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I’m convinced that the South Carolina Lowcountry is one of the most magical places in America. The coastal views, the Spanish moss, the sweeping plantations–everything about this part of the South makes it a true gem, and of course, an incredible wedding location. Although Frances and Joe live in Richmond, Laurel Spring plantation was the perfect place for their elegant, oh-so-Southern wedding–the plantation has been in Frances’ family for years. Beautiful and sentimental? Y’all know we love that!

Thank you kindly to Ashley Seawell for sharing Frances and Joe’s big day with us!

What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? As a child, I would pull into the gates of our Laurel Spring and remember always feeling like I was home. I remember vividly the feeling of pulling into those gates being different that day. Not only was there the calming, home feeling, but I also had a feeling of excitement for what the day held for Joe, our families, and me. That feeling continued up until I rounded the corner and finally saw him for the first time. It was a double feeling of home that was pretty incredible.

Our favorite detail of the wedding was: The fact that the whole day could be spent in one of our most favorite places with our loved ones really was enough, but personally, I also really loved how the boutonnières turned out. They were perfect for the setting and really provided the right rustic elegant feel, as they were made of cotton, rice, and quail feathers: all aspects of the Laurel Spring experience and history.

Describe your wedding flowers: We used peonies, white roses, and some greenery for the bridal bouquet and hydrangeas for the bridesmaids. Lots of greenery, flowers, vines, and cotton were used throughout the reception, with some quail feathers involved too. All simple, but very beautiful and fitting for the rustic, elegant plantation setting.

Did you decide to do a “first look”? Why or why not? We did not do a first look. It was not that we had anything against first looks, but we wanted to keep tradition of the bride and groom not seeing each other until the ceremony. The boys got dressed and waited in the sunroom while the girls got dressed and waited in one of the master bedrooms. It was fun to be with our closest friends right before and really helped maintain the sanctity of the event, rather than forgetting the biblical reasoning behind the ceremony and the representation of the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen.
Did you write your own vows? If so, what was your favorite phrase, verse or line? We did not write our own vows, but were married using the traditional Episcopalian order of service, and were married by my uncle, an Anglican minister. Being married by my uncle was such a special addition to the day, and he really did an amazing job of keeping the holiness of the service, even though we were not in a church.

What Southern details or traditions did you include in your celebration? What was Southern about your wedding? We held the wedding at Laurel Spring Plantation, a home that has been in the my family for a very long time and was historically a rice plantation. We also included cotton, quail feathers, toile, and burlap for décor, a refreshment bar for when people arrived, including sweet tea made by Denita Simmons, the housekeeper and jack of all trades at Laurel Spring, a local, Lowcountry menu (shrimp, crab, duck, grits, candied bacon), and old dug-out canoes for holding the beer and water bottles. The setting included large live oaks draped in moss and a view of the old rice fields that are flooded with water–really beautiful. The ceremony was held under the live oaks with a large wooden altar adorned with a wooden cross made from wood of the Lowcountry.

Describe your wedding cake or dessert: I have quite the sweet tooth, so we had an assortment of about ten different delicious cakes and cupcakes in the following flavors: banana pudding, sour cream pound cake, key lime, red velvet, carrot, coconut, lemon blueberry, strawberry, caramel, and chocolate. We also had a birthday cake because our wedding was on my mother’s birthday. In addition, we had a candy bar and some late night passed sweets (ice cream in waffle bowls and cinnamon sugar pretzel bites).

How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story. Joe had just graduated from Hampden Sydney College and I had just finished my junior year at Wofford College. We both headed out West to work on a guest ranch, A Bar A, for the summer. We met soon after arriving and began hanging out with each other, riding horses together, fishing, and just enjoying what Wyoming has to offer. When the fall came close, we decided to continue dating, but to see where life took us. He was considering living out West, and even thought about moving to Australia (thankfully, that did not happen!). I knew I would be at school. Five years later, after going back and forth from Charleston, SC, Spartanburg, SC, and Richmond, VA, we settled on Richmond.
Describe the proposal. In November 2012, Joe had been sitting on the ring for several weeks, though I did not even know he was thinking about proposing! Joe had been hunting all day, but since he thankfully did not kill a deer that day, he came home in time for dinner. He told me to pick a place to eat, so I chose a quaint little sushi restaurant we like, which is casual, but always delicious. We enjoyed a nice supper and went to go to a local wine and beer shoppe afterwards to listen to live music and enjoy some drinks. After staying there for a while, we went to my house so Joe could pick up our dog, Platte. While we were there, Joe pulled Platte into the room with us and started talking about things that were pretty deep for a Saturday night. Well, one thing led to another, and before I knew it, he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I was so excited that I forgot to say yes! When I finally looked at the ring, I realized it was very similar to my mother’s (which I loved, because I had mentioned long ago in passing how much I loved her ring). We then proceeded to call our families, who were very surprised and excited to hear the good news. Two neat things about this though: Joe had actually asked my dad if he had his blessing way back in August while we were vacationing with them at Pawleys Island, but my dad had not said anything to anyone else, so it was a surprise to my mom and family. Also, our first date was at a sushi restaurant, so it was pretty amazing that we ended up at a sushi place for the night of our engagement.
In what month did you get married? June 8, 2013
Tell us about finding your wedding dress: I have never been the girl to dream about my perfect wedding dress, or even wedding, for that matter. I just figured that when the time came, I would know what I wanted and it would be great. Well, that’s pretty much exactly what happened. My mom had come up to Richmond during my grad school Christmas break and we went to a dress shop in Richmond. At the first shop we went to, I tried on maybe six dresses. One I loved for the top portion and another I loved for the bottom portion and the lace. Fariba, the seamstress, said she could easily add the sweetheart neckline and two straps to the second dress, so we decided to go with that! It worked out perfectly for me to have the features of the first dress translated onto the second dress. It was the most comfortable thing ever, too!
What readings, if any, did you have at your ceremony? Joe’s cousin read Genesis 2:18-24 and my good friend from college read 1 John 4:7-16. Both were meaningful and powerful verses that we thought applied well to the wedding ceremony.
Tell us about some of the songs you used throughout your wedding. We had a friend’s bluegrass band play for the ceremony and for a cocktail hour following the wedding. During the ceremony, the band played a beautiful assortment of bluegrass music and hymnals.
What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding? The distance between Richmond (where we were both living) and South Carolina, where my family, Laurel Spring, and so many of our amazing vendors were, was really hard. It made things a little difficult to manage, being so scattered all over the place, but having Jimmilib and my mother as the ladies in charge really made it so much better! I really wish there had been a way to do more planning in person, but thankfully the internet and phone calls made things easier!
What is the one thing you are most happy you splurged on? We made sure that we hired a band that really delivered–and they did! I do not think anyone left the reception not smiling from the performance that the band put on! Also, I really loved the gifts that I gave to my bridesmaids. They were handmade earrings or necklaces by one of the bridesmaids, Gabe Bratton for Gabrielle Jewelry. They were beautiful and delicate, and had the perfect amount of femininity for an outdoor wedding. I also had an artist friend, Claire Wall, create a print of a hydrangea to be given to all of the hosts/hostesses of parties, bridesmaids, readers, greeters, and helpers, as a symbol of our appreciation for their help and service. They turned out beautifully!
What advice do you have for folks currently planning a wedding? Enjoy each minute that you are in and don’t rush the process. The engagement, the wedding, and the honeymoon will seem like a blur in hindsight if you do not take the time to enjoy right where you are. Also, a word for the girls, as this was advice given to me by a very dear friend: make sure that everything that you talk about as a couple during the months of your engagement is not just the wedding. Remember that you have dated this person before there was talk of a wedding and it is possible (though it may not feel like it at times) to have conversations that don’t include anything about the wedding. I know from my experience that Joe did not want to talk about napkins, flowers, and serving pieces every night, so we made sure to pay attention to limiting the wedding conversation.
What’s next for you as a couple? What are you looking forward to in the future? We are currently living in Richmond, VA and are enjoying getting settled into our new home. I am in graduate school and Joe is working with BB&T Scott & Stringfellow as a financial advisor. While life seems to be a little hectic right now, we are trying to make sure we make time for each other, our precious lab Platte, and being with our family and friends. Life is good!

lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar Kat reply

    I’m loving the bridesmaids dresses! And I love how thoughtful she was to have a print crafted, too… so sweet, and very meaningful!!

  2. avatar Jadzia reply

    Stunning all around!

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  5. avatar Dana reply

    such an amazing, stunning venue. i cant even imagine how gorgeous it is in real life.

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    Where were the bridesmaids dresses purchased from? Gorgeous.

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Kara grew up with a plantation at the end of her street and dreamed about having her own wedding in front of the cascading trees and white columns. So when it came to finding a venue, she couldn’t think of anywhere other than her hometown and on a plantation! What a great choice! Along with the amazing plantation, there is just something so classically glamorous about black and white checkerboard dance floors. Add in some sparkly linens, a dapper groom in a white smoking jacket, and top it off with their sweet pups, and you’ve got what we here in the SW office like to call “Southern glam.” Boy, did Kara + Jon do us proud! What makes us even prouder to share this wedding is Kara’s Sweet Tea Society-esque outlook on planning their day. She said, “As we realized after butchering our first dance, no one will know if something doesn’t turn out exactly the way you planned–in their eyes, it will still be a beautiful, breathtaking event, and ultimately, all they care about is sharing your joyous day with you.”

Thanks to Chrisman Studios for sharing K + J’s big day!

After three long days of dress shopping in Dallas, I found “the dress,” only to discover it hadn’t been released yet. The Vera Wang June was originally made in black and was the most fabulously over-the-top dress I’d ever seen. I decided to make the trip back to the Carolinas empty-handed to think about it. The following weekend, I went to Charlotte to try on some other dresses. I had previously called about “the one” and asked if they had received a sample…of course, they hadn’t. When I walked into the store, I saw it wrapped up, brand new, waiting for me. They explained that they had requested that it be shipped in after I called. I decided to give all of their dresses a look. The first dress I tried on, I fell in love with all over again, so much so that it turned into “the other one.” I went home to think it over, and after much deliberation, decided to call the store and buy the original “one.” I called, credit card in hand, and they were CLOSED! I took it as a sign that I shouldn’t buy it, and the next day, I went back to NC and purchased “the other one.” In retrospect, I couldn’t have made a better decision. The Lismora is classic, unique, and dramatic, without being completely over-the-top.

Did you decide to do a “first look”? Why or why not? Of course I did! My fiancé had never heard of a first look, and the last thing I needed was for either one of us to be an emotional mess at the altar. Plus, we knew how great Ben and Erin (our photographers) were, and how amazing their photos would be as we looked at each other for the first time in our wedding garb. As expected, Ben and Erin took full advantage of the late afternoon light to capture some ridiculously awesome shots just before the twilight ceremony.

Describe your wedding flowers. The feel of the florals was very playful and romantic. To create that feel, our florist used a color palette that included pink, blush, cream, and gray. And thanks to the time of year, we had so many beautiful blooms! Peonies, garden roses, astilbe, anemones, and hydrangea, to name just a few. The white anemones with black centers gave the florals a really playful, fun look. My bouquet was very soft and romantic, but it still had a playful feel to it. My florist added an amazing pleated ribbon and lace detail–it was perfect! I wanted the bridesmaids’ bouquets to be simple, yet unique. I LOVE the look of pink astilbe, so we decided we would use that for the girls to carry. Our wonderful florist, Lesley, added ribbon streamers to those bouquets too.

Did you write your own vows? If so, what was your favorite phrase, verse or line? We didn’t write our own vows, but we did choose two readings that meant a lot to us. The first was 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (“Love is patient, love is kind…”), which reminds us to love, respect, and above all, value the person with whom we choose to live our lives. The second was “How Falling in Love is like Owning a Dog” by Taylor Mali, which really captured our love for each other, our love of dogs (evidenced by the fact that all three of ours attended the ceremony in formal doggy attire), and the light-hearted spirit we wanted for our ceremony.

Describe your wedding cake or dessert. I wanted a simple cake, but I wanted the table to look stunning. Lesley picked out an amazing, rose-toned, ruffled linen for the cake table. The cake itself was very simple–four tiers with textured white icing, accented with ranunculus blooms in shades of blush and pink. It was set up beneath a beautiful crystal chandelier under a gazebo at the venue.
Our favorite detail of the wedding was: We planned our entire wedding around a massive oak tree on the grounds of Brandon Hall. I had looked for the perfect tree for months, and knew I wanted a fabulous tree with hanging lights and hundreds of candles, but had to find someone who could understand my vision and was creative enough to make it a reality. We had hundreds of candles, and the colored petals and candlelit aisle added so much to the ceremony. It was one of the most beautiful trees I had ever seen when it was all said and done. I looked back one last time after the ceremony and just stared at how beautifully lit up it was in complete darkness.

Can I please move in? I promise to be neat and tidy!

How did y’all meet? Tell us your love story. It was January 2011. I was headed to Cabo for a long weekend with friends, and found myself wandering around the Charlotte airport. Out of nowhere, a tall, handsome guy walked up next to me. He was carrying one of those oversized L.L. Bean bags that only sorority girls and dads carry. I thought it was quite odd, because he was very handsome, wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, and there were no baby or sorority letters in sight. Why was this guy carrying this super feminine bag? And, for that matter, how tall was this guy? Against my better judgement, I simply walked away, for fear of being rejected or, more likely, for fear of him pulling his wedding ring out of his pocket. I spent the long weekend in Cabo making up stories about the L.L. Bean guy, and feeling furious with myself for not speaking to him. A few weeks after I got back, I was set up on a date. Slash was in town playing a show (without Axl), and I thought that would be a perfect first date to weed out any duds. He (the guy, not Slash) came to the door to pick me up and I noticed that he was EXTREMELY tall and devastatingly handsome. I still vividly remember the moment when Jon went to get something out of his closet and I noticed a red L.L. Bean bag sticking out–I panicked!! Later, we put our timelines together and found out that it was Jon in the Charlotte airport that day, flying somewhere for work. Funny how things work out!!
Tell us all about the proposal! After a long work week in Jacksonville for work, I arrived back at the Charlotte airport to spend the weekend with Jon. He came to pick me up at the airport with all three of our dogs in the backseat and all of our bags packed. Obviously, something was up. He told me we were going to Asheville to get away for the weekend and that he had found a B&B (The Inn on Montford) that would allow the dogs to stay. The next morning, I awoke to heart-shaped toast and freshly-squeezed orange juice. We played around Asheville, stopping by Tupelo Honey (my favorite restaurant) and doing a little shopping around the square. We went back to rest and get ready for dinner later that night. We were all ready to go when I decided it was a perfect time for a family pic with the puppies, so I asked Jon to take a picture of us on the couch. He went to the other room to get the camera, then came out and dropped to one knee to arrange the scene. Meanwhile, I had prepared an Olen Mills-worthy backdrop on the couch, with all of the dogs and pillows perfectly placed. It was then that Jon asked “will you be my wife?”
When did y’all get married? April 20, 2013
How many friends, family members, and loved ones attended your wedding? 165
Tell us about some of the songs you used throughout your wedding and why you chose them. Choosing music for the ceremony was touch. We wanted to keep it somewhat traditional, but at the same time, traditional can get a little boring for guests. We chose “Bittersweet Symphony” by Richard Ashcroft for our recessional–it’s fun, different and unexpected. We had been practicing our first dance for four months with our dance instructor, but still managed to mangle it (luckily, none of our guests knew the difference). Music is VERY important to both of us, so the rules were: 1. no cheesy band, and 2. no clichés. We danced our first dance to “Love You Madly” by Cake, and the cha cha has never looked so uh-uh!
Did you have something borrowed, blue, old, and new? If so, do tell! My something new was the gorgeous (and totally reasonable) faux diamond necklace I wore with my gown. My something borrowed was my mother-in-law’s sapphire bracelet. Something blue was built into my BHLDN shoes.
What Southern details or traditions did you include in your celebration? What was Southern about your wedding? I made sure to have bridal portraits taken months prior to our ceremony. One of my best friends is a photographer, so she and I spent a cold day in Natchez shooting bridals to put on display at the wedding. Another obvious Southern tradition was the simple act of having our wedding in Natchez, MS. I couldn’t have had my wedding anywhere other than my hometown and on a plantation. I grew up with a plantation at the end of my street and it’s something I’ve dreamed about for as long as I can remember. Our menu was also about as Southern as it gets–shrimp and grits, crabmeat mornay, and a variety of other goodies rounded out a truly Southern menu that may have blown a few Northerners’ minds! In addition, on the day of the wedding, our out-of-town guests had the opportunity to tour a variety of antebellum plantations in Natchez and visit the Natchez cemetery, which is home to many breathtaking monuments to the city’s forebears.
What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding? Narrowing all the amazingly beautiful options down to something specific. The beauty of planning a wedding in the internet age is the embarrassment of riches in terms of alternatives, but at the same time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed (and I speak from painful experience). The best way to address this challenge is to close your eyes and picture the single most important image in your imagination, then focus on making that a reality. Every other detail is secondary.
If you are comfortable responding, what range did your wedding budget fall into? $50,000-$75,000
What is the one detail or vendor that you were so happy to have as a part of your wedding? Our wedding photographers, Ben and Erin Chrisman. All of our vendors were AMAZING, but without Ben and Erin, we wouldn’t have been able to capture timeless images of all our other vendors’ beautiful, inspired work. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of our vendors–we love you and couldn’t have had such a magical wedding without all of your contributions!!
What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? Looking at each other during the first look. There were a million other beautiful, memorable moments, but nothing compares to that. San Francisco photographer, Danielle Fletcher, helped me with his wedding gift, which I gave to him before the first look. It’s always nice to see an even bigger smile on your groom’s face, courtesy of an eight-hour shoot with Danielle!
What advice do you have for folks currently planning a wedding? As unrealistic as it sounds, try not to sweat the tiny details too much. As we realized after butchering our first dance, no one will know if something doesn’t turn out exactly the way you planned–in their eyes, it will still be a beautiful, breathtaking event, and ultimately, all they care about is sharing your joyous day with you.
What’s next for you as a couple? What are you most looking forward to about married life? We are enjoying living in Dallas and being able to see friends and family in the North and the South, thanks to DFW’s status as an American Airlines hub. Plus, the BBQ in Texas is absurd. After an amazing honeymoon in Asia (Hong Kong, Bali, and Thailand), we look forward to a couple more memorable trips in the next eight months to celebrate Jon’s birthday in Bali and sail the Caribbean with friends between Christmas and New Year’s.

marissa Written with love by Marissa
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  1. avatar Desiree reply

    uhmmm I love this wedding! His white dinner jacked with the pale blue shirt is pretty amazing…and I’m a sucker for a black and white dance floor…plus – sparkly linens are a win IMO :) very fun !

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Last month we had the best time telling you more about Sandals Resorts — about how they are constantly improving the experience they offer their guests; about the way they’ve transformed planning a destination wedding from an off-the-shelf package to an interactive, personal adventure; and about the variety and taste level of the options they offer. All amazing things! If you missed the first post, check it out here.

Today, we’re even MORE excited to bring you an awesome announcement: we’re giving away a Sandals Resorts honeymoon!!!

The details: Sandals Resorts is providing one four day/three night Luxury Included® Honeymoon to any Sandals Resort with locations in Jamaica, Antigua, Saint Lucia, or the Bahamas. Your romantic stay will feature deluxe accommodations, unlimited Discover Dining where you can savor the world at up to 15 gourmet restaurants, premium brand beverages, daily and nightly entertainment, an array of land and watersports including snorkeling and scuba diving for certified divers, and more! Your stay also includes all gratuities and transfers to and from the resort designated airport. At Sandals Resorts love is all you need! The promotional value is $2,500.

To enter: Leave a comment on this post telling us about the most amazing vacation you’ve ever taken. Who were you with, where did you go, what did you do? This sweepstakes will run from October 23 to November 22. Best of luck, y’all!!

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents age 18 or older. No duplicate comments. Winner will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by email. The winner will have 72 hours to get back to us; otherwise, a new winner will be selected.

