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Friends! We’re just six days away from Christmas, and the Southern Weddings office is humming with anticipation! I am SO delighted to present our very last 12 Days of Christmas giveaway to you, because it is one that is near and dear to my heart.

Yes, we’re giving away a custom veil from Chaviano Couture! As many of you know, I wore a creation handmade by Annette for my wedding, and veil questions are by far some of the most common I field. My sister-in-law and I actually commissioned this beauty jointly, and we both wore it on our wedding days (she was married two months before me).

Katie Stoops

And those of you who have been with us for a long time might recall that Katharine also wore a Chaviano Couture veil — it’s kind of a Southern Weddings tradition!

A Bryan Photo, from Katharine + Kyle’s wedding

Though I sold my gown post-wedding, Marget and I are hoping our veil will become an heirloom that other women in our family, or even our daughters or nieces, will want to wear someday. Annette’s creations are just beautiful, and I know our lucky winner will love working with her to create something one-of-a-kind!

Win: A Chaviano Couture custom veil valued up to $300

Number of winners: One

Ways to enter:*
1. Hop over to Annette’s site, then leave a comment here telling us your favorite gown style from her collection.
2. Like Chaviano Couture on Facebook, then leave a comment here telling us you did so.
3. Pin one of Annette’s gowns to Pinterest, then leave a comment here with a link to your pin.
4. Follow Annette on Twitter, then leave a comment here telling us you did so.

*You can enter as many or as few ways as you’d like, but you MUST leave a separate comment for each entry! We use a random number generator to choose a number and then match it to the corresponding comment, so it’s definitely in your favor to do so!

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P.S. Annette has graciously offered a 10% discount on veil and gown orders to readers who mention Southern Weddings and place an order before January 31, 2014!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Hollis Harmon reply

    Wow those are some beautiful dresses but my favorite would have to be the Britteny Leigh!

  2. avatar Hollis Harmon reply

    Liked on facebook!!!

  3. avatar Hollis Harmon reply


  4. avatar Hollis Harmon reply

    Followed on Twitter!

  5. avatar Kathleen reply

    I love the Marie bodice!!

  6. avatar Kathleen reply

    I liked it on Facebook :)

  7. avatar Kathleen reply

    I pinned it:

  8. avatar Kathleen reply

    Followed on Twitter!

  9. avatar Margaret reply

    I liked Chaviano on Facebook!!

  10. avatar Margaret reply

    I love the Georgia belt and the Nikki gown! Both are so pretty!!

  11. avatar Margaret reply

    I followed on Twitter!

  12. avatar Kate E. reply

    I love the Annabelle Gown. So beautiful!!

  13. avatar Kate E. reply

    I “Liked” on FB.

  14. avatar Kate E. reply

    I followed on twitter!

  15. avatar Hannah Mallalieu reply

    Liked on Facebook!

  16. avatar Hannah Mallalieu reply

    Love the Nikki gown as a getaway dress!

  17. avatar Lindy reply

    While I do not personally need this incredibly prize (I was lucky enough to have access to my mom’s gorgeous vintage lace veil!), my best friend is recently engaged and planning a fall wedding. I know she would LOVE this! I know it’s not a gown, but the Ariele Bolero from Fall 2013 makes me swoon!! LOVE!

  18. avatar Justyne M reply

    I love the Naika Gown

  19. avatar Justyne Matheny reply

    I like Chaviano Bridal Couture on Facebook

  20. avatar Justyne M reply

  21. avatar Justyne M reply

    I (@bridejem) follow Annette Thurmon on twitter

  22. avatar Sarah Brooke reply

    I love the Ivy!

  23. avatar Sarah Brooke reply

    I liked on Facebook

  24. avatar Sarah Brooke reply

    I follow on twitter (@bowtiesbowtique)

  25. avatar Alaina reply

    Liked Chaviano Couture on facebook.

