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It’s a bit cloudy around these parts today, so our Freshly Squeezed feature almost looks too good to be true! Y’all know we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to capture this bright and juicy shoot with a fun behind-the-scenes film from Cabana Pictures! After all, this shoot was bursting at the seams with citrus-y details and we loved see our friends who pulled it all together working their magic.

Eek!! Doesn’t it look amazing? Our models are way too cute for words.

Once we started getting props in the office for this shoot, we knew we had to find a way to share even more of it with y’all. I mean, constant squealing over our colorful props warrants a giveaway, doesn’t it?

We can’t wait to find new homes for these Freshly Squeezed items! The Tear Drop earrings from Pink Pineapple, the Fleur Drop earrings form Bridier Baubles and the aptly named Sunny Days bracelet from Francesca’s were among our favorites from V5.

To Enter: Leave a comment below telling us what you love about this feature and which of the pieces above is your favorite.

Win: Four winners will win the jewelry piece of your choosing!

Good luck, y’all!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Brooke reply

    I love all the Freshly Squeezed items! They are a great way to add a pop of color towinter wardrobe colors, even winter whites!

    The teardrop earrings are my favorite :)

  2. avatar Whitney Evans reply

    The colors are amazing! I would love to win the yellow earrings.

  3. avatar Madelynne Moulton reply

    THAT JUICE BAR! It won me over in a heartbeat. This is the most energetic shoot I have EVER seen from y’all! I am loving the pink tear drop earrings!

  4. avatar Laura reply

    My favorite part of V5 is the “What I Love About the South” section. Reading all of the comments reminded me of how blessed I am to live here and why I would never want to move away! And I love those teardrop earrings, it would add a great splash of color to any outfit.

  5. avatar Robyn H. reply

    So far, this is one of my favorite shoots (honestly they’re all gorgeous) from V5. I love everything citrus and vibrant colors. The images are a huge reminder of hot summers in the South. The hot pink tear drop earrings from Pink Pineapple would be the best accessory for a simple sun dress. Besides all of the great colors, who wouldn’t fall in love with that showstopping striped Vera Wang Dress!

  6. avatar Lindy reply

    Such cheery and happy colors!!! Love everything but especially the pink tear drop earrings!

  7. avatar Larissa reply

    The Tear Drop earrings from Pink Pineapple are just to die for!

  8. avatar Lauren reply

    I LOVE the pink, pink, pink florals in this feature. And the Sunny Days bracelet is so cute!

  9. avatar Mandy V reply

    I LOVE this color combination. So bright and fun. I also love those pink tear drop pineapple earrings!

  10. avatar Lauren @ Chocolate Cheese and Wine reply

    As a Lilly lover, I am loving everything this feature. I really loved the gorgeous bright flowers from the shoot. My favorite piece is the Sunny Days bracelet – so sweet.

  11. avatar Taylor reply

    Hands down, my favorite part of this shoot was the printed suite. The geometric shapes were spot on! What a fun shoot. :) Oh, and I love the Fleur Drop Earrings!

  12. avatar Katie Baker reply

    I LOVE the bold colors and graphic patterns!! Can’t wait to see it in print! :) The yellow tear drop earrings are also to die for ;)

  13. avatar Natalie reply

    Love the Lilly!! OMG! I also love the bright colors in the pink pineapple tear drop earrings!

  14. avatar Bianca Andrea reply

    I love these colors because it reminds me of summer & spring but I love how SWMag uses them in the a fall issue too!

  15. avatar emily thompson reply

    I love the “What I love about the South” article in the V5 magazine. My favorite is the pink pineapple tear drop earrings and then the Sunny days bracelet.

  16. avatar Bethany Shalayda reply

    I love all the citrus and vibrant colors!!! My fav piece of the jewelry is the teardrop earrings from the Pink Pineapple!!! But, I love them all!

  17. avatar Jessica Clinch reply

    This is hands down one of my favorite editorials that y’all have ever produced! My favorite aspect of this feature is how all of the citrus details tie together. I immediately loved the fun citrus escort cards and pom-pom garland that hung above the juice stand. Then, when I watched this video I noticed that even the forks were dipped in pink and orange paint to tie everything together- they were such a nice touch! I would absolutely love to add those fleur drop earrings from Bridier Baubles to my jewelry collection :)

  18. avatar Courtney Wyse reply

    Love the pops of color! Especially that amazing pink!

  19. avatar Lindsey reply

    I love all of the flowers! Especially the peonies! My favorite piece is the bracelet!