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Emily reply

    My best vacation was to Peurto Rico with my then boyfriend, Ryan. We spent 4 blissful days laying on the beach, drinking pina coladas, and snorkeling. It was exactly what the doctor ordered…a true vacation we’ll never forget. Now we’re planning our wedding and are hoping for a beach honeymoon to celebrate with!

  2. avatar Sarah reply

    I’m lucky that I get to stay in the most beautiful cottage each summer with my family in Truro, MA! It’s on top of a sand dune on the bay, and we get amazing sunsets every night :)

  3. avatar Lauren reply

    The best vacation I’ve ever been on was my first trip to Las Vegas! I loved the pools, the energy, the shopping and the food. Our wedding is in two weeks so I would LOVE to win!

  4. avatar Kerri C. reply

    My fiancé and I have never been on a vacation together. We both are looking forward to a honeymoon so we can just relax and enjoy each other’s company in a place we have never been. Thank you for the chance to win such an awesome prize!

  5. avatar Julie reply

    I took a trip with my best friend to Italy! I was wonderful we ate some amazing food, we walked the streets of Rome, we listened to live music, we made pasta in Tuscany. It was wonderful!

  6. avatar Amanda reply

    The best vacation my fiance and I have ever taken, was a quick trip to NYC where we roamed the city streets without a plan. We ventured through Little Italy, China Town, and Time Square taking in all the beautiful places and people watching. We loved the adventure! Next time, we would be ecstatic if our adventure to last more than 2 days and involved crystal blue water and a tropical climate.

  7. avatar Randi reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever been on was a quick mini-vacation with my now fiance. We drove down to Virginia Beach in July for a Kip Moore concert (we’re huge country music enthusiasts!). The concert was on the fourth of July and was preceded by a beautiful fireworks show. The next day, we spent the whole day on the beach enjoying the sun, waves, and sipping on fruity drinks. The day after that turned out to be the best day of my whole life so far, because my fiance proposed to me at a Thompson Square concert (I told you we love country music!). It was the most amazing proposal and Thompson Square even gave us a shout out and we made it on the jumbo-tron at the stadium. I’m not sure any vacation will be able to top that weekend, but I think a honeymoon at a Sandals resort could sure give it a run for its money!

  8. avatar Ashleigh Cates reply

    The best vacation I’ve had was a cruise to the Caribbean with my boyfriend, who turned into my fiancé on the last night of our trip! We visited St. Maarten, St. Thomas and CocoCay, Bahamas.

    Can’t wait to get my advance ordered copy of Southern Weddings to plan for our April 2014 wedding in Charleston!


  9. avatar Brittany Todd reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever taken was with my older brother to the 2009 BCS National Championship Football game in Pasadena, California to watch the University of Alabama play the University of Texas. On Christmas morning, we got tickets to the game and our hotel reservations from our parents. We spent 5 wonderful days in the LA area sightseeing, eating great food, and celebrating with college friends. As lifelong Alabama fans, it was the most amazing feeling to watch our alma mater win a National Championship game together. We both still claim that the day we spent at the Rose Bowl was the best day of our lives, until our own wedding days.

  10. avatar Carly reply

    The best trip my fiance and I have taken was to his beach house in Stone Harbor, NJ. It was our first trip together. We rode bikes around town, ate dinner on the harbor and sat in an old lifeguard stand at night and watched fireworks on the beach. Would love to top this with a trip to Sandals!

  11. avatar Ali reply

    Probably best vacation to date was a trip with a guy friend to California. We flew into LA and out of San Francisco a week later, driving all around the state seeing so many awesome sights. But, I’m sure my honeymoon will become my most favorite vacation! :)

  12. avatar Amber Trucks reply

    The best vacation I’ve ever been on was my trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2004. It was the most amazing trip ever. Would love to enjoy a nice get away with my soon-to-be husband and us get to experience a trip of a lifetime together!

  13. avatar c.h. reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever taken was a month-long European adventure with my best friend!

  14. avatar Joy Aleman reply

    The most amazing vacation I have ever been on was to the Grand Canyon with my family. I was much younger but I still vividly remember taking a personal plane over the canyon and getting to see all the sights. My brothers and I also climbed all over the canyons and took pictures pretending we were falling. Its been such a long time since I had a vacation like that and my brothers have since grown, moved away and gotten busy with their lives. I would loooooove to go on a romantic sandals trip with my husband.

  15. avatar Sarah McKenzie reply

    The best vacation I have ever been on was to Mexico with my fiancé. We had just gotten engaged the weekend before so we were so excited to get away before the wedding planning craziness began!

    Fingers cross I win!

  16. avatar Lindsay reply

    My fiance and I met on a trip to the Middle East. We got to know each other while touring through Jordan, Egypt, Israel, and Greece! We are hoping that our honeymoon will live up to that first trip we took together!

  17. avatar Rachel reply

    The most amazing vacation I have ever taken was a family trip to Europe! It was amazing to soak in the sites of Holland, Belgium, England and France while making memories with my family. I have never been on a vacation with just my fiance, so I am looking foward to our honeymoon!

  18. avatar Ashley reply

    My best vacation was going to the Bahamas with my, then boyfriend and his family. He was working in Cali and I was working in Orlando all summer and so we hadn’t seen each other until our trip. It was filled with love, family and relaxiation. It was amazing to spend everyday on the boat and in the water with him. Couldn’t have asked for a better reunion.

  19. avatar Christina Bechard reply

    My best vacation…a little background first. When my husband and I first met and would “threaten” to kidnap me and take me to the Bahamas so he could have me all to himself. So on our first Christmas together, he bought me a cruise to the Bahamas. It was a fabulous getaway, just the two of us. And even though I’m very type A, he told me to relax and not to plan a thing (that was hard). But it allowed me just to enjoy the moment. We did what we wanted and when we wanted.

    I’d love to return the favor and win a trip to go back to the Bahamas.

  20. avatar Sarah reply

    The best trip I ever went on was with my Fiancé to Mexico. It was my favorite because we had just gotten engaged the weekend before and it was a great little getaway before the crazy wedding planning began!

  21. avatar Emily reply

    I was studying abroad in Paris this summer (which is kinda like a vacation, right?!) with a few of my best friends. Toward the end of the program, I see a familiar face praying in a Paris church and realize that my boyfriend flew there to completely surprise me! He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife….now we are joyfully in the midst of planning for our May wedding (:

  22. avatar Jessica Hackett reply

    The most amazing vacation I have ever taken was to South Padre Island, TX. My now Fiance and I went two years ago. It was our first vacation together. We live in Michigan and we drove all the way down, it was a 29 hour car trip each way. I thought it would be awful but it was the most fun I have ever had on a vacation. We went during college spring break and we were the only people not in a group there. But it was so much fun. We went on long walks on the beach everyday and hung out by the ocean and at the pool all day. It was so relaxing and we made so many memories. We are best friends and that vacation really showed it. The greatest part about the vacation was going to the undeveloped end of the island and collecting seashells at sunrise. It was a romantic and unforgettable vacation with my best friend!

  23. avatar Sarah reply

    My dad planned a family trip to Italy- he wanted to bring my 92 year-old Italian grandmother there one last time before she was no longer able to travel. The trip happened to coincide with my 16th birthday , so while we were in Florence, my grandmother took me shopping on the Ponte Vecchio. She bought me the most beautiful little diamond “promise” ring from the same store where her grandfather had bought her one when she was a child. Almost 7 years later, my (now) fiance kidnapped the ring and used the band for my engagement ring! It was one of the sweetest gestures I’ve ever experienced, and it warms my heart every time I see my special ring and think of both of them.

  24. avatar Sarah reply

    My father planned a family vacation to Italy- he wanted to take my 92 year-old Italian grandmother there one last time before she became unable to travel. The trip coincided with my 16th birthday, so while we were in Florence, my grandmother took me shopping on the Ponte Vecchio. Together, we picked out the most beautiful little diamond “promise” ring (from the same store where her grandfather had picked one out for her in 1933!). Almost 7 years later, my (now) fiance kidnapped the ring and used it as the starting point for my engagement ring. I’m so lucky that I get to look at a ring every day that reminds me of two of my most cherished memories with two of my favorite people!

  25. avatar Allison reply

    While some of my best vacations have not been to exotic locales they were with AMAZING people. I had the best weekend getaway bachelorette this September with Bridesmaids and Honor Party Members. I am getting married on 12/21/13 and my fiancee and I do not have a honeymoon planned this trip could be a wonderful start to married life! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  26. avatar Whitney reply

    The trip to Nashville in 2009 to my maid of honor’s wedding ranks as an all time fave – college friends reunion, beautiful wedding, shenanigans all around!

  27. avatar Melissa McCullough reply

    I’ve taken lavish vacations around the world in my 20s. I somewhat felt like these were all “expected” trips with friends, family, and current loves. But they were never fulfilling. I was always left wanting more. After a while I assumed that I was just hard to please. I found out at 31 that that was not true. For my fiancee’s 29th birthday, I made us reservations in Tacoma, Washington down on the waterfront. We were celebrating his birthday and our recent engagement. We did not go to some exotic locale, or spend an outrageous amount of money, but for four days, we had the most AMAZING time together. We were totally focused on each other and being thankful for everything God has blessed us with. My very soon-to-be husband (10-31-13), has 11 years of service with the US Navy as a submariner. He works hard and is away from our family very often. Each and every time he has been deployed all of the people that cherish this sweet man waits with baited breath. It is a heart-wrenching fear that lies within us all. Thankfully, the Lord has brought him back to us each time. Not always safely, but in one piece. We have 4 beautiful children between us from previous marriages. They are all healthy, happy, respectful, smart, beautiful kids. So our little mini-vacation was very much a celebration of what we brought together to join as one. Of course, we would love a honeymoon. But some many other things must come first. Thank you all for reading along. Blessings to you all.

  28. avatar Ashley Norton reply

    Hello Southern Weddings!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win! The most amazing vacation I’ve even gotten the priveledge to go on was with my parents, my fiance (then boyfriend) and my little brother and his girlfriend. We spent a week in Hawaii and it was my first and ONLY time out of the continental U.S. It was an amazing family trip. We were able to take a helicopter ride, and to go horse back riding and snorkeling. It was a perfect trip being able to invite our significant others into our family life. Travis and I have been together for over 8 years before we were engaged and that trip was just one of many I hope we’ll be able to take over the years. The Hawaii trip is one I will treasure forever because everyone was truly happy and having a blast including my father, for whom the trip away was well deserved.

    Please pick us for your Honeymoon giveaway for this once in a lifetime trip!

    More hopeful than a fox in a chicken coop,
    Ashley Norton XOXO

  29. avatar Angie Tucker reply

    My husband and I will celebrate our 10 year Anniversary in June 2014. What an amazing way to celebrate at a Sandals Resort! He’s not only my husband, he’s my best friend, and the absolute best father to our three children. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 10 years and pray over the next 70 than with a nice vacation together somewhere warm and tropical! :)
    Our best vacation was our Honeymoon to St. Thomas in June 2004. Amazing!

  30. avatar Eileen Lyle reply

    The best vacation I ever took was island hopping in Hawaii with my parents. We went to Kuaii (my favorite), Maui, and the big island. We went kayaking on the ocean, saw lots of sea life snorkeling, and stayed in a yurt!

  31. avatar Alexandra reply

    My fiance and I have been together for 6 years. We love to travel to new places together. The most amazing trip we have ever taken together was to his family’s house in the Florida Keys. We went his aunt and uncle and a few friends. We snorkeled, fished, laid on the beaches, roamed the side streets in Key West and took in the sights of Duval Street. The part that made the trip the best was that we were able to get away from our everyday routines for 2 weeks and just relax and spend time with each other.

  32. avatar Liz reply

    I went on an amazing vacation to Maine in Summer of 2012. We went to Acadia national park – the most gorgeous place on earth! I wouldn’t mind some sun though!

  33. avatar kelsey reply

    The best vacation I’ve been on was to Crested Butte, CO last summer for my cousin’s wedding. The weather was great, most family was able to attend and it was a great reunion and a fun celebration.

  34. avatar Kristin reply

    My best vacation was a cruise to the Bahamas that I took with several of my girlfriends. We had the best time exploring the ship, checking out the nightclubs, exploring the different ports and EATING! LOL

  35. avatar Molly reply

    The best vacation I ever took was April 2012 to the gulf coast, Orange Beach, Alabama…nothing out of the ordinary, but it was the first beach trip with my soon to be husband! and it was the most fun I have ever had. We relaxed on the beach with friends, went to fun restaurants and had a great time. He told me he loved me there and that he wanted to be with me forever! We are getting married in the spring! I would love to win this trip for our Honeymoon!!!

  36. avatar Larissa M reply

    The best vacation I have ever taken was a beach trip in the Bahamas with my family. It was amazing to see my parents so happy and relaxed, and we made so many memories as a family. This is something I would love to continue in my marriage and future family!

  37. avatar Elizabeth @ hobbylobbyist reply

    My greatest trip was a trip to Scandinavia last year during the summer solstice. It was a magical time and I was so happy I get to share it with my future husband!

  38. avatar Shannon reply

    The best vacation I have ever gone on was last August with my fiance! It was our first big trip together (despite having date for 8 years – since high school!). We went to Napa, San Francisco, and drove down the coast to carmel. It was so beautiful! We went wine tasting, biked the Bay Bridge to Sausalito, laid by our pool, and walked along the beach. It was the perfect amount of exploration and relaxation!

  39. avatar Christina reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve been to was to Mexico with my now husband. We spent the entire week debating if we should lay out by the pool or the beach!

  40. avatar Katie Selvidge reply

    Ah, this would be awesome for a second honeymoon ;-) Nate and I love St Marteen – the zip lining and beautiful beaches made for a perfect vacation years ago.

  41. avatar Sara H reply

    My favorite vacation was to Scotland. My fiance and I spent a week traveling the country and what made it so special was that he’d gone to grad school there, so I had my own personal tour guide!

  42. avatar Ashley reply

    The most amazing vacation I ever took was with my grandparents. At the end of my semester abroad in Rome, they flew in from FL to join me and we spent two weeks visiting Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Genoa, Arles, Cannes and Camargue. It was a wonderful bonding experience to share with them. We saw where Van Gogh and Renoir lived and painted, I rode a direct descendant of prehistoric horses in a nature preserve, we had the most wonderful seafood in Venice and I saw the second largest aquarium in the world in Genoa, Italy. There are amazing memories I will have forever. Someday I look forward to taking my fiance to the same places and making new memories.

  43. avatar Scott Lenahan reply

    Definitely the best trip I ever took was to Europe for 4 months. I went with my best friends in college and spent the time traveling to almost every courty. Spain, England, Austria, Germany, Italy, you name it (:

  44. avatar Alissa reply

    The best vacation I ever went on was a vacation with my mom to Switzerland. My maternal grandmother was born and raised in Switzerland, so it was so wonderful to walk in her footsteps. We stayed in her hometown, Bern, and traveled all over the country to the French, Italian, and German sections. We were able to hike the alps, boat on the many lakes, and experience the eclectic food! My favorite part about it was appreciating all the many gardens in the towns. All of them were so reminiscent of my grandmother’s backyard garden; it felt like she was there with us. I can’t wait until I get to go back, and I hope to take my fiance with me one day!!!

  45. avatar Brooks Handey reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever taken was with my husband. We are newlyweds and couldn’t afford a honeymoon at the time. We had no idea what we were going to even do after our wedding night. We had moved to Boone, NC and were married on Lake Martin, AL. Our options were to either go back to Boone and not have a honeymoon, or take a mini-moon to my husband’s family lake house. We really wanted a honeymoon, but his work was an obstacle, so we settled on a quick mini-moon.

    Luckily, at the wedding, my husband’s boss (and godfather) gave him two extra days off work and his great aunt offered her condo in Perdido Beach, AL to us. Needless to say, we were incredibly grateful for this opportunity and chose the beach.

    We only had a few days (including travel days) down there, but it was worth every minute. To start our wedding weekend not even knowing if we would have those few days as newlyweds to ourselves and to end up having those precious days was an absolute dream.

    We were able to haul my husband’s 1953 Feathercraft aluminum boat and cruise the Perdido River, as well as eat all the delicious seafood we’d been missing in the mountains. We were able to really enjoy the beach, with it being October, it was perfect weather.

    Although it wasn’t the honeymoon we originally wanted, and I couldn’t experience flying with my husband (and it being his first time), it was the perfect minimoon and vacation. It was something we both needed at the time and I would repeat it in a heart beat.

    We’re hoping to save up money in the next few years to travel outside the continental US, but if we happen to win this giveaway, we’d say yes in a heartbeat!

    Thank you so much for even offering this opportunity! We hope we are selected!

    -The Handey’s

  46. avatar Whitney reply

    My favorite vacation ever was when my husband and I went to Italy for our honeymoon. Italy itself was amazing. I loved exploring a new country with my new husband, but my favorite part of the trip was how unbelievably overcome with love I felt. Not only had I married the man God selected just for me, but we had just spent the previous weekend with friends and family – the folks that love us most. I have never felt so blessed in my life!

  47. avatar Katie Fell reply

    The best vacation I’ve been on to date was to Paris (so cliche, I know!). What started out as a spur of the moment travel deal with a friend morphed into a week in the City of Lights with my friend, my Mama, and my Grandmama to celebrate my Mama’s 50th birthday. The Louvre, Versailles, a night time dinner cruise on the Seine, and a very unique memory of my poor Grandmama being razzed by prankster locals dressed in a very…ahem…anatomical costume! It was cold and rainy but filled with lots of food, wine, and laughs!

  48. avatar Lee Anne Jackson reply

    My favorite vacation was to Las Vegas with my fiancée. We stayed at the MGM Grand. Although it may not have been the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, I had an amazing partner and delicious food. We had fun making an adventure out of each day! Our wedding is in March and we can’t wait for our honeymoon!

  49. avatar Evelyn reply

    The best vacation I’ve ever taken was a trip up the California coast with my husband right after our wedding. We weren’t able to do a traditional honeymoon to an exotic place, although we would like to some day, so we just hopped in the car and drove all the way from the Central Coast up to the redwood forests of Northern California. We stopped at different points along the way and made plans as we went! It was several romantic days of road-tripping along the beautiful West Coast.

  50. avatar Shalimar Frost reply

    Right out of college I took a job that helped me build my career but was very draining. For a break and much needed refreshment I went to Costa Rica on vacation to visit my college mentor and her family who were in language school training up to become missionaries. It was a week filled with a little sight seeing but more importantly it was hanging out with some of my favorite people in the world, staying up late talking shop with them and their new friends from language school, sleeping in late, and enjoying amazing food.

  51. avatar Sarah reply

    The best vacation I’ve ever taken was to Antigua! It is an amazing island with such natural beauty, culture, and delicious food. Not to mention beautiful beaches and perfect weather! I hope to return soon with my future husband!

  52. avatar Lauren reply

    The best vacation I’ve ever taken was to Charleston, SC. I got to go with my fiance and my family. It was so much fun to spend a week shopping, eating and enjoying the beauty that is Charleston.

  53. avatar Lindy reply

    My favorite vacation ever was to Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina! It is absolutely a dream!! We rode our little golf cart around everywhere and were just in awe of the gorgeous location, delicious food, and most of all the impeccable service! I don’t know that anything will ever top it but I bet Sandals would be at least a tie!!!

  54. avatar Laura Colle reply

    It was actually with my Fiancee. It was our second date, the third time we had ever seen each other. I grew up where we live now and he had just moved here. As a result, he had met a lot of my friends, but I hadn’t met too many of his. So, he picked me up and surprised me with a day trip to Jacksonville to meet his best friends from college. We had the best time walking on the beach, eating local BBQ and smoking cigars. Driving home late that night, I knew I was going to marry this man.

  55. avatar Kelly reply

    The best vacation I have ever taken was last year. I met up with my friend who I hadn’t seen in over a year and we flew to Florida to stay with a mutual friend. It was a wonderful girls’ week that allowed us to escape the cold of Ohio and New York and enjoy time together. It was actually my first “real” vacation (my family tent-camped instead, which I didn’t enjoy). I got to go to Disney for the first time too. The best part was being together, but being in a lovely place certainly helped!