  26. avatar Alaina reply

    Pinned on Pinterest

  27. avatar Alaina reply

    Favorite gown on the website is the Ariele Bolero

  28. avatar Alaina reply

    Following on Tweeter

  29. avatar Diana Schmitmeyer reply

    I liked on Facebook!

  30. avatar Diana Schmitmeyer reply

    My favorite gown is the Noelle Gown!

  31. avatar Diana Schmitmeyer reply

    I pinned my favorite gown on Pinterest!

  32. avatar Samantha Wright reply

    I would love to walk down the isle in March wearing Chaviano’s Peplum gown!

  33. avatar Samantha Wright reply

    Following on Twitter!

  34. avatar Samantha Wright reply

    Liked Chaviano Couture on Facebook!

  35. avatar Samantha Wright reply

    Just pinned my dream reception dress on Pinterest!

  36. avatar Rachel reply

    LOVE the Kristy gown! Truly one of a kind.

  37. avatar Rachel reply

    I also followed on twitter.

  38. avatar nicki reply

    i love the annabell gown!

  39. avatar Kelsey reply

    Oooh I would love to win this veil! I am getting married in July and haven’t found the perfect one to fit with my dress yet. My favorite gown of hers is the Ginny!

  40. avatar C.H. reply

    I am following on Twitter

  41. avatar C.H. reply

    Ivy and Ginny are so different, but both gorgeous!

  42. avatar Hibben reply

    Just followed on Twitter! @hibhop

  43. avatar Logan reply

    I liked the Facebook page.

  44. avatar Logan reply

    Followed on twitter.

  45. avatar Brittney reply

    I absolutely adore the Katiana Gown! It’s subtly sexy, soft, and so elegant!

  46. avatar Brittney reply

    I liked Chaviano Bridal Couture on FB!

  47. avatar Stephanie Wilborn reply

    Like Chaviano Couture on Facebook!

  48. avatar Brittney reply

    I pinned Chaviano couture’s “leigh” because it’s breathtaking!

  49. avatar Catie reply

    I love Annette’s Peplum gown! So Beautiful!!

  50. avatar Catie reply

    I “Liked” Chaviano Bridal Couture on facebook! @catiebyerly

  51. avatar Stephanie Wilborn reply

    Following Annette on twitter!

  52. avatar Kira reply

    I love the Kristy gown!

  53. avatar Stephanie reply

    Absolutely love the ethereal quality of the Kristy gown! It looks like the gown my mom wore for her wedding, but with a whimsy that hers didn’t have!

  54. avatar Brittney reply

    I followed Annette on twitter!

  55. avatar Kira reply

    I liked on Facebook!

  56. avatar Kira reply

    I pinned here:

  57. avatar Amanda Gullett reply

    My Favorite Dress is the Valentina

  58. avatar Catie reply

    I pinned Chaviano Couture’s Peplum gown! @catieb89

  59. avatar Amanda Gullett reply

    Liked Chaviano Couture Bridal on Facebook!

  60. avatar Amanda Gullett reply

    Followed Annette on Twitter!

  61. avatar Catie reply

    I followed Annette Thurmon
    @chavianocouture on twitter! @catieb89

  62. avatar Kelli Cheatham reply

    Went to the website and I LOVE the Kacie Gown! It’s so whimsical and delicate, reminds me of my gown :-) now all I need is the VEIL to make it complete!!

  63. avatar Ellen Viser reply

    I just love the Noelle gown from the Fall 2013 collection! Isn’t it beautiful? The sheer overlay and fitted bodice are timeless but fresh, so perfect for a southern bride. And wouldn’t it look so great with a big bouquet of magnolia blossoms?
    I liked Chaviano Bridal on Facebook! I’m excited to see more gorgeous, unique gowns)

  64. avatar Amanda Gullett reply

    I pinned the Valentina gown.

  65. avatar Ellen reply

    and I followed Annette on twitter :)

  66. avatar Ellen reply

    oops! I just saw they need to be separate entries!

