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When it comes to sourcing fun props and additions for the magazine, our Southern Surcees section is definitely one of our favorites to collect. We love pulling our favorite Southern finds, whether they’re doggie bow ties or mini pies! You bet we got our hands on as many monograms as possible (Marissa was dying over them!) and did not scrimp on anything sweet tea-inspired!

P.S. You can buy Southern Weddings V5 right here for more goodies!

Y’all, we could not get over how adorable these custom grits bags were! Do you notice any familiar names on these guys? They’re Lara’s + Emily Ley’s little girl and boy, respectively.

We had a very special guest model our doggie bow ties for this issue. Photographer Nancy Ray’s great dane, Winston looks mighty dapper!

The monogrammed bridesmaid shirts below are one of our favorite additions to the surcees feature. Who doesn’t love a crisp oversized shirt with a bright pink monogram? We about died when the lovely ladies at Shop Memento sent us samples in our own monograms!

Oh my, that’s a lot of Southern goodness. All of these items have made our prop closet look mighty cute, but now it’s time for another V5 giveaway!

Enter to win the item of your choice by commenting below with your favorite find! Is it A) The Butter My Butt and Call Me A Biscuit book, B) the pink bow clutch, C) the engraved iced tea spoons D) The “Bless Your Heart” pendants, the E) Lilly Pulitzer iPhone 4/4S case in Delta Zeta or F) the state tea towels in North Carolina or Dallas, Texas?

Be sure to enter before April 5. Good luck, y’all!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Southern Surcees + Giveaway | Nancy Ray Photography reply

    […] about all of these amazing gifts.  You can also see more on this feature by reading about it in this post the Southern Weddings […]

  2. avatar Meghan P. reply

    My favorite find definitely has to be the “Butter My Butt & Call Me a Biscuit” book. I used that saying over Christmas to my future in-laws who are from MD, and they thought I was a crazy southerner & had no idea what I was talking about. I would love to add this book to my collection & learn some more wonderfully southern phrases!

  3. avatar Nancy Ray reply

    Am I allowed to enter, even though I took the photos? If so, I adore the NC Tea Towel! ;)

  4. avatar Carrie reply

    I love the state tea towels. NC is my fave of course!

  5. avatar Rachel reply

    I would love to win the bow clutch!

  6. avatar Sara B. reply

    Pink Bow Clutch – The pink in the clutch is one of my wedding colors and would be great to have when I get married on June 8 in Richmond!

  7. avatar Desiree reply

    Would totally use those iced tea spoons…especially since Florida has decided to completely skip a lovely spring and has moved right on into a blazing hot summer!

  8. avatar Jess reply

    I love the iced tea spoons!

  9. avatar Madelyn reply

    I am loving the Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit book!

    I’m a South Carolina girl going to a college where not many people are from the South, and over the past four years, I’ve only grown prouder to be a G.R.I.T.S.! I occasionally get strange looks when I say y’all, and I’m known to say “bless your heart” on many occasions. I’d be such a fun time getting to leaf through this book full of more fab Southern phrases!

  10. avatar Katie C. reply

    We’ve just moved from NC to OK and miss the southeast terribly! Having the NC tea towel would be such a sweet reminder of our family back home.

  11. avatar Jessica B reply

    I’m a Southern girl who can’t live without her make-your-teeth-hurt sweet tea, so I’d have to say the engraved iced tea spoons are my absolute fav!!

  12. avatar Callie reply

    I am in love with these adorable state tea towels, North Carolina is my favorite of course!

  13. avatar Kathryn Stell reply

    These are fabulous!!! So much fun to look at. I would love to win a North Carolina tea towel!

  14. avatar Lorraine reply

    The iced tea spoons would be an amazing addition to our wedding, as we will most certainly be drinking it all weekend long!

  15. avatar Cait T. reply

    I’m loving C) the engraved iced tea spoons – my fiance and I drink sleepy time tea before bed every night and I’d love to accessorize with these adorable spoons!

  16. avatar Kristy reply

    Favorite find is the Lilly phone case :)

  17. avatar Billie Anne reply

    Those tea spoons are so sweet!

  18. avatar Kat reply

    My groom and I love our sweet tea so I’d have to pick those adorable tea spoons!! Y’all have so many fun finds in your prop closet! I love them all :)

  19. avatar Emily Anne reply

    That bow clutch is my favorite!

  20. avatar M. Celeste reply

    I’ve yet to be satisfied with any iPhone case I’ve found, but the Lilly one looks fabulous!