  56. avatar Tonya S. reply

    I have never been out of the US besides Mexico with my fiance. We went zip lining and swam with the dolphins which was so much fun, but we would LOVE to be able to go on a honeymoon of our dreams to any of these amazing locations!

  57. avatar Tonya S. reply

    I have never been out of the US besides Mexico with my fiance. When we went to MX we went zip lining and swam with the dolphins which was so much fun, but we would LOVE to be able to go on a honeymoon of our dreams to any of these amazing locations!

  58. avatar Kelly reply

    The best vacation I’ve ever taken was last year when I escaped chilly Ohio and met up in Florida with two out-of-state friends from college. When I was a kid, my family tent-camped and as an adult I had never been able to justify spending the money on a vacation (student loans… you know how it is.). The best part was being with my wonderful friends, but the lovely location certainly didn’t hurt!

  59. avatar Kelly S reply

    My favorite vacation so far was with my best friend to South Africa. The scenery was amazing, the people were lovely, the adventures were awesome. We got to see three different parts of the country – Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban – and had very different experiences in each, from helping at an orphanage to swinging on the world’s highest bungee swing. It was amazing! So far with my future husband, we’ve only been on trips either related to his work or my family. I’d love to be able to go somewhere wonderful with him where we didn’t have anything else to do except just be with each other. Fingers are crossed!

  60. avatar Ashleigh White reply

    How about a 2nd honeymoon? My favorite trip would have to be our 11-day getaway to Aruba. My other-half planned the whole thing, down to excursions and delicious dinners. Our weekend escapes to Charleston and Savannah are also at the top of my list. I’d definitely pick Antigua for this trip! ;)

  61. avatar Brittani Croft reply

    Oh my goodness this giveaway is AMAZING! Since my husband and I opted for a short mini-moon so that we could continue to save for our house, this trip sounds like an absolute dream. As an adult, I haven’t taken too many vacations. Usually we stick pretty close to home, but as a kid, my parents, brother, and I flew out the Arizona and drove from Phoenix to Denver, Colorado over a week. It was AMAZING and we saw so many incredible sights, including gorgeous Sedona, the Four Corners, the Grand Canyon, the desert, mountains, etc. I’d love to be able to do it again because I know I’d have a whole new appreciation as an adult now.

  62. avatar Kate Eggleston reply

    My favorite vacation was one that I took with my fiance to Maine. We went camping by the water and explored Bar Harbor together. We even braved the ice cold water (it was freezing- even in July!) and went to the highest point of the local park there. At night, we lit a bonfire, made s’mores, and star-gazed. We ended the trip with a meteor shower viewing!

  63. avatar Hannah M reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve taken was a snow skiing trip to the mountains of West Virginia with my family and fiance. I was in school and a long weekend in the mountains was a nice stress reliever. It was my fiance’s first time snow skiing so it was neat to share that with him, and he loved it. Quality time with the ones I love the most was so refreshing, and not to mention we were in a cute little cabin on the side of a beautiful mountain. I will always adore those memories! It’d be nice to take a vacation with my husband-to-be to somewhere tropical this time :)

  64. avatar Abby reply

    The best vacation I ever took was actually my study abroad experience in college. I spent 4 1/2 months living in the Netherlands. I didn’t know anyone when I got there and left with some incredible friends… Hopefully, my fiance and I will be able to create an amazing memory on our honeymoon to the Caribbean ;)

  65. avatar Terann reply

    One of the best vacations I have ever been on was with my mom right after I graduated college. We went to Gulf Shores, AL, where we have been many times before. This trip was just very laid back and special because it was just a girls trip with my mom and I. We read on the beach, went out to eat, and just relaxed for a whole week!

  66. avatar Ashley McGee reply

    The most amazing vacation that I’ve ever been on was to the Sandals Halcyon Resort in St. Lucia. Would love to go back! Or maybe try out Antigua!

  67. avatar Katie Voccola reply

    My best vacation (so far) was my first with my now fiance. We went to Disney World for my birthday and I got to meet a lot of his family for the first time since they live in Orlando. And then we spent a few days relaxing in Melbourne beach and even happened upon a friendly manatee while swimming in a tide pool!

  68. avatar Noel Meadows reply

    The most amazing vacation I ever went on was the first time my fiancé and I went to Myrtle Beach. I’m from a very small town and this is the closest beach to us. It was the first time we had spent a whole week (day and night) together and it really made us realize we wanted to be together forever. We spent our days shopping, at water parks, and I rode my first helicopter. Although it wasn’t fancy, it was a turning point in our relationship and the best week. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make us the happiest :)

  69. avatar Taylor Blackwell reply

    I was blessed to have the opportunity to visit my family in Australia back in 2008! I traveled with my cousin, Megan, who is more like my older sister. This was such an amazing trip and my first international journey (I haven’t even visited NYC). We stayed for 2 weeks and explored one of the most beautiful places on earth! I absolutely loved every moment of this trip…from the breathtaking beaches to the zoo with kangaroos & koala bears. I grew up in a very small town (1 stoplight!) so this trip truly opened my eyes and heart to this beautiful world God created! My fiance and I would love to travel the world together and greatly appreciate this opportunity. Link to the Australia photos are attached. :)

  70. avatar Sheryl Pearl reply

    Skiing in Colorado with my family. Between the fluffy snow, the hot chocolate, and some hardcore black diamond runs — BIG memories were made! Not to mention we got to drive dogsleds and go for a life-changing sleigh ride with a team of Clydesdales.

  71. avatar Richard Hahn reply

    I went to Pismo Beach with my folks about 7 years ago. The beach, the food, the environment was breath taking. Due to just life itself, I have not been able to go on vacation since then. Now I am engaged and would love to share this experience with my soon to be bride!

  72. avatar Keith McCain reply

    I’ve never really been on a true vacation, but I would have to say the best “mini” vacation was at the end of November of 2012. I took my then girlfriend to Callaway Gardens for 2 nights to see the Fantasy in Lights after which I proposed and she accepted. The most memorable part was hearing her excitement when she was calling her family and friends from our hotel room telling them…

  73. avatar Krashelle Fisher reply

    My absolute favorite vacation would have to be my first trip to Savannah with my fiancé. Everything about Savannah is beautiful and fascinating. Just walking down River Street was amazing because of all the interesting and talented people. There were people playing instruments with kids dancing and singing along and artists painting pictures of everything from people to sunsets. The pure southern welcoming feeling that the city possessed made for the perfect vacation and I cannot wait to go back!

  74. avatar nicki reply

    my most fab vacation was las vegas – for obvious reasons!

  75. avatar Hannah Riddick reply

    My favorite vacation was a trip to a small island near Cancun, Isla Mujeres. The town is very authentic Mexico and not super commercialized. I went with a group of friends (including my now fiance!). We spent plenty of time on the beaches, by the pools, and exploring the town. I’m getting married next May and would love to honeymoon in St. Lucia!

  76. avatar Sydney reply

    The best vacation(s) I have ever had have been the weeks spent with my entire family on the Carolina coast. We have been going for a week during the summer as long as I can remember. We spend the week going to the beach all day and taking turns cooking our favorite meals at night. Some of my most cherished family memories are from those weeks.

  77. avatar Lauren Phillips reply

    The BEST vacation I ever took was to Jackson Hole with my family! We went over New Years and it was to die for. So beautiful!

  78. avatar Whitney Rosenkampff reply

    The most meaningful vacation that I have ever been on was when I hiked Yosemite’s daunting Half Dome with my mom. We had planned the trip for a very long time, my mom being a lover of hiking and I wanting to plan a fun mother-daughter trip. We decided to do the hike with the Leukemia and Lymphoma society, together we rallied friends and familiy to help us make our goal of 5000.00 for this wonderful cause. One of the most rewarding aspects was the fact that my mom and I had practiced locally for over six months leading up to the hike. We overcame joint pain, fear of heights and a few panic attacks (mostly due to my phobias) to succesfully complete this amazing hike. It was the most beautiful scenery and when we reached the top the combination of silence, pride and awe of God’s majesty made both my mom and I overcome with emotion. The hike was no walk in the park, it was a 16 hour day full of lengthy hills, waterfall climbs, treachorous cliff side hiking and constant fear of bears. With our stomach’s full of butterflies and beef jerky we set out to accomplish one of the most amazing feats of our lives. Finishing the hike was not the end of the awesome vacation, no when we returned from the hike my dad had surprised us with my grandparents and my boyfriend, now fiance! It meant so much to the both of us, we ate and danced the night away in celebration of family, love and accomplishment. We truly did face all of our fears, climb half dome and were able to celebrate our hard work with our closest loved ones. In addition to our own since of accomplishment we were able to contribute to a wonderful cause. We hiked with others like us, as well as survivors, and those who were recently diagnosed or had cancer for a long time. Our teammates inspired us not only physically but also spiritually with their will to live and their unwillingness to give into cancer. This inspired me to now be an oncology nurse and spread this love and determination to others. We spent the rest of the vacation in the company of those we love, exploring God’s beautiful earth.

  79. avatar Sara reply

    My absolute best vacation was this past summer with my soon to be husband. We had spent the summer studying for the bar exam (possibly the worst summer I’ve ever had). We left two days after we took our exam. For the first time in a long time I read books for fun, we biked into town, ate fresh seafood, went scuba diving with sharks along their barrier reef, went snorkeling, and spent a week reconnecting with each other and remembering how to relax. Considering how busy our lives have become and how little we remember to stop and breathe it was absolute bliss. I’m especially thankful we took the time to go and were able to use a family members time share as we won’t be able to afford a honeymoon. Love that man. :)

  80. avatar Ginnie Reed reply

    Hi girls! Thanks for this great contest! The best trip I’ve ever taken was a trip with my grandmother to New York City after I graduated high school. It was so special to spend one on one time with her and just explore the city! We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria, ate at Serendipity and toured Central Park. I would rather spend money on trips as opposed to anything material because trips allow you to make memories that last a lifetime.

  81. avatar Lauren reply

    The best vacation I went on was with my family to Jackson Hole! It was over the New Year holiday and it was so breathtaking. Thanks for this contest! I hope I win!!!

  82. avatar Abbey Elizabeth reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever taken? Well.. that would be a simple answer, Europe. And not just Europe, a trip through Berlin, Rome, and Paris – a trip that would change my life. You see, this past summer I went on this amazing trip where in Paris, in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, I said yes to my to-be-hubby! :) Simple answer to a simple question.

  83. avatar Emily K. reply

    My favorite vacation was a trip to New York to visit my fiance – we drove to the city to my favorite jewelers to pick an engagement ring!

  84. avatar Michelle reply

    The best vacation I’ve taken was to New Orleans with a a big group of my friends. We had such an amazing time and made memories that will still talk about now 4 years later. So much dancing and laughing on Bourbon Street!

  85. avatar Megan Metz reply

    Best Vacation ever: Maui for 10 days with my parents, brother and sister when I graduated from college (UNC). It was the best celebration ever!
    We spent every day on the beach, snorkeling and eating awesome food! We even took a day to go on a cruise out to another island to snorkel more.
    It was beautiful and relaxing! I am so thankful for my family and their willingness to invest in a time like that for the 5 of us!

  86. avatar Kelli reply

    My most amazing vacation was to London with two of my best friends from my sorority. We had an amazing time and traveled to Scotland as well. We went pretty much non stop the whole time we were there! It was amazing. London will forever be one of my favorite cities.

  87. avatar Laura F. reply

    One of my all time favorite vacations was the trip to California when my (now) husband proposed. He secretly told the rental car company about his plans to pop the question, and they upgraded us to a Camero convertible! On the second day of our trip, he proposed on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and then we got to cruise around wine country in a convertible for the rest of the week! (Driving with the top down also meant I got to watch my new ring sparkle in the sun all day, every day, for a whole week!) It was pretty magical :)

  88. avatar Angie reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever been on was to Negril, Jamaica. It wasn’t the scuba diving, or the catamaran tour, or the crystal clear water that made it so amazing. It was spending time with my new husband and just enjoying being together as husband and wife. It would be great to have a ‘second honeymoon’ to get away from the busyness and stress of our jobs and relax together away from home.

  89. avatar Nicole reply

    My most amazing vacation was to Saint Lucia with Kyle. A beautiful week of sailing, scuba diving, poolside drinks, crazy live entertainment each night, and always ending the evening with a sunset on the beach– bliss! Now, two kids later with jobs and grad school… we need to go back! Pick us :)

  90. avatar Kelsey B reply

    My favorite vacation to date would have to be while I was studying abroad in Australia and took my spring break to travel New Zealand. It is the most beautiful and untouched country I have ever seen. But the greatest part of that trip was getting to spend time with my then boyfriend (now fiance) and really learn about each other. We got to experience some of the craziest things we have ever done together, like jumping off a cliff and skydiving. It brought us closer together and we learned so much about each other. Since then, we have not been able to take any luxurious vacations together, but we will be getting married this spring in Charleston and this honeymoon would be an amazing first trip as husband and wife!

  91. avatar Nicholas reply

    My favorite vacation i have ever been on was a trip to Africa with my family. While there i got the opportunity to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, go on safaris, and a cultural tour. It was truly an eye opener to see how others live and be able to do something i will never forget .

  92. avatar Dana reply

    This past summer, my family and our closest family friends celebrated 20 years of friendship at Tybee Island! It had been almost two years since we had all been together and we had the most amazing week of sun, laughter, and love! Every day I want to go back!

  93. avatar Latasha reply

    Unfortunately, my vacations consist of visits to the family. Needless to say I find mjyself needing a vacation from the “vacation” after visits with family. I would love for my first real vacation/ honeymoon to be with my best friend and soon to be husband.

  94. avatar Elyse G. reply

    The best vacation I ever went on was the semester I studied abroad in Rome. Not only did I take the time to explore the city (if I didn’t have homework I was out of the apartment), I also visited 6 other countries during that time. It was 3 months of learning, experiencing and independence. *fingers crossed*

  95. avatar Hannah reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve been on was last summer when I went on a cruise to Bermuda with 25 of my family members – and to top it off, my fiancé and I became engaged the day before we left at a “Bon Voyage” party at my parents home!! Luckily, my then-boyfriend and now-fiancé had been included in the cruise plans, so the two of us spent a week celebrating our engagement with my whole family. The cruise was planned to celebrate the anniversaries of my parents and grandparents, so it was extra meaningful to be included in their celebration knowing we would be celebrating our marriage in just about a year! My fiancé and I are now planning an August 2014 wedding! We are both graduate students, so our honeymoon plans are undecided as we figure out what sort of trip fits into our budget. A Sandals resort honeymoon would be a dream vacation for us! xoxo

  96. avatar Candice reply

    The most memorable trip was when I visited Thailand with my two best friends in 2009. Together, we explored the beauty of the Thai culture by visiting such incredible sights as Wat Pho, Wat Arun, the Grand Palace, and the ancient capitol of Ayutthaya. We let loose with a boat cruise on the Chao Praya River and with drinks at great establishments like the Oriental and the Vertigo Grill and Moon Bar. And of course, we got adventurous with ox cart rides, hitchhiking a lift with elephants in the jungle, and feeding wild monkeys. It was an amazing trip!

  97. avatar Anna reply

    The best vacation is always the next trip my new husband and I are planning!

  98. avatar Whitley reply

    The most amazing and memorable trip I ever took was to Ireland with my mother right after my high school graduation. We rented a car and drove a big loop around the country (on the OTHER side of the road!!) Each day we picked a different city, looked in the guide book for a B&B, and set off on an adventure. It was such a special trip for both of us!

  99. avatar Alex reply

    I went on a trip as a kid where I got to learn how to sail and do the trapeze. Even performed in a trapeze show. I will never forget it!

  100. avatar Kelly C reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever taken was our (my then-fiance and me) trip to the house where they filmed Field of Dreams. I surprised John with this trip after planning for weeks to whisk him away for a weekend to do our engagement photos (take a peek: I chose this location for two reasons: 1. Our first official date was a baseball game 2. I wanted to incorporate John’s upbringing in Iowa into some aspect of our wedding because we planned to marry in my hometown in Indiana. Plus John’s family is in the long line of cars at the end of the movie!
    We made an entire weekend of our engagement picture excursion, staying in a near by town and having a date night. I was so relaxed and excited for our pictures on Sunday, and John was excited about the location. This was the first trip we’d taken together since getting engaged, and we were long over due for “us” time. We’d weathered several distractions since getting engaged (graduation, passing of my father, searching for a job, etc) and needed a break from the stresses of life. I can’t put into words how refreshing it was to just be us in love for a weekend.

  101. avatar Michelle reply

    My boyfriend and I have been lucky and have taken a lot of great trips to fabulous places. But I think my favorite trips are the simple ones. A day trip to pick apples, or our weekend trips with our pooch to the beach at Port A, Texas. Any trip where we are together is special!

  102. avatar McKenzie E. reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever been on was a summer trip abroad to Greece with my Peace College sisters! Over 25 of us had studied the culture and art of Greece before our 12 day trip–it was amazing to see it all come to life! We visited the Acropolis and the Parthenon, we fashioned our own relay race at the site of the first Olympic games, we took a cruise around the beautiful Greek Isles visiting the white washed villages of Mykonos and we ate gyros to our heart’s content! Maybe the best take away from the whole trip was the new friendships that were formed over those two weeks! We all laughed and then cried on the (loooong) trip back home because we truly did not want to leave–I think the vacations that make you feel that way are the best!

    Thank you SW Mag for offering this amazing giveaway! I hope that my fiance and I can experience a honeymoon just as special as my trip with my Peace sisters! :)

  103. avatar Alex Titelman reply

    The best trip I have ever had was with my fiancé & his family in Maui! It was so amazing & I am so extremely lucky that they brought me with them! We went on the road to Hana & saw amazing things, we snorkeled with sea turtles, we hiked down to places a lot of people don’t know about, like blowholes, but most importantly, we spent quality time together! It was a seriously amazing trip & the pictures show that. :) We would love to win this!!!

  104. avatar Danielle Capito reply

    My most amazing vacation was 3 summers ago to Maui with my boyfriend and his family. We went for 2 weeks, stayed in a condo right on the beach, zip lined, parasailed, ate tons of shaved ice, went to a luau, got so tan after days upon days at the pool, snorkeled with turtles, and just relaxed like we normally aren’t able to do. It would be so amazing to win this honeymoon giveaway to experience a great trip again!

  105. avatar Kelsey Picken reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever been on is hopefully waiting on me. My husband and I got marrided Oct. 26th 2013. We didn’t get to go on a honeymoon due to our schedules/ money and we would love to be able to take a honeymoon together and relax!!

  106. avatar Hilari reply

    How fun! The most amazing vacation I took was when my parents met me in Copenhagen after I finished studying abroad. We spent 4 days exploring the city, and then traveled to Stockholm for a week of sightseeing followed by a relaxing week spent on an archipelago island in the Baltic Sea :)

  107. avatar Kendall reply

    Wow! Would I LOVE to win this trip! The most amazing trip I’ve ever been on wasn’t really a vacation. I studied abroad for a few weeks in Greece my Junior year of college, it was the first and only time I have ever been out of the country. Ever since I’ve had a huge itch to travel outside of the country again! Please, please pick me!

  108. avatar Allison Brown reply

    My best vacation ever was skiing in Vail with my younger brother and 2 best friends. It was incredible! The weather was perfect, skiing was perfect, and the 4 days flew by.

  109. avatar Ashleigh Patton reply

    The best vacation I have ever been on was when I went to Savannah, Georgia with my girls! We planned a girls trip for a weekend to unwind, have fun and just simply laugh and enjoy ourselves! We had a blast playing at the beach and strolling the streets of Savannah enjoying the sights. Friends and Family are everything and having time together with no plans made the weekend amazing! From sand in our toes to wine tasting with my besties, this trip was unforgettable. I don’t get to travel and get out of town too much so even a trip down the road to Savannah made it to the top of my favorite vacation list! My fiance and I would love an opportunity like this to get to experience getting to go to a Sandal’s Resort! Can you say amazing?!?

