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Bridesmaid dress shopping is generally not the easiest part of wedding dress shopping. In fact, I’ve written previously about how challenging the search was for my own wedding! I love hearing about anything that makes the process easier, which is why I’m delighted to introduce you to Little Borrowed Dress – bridesmaid dresses you can rent, for a surprisingly affordable price!

Little Borrowed Dress offers an easy solution to finding a stylish, affordable dress for your bridesmaids. And yes, we really do mean affordable — most short styles are $50 to rent, and most long dresses are $75. The dresses are also available for purchase, if your bridesmaids prefer, and those prices are great, too! (Generally $150 to $185.) If you’d like your bridal party to wear a long gown, I think LBD is an especially great option, because most long styles tend to be a minimum of $250, and even if your gals like the dress, they probably won’t have too many other opportunities to wear it. (If only we got to get gussied up and go somewhere fancy every day!)

Little Borrowed Dress offers 12 lovely styles in 18 colors (and you can order three free fabric swatches!). Every dress is made in New York, which helps keep the quality high. We also love that LBD shows women of all shapes and sizes modeling their dresses on their website, giving you a more accurate idea of what the dresses might look like on your gals. They even have options for pregnant friends! Here are a few of our favorites:

Wondering how it works? Once you’ve made your color and style decisions, place your rental reservation online. Your dresses will arrive two weeks before the wedding ready to wear, and they even include a second size with every rental just in case! Post-wedding, drop them in the mail in pre-paid packaging, and LBD will take care of the rest.

Lucky for us, Little Borrowed Dress is offering up a goodness gracious giveaway! To enter for the chance to outfit up to four bridesmaids for free, just take a peek at all of the dress styles on Little Borrowed Dress and leave a comment here telling us which is your favorite before March 31. One winner will be picked at random on April 1! For full terms and conditions, see here.

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Rachel reply

    Love the Madison dress!

  2. avatar Nicki reply

    I like the Olivia !

  3. avatar Victoria reply

    I love the Emma style!!

  4. avatar Chelsea Smith reply

    I absolutely LOVE the Little Borrowed Dresses, and I would love even more for my maids to wear them!

  5. avatar Chelsea Smith reply

    Whoops! My favorite is the Emma!

  6. avatar C.H. reply

    I’d love to put my girls in any one of the long dresses. The Catherine is classic!

  7. avatar Danielle OMalley reply

    My favorite style is Jane!

  8. avatar Vickey Tsai reply

    I love Ann and Olivia styles – I want my bridesmaids to wear something with a strap so that they’ll be comfortable all day and not feel like they need to tug or pull on their falling strapless dresses. The Ann and Olivia are both classic and beautiful designs with pleating around the waistline that allows for movement to hide any full bellies :)

  9. avatar Amanda reply

    If I have to choose one, I think Jane is my favorite. However, I really like the idea of letting my bridesmaids choose which style they like after I’ve chosen the color (probably skipper).

  10. avatar jennifer reply

    I like the Madison.

  11. avatar Hilari reply

    The “Kate” and “Emma” dresses are my favorite! What a fabulous idea!!

  12. avatar Cydney S. reply

    I love the Jane dress in Sea Glass!

  13. avatar Danielle Michels reply

    I just ordered some swatches from LBD! So glad y’all are doing this giveaway!

    I love the Madison style since it’s flattering for almost every shape!

  14. avatar Samantha reply

    I’m in LOVE with the Emma dress!!

  15. avatar Logan B. reply

    Short dresses with straps are definitely my favorite — they’re so versatile and are sure to look great on any bridesmaid!

  16. avatar Kelly reply

    Love the Kate style!

  17. avatar Mykl reply

    I loveeeee the Cheryl! Love it in the mint color especially:)

  18. avatar Bianca reply

    I love the Jane!

  19. avatar Jordan Troublefield reply

    Oh what a great idea it is to rent!
    Loving the Hillary in the butter yellow color!

  20. avatar Laura Beth Mullins reply

    I love the Jane dress in Skipper! I would love for my bridesmaids to wear this dress!

  21. avatar Alison reply

    I love the Catherine and Jane dresses! My ‘maids would look stunning in them!!

  22. avatar Sara reply

    I would let my girls choose the style best suited for them and I would pick the color — cream. I love the Olivia as a rehearsal dinner option for myself though!