  20. avatar Janna reply

    Being a Florida girl- I love citrusy details! And those colors are amazing! I love the yellow and pink earrings from the Pink Pineapple! The yellow ones would be perfect for my brother’s yellow v5 cover inspired May wedding coming up!

  21. avatar Marissa reply

    The venue is stunning! It made for such a classic backdrop to showcase the fruity colors and really made them pop! Also love the darling little bridesmaid.

    All of the above pieces are beautiful!

  22. avatar Jen reply

    The flowers in this feature are just perfect. I love all the bright, fluffy blooms and those gorgeous bouquets! What inspiration! I also love those bright pink tear drop earrings! Definitely putting a pair on my Christmas wish list!

  23. avatar Elizabeth Webb reply

    Love this jewelry!! Our wedding colors are pink and orange and would love to wear the pink pineapple earrings for the big day on June 1, 2013!! Ps love your magazines!! :))

  24. avatar Jordan reply

    I love the model-groom’s coral and orange suit! Bright colors are the bomb, but nothing new for us girls. It’s AWESOME to see the groom dressed in something so bold! I am head over heels for those yellow teardrop earrings!

  25. avatar Heather Jenkins reply

    I LOVE the pink Tear drop earrings from Pink Pineapple!

  26. avatar Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist reply

    I love the fleur drop earrings! This is such a great feature, especially when we could all use some sunshine and color this time of year.

  27. avatar corina ervin reply

    I just love the pop of color! – Such a fun and exciting shoot!
    I think it’s great for all seasons! in-love. This has me changing my mind about my own wedding color scheme ;)

  28. avatar Anna reply

    I LOVE the tear drop earrings! love the grooms jacket+bowtie combo!

  29. avatar Sondra reply

    I have loved citrus colors for quite some time now and think they are a great fit for parties (and weddings :) hehe). I also love pairing some blues and blue/greens with the citrus colors, so the moment I saw the bridesmaids dresses I knew that was by favorite part. All of those outfits are so fun and something I would wear anytime. The tear drop earrings are my favorite and I would wear either color!

  30. avatar Valerie reply

    I love all of the bright colors! (Makes me wish I was doing a summer wedding.) Definitely why the pink earrings are my fav of the batch!

  31. avatar Emily reply

    Loved so many aspects of this shoot, and how all the vibrant colors & patterns worked together, so much fun! My favorite piece is the yellow pineapple drop earrings, my favorite color is yellow, and these would be stunning for my 11/09/13 I Do’s :):)

  32. avatar Ashleigh reply

    Those pink tear drop earrings are a-dor-able! Could definitely put those to use at some of my showers + engagement parties that are coming up!

  33. avatar Marissa Whalen reply

    I loved the color ideas from this feature! I love living my life in Lilly and color! My favorite piece of jewelry is the pink tear drop earrings from Pink Pineapple!! So cute!

  34. avatar Kristy reply

    I loved the whole concept of Tropical meets Southern :) Love the sunny days bracelet :)

  35. avatar Gabi reply

    I like the what I love about the south portion!
    The fleur drop earrings are my fav!

  36. avatar Tiffany reply

    I love love love the colors!!! which is why the Sunny Days bracelet from Francesca’s is my favorite piece!!! I LOVE color!!!

  37. avatar Amy Cluck reply

    I love love the whole color scheme! And the pink pineapple earrings – so lovely!

  38. avatar Carly Totten reply

    “Freshly Squeezed” is one of my favorite V5 features. I love all of the bright colors, especially because I am a forever fan of pink. I love that y’all took the bright pink route and paired the patterns with pops of oranges and yellows. Using fruit as part of floral arrangements is one of my favorite new trends, and I would like to hang Kristy Rice’s gorgeous backdrop in my house. : ) The Sunny Days bracelet is my favorite piece!

  39. avatar Amanda reply

    This citrus inspired photo shoot is fabulous! My wedding colors are coral and yellow, so I really love all of the ideas I can take from this! The popsicle things look so yummy too!! I love the tear drop earrings!

  40. avatar Ke reply

    I love the whimsical sweets table and the eclectic, vibrant bridesmaids dresses. The groom’s colors are so joyful. Because all the surroundings are shouting with color, it makes the bride stand out even more in her pure white dress. Simply gorgeous! I wish to win the pink teardrop earrings.

  41. avatar Anna A. reply

    Love love the colors! The teardrop earrings are my favorite piece!

  42. avatar Sally Petersen reply

    I love that even her makeup is citrus-inspired and fresh! The pink teardrop earrings caught my eye the most.