  110. avatar Hannah reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever taken was 10 days in Spain and Portugal with my parents, brother, and sister. We were all adults by then, and had a really great time together. We rented a car and drove from Torremolinos to Madrid (~7 hrs) and then took a sleeper train to Portugal. It was incredible…but mostly because we were all together!

  111. avatar Bekah Martindale reply

    The most memorable trip my hubby-to-be & I took was a road trip from Maryland to Raleigh, the weekend he proposed. We’ve taken many road trips, as a way to adventure and explore on the open road, but this has been the most special to date. It was a surprise where we were going, and I was just enjoying the journey with him. We got to Raleigh and explored the city streets and markets for a while. He surprised me with a concert of my favorite artist, who sang a song called “Forever Like That.” Afterwards we ate at a quirky restaurant for a southern chicken, waffles, and champagne combination :) On our walk through the park that night, he proposed and I was ecstatic, and of course said YES! We spent the rest of the weekend soaking in the excitement and joy and dreams of the future as we road tripped back home from the sweet southern state. <3!

  112. avatar Jennifer reply

    My best vacation was a couple of years ago with my family at Alys Beach in Florida! Its like a dream- all white houses, beautiful beaches and the best pina colada I’ve ever had!

  113. avatar Michael Kramer reply

    I’ve been to 7 sandals so far my goal is to visit all of them, I have the best time when I’m at a sandals. The best so far was. Sandals whitehouse,we went with friends and they also had the best time with all the fine dining to the best entertainment. I would love to spend a honeymoon vacation in the whitehouse because me and my wife didn’t have a honeymoon due to our beautiful children. So if I am awarded this awesome vacation I would truly be blessed. Thanks to all the sandals personnel also.

  114. avatar Caitlin R. reply

    My very favorite vacation was with my now(!) husband! He had proposed a week before, and next thing you know we’re heading of to a whirlwind European adventure! We hit Italy, Germany, Ireland and France in 10 days. We learned so much about each other, and we can’t wait for our next trip together!! We were married on October 12th and we haven’t started the honeymoon planning!

  115. avatar Megan Suter reply

    My favorite vacation was with my now fiance, Braden. We went to a beach house with our friends a few months after we started dating…it was rainy, foggy and cold the whole time, but we were able to relax and just be together. We went to tiny beach restaurants and hung out on the beach under an umbrella during a storm. We really bonded and that’s when I knew he was “the one”. Now that we are planning our wedding for next October, I’m excited to day dream about our honeymoon.

  116. avatar Lauren S reply

    Most amazing vacation was to Ghana, West Africa with girlfriends from college do do volunteer work- such a perspective change and makes me appreciate every day and all parts of life!

  117. avatar Bill Castleman reply

    Last December I had the best vacation I could ever imagine with my girlfriend at Sandals Royal Caribbean. Perfect weather, Perfect service and perfect partner. We did nothing but enjoy each other all week long. It could have been raining and we wouldn’t have noticed! Fortunately, the weather was perfect and so were the pictures that were taken by the photographers so we could capture the magical week. When we returned home, months later, I found out that she thought I was going to propose…My heart dropped. I had no idea. I wish I could go back and do things over again…Or go forward and make things better than perfect…..

  118. avatar Angela Bain reply

    David and I will be married on March 9, 2014 at the Hilton on Cocoa Beach. He is truly my dream come true! Who knew soul mates really existed! Thank you,

  119. avatar Kelly Robinson reply

    My favorite vacation memory was visiting Cancun with my fiance back in May, less than a month before we got engaged! Although I didn’t know it at the time, it was our last trip together as boyfriend and girlfriend, which made it extra special! We did one excursion to check out ChichenItza, but most of the time we just enjoyed relaxing by the pool and on the beach, cocktail in hand!

  120. avatar Jennifer Skinner reply

    The most amazing and memorable vacation I have ever taken was to Austin, TX with my then boyfriend (now husband). What made it so special was that it was very early in our dating relationship and the very first trip we had ever taken together. I knew that this would be the trip that either took our relationship to the next level or would be the thing that ended it. Not only was visiting the city of Austin AMAZING (the food, culture, music, people and art are all those groovy things that make Austin unique and keep it weird) but it was also the place that my husband told me he fell in love with me and knew one day he would marry me. So, Austin will always have a very special place in my heart for that reason. Every time we go back it reminds me of our early dating years and helps me keep life and my relationship in perspective. :)

  121. avatar Caitlin Kenney reply

    My favorite vacation was a cruise from Boston to Bermuda, my boyfriend at the time proposed to me the first night! We had the chance to truly enjoy each other’s company the rest of the trip! We went snorkeling, went to shows, enjoyed the beach, and ate great food! 15 months later- we just got married and would love this opportunity to go on a dream honeymoon!

  122. avatar Sarah Wiley reply

    The best vacation that I ever went on would have to be when Alabama went to the Rose Bowl for the 2009 National Championship against Texas. I’m calling that a vacation because it was for a bunch of broke college kids!! I went with my very best friend and our two best guy friends. The only things we spent money on was our football tickets and our plane tickets. We didn’t have a single plan when we got to Pasadena! We ended up staying for free in a college apartment because someone in our group knew someone in the apartment. We had the best time together because we learned that the best times aren’t becuase you spend a lot of money, they happen when best friends are together–and it helped that Alabama won that Championship!!

  123. avatar Annika reply

    Oh how I would love to win this amazing giveaway for me and my love. We are getting married next year after dating 12 years and it is a long time dream of ours to visit one of Sandals amazing Resorts.

    My favorite vacation I took was the first visit to the South of the US with my favorite person, my now fiance. We are from Germany and vacationed in GA and FL about 7 years ago. We hiked a lot, went sightseeing, and most of all ate a lot and relaxed. In fact, we were so in love with the kind people, the landscape, and the lifestyle that we decided short after our vacation to move from Germany to Georgia. We have been living here ever since and absolutely love it. This vacation was my favorite because if we wouldn’t have vacationed int he south, we would probably have never moved here and found this heart warming place. It was literally life changing for us and the best part is that I could experience it all with the love of my life.

  124. avatar Julie S. reply

    Hi there! In April I went on the most amazing vacation that I have ever been on. We went to Tamarindo in Costa Rica, it is a small beach town but there are so many things to do. We went on a river tour, zip lining and my fiance learned to surf! The best part of the vacation was actually the plane ride there because my boyfriend at the time, proposed to me! I was completely surprised as I just woke up from a nap and all the sudden I hear the flight attendent on the loud speaker say that a passenger “Simon Ivey” has a message for another passenger on the plane. So I immediatly think that something was wrong and that he either passed out or fell in the bathroom, but no, two seconds later he gets on the intercom and says “Julie, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?”. Then he runs up through the aisle to my seat and gets down on one knee and of course I say yes! The entire plane is cheering and clapping, I have never been more red and shaky in my life. We had been together for 5 years at this point so I knew we would eventually get married but I was not expecting that it would happen on this trip at all. This was definitely the most memorable vacation of my life so far!

  125. avatar Maggie D’Agnese reply

    The most amazing vacation I have ever taken was our family vacation to Nashville, Tennessee! It was so much fun! My entire family on my mother’s side came with us. We spent the whole week of Christmas 2011 laughing, cooking, and sharing a 3 bedroom house with 18 people! We went to Christmas shows, walked downtown, visited all the famous restaurants and made a ton of memories I will cherish forever.

  126. avatar Ashley Kenyon reply

    Most amazing vacation was spent in Colorado this past summer with my Fiancé. He leads worship for a collegiate athletic camp hosted at CSU each year. The time we spent together, surrounded by the beautiful landscape, in the Lords presence will be a vacation we’ll cherish forever!

  127. avatar Diane Tomaszkowicz reply

    The best vacation I ever took was to Europe for a month. I was with my now fiance, and we went to Helsinki, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Krakow, and also wine country in the Czech Republic. It was an adeventure and we grew even more as a couple. :)

  128. avatar Rylee reply

    The best vacations I ever took, were the ones with my family. Getting away, together, and not having the responsibilities of work, or school, it gave us all a chance to take a breath and relax together.

  129. avatar Sara reply

    It was a Tuesday and only an hour away, but it might as well have been a world. My now-fiance and I went on a whim to Blowing Rock, NC for a weeknight dinner at Woodlands. After the best wings on the planet (seriously, ya’ll), a few cold beers, and live bluegrass, we walked arm-in-arm out the door to unexpected snow fall. It only took a look to know that we both wouldn’t be going to work the next day. So we emailed in sick and found a room in a little inn downtown. We grabbed a bottle of wine, to-go cups and toothbrushes at the Scotchman, and walked up and down Main Street, warmed with wine and new love, the world as we knew it swirling away, the promise of a new one, clean and pure and wonderful like the new-fallen snow, waiting for us up ahead.

  130. avatar Janet Reddick reply

    One of my most memorable vacations was as a young girl – with my parents – and it probably fueled my love of travel. We went to St. John in the US Virgin Islands, and I got to snorkel through an underwater National Park. There were signs there talking about the coral reefs and the native fish. It was beautiful and memorable.

  131. avatar Claire reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever been on was to the island of St. John USVI with my sisters. It was so lush and beautiful. We hiked, ate tons of seafood, and of course lounged at the beach. I love the Caribbean and have told my fiance I’d love to go with him on a tropical vacation! A Sandals honeymoon would be the trip of our dreams! (Getting married June 2014)

  132. avatar Alexandra reply

    Any vacation in my book is a great vacation. As long as I am surrounded with great friends, family, sunshine, sand and laughter its bound to be a great time. I’ve never been out of the states – all vacations have been spent at North and South Carolina Beaches. So all the more reason to pick me y’all to win this giveaway for my honeymoon in May 2014!!

  133. avatar Lauren Nuckols reply

    The best vacation I ever went on was a cruise with my family. One week of all you can eat and drink! yum!! We went to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico. With sand and water in between our toes, we were in heaven. We explored Key West and had a day at the beach in Cozumel. On the ship, we tried every activity, gambling and karaoke! We watched the show every night and loved coming to our room every night, looking for the animal made from towels that housekeeping left us! With all of the excitement, nothing beat spending quality time with the most precious gift of all, my family!

  134. avatar Heather Collins reply

    The most amazing vacation I ever took was to punts Cana in the Dominican where I was proposed to!!! I had no clue. We planned the vacation 6 months before with our 2 close friends Mackenzie and her boyfriend Pete. My fianc

  135. avatar Stephanie reply

    My family used to take a trip to Myrtle Beach every summer when I was younger. We would rent a beach house and all 20 of us would hang out for the week. It was always a relaxing time filled with wonderful memories that I will cherish forever.

    My husband and I have been married for almost two years. We never got a honeymoon. We eloped and have been working hard raising our 6 year old and our 9 month old baby. Life these days is quite different. We haven’t had a vacation in 3 years, much less a honeymoon. Sandals seems like the perfect getaway and just what we need. Thank you for providing this opportunity!

  136. avatar Laura Layne reply

    The best vacation my husband and I have ever been on was our honeymoon to Sandals in St. Lucia! We would love to win this trip so we can return on our one-year anniversary and relive the magic!

  137. avatar Heather reply

    The vacation I took last march to Punta Cana in the Dominican was the best trip ever! It was so tropical and romantic. It the best vacation ever because this is where my now fiance proposed to me!! It was our 10 year anniversary dating. He had broke his ankle 2 months before so I didn’t think we would still get to go. We went on vacation anyway and on our walk back from dinner to our room he pulled me to the side of the walkway at our resort and threw his crutches to the ground. He got down on one knee an proposed to me!! I obviously said yes! I couldn’t have asked for a more romantic vacation with him!

  138. avatar Kalie reply

    The best vacation I have ever been on was my trip to New York City last year a week before Christmas. I had never had a chance to see the city before because I live in SC. However, I am currently in the process of planning a wedding, working full time, and going to school full time. This vacation would be amazing because I am getting married in June 2014. My fiance and I have never been on a vacation together, so this would be a perfect opportunity!!

  139. avatar Molly Moon reply

    The best vacation I’ve taken was to Santa Fe, NM. I went with three of my girlfriends for our (high school) senior trip. We didn’t want to go the party route, so we went somewhere beautiful, ate great food, saw beautiful artwork and architecture, and strolled through a few markets.

  140. avatar Megan O. reply

    The best vacation I’ve ever been on was actually not my most exotic. I am currently working full time, pursuing my master’s full time, and planning a wedding which all result in an avalanche of stress. Because of all these commitments, my then boyfriend, now fiance, and I weren’t able to spend a lot of time together. I remember being so excited that we found a weekend I didn’t have class and we decided to run for the hills….in Gatlinburg, TN. No family, no friends, no pets, just us. We went hiking, he took me to the aquarium, we spoiled ourselves at a steak house, we watched silly movies with a bottle of champagne. That quality time meant so much to me and we can’t wait to get married as this is what we hope to relive on our honeymoon.

  141. avatar Anna reply

    One of my favorite vacations was my first big getaway with my fiance back when we were dating. To celebrate my graduation from grad school and our move to a new state together we decided to take a cruise to the Bahamas.

    We went on a five day cruise that ported in both Nassau and Freeport and had an amazing time both on and off the ship. We rode the water slides like little kids, got to eat ice cream at any hour we wanted, and explored the beaches and shops of the Bahamas.

    The trip was wonderful but we wish that we could have spent more time on the islands getting to explore, meeting locals, eating the food, learning the culture, etc. As we start to plan for our honeymoon winning this getaway would be an amazing way for us to go back and continue the best vacation we’ve had together to date!

  142. avatar Tyler Gupton reply

    My favorite vacation was spent with my family in Costa Rica. We golfed, snorkeled, and just enjoyed quality family time.

  143. avatar Danielle reply

    My fiance and I have never been on an actual vacation together! We spend most of our time apart as I am finishing school in Michigan, and he lives in Nashville. We love taking road trips together, back and forth between Michigan and Nashville. The best vacation I have been on was the first time I went to Nashville with three of my best friends on a girls weekend get away. It was this time when i completely fell in love with the city, and I knew this is where I would want to live after graduation. I then met the love of my life, and we have been completely inseparable, in spite of the distance, since our first date that was downtown on Broadway St. at a Jason Aldean concert. I am so lucky! We have decided that Sandals Resorts are a MUST for our honeymoon! I would be so blessed to win this contest, allowing us to start off our marriage with an amazing honeymoon, that wont bend and break out wallets! Being that we are both graduating in December, we have all those hefty student loans to pay off, along with our wedding in 2014! <3

  144. avatar Amanda reply

    My best vacation was with my husband to St. Lucia. It was amazing! We ate, drank, went scuba diving, stand up paddle boarding, and most of all relaxed!!

  145. avatar Lindy reply

    My very favorite vacation was a complete surprise to me… My fiance proposed on an unexpected Thursday night (we were at home, our favorite place in the world, in our pajamas!) and then whisked me away to a spa for the weekend. It was just the two of us, comfy white robes, celebrating us in the most relaxing way ever. I will always cherish every moment we get to spend together, just the two of us and it would be a dream to do that again!

  146. avatar Kacie reply

    My favorite vacation to date has been traveling to Mexico with my family. I say to date because my finance and I have never been on vacatoin together. With so many elements of the “traditional” wedding gone these days, I wanted to keep one aspect “old fashioned”. I hope my honeymoon will be my best vacation ever!

  147. avatar Marie reply

    My favorite vacation was last summer. I went with my boyfriend and his family to visit his grandmother in New York. We all went to Amish Country, Niagra Falls, hiking and hung out in the little town where his grandmother lives; A town with sidewalks and mailmen who delivers the mail at the door.

  148. avatar Kristi Peel reply

    Growing up my family would spend a week in Northern California at Lake Almanor. It was always myself, my mom, my sister, my dad, aunts, uncles and cousin. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from the summers spend there. We would ride jetski’s, fish, suntan, play board games, BBQ, and just spend good quality time together. As my wedding is soon approaching I can’t help but to think about all the fun and new family traditions we get to start!

  149. avatar Candice reply

    The best trip I ever took was after college with a girlfriend of mine to Europe! We went from LA–>New York–>Paris–>Rome.
    New York was full of family visits and good eateries before heading to Europe. It was also good practice for the complicated trains in Europe. From Milk to Central Park to Joe’s Shanghai, we attempted to visit all the best spots in NY!
    Paris was beautiful! We stayed in a boutique hotel and visited the Eiffel Tower, walked up the Sacre Coeur, ate Paul’s bakery+croissants every day, went on the Seine River tour, bought macarons at Laduree, and cracked a bottle of wine and cheese every night back at the hotel.
    Rome was even better! We went to Vatican City and the Sistene Chapel, toured the Colosseum, visited The Forum, checked out The Louvre, made wishes at the Trevi Fountain, ate fresh pasta, pizza and gelato, walked up the Spanish stairs, and went home every night exhausted but refreshed by the amazing cultural experiences!

    The entire trip was scary but exciting because it was only one other girl and myself, but I learned a lot and loved every bit of it!

  150. avatar Brittany Dinkins reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever had was 5 weeks in Australia with my mom & two sisters! We drove all over the coast on their crazy highways and snorkeled at The Great Barrier Reef! We tried everything! We had a boomerang lesson and played with kangaroos! We petted Dingos and a tiger! We stayed in some beautiful places and some weird places! :) It was definitely a trip I’ll always cherish! My only regret was that my fianceé wasn’t able to go. We’ve never had a trip together so winning this honeymoon would mean the world to us! But if we don’t win, then I’m still blessed beyond words to marry my only love! Best wishes to everyone entering!

  151. avatar Brittany Woods reply

    My most amazing vacation believe it or not took place almost 5 years ago in Kenya! I’d always wanted to go to Africa and at the time I was in school and had a scholarship to do some community service. I decided to take the stipend I was given to buy a plane ticket and vacation/volunteer some.

    It was definitely a decision I’ll never regret, I met so many people that I will never forget and they were all so loving and kind even when they had half as much as I did. I worked in two schools and got to spend time with the children and help teach. I linked up with a group from San Antonio, TX and we built a church and a dorm for a girl’s school.

    The HIGHLIGHT of my trip was going on safari in the middle of the jungle. I’ve never been so much at peace and to be so in the midst of all the wild animals and God’s beauty was amazing!!!!!

  152. avatar Jessica Lightner reply

    The best vacation I have have ever been on was a week in Quito, Ecuador with my family. My mother grew up in Ecuador and had not been back to her home since she left almost 40 years ago. My dad, sister, and I surprised her with plane tickets to Quito as a Christmas gift, and we spent a week exploring my mom’s childhood home. I loved spending time in mountains, as well as the few days we spent in the forested/jungle-y portion of the country. The best part of the trip was getting to spend time with my family (our lives are all so busy) and learning more about where my mom grew up.

  153. avatar KTouchstone reply

    Most amazing vacation…..hmmmmm…….my husband and I found our way to my old home in the Smoky’s last winter. It made my heart melt to be in the freezing cold with my other half. I officially witnessed my first snow encounter, as well as driving in it – EEK! Scary STUFF! But it was all worth it since we eventually got to go horseback riding in the snow….talk about romantic!

  154. avatar Brittney Welch reply

    The best vacation I ever took was to Colorado. The adventurous feel of hiking on snow capped mountains was incredible! I took it with my family and I’m positive that my honeymoon will be my new favorite vacation!!

  155. avatar Lindsay P. reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever taken was to Charleston, SC with my now-fiancé! He proposed to me at Waterfront Park and now we’re having a destination wedding there!

  156. avatar Jasmine Marciniak reply

    The best vacation I ever took was with my best friend on my honeymoon. Being newlyweds everything was magical and spectacular. We went to Antigua and stayed in a cute little bungalow on the ocean. It was the most breathtaking trip and we enjoyed every minute of it. We have been dreaming if the day we could go back and we hope it’s soon! We would be immensely grateful if we won this enchanting trip!!

  157. avatar Amber reply

    It is hard to choose one favorite vacation, but I think if I had to choose, I’d choose our family vacations to St. George Island, Florida. My grandparents would rent a big house, and all the aunts, uncles, and cousins would stay together. I miss those times.