  21. avatar Lindy reply

    I live in Dallas so the Dallas towel would be a perfect addition to my kitchen!!

  22. avatar Peyton reply

    Obsessed with the Lilly phone case! Not that I’d turn my nose up at any of these- especially the “bless your heart” pendants! Such a cute collection!

  23. avatar Madison reply

    B or C, I love them both!

  24. avatar alanna reply

    I love D, the “bless your heart” pendents!!!! it’s one of my favorite southern sayings!

  25. avatar Holly reply

    I love the heart pendants!

  26. avatar Lindsay reply

    the ice tea spoons are great!

  27. avatar Shawna reply

    Pink is my favorite color, so I have to go with the Pink Bow Clutch. A girl can never have too many purses!

  28. avatar Carly Totten reply

    Pink is my absolute favorite color, and bows are my thing. I’d love to win the pink bow clutch! : )

  29. avatar Kelly reply

    The Butter My Biscuit book seems like good inspiration. The “Bless Your Heart” pendants are cute, too!

  30. avatar hminnesota reply

    I will go with B- pink bow clutch

  31. avatar Lauren reply

    How do I get my hands on those sweet tea spoons! They will look so great on our antique dry bar with our bar set!

  32. avatar Dana Laymon reply

    I love the ice tea spoons! adorable

  33. avatar Mariel reply

    F. The NC State towels! So adorable!!

  34. avatar Allison S. reply

    I am just enchanted with those “Bless your heart” pendants, could there be anything more adorable!?

  35. avatar Stewart reply

    This was a tough choice but I’m always a sucker for a new clutch! Especially the B) pink bow clutch with summer on the horizon!

  36. avatar Hannah reply

    I absolutely adore the pink bow clutch! Also, I just wanted to say a thank you to the Southern Wedding ladies for doing such an amazing job at all you do. I’ve been a reader of your blog for about two years now, and every day your posts amaze me. Keep up the good work!

  37. avatar Kathleen Foreman reply

    My favorite are the tea towels. North Carolina for me :)

  38. avatar Meagan reply

    I love those Bless Your Heart pendants! They remind me so much of my sweet Grammy.

  39. avatar Kristyn M reply

    I’d love to win (D) the Bless Your Heart pendant!

  40. avatar Kristyn M reply

    Where are the Bless your Heart Pendants from? I don’t see them listed at the bottom :)

  41. avatar Caitlin reply

    The bow clutch!! How adorable is that!

  42. avatar Laura reply

    I would love to win the NC tea towel, so cute and it shows my state pride!

  43. avatar Leigh Pearce reply

    How do you pick just one!? They are all awesome! I simply love those Bless Your Heart pendants. It’s my favorite Southernism and is said at least twenty times a day at my house!

  44. avatar Michaela reply

    I love b) the bow clutch!!!

  45. avatar Kimberly Pearce reply

    The pink bow clutch and the tea spoons! LOVE!

  46. avatar Laura reply

    All these things are so cute, but I love the tea towels.

  47. avatar Jessica F reply

    I love the ice tea spoons! They are too cute!

  48. avatar Carrie C reply

    Love the biscuit book!!

  49. avatar Ashleigh F. reply

    Absolutely dying over the North Carolina hand towel. Would look mighty spiffy in my kitchen!

  50. avatar Kelsey B reply

    I would love to win the iced tea spoons! Tea is my weakness and a must have at our family meals!

  51. avatar Heather reply

    My favorite is the iced tea spoons! My fiancee and I love us some sweet tea!

  52. avatar Michelle reply

    I love the bless your heart pendents. My friends and I say it all of the time (some times just to poke fun at each other).

  53. avatar Kim reply

    It’s gotta be the Bless Your Heart pendants!

  54. avatar Samantha reply

    Those sweet tea spoons are TO DIE FOR!!

  55. avatar Laura Arnold reply

    The pink bow clutch! so cute!

  56. avatar Kate Collison reply

    Oh, how to choose??! Such lovely little bits!! I think the tea spoons are the cutest things! Thanks for throwing another fun giveaway to us, SW!

  57. avatar Melissa Borden reply

    That pink bow clutch is precious! I would love it.

  58. avatar Parker reply

    Oh gracious! So hard to choose!!! I think my favorite is B) the pink bow clutch!!! I’m a sucker for bows!!!!

  59. avatar Laura Caroline reply

    I love the pink bow clutch!