  67. avatar Ellen reply

    I liked Chaviano Bridal on Facebook! I’m excited to see more gorgeous, unique gowns

  68. avatar Mary Kathryn Quigley reply

    Liked on facebook!

  69. avatar Larissa M reply

    The Ivy is lovely!

  70. avatar Mary Kathryn Quigley reply

    Followed on Twitter!

  71. avatar Sterling Blankenship reply

    “Liked” on Facebook!

  72. avatar Sterling Blankenship reply

    “Followed” on Twitter!

  73. avatar Mary Kathryn Quigley reply

    My favorite has to be the Annabelle Gown!

  74. avatar Sterling Blankenship reply

    I love the Lalune Gown!

  75. avatar Sterling Blankenship reply


  76. avatar Mary Kathryn Quigley reply

    Pinned on Pinterest!

  77. avatar Madison G reply

    The katiana gown, spring 2013 is beautiful. The lace and the pleats- I need to change my wedding venue to a vineyard and get married in that gown!!

  78. avatar Madison G reply

    Following on Twitter!

  79. avatar Madison G reply

    Couldn’t pin only one.

  80. avatar Neely reply

    I’m in love with the Ivy dress. It is breathtaking!

  81. avatar Neely reply

    I liked her page on FB!

  82. avatar Maeci reply

    I love the Alanka skirt with the Jean bolero!

  83. avatar Maeci reply

    I liked on Facebook.

  84. avatar Maeci reply

    My pin on Pinterest.

  85. avatar Maeci reply

    I followed on Twitter. @maecimartin

  86. avatar Laura Veno reply

    Oh, the Annabelle gown is just a dream! Def my favorite!

  87. avatar Laura Veno reply

    I liked Chaviano Couture on Facebook!

  88. avatar Laura Veno reply

    I pinned the Annabelle gown. Just beautiful!

  89. avatar Laura Veno reply

    Following Annette on Twitter!

  90. avatar Suz reply

    I now follow Annette on Twitter!

  91. avatar Janna reply

    The Megan Dress in the 2012 collection is absolutely perfect! Love the light blue tulle and the length would be perfect for a destination wedding!

  92. avatar Janna reply

    I liked them on Facebook!

  93. avatar Janna reply

    And followed on twitter! :)

  94. avatar Suz reply

    I fancy that Kacie Gown–how gorgeous with the French lace!

  95. avatar Meredith reply

    I followed Annette on Twitter! :-)

  96. avatar Meredith reply

    I love the Marie bodice/dress!

  97. avatar Amber reply

    I love the Kacie gown!

  98. avatar Amber reply

    I pinned the Kacie gown:

  99. avatar Amber reply

    I liked them on Facebook…

  100. avatar Margaret reply

    Love this!

  101. avatar Nicole reply

    I love the Kacie gown!

  102. avatar Nicole reply

    I liked on Facebook!

  103. avatar Nicole reply

    Followed on Twitter!

  104. avatar Nicole reply

    So gorgeous!

  105. avatar Leigh Ann reply

    The Ariele bolero is to die for!

  106. avatar Carlye reply

    LOVE Alanka-skirt as a gown!

  107. avatar Carlye reply

    Pinned on Pinterest! Love these gowns!

  108. avatar Jessica Smith reply

    Love the Kristy gown!

  109. avatar Jessica reply

    Liked on Facebook!

  110. avatar Kelsey reply

    My favorite gown is either the Valentina from her 2012 collection or the Kacie gown from her Fall 2013 collection! So gorgeous.

  111. avatar Kelsey reply

    Liked on Facebook!

  112. avatar Kelsey reply

    Pinned! Love.

  113. avatar Kelsey reply

    Followed on Twitter!

  114. avatar Samantha Spivey reply

    I LOVE the Ivy gown from the 2012 collection!!!

  115. avatar Samantha Spivey reply

    I liked them on Facebook!! :)

  116. avatar Diane reply

    I like the Emma skirt! My daughter would love to win a veil for her 2014 wedding! We haven’t found a perfect one yet.