  158. avatar Joel reply

    My favorite vacation I ever took was going on a cruise from Boston up to Canada with my family and my (now) fiancee. We had stops in Halifax & St. John, got to eat lots of delicious seafood and just spent a lot of quality time with my family. Every night on the cruise we had a family dinner and it was just overall a great relaxing vacation

  159. avatar Kayla reply

    My husband and I just got home from such a SWEET and wonderful trip – we went to DisneyWorld! It was truly magical, and sunny, and we ran around the parks and rode rides until we wanted to drop! We both already want to go back – but a trip to a Sandals resort would be wonderful, too!

  160. avatar Julie reply

    The best vacation I’ve ever gone on was to Aruba. We had a great time relaxing at the beach as well as exploring the desert side of the island on a UTV tour. It was definitely a great time!!

  161. avatar Meredith reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever taken was actually for my husband to serve as best man at a wedding in Alaska! We spent about 10 days soaking in the beauty of that breath-taking state and all of God’s glorious creation. The wedding itself was quite the adventure too, complete with a sightseeing tour via boat on our way to the wedding, and a beautiful outdoor wedding on a private island! Loved every minute… but would love a Caribbean vacation at Sandals as well! :)

  162. avatar Carlina reply

    The most AMAZING vacation I have ever been on was going to Aruba with my family, and my boyfriend (now Fiance!). We explored the island, snorkeled, took romantic walks on the beach, and became closer as a family. It was truly a wonderful experience.

    And now, J and I are getting married this spring! This honeymoon would mean the world to us!
    What an awesome Giveaway. Thanks, Southern Weddings!!

  163. avatar Jasmine Marciniak reply

    The best vacation I have ever been on was a trip to the Virgin Islands with my best friend on our honeymoon. Being a young newlywed everything is magical and romantic. We got to take a full week and just spend time with each other. No TV, no cell phones, no distractions, we just got to love on each other. We did fun things such as snorkeling, horseback riding, sail boating, but our best memories were the “goof ups” that just happened – as life usually does. Our favorite story to tell is the one where we were laying in a hammock, and as a newlywed the clothing is fairly limited ;) and housekeeping came into our house to clean our cute little bungalow. If you have ever tried to get out a hammock quickly, it is IMPOSSIBLE. It was hilarious, they laughed, we laughed, it was awesome. We have dreamed of the day where we could go on another romantic vacation such as our honeymoon and enjoy the sunshine and warm air.

  164. avatar Sarah Wiley reply

    The best vacation I ever took doubled as a trip to the National Championship game with my best friends. We were all broke college students and spent all of our money on plane tickets and tickets to watch Alabama beat Texas! We had the most fun finding “cheap” things to do in Los Angeles. We made lots of memories–especially when we got put on 2 separate planes going back to Alabama and one of the planes ended up being delayed keeping half of my group stuck in LA for an extra night!

  165. avatar Talda reply

    My fiance and I haven’t had many opportunities to go on trips together but I really enjoyed our time spent at Yosemite National Park last summer. We took a side trip during a my work retreat to explore the park and had an amazing time. We’re both looking forward to going back soon.

  166. avatar Ashley reply

    The best vacation I have had so far was a family trip to Yellowstone National Park. This was the last vacation we had before my dad passed away. Our time was spent away from the normal distractions of a busy life and our focus was on each other. Free from the reality of cancer, hospital visits, and pain. We made lasting memories that cannot be taken away from me. I look forward to marrying the love of my life, a man that I know my father would love, and having the opportunity to start a family where we can take similar vacations and make lasting memories.

  167. avatar Meredith reply

    We honeymooned at Sandals Halcyon Bay in St Lucia and it was amazing! Everything about the trip was wonderful, we ate until our little stomachs couldn’t hold any more, spent countless hours by the pool & beach, met some of the most enjoyable staff, and made a few new friends. We would love to win this trip to celebrate an anniversary! We only took one excursion because the opportunities at the resort and sister properties kept us busy (if we wanted)! I would go back in a heartbeat!

  168. avatar Caitlin reply

    My favorite vacation was to Honduras last year with my fiance. We got to enjoy the wonder of Mayan ruins, relax in hammocks, and wade through a stream to a secret waterfall. Of course, it was an amazing trip on its own, but having him with me was what made it perfect and unforgettable.

  169. avatar Amy reply

    My best vacation was with my husband to Antigua! We loved every minute of it. The blue skies and clear water was just the break we needed from our hectic lives. My favorite part was snorkeling off of Sister’s Island. There are jelly fish all around but they are surprisingly friendly and you can even touch them without being stung! We would love a chance to go back to the Caribbean and explore the other islands!

  170. avatar Justyne M reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever taken was a pretty simple one. A road trip through the Smokey Mountains with my then boyfriend (now fiance), we stopped at all the roadside attractions and it was great!

  171. avatar Nic reply

    The most amazing vacation I have taken was to the Mexican Rivera at an all inclusive resort. The food was great, I did nothing but sit around read and relax with some wonderful friends, I didn’t want to leave (my waist band told me I should though). I would love to win this and share this wonderful Sandals vacation with my bride!

  172. avatar Laura reply

    Hands down, the most amazing vacation I’ve ever taken was a trip to Italy with my whole family: parents, sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins. My aunt is from Italy, so she was our own personal tour guide. We stayed with relatives, ate an incredible amount of amazing food and gelato, and saw all of the beautiful sights of Italy. Venice was my favorite…so romantic!

  173. avatar AK reply

    The most amazing “vacation” I ever took was a long weekend in February to Austin, Texas for my twin sister’s bachelorette party. We went with all of her girlfriends from college, and the simple experience of all being together to celebrate with roommates, sisters, their fiancee’s sisters and friends we have collected along the way to commemorate all of their upcoming summer weddings in a “girls weekend” was such a great experience. The lemonade vodka at Lustre Pearl, a (requisite) trip to Allen’s boots, and seeing all the girls was so worth setting aside time and money for the trip. I didn’t have that same experience for my own wedding, so it was great to celebrate theirs in a more demonstrative way. There is no substitute for quality girlfriends!

  174. avatar Amber Owens reply

    The best vacation I ever went on was with my fiance about 4 months after we started dating. He had already planned a trip to Costa Rica to go hiking and see exotic birds (his favorite hobby). We spent a week trekking through the rain forest and cloud forest enjoying the beauty around us. Before that trip I had never thought I would be a “bird watcher”. Now it’s a great excuse for us to travel the world in search of the things we haven’t seen! It was also the trip when we both realized we wanted to travel the world together forever!

  175. avatar Jenny Mills reply

    The best vacation I have EVER been on is the one where my best friend, Joe and I were married. After our first visit to Sandals together in 2010, we instantly knew that our wedding day would be on a beach in Jamaica. Fast forward three years later and on March 11, 2013 we were married with 20 friends and family watching at Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The ceremony and reception on the resort was everything we could have dreamed of. Our one and only complaint (and trust me its hard to find one at a Sandals) is that we only stayed one extra day after all of our family left. We decided that we would return to a Sandals in 2014 for a real Honeymoon and we cannot wait to “Soon Come Back”.

  176. avatar megan reply

    i had an amazing experience when i was studying abroad in spain and took a quick trip to portugal with some fellow students. we just walked around the town of porto, ate, and soaked up the very different culture and language. it was SO beautiful there!

  177. avatar Claudia LaFleur reply

    We would love to win this trip! We did not have a chance to go on our honeymoon yet because my hubby got laid off shortly after our wedding… we are blessed to have each other through thick and thin! Our best vacation was last Christmas when we went camping for a couple of days. It was very romantic to roast wienies on the fire and cuddling together at night, specially one night when the temperature went down to the low 20s! Our dog Nala was cozy warm sleeping between us!

  178. avatar Marlene Rodriguez reply

    Hi ladies. Id like to start by thanking y’all for an opportunity like this to win a honeymoon wouldbe a dream. My fiancee and I both work long hours at grueling jobs that unfortunately doesnt allow us to take many vacations but I must say the best one we have ever had was about six months ago. We both took a week off and went to Canyon texas. We hiked through Palo Duro canyon rode horse back everday for hours and enjoyed nature and each other for awhole week. Yes I know its no Sandals resort but we had a great time.

  179. avatar Rebecca H reply

    My best vacation was going to The Biltmore in Ashville, NC with my fiance. We went in the winter and stayed in a very elegant B&B. After spending the day touring The Biltmore, we watched a musical (Hello Dolly!) and laid on the floor in front of the roaring fireplace in our room at the B&B. It was very romantic!

  180. avatar Nicole reply

    Thinking back on vacations is like thinking back on memories: there are just too many good ones to choose from. I must say that my favorite vacation was with my best friend. We had just wrapped up our first semester of teaching, were 23, and wanted to see something really amazing & unique. So, we blew our tax-refunds on a 10-day trip to Italy & the Greek Isles. It was a seriously amazing trip that I’d never trade!

  181. avatar Nicole reply

    My grandparents used to take a new years cruise every year and in 2011 they decided to take the whole family on what would be their last cruise. My fiance (boyfriend at the time) got to come too. Due to rough waters, 2 stops were cancelled, so we had to spend 5 of the 7 days on the boat! It was still so nice to spend a week with my whole family and my fiance fit right in. We have such amazing memories from our stops in Honduras and Guatemala and didn’t mind all of the time on the ship! A honeymoon is on hold for now, so we would love the opportunity to spend some time at a Sandals resort!

  182. avatar anna reply

    The best vacation I ever took was with my now-fiancé to Thailand. The food, the scenery, the people – everything was amazing. I also learned after the fact that he was considering proposing there! That’s the only thing that could have made it even better.

  183. avatar Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony reply

    One of my favorite trips was to Costa Rica with a good friend. Though we didn’t stay in luxurious accommodations, and it was a pretty brief trip, we experienced a lot of natural beauty in 3 distinct areas: the beach, the cloud forest, and the hot springs.

    I’d love a tropical vacation with my husband right about now. I’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica!

  184. avatar Taylor O’Shaughnessy reply

    The most amazing vacation I have been on would be the vacation I took with my fiancé to my family’s home on Hilton Head Island when we got engaged. I had just taken my national board exam, and he and I had never really been on vacation together. We planned a trip where he could really experience the South and unwind together. He had never been to my families house in Hilton Head which is such a special place to me. We planned a trip to Savannah and then continued on to the beach. My dad passed away when I was in college, and I have so many incredible family memories from growing up and spending time together in Hilton Head. I couldn’t wait to share it with him. He proposed on the back porch, the same spot where my sister had gotten engaged a few years before. We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the beach and my favorite local hangouts. It is a vacation I will never forget. I love that in a way my family was there, and that we have the rest of our lives to return to the place we got engaged and can share it with our future family!! We will be getting married in Georgia in June of 2014 and are excited to plan a future honeymoon! A Sandals honeymoon would be a dream come true!


  185. avatar Andrea Urrea reply

    The best vacation I have ever been on was when my (now!) husband and I went to Savannah together. We took a long weekend off and drove to Savannah from Orlando where we enjoyed the beautiful architecture, delicious food and tasty drinks together. It was relaxing and beautiful at the same time. We did not get to take a honeymoon after our wedding (we got married 10/12/2013) as we paid for everything out of pocket and were left with no budget to go on a honeymoon. Our family gave us tickets to Disney and we made the best out of the day but this would be really special as we could enjoy ourselves and really feel like we got to honeymoon after such hard work.

  186. avatar Andy reply

    While vacations jam packed full of activities and adventure are amazing the absolute best vacations in my opinion are those spent with the one you love just enjoying each other’s company. For me it was a trip to Florida where we spent our week relaxing on the beach, enjoying sunset dinners, and consuming the perfect frozen drink accompanied by an obvious mini umbrella!!

  187. avatar Mel Corlew reply

    My “amazing vacation” will probably differ from the norm, but It is honestly one of my most favorite memories! Last year, I surprised my then boyfriend (now fiancé!), with a weekend getaway to Florida. (Not to a beach…or Disney) Drew is a pilot, and an avid ‘space nerd’ so I took him to Kennedy Space Center to see all things shuttle before they tore things down to make room for the new programs. Although I thought it was kind of neat to see launch pads and a shuttle, it was no Disney World. HOWEVER, I wouldnt trade it for a thing! It is so humbling to put someone’s wants before your own,( especially the person you love the most!) and I would do it again in a heart beat!

  188. avatar Bianca reply

    Ok, don’t laugh but the nicest place I’ve ever been is the cabinet up north Wisconsin on the lake we have never been anywhere really fancy but the peace and quiet of the lake in northern Wisconsin is something I wouldn’t trade for anything! I go up there with my fiancé and get away from all the troubles of the world or at least our little world. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be nice to win this though I’ve always dreamed of going somewhere nice for a honeymoon! :)

  189. avatar jenn reply

    My best vacation ever was a last minute trip in Dec 2012 to Machu Picchu. My boyfriend (now fiancé) and I planned the trip within a month to one of my bucket list places. I could not believe we made it. It was incredible beyond belief and the sights were magical.

    We wandered, climbed, ziplined and hiked until our calves couldn’t take it anymore. We laughed hysterically, I tried to teach him spanish and we soaked up the culture.

    It was our first long trip together and we had an absolute BLAST. Even when I was deathly sick or when we were crammed into a local bus for over an hour… we still enjoyed every moment. It was the first of what I hope to be many adventurous vacations together!

  190. avatar Claire Troiano reply

    The most amazing vacation I ever took was to Italy and Greece with my high school years ago. It was such a fulfilling, spiritual, and overall wonderful experience that changed my life forever. That trip changed me into a lover of travel and adventure, and I look forward to my next trip! I would love to win his honeymoon as my fiance and I just purchased a home and are worried about the cost of a honeymoon. I am getting married on May 25 2014 and would LOVE this!

  191. avatar Callie Pitts reply

    This past March, Jamie and I went with my family to the British Virgin Islands! My dad captained a powered catamaran and we explored the islands on our own time for a whole week! It was by far the best vacation we have been on!

  192. avatar Suzanne Weber reply

    My favorite vacation/travel experience was a trip with my sister Karen. I bought us tickets in and out of Madrid due to a little vacation windfall I received. We spent half the time in Spain, tasting olive oil, driving the countryside, enjoying the late night dinners and wine and dancing until the wee hours. Then we took the ferry to Morocco for a week. We had the most wonderful experience with all, from playing (and losing) cards on the train with an older gentleman to being invited to a local traditional dancing establishment by the restaurant staff where we dined, we were thrilled to feel so welcomed. To share the experience with my little sister made it all the more special. It is a trip to remember for all time.

  193. avatar Beth Yasses reply

    Our most memorable vacation thus far has been to Sanibel Island, FL. My fiance whom was just my boyfriend then and myself and my two kids from a past relationship gone bad got to spend 5 days on this beautiful island before we got busy with another school year and a year full of exciting things to come. We spent our days in the pool, and out in water flipping sand dollars with our feet! We loved seeing how many we could collect!! That was by far the neatest part of our vacation as we are beach people but had never had the opportunity to find sand dollars! I love to treat my 7 and 8 year old to a fun beach trip every summer and have tried to keep that tradition even after their dad and I separated 3 years ago now. He has tried to make my life miserable, but has failed. I keep my head up and try to keep my kids as happy and sheltered as possible from all his craziness. Luckily I have now found a man that not only loves me and treats me so good, but loves my kids and includes them in everything, including asking them 1 week ago today for their permission in asking me to marry him!! He showed them the ring he had bought for me and asked them if it was OK, of course they anxiously agreed and came out saying, “mom….Mark has a present for you…” I loved that he wanted them to be part of our love story. They LOVE him, and are so happy he has found his way into our lives. They thought we were instantly married the moment he asked me. We explained to them that that is not how it works, haha. So, now, as we begin planning a destination wedding/honeymoon of our dreams we want it to just be the two of us as we start our lives together and create a family of our own, adding more children in the years to come. Kelsey and Kyle can’t wait for us to have a baby!! We would absolute LOVE to win this amazing destination sandals resort vacation for our vacation and maybe even our wedding on the island!!! It would be a dream come true, to top off my dream that has already come true. I never thought this could be my life. I never felt I deserved to be THIS happy. I can’t believe this has happened to me. I hope you will consider us as we would be so incredible grateful!!

  194. avatar Keely reply

    My best vacation so far has been to Vienna Austria to meet my then boyfriend now fiancé! I was living in Germany at the time and doing the whole long distance thing. After many months of carepackages, Skype and letters it was our first vacation together! What better way to be reunited in one of the most romantic places on earth! Best part, it was on New Year’s Eve!

  195. avatar Sheena reply

    My best vacation was a cruise that I took my mom on for her 50th birthday. We had such a blast enjoying the spa on the ship and dressing up for the formal nights. My dad and brother also came and we all hade a great time hanging out together. Just wish my fiancé could have been there!

  196. avatar Henry reply

    I went to Moab, Utah with a great friend. Enjoyed the weather, mountain biking and beautiful scenery. Awesome!

  197. avatar Valerie reply

    The best vacation was a trip to Maui!

  198. avatar Krissy reply

    The best vacation I’ve ever took would have to be the last vacation my fiance and i took with our son. We went to the beach to get away and relax. We swam, went fishing, ate a lot, and shopped at the outlet mall. This is the best vacation for me because it is the last vacation we had with our son. Less then a year later he passed away.

  199. avatar Maria ODonnell reply

    In 2005 we took the kids on our first family cruise and were able to enjoy all the activities, tours, ruins, meals as an entire group and with the kids more adult this time. It was an amazing experience where we were able to enjoy ourselves and being with our kids as adults and not ask and wonder why we chose a tour, etc. They actually looked forward to dinner and dressing up. Now they are all grown up and out of the house and my husband and I are empty nesters. Now we want to experience a vacation by ourselves and enjoy it.

  200. avatar Amanda Pace reply

    The most amazing vacation I have ever taken was when my fiancé (boyfriend at the time) and I made a trip up to New York City around Chirstmas, right before my 21st birthday. I had always wanted to visit the city, especially during the most wonderful time of the year. So, with some money we had saved up, we booked flights and made plans to just wander the city, enjoy each others company and meet up with some of his extended family. I think this trip had to be my favorite because it was a place I had always wanted to see and I was able to make the trip and see it all with someone I truly love. There was no pressure to see everything in NYC but to just enjoy the time we had there and save some adventure for the next time.

    We are getting married in June of 2014 and have started to look into different locations and resorts for honeymoons with Sandals being at the top of our list. How cool would it be to know that we could have another amazing vacation of enjoying each others company and staying in a beautiful area together?!

  201. avatar Leah Dodson reply

    The most amazing vacation was last May when I took my boyfriend to the Dominican Republic, where I had lived for 2 1/2 years. This was the first time he had ever been out of the country, so it was an absolute blessing to be able to show him “the world” for the first time. We spent 9 days visiting the school that I taught at, meeting the kids that were a part of my life, experiencing my community of friends, take adventurous hikes up the mountains and to the waterfalls, taking him on a ride on my motorcycle I once owned, and having a weekend at the Caribbean Sea. Most importantly we made new memories together as couple. We both would love nothing more to experience a beach honeymoon after we get married in May!

  202. avatar Kristen reply

    My favorite vacation has to be one from my childhood. My Dad, Mom, and myself spent over a week glamping (even in the late 80s…we glamped) in the Redwoods surrounding Santa Cruz, CA. We went antiquing in the small mountain communities and hit the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk all within a 10 mile radius of the campground. To be able to see those ancient trees and get to surf the ocean all in one trip was pretty amazing.

  203. avatar Amanda reply

    The best vacation I have taken so far … this past summer, I went to Hilton Head Island with my family. We chose to relax instead of filling it with activities.. we slept in, laid on the beach, went out to dinner… all while I read bridal magazines in the sun :) It was wonderful.

    My fiancé and I can’t afford a honeymoon… it would be wonderful to win.

  204. avatar Rachel Harmon reply

    I think the best vacation(s) I ever took were to summer family camp as a kid. Growing up in a city, it was just amazing to be able to see the stars, eat tons of marshmallows, and explore nature. It was just one week of the year, but left a lasting impression on me.

