because I got to marry the man of my dreams. As I’ve grown older, I have had many goals + aspirations added to my “bucket list”, but now I realize that my husband, Clayton, entirely encompasses it. He is my bucket list. He is my glass half-full, if not overflowing, and he makes me a better person because of that. He makes me laugh, he comforts me when I cry, he takes my breath away, & still makes my heart skip a beat. He captured my heart and I gladly threw away the key, and I am beyond blessed to have gained a partner who will walk with me by my side, hand in hand, to wherever our journey leads us.

  13. avatar Meredith Shanks reply

    My favorite thing about married is doing life with my best friend. Whether it’s praying before we go to sleep or making chocolate chip pancakes on a Saturday morning, I love making memories with him.

  14. avatar Jennifer M reply

    My favorite things about being married are Friday date nights, daily runs outside…even though I get passed because I’m much slower ;), traveling to new and exciting places, long chats over coffee on Saturday mornings, nighttime snuggles and best of all…knowing my husband and I are living “OUR” dream together!!

  15. avatar Bryson Kessler reply

    I met my husband in college. My mother passed away the year prior to breast cancer. I knew, when I met my husband, that he was the one – instantly. He felt the same thing. Because I was still dealing with the loss of my mother, I was not emotionally ready for the relationship. I moved to a different college and we both moved forward with our lives. After 15 years and failed marriages, we were randomly reunited. We have now been married for three years. My favorite part of my marriage is knowing each day that, although the path has been broken and painful, by grace, I was given a second chance to walk through my crazy, joyful, flawed and completely beautiful life with my best friend and love of my life!

  16. avatar Jamie Leakey reply

    My favorite thing about marriage is creating and establishing family traditions with my husband! I live for sweet memories and it has been so much fun to share them with my best friend!

  17. avatar Stacy W. reply

    To put it simply, I get to see my favorite person in the entire world every single day. What’s better than that?

  18. avatar Leanne Woodward reply

    My favorite part of being married is continuously learning from each other and growing with each other. We each have our own passions, but are always willing to share those interests with each other. My husband taught me to fish, golf and shoot; I shared my passion for running, yoga and cooking. We love the opportunity to engage in these interests with each other!

  19. avatar Tanya P reply

    There are so many! But my favorite part is falling asleep wrapped in each other’s arms and waking up to sweet, good morning kisses. We’ve been married for 5 years now, and it’s still something we look forward to all day and can’t wait to get home for!

  20. avatar Mandy Volpe reply

    My favorite thing about being married is that he knows me better than I know myself and shows that to me with little gestures of surprises. That moment when he comes home from work with a lemonade in hand because he knows I had a rough day is truly the sweet spot of marriage!

  21. avatar Laura Kittrell reply

    The best thing about being married is never having to say goodbye at the end of the night! I remember hating that when we were dating, and now we don’t have to! I love doing life with my very best friend. He see’s me at my best and worst, and I love that at the end of a hard day or argument he will lean over and say, “You know there is no one that I would rather do this with….right?” For better or worse.

  22. avatar Haley M; Raleigh, NC reply

    The little moments are my favorite part of marriage; fits of laughter, morning coffee, silly dancing, and evening strolls with our dog.

  23. avatar Leanne Woodward reply

    My favorite part about being married is continuously learning from each other and always growing with each other. We each have our own passions, but are always willing to share our interests with one another. My husband has taught me to fish, golf and shoot; I’ve shared my passion for running, yoga and cooking. We love the opportunity to engage in these interests together! – Leanne W. Durham, North Carolina

  24. avatar Kelsey Hawkins reply

    My husband and I have been married for 3 months and I am a brand new military wife. I still get butterflies when he walks in our door is his uniform. I love hearing him introduce me as his wife, I don’t think that will ever get old. I love knowing that in all of the ups and downs of life, we get to go through them together.

    -Kelsey H
    Savannah, GA

  25. avatar Janine P reply

    My favorite thing about being married is two-fold. It’s the pride I feel when I call him my husband and the comfort I feel knowing that I have a companion for life with whom I love more and more every day.

  26. avatar Sally Maxwell reply

    Laughing everyday like I’m in high-school. My husband is mature and serious and but has always made me laugh with a good sense of humour, however it wasn’t until we were married that I saw his real silly side. He is a creative (graphic designer) so he’s forever making up silly but creative on-the-spot songs depending on what I’m doing (like making sandwiches) and turns an otherwise menial moment into hilarity. I love that he tries to make me laugh and loves to see me happy! How nice that it’s someone’s goal each day just to see you happy and laughing.

  27. avatar Emma A. reply

    Having a built in late night chinese take out partner and fellow car dancing aficionado. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that mean the most. Emma A. Washington D.C.

  28. avatar Katie Harper reply

    I feel like my favorite thing about being married should somehow sound more glamorous. We have been married for 6 years and anytime anyone asks me about marrital advice I tell them you have to want to be married just as much as you want the person. It’s not enough to love the person next to you, you have to love being yolked to them. That is my very favorite thing – that i am connected to my spouse. He makes my burdens lighter, my happiness more happy and my sorrows less cumbersome. He pulls with me everyday. I love how the Savior said, take my yolk upon you…and he shall find rest unto your soul. I think it’s the perfect model for marriage. Commit to one another and pull with all your might through this life. I love that my husband is my dear companion through the good and rough terrain of this life. And that we are not just in love with each other, but in love with being yolked together.

  29. avatar Carolyn G. reply

    My favorite part of being married is witnessing the vulnerable moments, the things that don’t happen around anyone but me, knowing that my husband trusts me enough to be himself without concern for judgement.

    I would love it if you would like to include my quote!
    Carolyn G.
    Greenwood, SC

  30. avatar Haley Bohon reply

    On a serious note, I love having a teammate. We have such a baby marriage, but it is already the sweetest thing to have a partner to walk through life with.

    On a less serious note? Well, my husband is a fantastic cook, and it’s his turn in the kitchen every Tuesday. So…Tuesday evenings are one of my favorite parts of marriage ;)

    – Haley B.
    Charlotte, North Carolina

  31. avatar Kati Mallory reply

    There are so many great things about being married, but my favorite is that I get to start and end each day with my best friend. However, there are simple pleasures about marriage that bring a smile to my face – I love getting my mail and seeing his last name behind my first, and I love sending Christmas Cards from our family to others. I think marriage is about the simple things in life, and just knowing that I get to share my everything with him brings me the greatest joy!

  32. avatar Kati C. reply

    My favorite part of being married is cooking dinner for my hubby each night. Like many Southern women I show love through food, and it makes me so happy to make his favorite dishes and watch him clean his plate!

  33. avatar Marilisa reply

    My favorite thing about being married is having a “forever” date to all of life’s events and adventures! Whether it’s going to weddings, dinners, movies, concerts, work events- you name it- I love that even though we’re married, he’s always my date :)

  34. avatar Marilisa S. reply

    Athens, Georgia!!

  35. avatar Emily P. reply

    Our favorite part of being married is the amazing sense of comfort we find in our relationship. When our lives outside of our relationship get chaotic and stressful we know that our stability at home will carry us through. While we have many things in our lives to question, we never question our relationship.

  36. avatar Tiffany H. reply

    My favorite thing about being married is knowing that – as happy and full of love as our lives are now- the best is yet to come!

    Washington, D.C. (always a Tennessee girl at heart)

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