  117. avatar Diane reply

    I pinned the Emma skirt-

  118. avatar Katie M reply

    I love the Kacie gown!

  119. avatar Katie M reply


  120. avatar Katie M reply

    Liked on Facebook!

  121. avatar Katie M reply

    I followed on Twitter!

  122. avatar Elizabeth Grigg reply

    My favorite Chaviano Couture dress is definitely Katiana!

  123. avatar Elizabeth Grigg reply

    Now a fan of Chaviano Couture on Facebook!

  124. avatar Elizabeth Grigg reply

    The dress….

  125. avatar Hannah M reply

    followed on twitter

  126. avatar Hannah M reply

    liked on Facebook!

  127. avatar Eileen L reply

    The Ginny from the 2012 collection is my favorite!

  128. avatar Eileen L reply

    I liked on facebook!!

  129. avatar Eileen L reply

    I pinned a dress!

  130. avatar Eileen L reply

    I follow on twitter!

  131. avatar katelyn broomfield reply

    Liked Chaviono Bon facebook

  132. avatar katelyn broomfield reply

    I am drooling over the Ginny gown! Oh my gosh, so beautiful!

  133. avatar Kelly reply

    I love their Kacie gown, so beautiful!

  134. avatar Tiffany reply

    Followed on Twitter

  135. avatar Tiffany reply

    I like the Valentina gown

  136. avatar Tiffany reply


  137. avatar KH Bride reply

    Love the Peplum dress

  138. avatar KH Bride reply

    following on fb

  139. avatar KH Bride reply

    Following on twitter too

  140. avatar Jenny reply

    Love the Katiana gown!

  141. avatar Elise reply

    I love the marie bodice!

  142. avatar Courtney N. reply

    I love the Naika gown!

  143. avatar Elise reply

    liked on face booked!

  144. avatar elise reply

    followed on Facebook!

  145. avatar Elise reply

  146. avatar Stewart reply

    The Valentina gown is beautiful!

  147. avatar Noelle reply

    I liked on Facebook!

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    I followed on Twitter!

  149. avatar Noelle reply

    I coincidentally love the Noelle gown!

  150. avatar Meghan Duke reply

    Liked on Facebook!

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    Followed on Twitter!

  152. avatar Meghan Duke reply

    The Noelle Gown is simply amazing!

  153. avatar Meghan Duke reply

    <3 pinned!

  154. avatar Kelly reply

    Followed on Facebook!

  155. avatar Kelly reply

    Followed on Twitter!

  156. avatar Melissa reply

    The Noelle gown is gorgeous!

  157. avatar Catherine Marsh reply

    I love the Annabelle gown ! :)

  158. avatar Catherine Marsh reply

    I liked them on facebook

  159. avatar Catherine Marsh reply

    I followed them on twitter

  160. avatar Courtney Smith reply

    OMG! I LOVE the Ginny dress from Annette’s 2012 collection!!

  161. avatar Courtney Smith reply

    I liked Chaviano Coutour on Facebook.

  162. avatar Courtney Smith reply

    Here’s a link to my favorite dress pin.

  163. avatar Shannon M. reply

    Following Annette on twitter!

  164. avatar Shannon M. reply

    I liked Chaviano Bridal Couture on FB!

  165. avatar Shannon M. reply

    I’m obsessed with the Katiana gown- it is so elegant but laid back. Perfect for a spring wedding!

  166. avatar Shannon M. reply

    I pinned my favorite gown:

  167. avatar Amy reply

    Hi! Love your site! :) I checked out Annette’s site too and I LOVE The Ginny! It’s actually almost perfectly perfect for my upcoming wedding!! Thank you!

  168. avatar Amy reply

    Liked on FB! :)

  169. avatar Amy reply

    Pinned to my board ‘Dress LOVE’ :) :)

  170. avatar Amy reply

    Thank you!! Following on Twitter too!! :) xo

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