  205. avatar Danielle reply

    The most amazing vacation was spending a week in Chicago with my family! We traveled around downtown and also spent time in the suburbs off of lake michigan. My favorite part was doing to architectural boat tour. It was such a beautiful city with great architecture and so many luscious trees.

  206. avatar Kmcrance reply

    Our best trip was our most recent trip to Bahamas. This was my now husbands and I first trip without any one else with us. He had just got back from a year deployment and had recently proposed. so this was a time for us to just focus on each other. We absolutely loved be able to paddle board by day and walk the beaches by night. We stayed at sandal emerald bay and absolute can’t say one bad word about this place. The staff was amazing and the ground were beautiful. We recently got married and have not been able to go on As honeymoon. We would love to have a few day to ourselves away from reality!

  207. avatar Haley S reply

    The most amazing vacation that I have been on did not include a fancy room with champagne and gourmet food or amazing scenery. No my view from my vacation was of the most beautiful things I could ever imagine…my family. Taking time from college and work each year to come together with the ones I love the most is my favorite “vacation.” Southern food and more cakes, cookies and pies than you could ever imagine at this yearly event. The children running and playing with their cousins and making memories to last a lifetime. Hearing stories from my grandparents and great aunts and uncles from when they were young children will forever be a part of my life, I am looking forward to my future husband getting to experience this with me! This may not sound like the dream vacation everyone imagine, but to me it means more than anyone can imagine!

  208. avatar Ashley reply

    The most amazing vacation I have ever taken was with my fiance in Costa Rica. We zip lined, saw amazing animals and even had time to relax by the pool :)

  209. avatar Kara Jumper reply

    Would be so grateful if I won a Sandals honeymoon! Love SouthernWeddings! Great inspiration for my Southern, elegant May 2013 wedding in south Alabama!

  210. avatar Laura reply

    I’ve heard so many great things about the Sandals Resorts. I haven’t been to one yet, but the best vacation I had recently was with my fiancé’s family in Puerto Rico. We enjoyed hiking, beach time and kayaking to a bio bay at night!

  211. avatar Lindsay reply

    My best vacation was last February when my boyfriend and I went to Maui and he proposed to me at sunrise!

  212. avatar Denise Rocha reply

    My most amazing vacation was spending my 34th birthday in Egypt with my dad, hiking overnight up to Mount Sinai. I want my next most amazing trip to be my honeymoon!

  213. avatar Jeremy reply

    My favorite vacation was a week in Barcelona visiting my fiance’s brother. Can’t wait for our honeymoon!

  214. avatar Brianna Martin reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve taken this far has been a cruise with my future in-laws. I’m completely blessed to become a part of their family, they have made me a part of the family since the beginning. Our first cruise was was to the western Caribbean; Key West, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands. We swam with dolphins and sting rays and climbed the Dunn’s River falls in Jamaica. Created some of my favorite memories that week!

  215. avatar Baylee Stack reply

    Picture it, sophomore year of college…one girl, her 6 gay best friends one big house in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Ocean Isle is a small quiet island about 45 minutes from Myrtle Beach, SC, it’s packed full of families enjoying their summers together. The boys and I had the most fantastic time! We never left our island, everything we needed was within walking distance of the house we had rented. We spent all day on the beach and all night on the deck of the house. I don’t think we even slept until we got home. This vacation was the best because it was me with the best friends a girl could ask for and one of the only times I truly had not a care or worry in the world!

  216. avatar Leona reply

    The best vacation I’ve ever taken was to Panama beach with my sisters! We spent a whole week laying out on the beach! It’s a time I’ll never forget and my future hubby and I would love a Sandals honeymoon!

  217. avatar Katryna Mayall reply

    The most amazing vacation that I have ever been on was spring break 2013. My fiancé and I took a trip to Florida. We flew into Orlando, spent a few days with his great-grandma, who I met for the fist time on this trip, in Melbourne. I also got to meet his grandpa. We went to visit his grandma in Ft. Lauderdale. Besides just spending time with my soon to be in-laws, we got to relax on the beach, play lots of tennis, and have lots of bonding time. He even surprised me with a trip to Miami to go to the Sony Open to see all our favorite tennis stars!

  218. avatar Krista Cornell reply

    I currently live in the Washington, D.C. area but grew up in Florida so it may be surprising that the best trip of my life so far would have to be the trip to Florida in September 2011.

    My now husband and I had been planning a trip to Florida for my 26th birthday and for the FL/Bama football game for months. Finally, the day came!

    We arrived in Tampa and stayed at my father’s house. We woke up early the next morning, because I had to take my dad to work so I could borrow his car for the trip. I was sleepy so I asked Stephen if he could take him to work instead (little did I know that he was planning on it all along to ask for my hand in marriage). Stephen acted liked he was doing me a “favor” since it was my birthday.

    Later…we went to The Grand Plaza Beach Resort in St. Pete Beach to check-in to our mini beach vacation. After checking out our sweet suite, we hung out at the pool all day then had dinner that night close friends and family. After dinner, Stephen asked if we could pop open a bottle of wine and listen to the live music on our private balcony. We were just talking about how sad I was that my birthday was almost over when Stephen asked, “Would you like your last gift?” Of course I said “yes GIMME! GIMME!” So he handed me his phone where he had 3 pictures of options.. a wine bottle cooler? No thanks. An individual coffee cup maker? No thanks. Then a picture of a question mark appeared… I looked at him confused and he continued to say… “You know how I love you and that you’re my best friend & I’m so happy to be with you? Although, I might not say it enough I really do mean that,” — then he got on one knee and said, “my question is if you will marry me?” I instantly cried, grabbed the ring, screamed YES! Stephen continued to say.. “I would be the happiest person to do simple things like this the rest of my life”.. I continued to cry.

    That is by far the best trip of my life. BUT we would love the Sandals trip to make more memories!

  219. avatar liz tetley reply

    The most amazing vacation I went on was when my husband and I visited my parents in Arizona at Christmas 2011. We went to the Grand Canyon for Christmas and stayed in little cabins right by the rim of the canyon. This was a unique experience, and the first time my husband traveled west. We watched the sunrise over the snow covered canyon. It was unforgettable!

  220. avatar Blair M. Frederick reply

    My wife and I are what you call homebodies… And if we aren’t at home we certainly like to have family with us. I learned this about my wife from the very beginning of our relationship when we were still boyfriend and girlfriend. I know that it was meant to be, simply because of the destination I had asked her to vacation with my family and I for the holidays… Good Old Montana! My wife, Christina is every bit of a southern bell and loves her warm weather, and by her whiling to come up to Montana in the dead of winter with -20 degree winds and snow fall was a bit of a stretch. But then again, it all goes back to being around those who matter the most and no matter what the conditions are, if you have great company its always a paradise!
    Not to mention we did almost everything that one would see in a magazine of a picture perfect Christmas Winter Wonderland… A snow-sled hay-ride down the small town Main Street, Christmas Parties and Fireside Conversations with our favorite Bourbon! (This is what makes most of those who dislike the cooler weather, secretly love it!)
    But once again, I know that this type of climate isn’t everyone’s ‘cup-of-tea’ and I certainly do commend my now wife Christina for being such the trooper she was. But this was indeed my most memorable vacation I have had to date!

  221. avatar Allison reply

    The best vacation I’ve ever been on was to Cabo, San Lucas. I was working all day at a marketing job at a law firm while taking nursing prereq classes at night and my boyfriend at the time (now fiance) was in graduate school, basically both pretty consistently stressed with little to no downtime in our schedules. It was our first big trip together. Somehow we found a STEAL of a deal and managed to stay at a timeshare resort. We got there and from the start were asking “are you sureeee this is the right place?!” (in the best possible way). We surfed, did an adventure obstacle course and relaxed. I also got an email during the trip saying that I had gotten into the nursing school that was #1 on my list!! We were blown away and best of all got to relax together in a most beautiful setting! I can’t tell you how many locals asked if we were on our honeymoon…and here we are 4 years later…just a foreshadowing of good things to come I suppose :)

  222. avatar Melissa Eller reply

    My best vacation was a recent trip to NYC to visit my fiance’s brother! We toured the city in a leisurely way and enjoyed great food all around!

  223. avatar marissa schmid reply

    There have been to vacations in my lifetime that I have absolutely loved, and I cannot narrow it down to one being better than the other. The first was to Kenya on a Safari for about 2 weeks with my family when I was about 15 years old. We had a jeep with a guide who drove us all around the country sleeping in different huts every night. We saw all different animals from zebras and elephants to experiencing lions hunt. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen, there was something about seeing the wildlife roaming free that has stuck with me as if the trip was yesterday. The second trip was a scuba diving trip with my fiancé (then boyfriend) and dad to the Maldives. We were there for 10 days enjoying the sun, beautiful colors of the ocean, and again the wildlife in the sea. It was amazing diving with all the fish, and sharks under the water and seeing all the different plants and corals. It showed us another side of this beautiful earth we live on, and we have become in love with the ocean and all the life it supports.

  224. avatar Holly Johnson reply

    My favorite vacation was a road trip down the California coast in a moving truck from WA to OK with my now Fiancé where he proposed on the beach in Fort Bragg CA!

  225. avatar Amanda reply

    My most amazing vacation was when my fiance and I went on our first trip together to Nashville. We had a blast exploring the city during a scavenger hunt, AWESOME music everywhere you turned, and were able to visit friends that lived there. It was a memorable one especially when it was our first out of town experience together. Can’t wait to celebrate our wedding at a gorgeous Sandals resort!

  226. avatar Rachel reply

    The best vacation I have ever been on was a family road trip “Out West.” For years my mom and dad had been wanting to take me and my siblings to see all the national parks in the west, and we finally did it in July 2011. It was amazing! But very hot. We went to the Badlands, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Arches, Salt Lake City, Mesa Verde, and Rocky Mountain National Park. My favorite night was at a hotel in Big Sky, Montana. The hotel was beautiful, the breakfast was delicious, and they had several hot tubs out back with a beautiful view! We are so glad we took that vacation when we did because the next spring my dad was diagnosed with leukemia. He passed away in October 2012, and I am so sad he won’t get to be here for my wedding. As he was the main source of income for my family, I don’t have a lot of money to put into my wedding, so winning a honeymoon at a Sandals resort would be amazing!

  227. avatar Cristina reply

    My best vacation was to Cinque Terre, Italy with a bunch of friends from high school! We travelled throughout Italy for two weeks, but Cinque Terre was my favorite because everything looked amazingly beautiful, as though it was taken from a postcard of the most beautiful place you could imagine. We hiked between the five cities there and had such an incredible time!

  228. avatar Jessica Franks reply

    St. Lucia!!

  229. avatar Chelsea reply

    The best vacation I ever took was right before my freshman year of college. My Grandpa was from Italy and came to the US after WWII, so he took my sister and I to Italy to show us where he grew up. We spent a month roaming around the country seeing everything from his tiny farm village to the big cities. I loved seeing the culture and where my family traditions came from. When we got back he was diagnosed with leukemia so it was our last vacation together. I couldn’t have asked for a better adventure and I cherish all the memories that came back with us!

  230. avatar Lerissa reply

    The best vacation I have ever been on was our family trip to Chimney Rock, North Carolina for our wedding. The relaxed atmosphere along with the very friendly towns people made it the optimal locale for leaving work behind and spending quality time with our families. We visited the new Lake Lure Flowering Bridge, Climbed Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock state park and lounged around in the scenic Esmeralda Inn.

  231. avatar Lexi reply

    The most amazing vacation I ever took was not exactly a vacation, but a missions trip in college. We went to Romania for 10 days where we served the citizens by doing various activities for children, women, and men. We traveled around Romania and did street ministry in very poverty stricken villages. We would sing and dance with the kids, and teach them about the Lord. We held women’s tea events in the Turkish villages where we would pamper the women and make them feel like the Princesses they are. We went into different American schools and got to hear about what they were learning by living in Romania. They probably taught me more than I taught them! We were exposed to many gypsy villages, which was one of the most amazing experiences for me. It is amazing to see how little other people have, yet how grateful they are for it. It was a very humbling experience, and I had an amazing team to experience it with me.
    We also had some down time to explore the beauty of the country and be tourists. We traveled to the tops of the Translyvanian Alps and visited Dracula’s castle. AWESOME! It was mid-March and the mountains were covered in snow. The little mountain villages were like something out of a Christmas book, it was incredible. We were also able to tour a Palace within the mountains, and we even stayed the night there. I slept in the turret of the castle, I felt like Rapunzel (except I’m brunette).
    This was my third missions trip to go on, and each one holds a special place in my heart. Romania captured my heart with its loving people and beautiful countryside. The people were so appreciative of us and everything we did. I left with a greater understanding of thankfulness, love, and friendship. I hope to be able to visit again!

  232. avatar Jessica Franks reply

    The Sandals Halcyon in St. Lucia!! It is amazing

  233. avatar katie combs reply

    I would LOVE this honeymoon!

    My best vacation was my trip to Mexico last spring when my (now) fiance and I got engaged. We stayed at an amazing resort, went for an ATV and snorkel tour, visited Mayan ruins and of course spent time on the beach. On the last night he proposed on a moonlit walk on the beach.

    It would be magical to go back to the Caribbean!

  234. avatar Nakiya Hamilton reply

    I have never been on a Vacation. My honeymoon will be my first vacation ever. My future husband has traveled all over the world. I would love to win this Vacation.

  235. avatar Ali reply

    A trip with a friend from LA to San Francisco with lots of fun stops along the way!

  236. avatar Traci Smith reply

    Sunny skies with clouds like puffy cotton candy and water like liquid blue sapphires awaited us as we left the ship to go sightseeing in Nassau, Bahamas. Walking around and enjoying the company of my husband and two boys who have never even the Bahamas before. We enjoyed seeing the tropical fish in their natural habitat and feeling the sand between our toes. I loved seeing my youngest son run after the waves coming over the sand and then turning around to run away from incoming waves. I was at total peace and serenity. I want to do that again.This time without the boys.

  237. avatar Layne Owensby reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever been on was actual just a about a month ago. My then boyfriend, now fiance, and I went to Sonoma Valley, California and this is were we got engaged. It was the most amazing, romantic, and beautiful time we have ever had. We drank wine, explored amazing vineyards and countryside, and ate amazingly delicious food at world renowned restaurants. It’s definitely going to be an annual anniversary trip!

  238. avatar Waverly Tucker reply

    My absolute favorite vacation was this past summer when I stayed at Kiawah Island for 3 whole weeks! This was a special summer because it was right before my last semester of college and I graduate in December. My mom, daddy, and then boyfriend (now fiance) all went. We rode bikes and practically lived on the beach! We took trips into Charleston and even went to the Firefly Distillery. It was absolutely perfect and I couldn’t have imagined a better summer!

  239. avatar Sara reply

    My best vacation was three years ago. My now fiancé and I went on a snowboarding trip with a bunch of school friends to Brianhead Utah. He asked me to be his girlfriend at the top of the highest peak we could get to (and it was my first time snowboarding in powder). Friends, the beginning of our love story, snowboarding, and hot chocolate. What more could I want?!

  240. avatar Lauren Alphonso reply

    The most amazing trip I have ever been on was to the British Virgin Islands with my family. There’s nothing better than a trip to the beach with your loved ones…other than winning a Sandals honeymoon vacation from Southern Weddings :-)!

  241. avatar Donna Huie reply

    The most amazing vacation i’ve ever taken was to hawaii. The weather was beautiful and we saw large turtles swimming in the water.

  242. avatar William McDonald reply

    Our most amazing vacation was our “first” honeymoon in Sandals, Ocho Rios 24 years ago. We plan to go back next August and re-tie the knot for our 25 wedding anniversary. Jamaica was beautiful and Sandals gives you everything you could possibly want. We ate, we drank, we swam, played volleyball, danced and enjoyed each others company. I can’t wait to do it all over again.

  243. avatar Caitlin Lindstrom reply

    Best Vacation I’ve Ever Had:

    My parents got divorced when I was 18 and off to college at the University of Tennessee- from that moment, I’ve never seen my parents in the same place ever again and I can’t help but reminisce about the times we spent together. One of my most vivid memories is taking a quick weekend vacation to Pensacola, FL. My dad and I ate powdered mini donuts on the porch and watched the waves crash on the beach. We were all together and happy! It’s a great memory I cherish, I would love to create more memories on this trip you’re giving away with my fiance, Matthew.

    Crossing my powdered sugar fingers :)
    Caitlin Lindstrom

  244. avatar Angela Scott reply

    The best vacation I went on was a study abroad trip to Italy. Visiting Florence, Rome, Venice and the Amalfi coast was amazing!

  245. avatar amanda clark reply

    the best vacation I have ever taken, was to panama city beach. It was an absolute first for me, I’ve never seen the ocean (gulf) and I had never been on a plane because of my fear of heights. But my boyfriend at the time convinced me it would be well worth it. when we arrived it was the most beautiful place I had ever been. the water was crystal clear, the sand was like velvet. I loved it! a few days in I was somehow convinced to go parasailing. I didn’t quite know what to do because like I said earlier, I am deathy afraid of heights. although, im glad I decided to go. That experience changed my life forever. My boyfriend had become my fiance while I was hundreds of feet above the gulf. He simply said, I want to be the person who pushes you to overcome your fears. The person who you overcome them with. At first I was confused, but when we got back to land he got down on one knee and right there he asked me! panama city beach, where I conquer and overcome so many fears.

  246. avatar Soniamarry reply

    The best vacation I ever took was a cruise on carnival. We went to Puerto Rico the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and it was wonderful. I went with a group of friends and my best friend who had just gotten married on the ship. We explored the islands we laughed we listened to bands aboard the ship, we ate and it was fabulous!!!!!

  247. avatar Samantha Rodriguez reply

    So I did this wrong. I am re-entering to tell you all about my most amazing vacation. It was to an interesting destination Phoenix, Arizona for a wedding. This city is a place near and dear to my heart. My fiancé grew up there and this was the first time he shared it with me. We went on pink jeep tour adventures, started driving north and ended up being spontaneous with the clothes on our backs and stayed the night after driving on a whim to flagstaff and Sedona. We went hiking in the mountains. Which is a big deal to a Florida girl like me! Getting to know his close friends and people he considers family and how they were so welcoming made this one of the absolute best vacations I have ever been on. I hope we will be there soon again.

  248. avatar Mark H. reply

    My favorite vacation was with my fiance on the cruse ship Carnival Miracle. We left from New York and traveled to Grand Turk, Nassau Bahamas and their private island in the Caribbean. The weather was perfect, the food was endless and the drinks just right. Snorkeling along the reefs of Grand Turk is a must!!!!!!

  249. avatar Caroline Perry reply

    As of yet the most amazing vacation I have taken was to Cabo San Lucas Mexico with 3 other girlfriends. We had a blast snorkeling, sunning, shopping and of course drinking and dancing the night away!!!

  250. avatar Ashley reply

    We had our kids young! I am 22 and my boyfriend is 25 he just had a birthday on Halloween ! We got engaged last year after our daughter aubry was born she will be 2 in February. We went to a pawn shop for my ring because we didn’t have much time or money to save up for a nice ring, but trust me every chance we get we browse at the best ring stores! We are expecting out second child adrian a boy! On nov 12th 2013 so a couple days away and he will be here! As you can see we have been busy and tied up we do plan on getting married right away instead of being engaged, we have been together for almost 7 years so married with a nice pretty wedding would be awesome! I’ve went on and on, our best vacation was when we first met he took me to St. Pete, fl one room for 2 nights it was amazing being by the beach and just having eachother enjoying eachother! It would be so nice to have that again a chance to relax and enjoy eachother fall in love every night! Oh my gosh it would be amazzzingggg!!

  251. avatar Elizabeth Couser reply

    My favorite vacation ever is the first vacation my fiancé (then boyfriend) went on alone together. We spent four days on the coast of Maine, touring Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. It was beautiful! I think that’s where we really fell in love… Maine will always hold a special place in our hearts.