  43. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    I love the bright colors and the beautiful Lilly bridesmaid dresses!

  44. avatar jessica mccormick reply

    First of all these colors are fab! -I would have to go with the pink tear drop earrings from Pink Pineapple! (Even though all are great pieces!)

    Ps- I’m reading my V5 issue slowly..slooowly as not to finish it :)

  45. avatar Laura reply

    The colors are fantastic, but I love all the shoes I caught a glimpse of in the video! I honestly would happily win any of these pieces, but the bracelet is super fun.

  46. avatar Lindsey Long reply

    The Fleur Drop earrings in orange are to die for! They are the perfect #okstate orange that will be an accent color in my upcoming May wedding!

  47. avatar Dania reply

    I love the Freshly Squeezed shoot because it reminded me of my childhood when my mama made me freshly squeezed juice in those hot summer days:) and my favorite piece is the bracelet because it has so many juicy flavors in it;)

  48. avatar Lesley Anne reply

    What an absolutely gorgeous shoot! The Tear Drop earrings from Pink Pineapple are my favorite!

  49. avatar Lindsay reply

    I love the bouquets! Those flowers are amazing. And I love the yellow earrings!

  50. avatar Ashley reply

    The colors in the freshly squeezed shoot definitely take the winter blues away…I absolutely love the tear drop earrings from Pink Pineapple!

    • avatar Jessica reply

      I cant post a comment :((( I can only reply
      I absolutely love the pop of color accessories can add to a wedding!! I love this new bold statement jewelry trend and I think its an awesome idea to wear things like this compared to the traditional pearls or diamonds. The fleur drop earrings are my favorite :)

    • avatar Jessica reply

      Sorry….now it wanted to work -__-

  51. avatar Jessica reply

    I absolutely love the pop of color accessories can add to a wedding!! I love this new bold statement jewelry trend and I think its an awesome idea to wear things like this compared to the traditional pearls or diamonds. The fleur drop earrings are my favorite :)

  52. avatar Liz M reply

    I love the colors, it’s what I want for my wedding – colorful! The pink teardrop earrings are my favorite of the giveaway items, they’re very me.

  53. avatar JennnaO reply

    I love the colors! :) And specially love the bracelet<3 It reminds me of summer!

  54. avatar Ashleigh (Act on Inspiration) reply

    I adore everything about this shoot – especially the colours! Weddings are so often full of whites, creams and muted hues I love seeing vivid colour done so stylishly. Everything is amazing. My favourite of the giveaway pieces are the Pink Pineapple Tear Drop earrings in hot pink – perfect for a day or night event this summer!

  55. avatar megan reply

    i am loving the colors from this feature and would love to win those hot pink earrings!

  56. avatar Bella Mosqueda reply

    I love the fleur drop earrings the most!

    hope i win xx

  57. avatar Christy Ann reply

    I love how bold and bright everything is, the colors, the patterns, everything!! My favorite piece is the Sunny Days Bracelet!

  58. avatar Sandryte reply

    The destination is fantastic, I like it a lot! And all of the dresses I saw!

  59. avatar Sandryte reply

    I’d love to win a bracelet :)

  60. avatar Lindsay Heisler reply

    OMG! What don’t I love about this feature?!?! The colors are to die for! So classy and bright! I love the tear drop earrings in pink! Crossing my fingers!

  61. avatar Chandler reply

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about this fun shoot! Such a Lilly-lover myself & I so appreciate all the details & thought put into this shoot. This was so well done, y’all! Kudos to photographer for capturing a colorful mood so so well! Loving the pink tear drop earrings by Bridier Baubles at the moment.
    Thanks for the bright, fun post!
    Lots of Southern Love

  62. avatar Bailey reply

    How fun to get a glimpse behind the scenes! You could tell that everyone was excited about the project and it showed in the final product! Plus those Fleur Drop earrings are gorgeous! Crossing my fingers for this giveaway :)

  63. avatar Nichole Leigh reply

    Honestly, LOVE Lilly (who doesn’t) and this photo shoot looks so great, so perfectly preppy! I actually designed a “Spring Fling in Cabo” themed bridal shower that dealt in the same palette! Obsessed! Well done.

  64. avatar Keely Keyser reply

    I love how vibrant the colors are, it crests a fun look!

  65. avatar Monica reply

    Great photo shoots! I like the fleur drop earrings!

  66. avatar Kelly E. reply

    I love the COLORS in this shoot! Wow. So gorgeous and so perfect for a southern wedding. I really like the pink tear drop Pink PIneapple earrings. Thanks for the chance to win!

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