  60. avatar Dee Shore reply

    I love everything. It’s all so cute. I would say…. uhh… B is my favorite thought.

  61. avatar Alicia A reply

    Everything is so cute! I love D, the Bless Your Heart Pendants!

  62. avatar Gina Chancey reply

    The Butter My Butter and Call Me A Biscuit book! Love it!

  63. avatar Julie reply

    F) love the NC tea towels!

  64. avatar Amanda B. reply

    This is a hard choice! While I would be as proud as punch to receive any of these wonderful gems, my favorite is definitely the pink bow clutch (B)! It’s adorable, and would be the perfect accessory to any spring or summer wardrobe!

  65. avatar Kayla reply

    I love the iced tea spoons! They would be adorable to use in my wedding this summer!

  66. avatar Brooke reply

    I LOVE the Bless Your Heart pendants! They would be a great gift to a MOH who says it all the time and we have it as a running joke!

  67. avatar Lesley reply

    I love the pink bow clutch (B). I’d totally use it for my college graduation :)

  68. avatar lauren reply

    OHMYGOODNESS! Oh, how I LOVE LOVE LOVE the engraved iced tea spoons. My husband and I spend most week nights and weekends sprucing up our 1920’s bungalow, and our favorite thing to do after hours of yard work is sit on our front porch with big ol’ glasses of iced tea (only, we don’t have any proper iced tea mixing spoons!) Love these so much

  69. avatar Jocelyn H reply

    The pink bow clutch.

  70. avatar Elizabeth reply

    Love these photos! My favorite item would have to be either the “Butter My Butt and Call Me A Biscuit Book” or the iced tea spoons :) Where are the tea towels from? Curious to know if they have one for Louisiana. Thank you!

  71. avatar Laura reply

    I adore the pink bow clutch!!

  72. avatar jules m. reply

    i love the engraved iced tea spoons!

  73. avatar Kim reply

    The “Butter My Butt & Call Me a Biscuit” book is awesome!!! Would love to have it =)

  74. avatar Lindsay H. reply

    I would love to win the “Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit” book! Too cute!!

  75. avatar Danielle reply

    Love the iced tea spoons!

  76. avatar Marva reply

    I love the Lilly Pulitzer iPhone 4S case in Delta Zeta!!!!

  77. avatar Anna Folgate reply

    I like them all but I think I’d like B the best it’s cute

  78. avatar Brittany reply

    I love the pink bow clutch :)

  79. avatar Erin reply

    The pink bow clutch is adorable and perfect for summer weddings!

  80. avatar Beth Cox reply

    I just love the pink bow clutch! My choice is B! Just darling!

  81. avatar meghandemaria reply

    I love the state tea towels in North Carolina — such a cute idea!

  82. avatar Olivia reply

    I adore that little book of southern sayings! My fiance is not from the States, let alone the south, so I’m sure it would get him into the swing of things :) But everything is so cute! The cell cases almost make me wish I had an i-phone.

  83. avatar Jessica F. reply

    I would just love to have the pink bow clutch! I’m a sucker for any kind of bow but it would be great for my wedding on June 8. (:

  84. avatar Kimberly Toms reply

    I adore the bless your heart pendants…I say it all the time to my kindergartners and now I hear them saying it to each other:)

  85. avatar Sarah reply

    NC tea towel– I’m originally from Wilson, NC and have been in Athens, GA for 8 years, any memory of growing up is welcome in my home

  86. avatar Caitlin reply

    This Dallas girl is in love with the Dallas tea towel! Perfect addition for my Southern kitchen!

  87. avatar Megan reply

    I love c) the engraved iced tea spoons. I live up North now and there is nothing I miss more than having Sweet Tea available everywhere. Luckily, I learned how to make my own. This spoons would sweeten my homemade batches!

  88. avatar Sandryte reply

    I love meaningful pendants like that!

  89. avatar Amy S. reply

    LOVE the pink bow clutch!

  90. avatar Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist reply

    I love the “bless her heart” pendants!

  91. avatar Alissa Dubnicki reply

    The pink bow clutch is gorgeous and classy!

  92. avatar Emily reply

    I absolutely love the pink bow clutch! (: I would love to win it!

  93. avatar Taylor J reply

    CUTE! My favorite find are the teaspoons! His & Hers!

  94. avatar Julide reply

    E! What a cute case!

  95. avatar Jessica Leighanne reply

    I love the book! Such a wonderful bookcase item!

  96. avatar Nancy reply

    I choose (B) the pink bow clutch–beautiful!

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