  23. avatar Elizabeth Cox reply

    Loooooving the Olivia style! It would compliment our bride’s dress beautifully! :)

  24. avatar Jessica Walker reply

    I love the Ann style dress in mint! It’s just what I’m looking for my bridesmaids to wear in our winter wedding!

  25. avatar Olivia Foster reply

    I absolutely love the Ann dress one shoulder dresses are my soft spot :) But I have fallen equally in love with the Olivia (I love the name

  26. avatar Leah Barber reply

    My favorite style is the Madison. It’s perfect!

  27. avatar Christine Schultz reply

    I love the Hillary dress!

  28. avatar Lauren reply

    I love the Kate! LBD is such a great idea.

  29. avatar Kristin Jolly reply

    My favorite dress style from little borrowed dress is definitely the long sweetheart neckline dress. So elegant and classic.

  30. avatar Mallary reply

    I love bridesmaids in mismatched styles. All the same color, just a different dress for each individual bridesmaid.

  31. avatar Kim reply

    Love the Jane in Sage!

  32. avatar Sadie Schureck reply

    What a wonderful concept! Long, mismatched styles in Slate would be a great way for each bridesmaid to choose what she feels most comfortable wearing!

  33. avatar Nicole reply

    LOVE the long dress that is green in the picture, but I would prefer it in blush coloring!

  34. avatar Angela reply

    I love the Catherine dress! My girls would look great in this one-shouldered look! :) It would be so amazing to win a drawing like this– thanks for the opportunity!

  35. avatar Veronica V reply

    My favorite styles are the Hillary and the Mia. I like these because they are perfect for a beach wedding.

  36. avatar Elisha Dudley reply

    I like the Jane!

  37. avatar Alyssa Thiele reply

    I love the Jane! It has the vintage, romantic look that I am looking for and would flatter all body types.

  38. avatar Melody Chapman reply

    My favorite is the Madison style. I love how flowy it is at the bottom and the criss-cross top would flatter everyone!

  39. avatar Amanda Gardner reply

    I LOVE the Jane dress! It is exactly the style I have in mind for my wedding!

  40. avatar Emily Zorn reply

    I love the Grace and Jane styles! Classic :)

  41. avatar Meredith reply

    I love the Ann in Papaya. That color is so pretty!

  42. avatar Kayla reply

    I love the Catherine dress. It is a flattering style and would look great on anyone!

  43. avatar Mary reply

    Oooh, the Catherine has been a favorite of mine for a long time! Whether I win this wonderful contest or not, we’re still using LBD for my June wedding. :)

  44. avatar Camry reply

    Jane :) So pretty and flowy

  45. avatar Jena reply

    I love the Jane! Would really love for my girls to wear them to my beach wedding!!

  46. avatar Elisabeth reply

    This is such a great idea, thanks for introducing me to the site. I loved the Kate most of all! I ordered some color swatches from them just now :)

  47. avatar Kira reply

    I love the Jane! Crossing my fingers!!

  48. avatar Allyssia reply

    Hillary has to be my favorite style but same color different style is still a possibility.

  49. avatar mmhines reply

    What a great idea – I have been having a hard time coming up with suggestions for my bmaids because they all live in different states, so renting could be a killer option for them. I LOVE the Ann style!

  50. avatar Ruth Carmon reply

    My favorite style for bridesmaids is the Hillary and for the maid of honor the Grace

  51. avatar Britni reply

    Heard about LBD a few weeks ago and kicking myself for not thinking of this idea first :) For my wedding, I would like the girls in long dresses so I’m gravitating towards Madison as the fave – but I’m all for the (controlled) mix-matched styles!

  52. avatar Shannon reply

    Olivia is my favorite, this would be SO COOL to win!

  53. avatar Laurel reply

    Madison & Ann are my favorites :)

  54. avatar Megan reply


  55. avatar Anna reply

    I REALLY like the style “Ann”, especially in Plum. I mean how could I not like that style, with an awesome name like Ann? ;)

  56. avatar Brittany Lau reply

    I love leigh and Cheryl

  57. avatar Christina C reply

    I love the Catherine Dress

  58. avatar Christina C reply

    forgot to include the link!

