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Most of y’all know that Marissa works remotely for us, traveling around the country (and, when lucky, around the Southeast!) with her baseball playing husband. We love hearing about her adventures on the road, but we’re a little sad that their on-the-go lifestyle means that none of us – not one – have ever met Brandon. Today’s Southern Gent, feature, then, is really a behind-the-scenes peek for us as much as y’all! Please join us in welcoming and learning a little more about Marissa’s mustache-sporting man of mystery!!

Amy Paulson

Name: Branch Kloess
What do you do for a job? Professional baseball player
Your Southern Weddings gal: Marissa
How and when you became a Southern Weddings gent: We had a class together in college, and what started as friendship quickly grew into something more. But, I actually had her from the very first day.

Jennifer Pharr

What contributions have you made to SW that people may not realize? I always help on all of the Alabama articles, since that’s my home state, and I’m good at suggesting Southern date nights and fun things to do across the South, since I’ve traveled so much for baseball. I have also served as the inspiration for plenty of Southern gentleman features, especially Marissa’s Southern Gentleman article in V5–see page 287. I also taught Marissa how to tie a bow tie, so I think that counts for something!
What is something you shouldn’t know about weddings, but do, thanks to SW? With Marissa as my wife, I know a lot about monograms. Not sure if that’s from SW or just Marissa.

Have you ever been recognized by a stranger because of SW? No, not yet.
What percentage of your social media followers come from SW? There are a few, but more notably, my mustache had its own Twitter.
What is the best thing about being an SW gent? Press trips! Marissa and I got to go on an awesome one to Key West! My favorite part was the key lime pie.
If given the chance, would you become a Southern Weddings employee? I think it would be a fun experience.
Favorite Southern food? Shrimp and grits!

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  1. avatar Breanna reply

    Wow! What amazing photographs. Your daughter is so adorable hanging out with her daddy. I think it is so cute that he says he had her from the very first day. What a special couple. Many blessings to your beautiful family!

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