  252. avatar Elizabeth Abshire reply

    I truly don’t remember going on a vacation in the past 15 years. The last family trip I recall was to Disney World when I was 8. Mom, Dad, Grampy, Grammy, Brother, Mickey and Minnie. The whole gang was there. I’m assuming we did the rides & attractions but I could not tell you the details! My family (& now my husband) works in the oil field so there was never any time for vacations. We even had to rush back to Pennsylvania from Texas TWO days after our wedding. So grateful for the oilfield but it sure is a party pooper!

  253. avatar Jessica Venoy reply

    The absolute best vacation that I have ever taken was the trip that my boyfriend (now fiancé!) and I took for my 21st birthday. Neither one of us had ever been on a cruise and we had never been on our own vacation! So we decided that we wanted to go on a cruise to the Bahamas. I will never forget one specific experience that happened to us while we were there. When the cruise ship docked, we were so excited to explore Nassau. We rented one of those scooters and rode to the straw market, looked at all of the old buildings, checked out local restaurants, etc. On our way to return the scooter, we ended up on a back road, where apparently there were NO driving laws…people were driving on the wrong side of the road, not obeying stop signs, etc. So we quickly turned off that road only to be chased by two stray dogs! They were literally nipping at our heels and Adam (my fiancé) was trying his best to steer us clear from becoming a doggy snack. He briefly turned his head to make sure that we had lost the dogs and when he did, we crashed right into a brick wall. The scooter had some nice damage, so we ended up having to pay for that. Neither of us were hurt, thank the Lord, but we couldn’t believe what just happened! We both were cracking up and so glad that neither of us was hurt or angry. We joke about it to this day!

  254. avatar Caitlin reply

    The best vacation I’ve ever taken was a girls week at a home in the Bahamas. Spending every day exploring, relaxing, reading, and just general girl time was so refreshing, as a vacation should be!

  255. avatar Jessica Etter reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever taken was this past May when my then-boyfriend (now fiance) and I went down to Treasure Island, Florida to surprise my parents for their 30th anniversary. We spent the entire long weekend with my family, being on the beach and just enjoying our time together. We stayed at this fabulous beach front hotel and enjoyed watching the sunset every night on the beach. Little did I know that was the same weekend he asked my dad if he could marry me. Now, in 23 days, we’ll be heading back to the SAME beach resort in Treasure Island to say “I Do.”

  256. avatar Elizabeth reply

    My favorite vacation was probably my high school graduation trip to Hawaii with my parents and sister almost 8 years ago! We relaxed, surfed, ate, explored, it was amazing! Looking forward to a honeymoon sometime in the future with my new husband!

  257. avatar Jennifer Erin reply

    The absolute best trip I’ve ever taken was my first trip out of the country to Greece as a Latin student in 8th grade! I was with my best friend Hannah and we had so much fun touring the ancient cities and even ended up in a belly-dancing competition while on the Mediterranean cruise that capped off our trip ;)

  258. avatar Irene Farrimond reply

    I had an incredible time visiting charleston and kiawah island last spring with my boyfriend! Started my obsession with all things lowcountry!

  259. avatar Stephanie reply

    The most amazing “vacation” I’ve ever taken were my service trips to El Salvador and Honduras. My fiance and I were even serving in the same town with different groups once! So fulfilling, so hardworking, but I call it a vacation because I was away from daily American life and immersed in theirs.

  260. avatar Kristen M reply

    When I was in University I spent a summer studying at Oxford. After school was finished I spent a month traveling Europe with others I had met at school. Best time ever!

  261. avatar Katie Waldin reply

    I absolutely LOVE Southern Weddings! It has been the best resource for everything I am looking to have on my big day next summer!

  262. avatar Katie Waldin reply

    My best vacation ever was traveling through Europe with many new found friends through a literature class in college – we had an amazing time in 7 different countries exploring the new cultures and expanding our world views. If I could do it all over again I woudl relax with my new hubby next summer after our wedding at a Sandals resort and then jet off to Europe a few months later with him by my side to create memories and adventures of our own!

  263. avatar Amy reply

    I’d love the chance at a dream honeymoon!!!!!!!!!

  264. avatar Jessica Rose reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve ever had was when I got to fly out to Colorado for a week to visit my wonderful fiancé at the US Air Force Academy. We got to visit all of the coolest spots in Denver and Colorado Springs which included getting to pet a giraffe! The best part about the trip was attending his Ring Dance which celebrated the end of his third year there and getting his official Air Force Academy class ring! It was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken, and I’ve taken a lot since our relationship went long distance! But the distance will be ending this summer after we both graduate and get married two weeks later :)

  265. avatar Dawnae Neumann reply

    I have yet to take the most amazing vacation ever…I feel like I am taking a vacation everyday. Fortunately, my husband and I live where many people dream of taking a vacation. Montana. I awake every morning surrounded with 360 degree views of mountain ranges, the scent of pine trees in the air, and the biggest and brightest blue sky ever seen. Montana truly is the last best place. No matter what my husband and I do, hiking, boating, skiing, or just driving around, we experience world-class views of pristine and majestic beauty that many people can only dream about. We are indeed the lucky ones.

  266. avatar Kerry Eliabeth reply

    The most amazing vacation was our trip to Maui. I went with my family. We were able to go on this amazing trip because it was my sister’s wish which was granted by the Make-a-Wish foundation. We enjoyed the beautiful blue water, sun and sand and just spent time enjoying the company of each other. What a gift!

  267. avatar Andrea Lucchetti reply

    I love to travel – I don’t get to do it often, but wish I could go more. One of my best friends has been all over the world and just manages her schedule/finances well that she’s able to do it (an inspiration for me!)

    Hopefully I’m not breaking the rules but I have two. One was with my family when we went Colorado. We went to a ranch and rode horses for a week. The natural beauty, such as the forest full of birch trees, was stunning. The people were all down to earth, friendly. To be away from city lights and see all the stars in the sky was just incredible.

    Neck in neck was my trip to New Orleans with my fiancé. It’s a different world there – the food, music and atmosphere just bring people alive. Bourbon Street is fun, but there’s so much more (French Quarter, Garden district) that one must go several times to experience all of it :) we love trying new food/experiences together. I’m very lucky to not only have someone with a great heart, but someone who shares the same sense of adventure as me!

  268. avatar Laura F. reply

    Unfortunately I have never had a vacation. I am hoping to win a honeymoon or I want have one.

  269. avatar Pamela Brown reply

    My fiance and I vacations have been traveling to our hometown to visit family. Due to hectic work schedules and unexpected life changes, we have not been on a “Real” vacation together. I stumbled across this post while researching Sandals Weddingmoon. The idea of all in one would be perfect. My idea vacation is “Paradise”. Paradise to me is relaxing on the beach listening to the water while having a fruity cocktail. I see us looking at each other and feeling- “No Worries”. No cooking, cleaning, working nor city/life busy tasks- just relaxing and enjoying each other- Our bubble of paradise.

  270. avatar Ria reply

    I went to Seattle with SO and hiked Mt. Rainer.

  271. avatar Taryn Mahanes reply

    The most wonderful vacation I have been on was a visit to Florida with my now Fiancé to visit the beach and future graduate schools. We were able to see some of our greatest friends from college, eat wonderful food, tour a campus and make appointments with advisors. One day, we took a mini road trip to a nearby beach and spent the afternoon together, dreaming about out future and the plans God has for us. We were engaged soon after that trip, but it still stays in my mind as the time when we really started looking forward to our life together. We are getting married this may and unsure of our honeymoon plans and what we will be able to do at this time in our life. This giveaway would mean the world to us and be the most amazing trip filled with time together as we start our marriage.

  272. avatar Katie reply

    The most amazing vacation I ever took was with my fiance, when we had been dating a few months. We took a week-long vacation out west – went to the Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Moab, and Salt Lake City. We ended at Park City and skied for a day. It was our first time taking a long trip together, and it really cemented that we were great together. Nothing like being stuck in a car with someone to get to know them!!

  273. avatar Nicholas Belitz reply

    My most amazing vacation was to Savannah, GA. It was in the spring of 2012 on Memorial Day weekend. It was the weekend that I got engaged to my future wife Alexandra. I took her on a private carriage ride and proposed under a special gazebo in Savannah that is supposed to make your relationship last forever! It was definitely the most amazing vacation of my life and will never forget it!

  274. avatar Jennifer reply

    One of my most favorite vacations was a sister-trip to D.C. with my younger sister. We stayed with a girlfriend of ours and had such fun taking the metro into the city with her three young children, visiting the historical sites and museums, even touring the White House. Our top fav was Mount Vernon…! D.C. in the fall is beautiful!

  275. avatar Ashley Glaze reply

    The best trip I have ever been on was a 2 week trip to Alaska. We took a train to Juneau then took a cruise to several places around the state. We got to go whale watching, which was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. We took ferry rides, rode on a seaplane, went off-roading up the mountains, went horseback riding through the snow, met the winners of the Iditarod that year and also went panning for gold. Alaska has some of the most breathtaking views and it was so great to share that trip with my family. I am getting married in 2014 and would love to have a chance to go somewhere tropical! My fiancé and I are already so blessed, but winning this trip would be a dream come true!!

  276. avatar Samantha reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve been on was a cruise my family and I took in celebration of me graduating nursing school! We went on a 5 day cruise to many beautiful locations and the best part?….I was with my family. My mom , dad, and sister had a wonderful time rehashing old memories and exploring new territories. We went to Beliz, Cozumel, Caymen islands, and Roatan. It was after that cruise upon return home that I got engaged to my wonderful fiancé who could not come on the cruise due to intense medical school exams.

  277. avatar Megan reply

    One of my most treasured vacation memories was a road trip from California back home to Washington with my boyfriend after my college graduation. On the way, we stopped at Disneyland. It was his first time at a theme park! Seeing the excitement and joy on his face riding his first roller coaster and soaking up the sights was priceless to me.

  278. avatar Angela reply

    Did somebody say SANDALS! Vacations are a truly a blessing and the only time my fiancé and I get to spend time totally relaxed and enjoy each other without the hustle and bustle of the real world wreaking havoc on good intentions and best laid plans. Our best vacation was a Sandals vacation. We stayed at the river suites at Sandals Royal Caribbean. Here our inner children came out to remind us what life is really about. We played volleyball, participated in pool Olympics, danced, imbibed, and were carefree as we floated on rafts in the pool while soaking up the sun. My favorite part is how my completely unromantic fiancé kept holding my hand, just to pull me close. There really is something magical about that place. It’s true. “Once you go…you know.”

  279. avatar Dekkel Simmons reply

    The most amazing vacation i ever had was when i had the chance to work at Sandals Regency La Toc in St Lucia. It was the most amazing 6 weeks of my life. Not just living there but working there made it more special. The food was amazing the staff friendly and the scenery was overwhelming. From that experience I knew when i ready to get married i would have to take my wife to a Sandals resort for our honeymoon

  280. avatar Celeste reply

    Being the planner that I am, the very thought of going on a 30-day vacation without a plan left me anxious and a little nervous. I spent over a month in a car with my fiance driving all around this beautiful country called the United States. My life goal is to see as much of this world as possible, so I figured: why not start at home? We traveled down the Pacific Coast Highway, partied in New Orleans, pretended we were wizards at Harry Potter World in Orlando, danced in the Atlantic Ocean, camped in Georgia, gawked at the Smithsonian museum, climbed the stairs in the Statue of Liberty crown, walked the Boston Freedom Trail, stood in the mist of Niagara Falls, ate at the restaurant buffalo wings were invented, ate all the foods at Taste of Chicago, camped in a corn field in Nebraska, drove to the highest point in Denver, and felt in awe of the beautiful deserts of the Moab… it would take an entire book to tell you about all the experiences we had on that trip! It felt so good to just let go and relax– to not know what the next day will bring. We met a lot of unique people along the way. We learned some reasons why we are so blessed to live in such a diverse, fun, historically enriching, and gorgeous country. We discovered some of our favorite restaurants. We fell even deeper in love (despite wanting to throw the other out of the car at times). And I had the best trip of my life.

  281. avatar Stewart reply

    My favorite vacation was over Thanksgiving weekend in 2007. I had worked the previous summer at a camp and made some life-long friends, all of us coming from all over the U.S. Over Thanksgiving eight girls met in Orlando from various states. Thanks to a friend with a Disney World hook-up we stayed in a Disney resort, went to multiple parks, cooked a Thanksgiving feast and took potentially more photos than we had over our three months spent together the previous summer. The trip was special to me not just because we had tons of fun but also because it was a once in a lifetime experience with people God specifically sent into my life from miles away.

  282. avatar patricia reply

    One of my favorite memories growing up was my vacation with my parents to the Bahamas. Iwas 13, and tagged along on what was to be there second honeymoon. I loved all the bright colors, the exotic birds, the great local music and shopping. I was too young to fully appreciate all that it has to offer but it was an amazing trip. One of my favorite things i remember was making my own perfume at this little factory, i thought it was the neatest thing.

  283. avatar Melissa L reply

    My best vacation was when my fiance and I went to Bermuda. He has never been out of the country before. So he was so excited and amazed how beautiful the island was. We went snorkeling together and it was just breath taking! My favorite thing we did was horseback riding on the beach. It was such a beautiful experience, we got to take the horses into the water and the horse started to spalsh the water with thier legs, it was the cutest thing ever :) From there on my fiance was addicted to traveling and couldn’t wait for more experiences.

  284. avatar Kaitlin Briley reply

    My favorite trip I have ever taken was with my (now) fiancé to visit some friends in Seattle. Our friends worked during the day, so we took to the misty, cold streets everyday together and adventured for hours. We laughed a lot, saw new & old friends, and drank the best coffee around. It was so much fun!

  285. avatar Heather B. reply

    my most amazing vacation was my (new!!) husband and another couple to costa rica last year. we started travelling with our good friends every year a few years out of college and it’s been such an amazing excuse to catch-up with them now that they’ve moved to another state and embark on new adventures/make new memories at the same time. we stayed in two locations, one volcano town and one beach, and did everything from zip lining to waterfall trekking to venturing out and trying all the locale fare (without knowing what we were even ordering!)

    I would love to take a belated honeymoon just the two of us to relax a bit post wedding and what better place than being pampered at sandals!

  286. avatar Kiley W reply

    My fiancé and I went to Akumal, Mexico for his sister’s wedding. It was our first time to Mexico and our first international trip. Nothing like 7 days of snorkeling, margaritas and lounging on the beach to truly enjoy one on one time with my love!

  287. avatar Melanie Gray reply

    Growing up my family has never been much for vacationing… just a couple of trips to Panama City, Florida when I was too young to really remember it. So my favorite vacations have been day trips with my fiancé, Seth! Our most recent was a surprise trip to Virginia Beach! I love the ocean, but didn’t get to visit it at all over this past summer. Although we both live in Georgia, I go to school in central Virginia. Seth was coming up to visit me over Labor Day weekend and knew how much a trip to the beach would mean to me. We left around 6:00 in the morning and headed east. His grandparents lived in the Richmond area when he was growing up and his family would take vacations to visit them. We got to drive by their old house and visit nearby spots that held fond memories for him. We stopped again to grab a picnic lunch and then our next stop was the beach! We had a great time playing in the water, soaking up some sun, and feeding the seagulls (much to the dismay of the people sitting near us on the beach). We are both amateur foodies, so we scouted out the best seafood restaurant we could find! We ended up at a small laid back restaurant that is on a pier, and we indulged in some great food while watching the sun set over the ocean. It was the perfect trip because I got to experience something from his childhood, spend quality time with my favorite person, and make new memories with him!

  288. avatar Patricia C. reply

    My favorite vacation was when I was thirteen and I went along with my parents on their second Honeymoon to the Bahamas. I was too young to enjoy all that the islands has to offer but certainly made memories to last a lifetime. Beautiful beaches unlike I had ever seen (and we traveled to Florida every year), exotic birds, brilliant vibrant colors, outdoor markets with live streel drum music, one of my favorites was finding this little factory that let me make my own perfume. To this day i smell escape perfume and I’m taken back to dancing in the middle of the market while my parents are fresh fish.

  289. avatar Mathew reply

    My favorite vacation by far would have to be a family trip to the Florida Keys. However, part of what made this trip so special was that for the first time, my longtime girlfriend and, unbeknownst to her, soon-to-be-fiancé, came with us. I had a wonderful time with her and everyone, and had a chance to tell all of my family members in secret when I was going to propose. We arranged to all meet (plus her family) for drinks after the proposal, but that’s another story :)

  290. avatar Kristina G. reply

    I stayed for a week in Negril, Jamaica this past May with my boyfriend (now fiance) and it has been by far the most amazing vacation I have ever experienced! The resort was wonderful from the start having several pools, restaurants, and bars! Our room was very romantic and private as it was nestled in lush tropical gardens with a partial oceanview from our large balcony. The food was simply the best from the snacks at the grill to the fine dining. Drinks were easily accessable at the swim-up bar or beach bar but there was also the luxury wait service that came to you! The beach was gorgeous and the sand was super soft. The water
    was warm and calm with that perfect turquoise color you would see on a postcard. Every day was hot and sunny just how I like it! We were fortunate to have a rain free week until the last
    day, but even then the rain came and went in a half hour. Activities, activities, activities!!! We enjoyed snorkeling, sunfish sailing, the hobbie cats, catarmaran trip, dancing, hat making, nightly entertainment and so much more! Our May 3, 2014 wedding is approaching fast and even though we have not yet choosen our next resort destination, I am sure any Sandals would make our honeymoon one to remember!

  291. avatar Anna Reid reply

    The best vacation I ever took was a trip to israel after my senior year of highschool. I went with my mom, sister and grandmother, and it is a trip I will never forget!

  292. avatar Kelly H. reply

    My boyfriend and I moved to upstate New York from Virginia to complete residency training. Neither of us had ever spent a holiday away from our families and these last 2 years have been difficult in that we’ve had holiday without family. This year we get to spend an entire week at home with both our families in Virginia for Christmas.

    It’s a vacation we haven’t taken yet, but it’s my favorite by far.

  293. avatar Melissa Sims reply

    My most favorite vacation was a girls cruise to Mexico! My mom, sister and I plus a bunch of other mother/daughter duos had the greatest soaking up the sun and eating good food for a week. The sun tans we all got weren’t that bad either. I love spending quality time with family and friends!

  294. avatar Chase Wilkinson reply

    My favorite vacation was a recent trip to the beach with Melissa and 2 other couples. It was a simple trip but spending time with the girl I love made it so memorable. I love down time with her and spending it at the beach with great friends was awesome.

  295. avatar Laura reply

    My most memorable vacation was with my best friend, my mom, and all of her best friends. We started out in Miami, where a sixty year-old woman coined the best catchphrase ever, “I smell HOT. BUTTERED. BODIES!” at the Fountainebleau. We then got on a cruise ship for the Bahamas, where we missed out on resorts and drunken revelry, due to one hilarious mishap after another.

    It was a ridiculous trip with beautiful Spanish men, Olympians, rolling our own cigars, and traipsing back and forth through historic Caribbean downtowns!

  296. avatar Leigh Ann reply

    My favorite vacation were my two study abroad trips to England. It’s definitely my second home!! :-)

  297. avatar Carissa Smith reply

    The most incredible vacation I have been on was to Penang, Malaysia. Growing up, my family had to renew visas for the country we lived in and so we decided to go to this island for our next one. What a treat it was! The island is comprised of people who mainly speak english which made it an enjoyable experience. The island is half pearl white beaches and half tropical mountains. From strolling the beaches to feeding wild monkeys in the mountains it was perfect! This was the best vacation!

  298. avatar Lalecia reply

    My most amazing vacation was over 15 years ago when I motivated my family to come with me on a cruise to Jamaica. My dad and sister were very excited since it would be our first cruise, but it was very hard to encourage my mother to get on a ship and an airplane, but she agreed. We had a wonderful time ( my dad still reminisces about that trip today). We experienced all types of things from climbing Dunn’s river falls to eating jerk chicken prepared by locals on the side of road. I have taken 9 other cruises since then with cousins, sister, and friends all over Mexico and the Caribbean but my parents have not enjoyed one since then. I am now seriously thinking about having a destination wedding and would love to have both families and friends enjoy Jamaica.