  59. avatar Tabitha reply

    I’ve been planning on getting my bridesmaid dresses from Little Borrowed Dress, because the styles are so cute but won’t break the bank (important for kids fresh out of school). My favorite style is the Emma- I really love that gathered neckline!

  60. avatar Kacey Capps reply

    My favorite dresses are Catherine! I also love Hillary!

  61. avatar Meghan reply

    Kate is my favorite and it will flatter all body types!

  62. avatar Caitlyn Kryston reply

    I love the Catherine or Emma. What a great idea!

  63. avatar Cherin reply

    Its a touch decision but I would put my bridesmaid in the Mai in Papaya and my Matron of honor in the Mia in but in Blush or Peach. Not sure which so I just ordered the 3 free swatches. Fingers crossed

  64. avatar Kari reply

    Love the Madison!

  65. avatar Jenna reply

    I love them all! But the Emma in Sea Glass is my favorite :)

  66. avatar Amanda Gardner reply

    I love the Jane! It is exactly what I have been imagining for my wedding, and powder blue is the PERFECT color.

  67. avatar Amanda reply

    I love Jane! I forgot to link the website earlier. :) I just adore this dress!

  68. avatar Kathleen Q. reply

    I love love LOVE the Catherine dress in Blush! This dress would beautifully compliment my girls, who are all different sizes! I hope I win :)

  69. avatar Tricia reply

    The Jane is the exact style I have been looking for. The perfect dress to belt and it can be rented! How have I never heard of this?

  70. avatar Lindsay Kerins reply

    I love the Emma I feel like it could be really flattering on any figure!

  71. avatar Monica reply

    I love the dress Hilary! Too cute!!!

  72. avatar Sarah E. reply

    I love the Madison in Steel. I like that my bridesmaids could mix and match styles and still go together perfectly.

  73. avatar Heather R reply

    I think my favorite is the Madison, but I also really like Olivia, Catherine….ok, most of the dresses haha

  74. avatar Gabby P reply

    I Love the Hillary style!

  75. avatar Katie reply

    Love the long flowing style! This would be a great fit for my full chested girls and still flatter my not-so-full chested maids ;)

  76. avatar Melissa Kay reply

    Oh m goodness, I have never heard of the opportunity to rent bridesmaids dresses and found it so unfair since groomsmen can easily borrow a tux the day of.

    The Catherine style would look fantastic on my bridesmaids; even if I don’t win I’m directing these lovely ladies to this website.

    My colors are purple so Iris and Plum alternating coloring would be stunning.

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  77. avatar Katrina Holloway reply

    Kate in Sage would be perfect for my maid of honor. She’s really busty and has an olive skin tone. The back up size offer is so cool since she has problems finding a correct size for her chest. :) <3

  78. avatar Olivia S. reply

    So lovely! My itty bitty bridesmaids would look like little princesses in the blush colored floor length Ann design.

  79. avatar Kathleen K reply

    Wow! These seem so high quality and renting is a really cool option.

    Eeeeeeh! The Leight is totally amazing.

    Maybe in sea glass?

  80. avatar ShaRi reply

    Madison, Jane, or Ann are my favorites. I feel no matter what time or season these are timeless and elegant and fit all body types.

  81. avatar Janelle reply

    The Cheryl is a fantastic look! :)

  82. avatar Claudia reply

    The Olivia dress is fabulous!

  83. avatar Amber reply

    I love the “Madison,” which was surprising because I typically go for short dresses! They are all wonderful.

  84. avatar Carol reply

    I love the Jane style. So pretty!

  85. avatar Latoya smith reply

    Short dresses

  86. avatar Latoya cherry reply


  87. avatar Harrelle Porter reply

    Dear Little Borrowed Dress,

    I am in love with “Jane!” She is a beauty and would love for my bridesmaids to be able to walk down the aisle in this flattering piece. This dress will fit any figure which makes it very versatile which is a very important.

    You can find Ms. “Jane” below:

    Yours truly,
    Harrelle Porter future Mrs. Thompson

  88. avatar Stephanie Bell reply

    I LOVE the Olivia! I looks elegant and classy… and yet comfortable too!

  89. avatar Monica Starr-Arthur reply

    I love the Kate from LBD! My BFF is finally tying the knot after 10 years, I’m so happy that they’ve made the commitment to go for happily ever after. The wedding will be lakeside in Mass and will be georgeous in August! We can’t wait to try out LBD!

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