  299. avatar Debra Holmes reply

    The most amazing vacation I ever took was with my 10 year old daughter to Fort Myers Florida. We spent an entire week on a mommy and me trip that consisted of snorkeling, kayaking, and breaching it. The trip brought us even closer and gave us memories that we still talk about. I’d love to win this trip to use as my honeymoon when I remarry next year.

  300. avatar caitlin reply

    I actually dont have a story to tell of a great trip – but I would love to win this one!! My husband and I have never had a vacation together. We were so excited to take our honeymoon, but had to cancel – I woke up with the flu on the morning of our wedding! A wonderful day because I married my love, but definitely didn’t make it on a plane ;) We still have to make up for it!

  301. avatar Lauren reply

    My most favorite vacation was with my two sisters and my parents. We went to Aruba for a week during the summer after I finished my sophomore year of college. It was a fun to relax and get to spend time with my family, since I was away at school for most of the fall and spring. We went on a pirate ship adventure that took us snorkeling and it had a rope swing on the ship. We also went on a jeep excursion which took us on a tour all over the island. My favorite part of the jeep excursion was getting to cliff jump. One night we ate on the beach and watched the sunset. At another restaurant, they cook spaghetti for two people in a big cheese wheel at your table.

  302. avatar Rachel reply

    My favorite vacation was a Carnival cruise with my mom. She took me when I graduated from high school. It was soooo much fun, and so relaxing. My fiancé Ben and I would love to go on an expensive honeymoon (you only get one), so it would be nice to win such a wonderful and luxurious one as Sandals offers!! I am praying we will get picked:)!!! We are so in love, and we have never taken any trips together, so this would be our first and most memorable!!

  303. avatar Brittni Larson reply

    My favorite vacation was a trip to Kauai with my fiancé! It was the most gorgeous place I’ve ever seen, and we even jumped off a waterfall!

  304. avatar Caroline C reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve taken was this past year with my Girlfriends to Crystal Beach, TX. Granted, Texas beaches are not that fantastic, but being with my best friends from college was amazing! Every year we take a trip together, which has lovelingly been deemed, “Glamping.” We’ve never actually been camping….but a cute cottage on the beach counts…right?!

    We “glamped” by laying out on the beach, reading, and enjoying the sweetest friendships we have (along with drinking some fantastic wine ;) )

    many thanks,

  305. avatar Whitney brock reply

    While in college I had the great experience of traveling abroad. I went with 23 other girls and lived just outside of Rome for a semester. It was a wonderful experience and I got the travel bug whole living there. To top it off, my boyfriend came over and proposed to me while there. Because of just getting out of school and the economy, we have not been able to travel as we had hoped. This would be a great opportunity for us to get to travel and see the world and see some beautiful weather!

  306. avatar Caroline C reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve taken was this past year with my Girlfriends to Crystal Beach, TX. Granted, Texas beaches are not that fantastic, but being with my best friends from college was amazing! Every year we take a trip together, which has lovelingly been deemed, “Glamping.” We’ve never actually been camping….but a cute cottage on the beach counts…right?!

    We “glamped” by laying out on the beach, reading, and enjoying the sweetest friendships we have (along with drinking some fantastic wine ;) )

  307. avatar Brittany Burris reply

    The best vacation I have been on was to New York City. I was able to go with a group of girls that I dance with. We were able to take master classes from choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance and other who have choreographed for Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and many more. We had a tour of the city, went to Broadway shows and shopped everywhere we could! It was a great trip. I would love to win this honeymoon trip to make more memories with my future husband!

  308. avatar Cameron Sutton reply

    My most memorable vacation was with my father on his first trip to Washington DC. He is a Vietnam Veteran and had always wanted to visit the wall and other monuments, but could never find the time or courage to go as we were growing up. When I graduated from high school, I decided to spend my senior trip money to take him to the Vietnam wall for the first time. I have never in my life been so moved by his bravery and for the image of the wall that stood before us. Seeing the engraved names was more powerful that I could imagine. We also visited the WW2, Korea and Lincoln memorials as well as the Air and Space museum. This trip was not in an exotic location, but it was a highlight for the both of us.

    Now, my fiance and I are getting married next year and hope to one day share the same in the same trip with our children.

  309. avatar nicole howley reply

    The most amazing vacation I had ever taken was with my family to Alaska. We took a week cruise and spent 5 days touring the national parks. Alaska was so magical (even with my parents lol). The people, scenery and culture was amazing. Glacier Bay was one of my favorite spots as we could watch the ice shelf break off at precise times and see the icebergs floating in the water. During our trip we went horseback riding, hiking, dog sledding, toured local sights and drank way too much. I wanted to go back to Alaska with my fiancé but he is more into warmer climates, but one day we will go there.

  310. avatar Teresa Tahir reply

    The most amazing vacation ive ever been on, my 4 best friends (now bridesmaids) and I went on a spring break trip to South Beach, FL. We had an awesome time getting some drinks and soaking up the sun.

  311. avatar Megan J reply

    One of my favorite vacations was 12 days in Europe with my now fiance. We hadn’t seen each other in 2 months since I had been in Sweden for an internship. He had found out about a bridge in Copenhagen where couples put a lock on and throw the key in the river. He took me there on my birthday and told me he wanted to marry me. We have always joked that he’s terrible at pulling off surprises but that one was pretty darn amazing!

  312. avatar Kelly reply

    The most amazing vacation I’ve been on was a trip to England with my husband. This was not a honeymoon trip. It was almost all for me though, since he had studied abroad in England. We toured castles and historical places, saw priceless paintings, drank at pubs, and saw royalty! We also toured Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey)! That trip was once-in-a-lifetime, and now we’ve been dying to go to Sandals and just relax. We miss the beach so much and a trip to Sandals would be an awesome and fulfilling experience!!

  313. avatar Ashley reply

    Me and a couple girlfriends drove all night long to Florida and spent a week living it up with my brother and his air force brothers. It was a great vaca.

  314. avatar Melissa Heck reply

    My most amazing vacation was spent with my fiance, Jake! A day after he proposed ( I definitely said YES!), we traveled to Seattle, WA! I had never been out West before and what a great place to visit first! We went to the top of the Space Needle, took some cute couple photographs and walked through the Public Market looking at all the gorgeous flowers and beautiful man-made products. Next we sipped on coffee/lattes from the Original Starbucks and sat looking at the beautiful surroundings. We then walked around the city of Seattle, stopping at this DIVINE little chocolate shop, (which I can’t remember the name of at the moment). For dinner: we celebrated our engagement at the restaurant “Purple” which was so much fun and delicious! But mostly what we did was take our time, being together. That is the most amazing vacation I have been on because, I was with my future husband. The thought of it still gets me giddy! :) I can’t wait to travel with him again and create more wonderful memories.

  315. avatar Sonja reply

    How awesome!

    The most amazing vacation that I’ve ever been on was Mothers Day weekend this past year. My (now) fiancé made sure I was spoiled the entire weekend in Savannah, Georgia. A day didn’t go by that I didn’t receive flowers, coffee, and amazing meals. It was just a love filled perfect weekend!

  316. avatar Caitlin landers reply

    My best vacation was this past may-June. We went down to Pensacola beach in Florida, with my (now) fiancée and my family. The first few days were spent relaxing on the beach and having some drinks and fun. The last day was the best because my fiancée decided to ask if I wanted to go on a walk to go look for seashells for my students, ( I was a pre school teacher and promised seashells) so we are looking for shells and we walk probably a mile then we turn back. And right when we get back to our spot my fiancée, says ” Caitlin turn around I found this really cool shell” I didn’t even notice I was too excited about my other shells to turn around. So this time he’s a little annoyed and says it again, but I turn around and he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. It was the perfect proposal and perfect vacation!!

  317. avatar Morgan Saunier Stevens reply

    The best vacation I’ve ever taken was to Jamaica for my honeymoon with my sweet husband. We stayed in Negril, and spent a whole week sunbathing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. It was just what the doctor ordered after months of marathon of wedding planning.

  318. avatar Stephanie Pardue reply

    The best vacation that I ever had was this past July. My family and I, along with my boyfriend,Dustin, rented a beach house at Fort Morgan for the week. One night, someone had caught a shark while fishing and my cousin was determined to catch one after that.The next night, Dustin and I decided to go out to eat. On our way back, Dustin got a call from my cousin and he said that he had caught a shark! When we got to the house, we ran out to the beach to see. On our way walking out, I noticed all of my family standing out there and they had flashlights and were looking at us. I got there first, and I was very confused because there was no shark. When I looked down, I saw “Stephanie, will you marry ” in the sand and I turned around I saw Dustin down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen!!! When I said yes, my family lit fireworks and it was about as close to magic as you can get! I will always be so thankful to Dustin and my family for giving me the best vacation ever!

  319. avatar Bailee Allred reply

    The most amazing vacation i’ve ever taken would have to be last summer at Folly Beach in Charleston, SC. I went with my immediate family and we spent our mornings biking to the local coffee shop and our afternoons laying on the beach. At night we would cook big meals and play board games as we ate our homemade peach ice cream. As simple as this vacation was, it was my favorite because everyone finally had a chance to spend a week together and relax despite our busy work schedules that sadly keep us apart for most of the year.

  320. avatar Kelsey Lee reply

    When I was 15, my parents took me on a vacation to Costa Rica! It was beautiful! We stayed in the prettiest hotel, it was called Hotel Parador, or Hotel Paradise! We went four wheeling through the rainforest, ziplining, and even deep sea fishing where I caught a big rooster fish! The hotel had the neatest outdoor elevator, and 2 very large pools. There was even a bar in the pool where you could eat while swimming! It was definitely one of my best vacations!

  321. avatar Caroline Adams reply

    I wouldn’t say it was a vacation necessarily, but after my junior year of high school I was part of a group from my school that went to Liberia, West Africa for a week of service at a boarding school there. It was such an amazing trip and completely changed my world perspective!

  322. avatar Sonja Harmon reply

    How awesome!

    The most amazing vacation that I’ve ever been on was Mother’s Day weekend this past year. My (now) fiance’ made sure I was spoiled the entire weekend in Savannah, Georgia. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t receive flowers, Starbucks, and amazing meals! It was just a love filled perfect weekend!

    Sorry if this posted multiple times. It was not confirming on my phone!

  323. avatar Elise Rock reply

    My family didn’t travel much growing up, but I’d have to say visiting my grandparents old house in Tennessee with friends! It is a beautiful farm where we make a bonfire, play card games and reminisce!

  324. avatar Jill reply

    My favorite vacay was in the Dominican Republic with my future husband! He proposed on the beach, we went snorkeling, sunbathing, and tried some amazing food. Cant wait for our honeymoon!

  325. avatar Abby Elkins reply

    The most amazing vacation/trip that I ever took was to China. My family and I went in 2006 to adopt my baby sister. We were able to visit amazing sites in Beijing such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden Palace and of course the Great Wall of China. Our family traveled to the Southern side of China in Guangzhou where my baby sister is from. There we were able to see her orphanage and the spot on the road that she was found. That trip to China changed my life and my family’s life. A part of my heart will always belong to China, and I can not wait for the opportunity to go back.

  326. avatar Cara Livingston reply

    My favorite vacation was last summer on a family trip to Scotland! My mother’s side of the family has a strong Scottish heritage. It was so fun to explore the country and see where our ancestors were from! We also were able to visit our ancestors castle!! It was such an amazing experience I will never forget! I have yet to go an a vacation with my fiancé and would love to win!

  327. avatar Jeff Frandsen reply

    My fiancé is an inspiring fashion designer. Her dreams are set higher than the stars as she’s spent the last few years interning in New York City. After I had saved up enough for the engagement ring of her dreams, I set out to plan an amazing getaway to confess my love to her, in New York. I had asked her to set aside two days because I had a surprise for her. She had no idea what I had in mind but quickly obliged. After speaking to her parents, everyone was on board for me to sneakily escape with her from Lancaster, PA to the Big Apple. However, just one week before, she got a phone call from a large designer in New York to interview for an internship, on the SAME DAY I had planned our getaway. Lucky for me, I convinced her that my plans could be rescheduled and that I’d be happy to take her to her interview. So where she once thought I had planned this surprise, turned into what she thought was her interview, which actually combined the two into the best coincidence EVER. I told her I’d take her out to lunch at Westville, her favorite NY lunch spot, but would like to go home after lunch. Secretly, I had booked us a romantic room at The Standard High Line (with a view that overlooked the entire skyline), and planned a night of fun for the two of us. She was shocked when I took her to the Standard and told her that we would spend the next two days exploring the city. As it was just two weeks before Christmas, every store had just unveiled it’s holiday displays. I took her to Rockefeller Center, where we ice skated hand in hand. We laughed as we quickly learned that ice skating was in neither of our futures. We went to Macy’s and ran around fulfilling her window-shopping passion. We shared dollar pizzas, because what’s New York without some dollar Pizza!? Walking in New York, just weeks before Christmas, with the person you absolutely love to death is one of the most remarkable feelings on Earth. Before the night ended, I walked her just beneath the Empire State Building. I expressed my love for her, and that she had given new light to my life once I had met her. And under the biggest light in the biggest city, I asked for her hand in marriage. After all the surprises I had given her all day, she still had no idea that the biggest one would come on that day. With tears pouring down our faces, we were in pure ecstacy. Those two days were the best days of my life and the most remarkable mini-vacation I have ever taken.

  328. avatar Kaitlyn Cennamo reply

    I would LOVE to win this!!

  329. avatar Allison reply

    My favorite vacation so far was at the Marco Island Marriott. My family and I went on a catamaran and saw wild dolphins. This was such a fun experience that I will never forget. We also went on shelling trip. This is my ideal vacation and I would love to share the experience like this one with my fiance for our honeymoon.

  330. avatar Cassie Dexter reply

    Any time spent with my fiance feels like a vacation from the real world. My favorite vacation with him was last month when he took me on a surprise trip so Solvang, CA for our two year dating anniversary. Out time was spent wine/beer tasting, eating yummy foods, tandem bike riding, pumpkin picking, being a tourist, eating Danish baked goods, watching football, and being all mushy-gushy in love. Overall just a full vacation with my most favorite person who ever existed. Probably too obvious to say but this was one of the best days of my life. I would be so excited to take him on a surprise trip to Sandals Resorts to celebrate our first days of being a married couple.

  331. avatar Cait T. reply

    Best vacation ever? Hands down my fiance’s and my December 2012 trip to Jamaica. I had just finished my last semester of grad school and a crazy recruiting season job-hunting (signed my contract 2 days before we departed!), and he had just finished busy season at work and business school applications (got accepted to his top choice school 2 days after we got home from the trip!), so those 6 days in paradise were the first time we really “saw” each other in over 4 months, despite living together! It was incredible to be able to lazily wake up with him each morning, and literally spend every single second of every single day together. He’s been my best friend for over 14 years, and that trip reminded us why. Can’t wait for our honeymoon to give us that same kind of time together, and we’d love to do it with Sandals!!

  332. avatar Kate Steadman reply

    The best vacation I’ve ever been on, was a trip to Montigo Bay, Jamaica. It was absolutely beautiful – clear water, gorgeous flowers and the nicest hosts. I went with my family and among all of the other amazing things we did, was climb waterfalls!!! I would love to go back, with my significant other.

  333. avatar Kirsten Gavidia reply

    The best vacation I ever took was to the keys with my family as a child. There were no set plans, no itinerary, and NO STRESS! We just walked the streets of Key West as a family, ate at small hole-in-the-wall restaurants with amazing food, and had fun wherever it found us! I’ll always cherish the memory of that vacation.

  334. avatar Alexis Lefkowitz reply

    The best vacation I’ve ever taken was when I went to Israel! I went with about 20 strangers from all across the United States and really explored everything Israel has to offer. We went to the olive oil factories, the Westerm Wall, we went off road jeeping, and partied in Tel Aviv. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!

  335. avatar Kimberlyn C reply

    The most amazing vacation I ever went on was to Brazil. After the long flight, I had the opportunity to work in a hospital and help out those in a small community who couldn’t be helped otherwise. In the mornings, the communities’ children would come to sing and play games with the group. On breaks, my friends and I went to the beach, explored the beautiful landscape and tried out true brazilian cuisine. I even tried chocolate pizza. It sounds gross, but it was amazing!

  336. avatar Charla Osborne reply

    The most AMAZING vacation would undoubtedly be THIS one if we won. My fiancee proposed 11.12.13 after 3yrs of dating & we are planning a September 2014 wedding with a most likely delayed honeymoon, if any, due to financial reasons. A very close 2nd would be the 2009 disney world vacation with my mom, sisters & 2 daughters. We had the best time. My fiancee & I have yet to take a vacation together. This would be a once in a lifetime experience & an honor to be chosen.

  337. avatar Elizabeth Story reply

    Although I haven’t been on many vacations in my life, the few I have experienced have been truly memorable and one I would dare say magical. I am a common land locked soul who often dreams of sandy beaches, a tanned body, a drink (well multiple drinks) and a book. I had never been south of Florida and my father surprised me with a trip to the Dominican Republic for a college graduation present for working my butt off in school. It was
    Everything a vacation could be with snorkeling, kayaking, and topless sun bathing! (Not in front of my Dad). My 6 years old sister and stepmother went with us as well. I now have a 15 month old daughter and a fiancé. That Caribbean vacation that I spent with my family could have only been better if Josh was with me. A vacation with him would truly be wonderful.

  338. avatar Kate Steadman reply

    The best vacation I ever went on was to Montigo Bay, Jamaica. It was absolutely amazing – clear water, gorgeous flowers and the nicest hosts. I went with my family and climbed waterfalls! *Talk about cool, right?!* I would love to go back with my significant other!!

  339. avatar Catie reply

    I spent the most magical day in NYC during the Christmas holiday in 2011! I was with my man and his family. We ate lunch in Little Italy, bartered in China Town, savored delicious gourmet chocolates in Rockefeller Center… the list goes on! Some of my favorite memories.

  340. avatar Catie reply

    I spent the most magical day in NYC during the Christmas holiday in 2011! I was with my man and his family. We ate lunch in Little Italy, bartered in China Town, savored delicious gourmet chocolates in Rockefeller Center… the list goes on! Being from Southeast Texas, I’m not used to Christmas being celebrated like that. Some of my favorite memories.

  341. avatar Courtni reply

    My favorite vacation was when my now fiance and I took a road trip to Salt Lake City. I love road trips so we decided to go visit a friend. While we were there we snowboarded for 3 days, which was amazing. We had so much fun!

  342. avatar Angel Bryant reply

    The best trip was my senior trip to Florida. It was some of the senior class. We went to Disney world and universal studios. It was a trip to remember.

  343. avatar Tiffany reply

    My best vacation ever was my visit to Paris earlier this year. My fiancé had to work, but I explored the palace at Versailles, attending a cooking class, and went salsa dancing. What a blast it was!

  344. avatar Lauren reply

    Have you picked a winner yet? I’m eagerly awaiting!!!!!

  345. avatar Ali Marchi reply

    My favorite vacation was kayaking at the outer banks with my fiancé. It was when we first start dating and it was so intimate being in the ocean on our own! Winning a honeymoon would mean the world to us and would help us fiancial since we are paying for it!

  346. avatar Amanda reply

    My fiance and I would be so thrilled if we were able to go on a vacation like this!!

  347. avatar Amanda Jayko reply

    The best vaca i have been on ever, was with my friend in Thailand. 3 weeks. backpacks. beaches. food,amazing.

    The best vaca i have ever had with my fiancé, would have been the 2 weeks we stayed in orlando together. It was great we didn’t have any plans. We work up when we wanted, when to the store together, the movies together, and just spent every minute together. We both worked on cruise ships at the time, so we have both been on amazing trips- but this “normal” time was probably the best thing we have ever done. we always talk about how we should do that again!!! just spending uninterrupted time together is the most amazing thing!! We want to get married on a beach hopefully in the next year or so. We are going to start his green card process in december!

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