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Y’all may have heard that our pretty color proofs for V5 came in on Thursday! We spent the majority of Thursday and Friday hunkered over them, marveling at the images coming to life in print. We cannot wait to have it printed and bound for y’all to see!

Since we’re all about celebrating milestones at Southern Weddings, we’re giving away two bow ties a week to two lucky winners! Congrats to Emily and Janna who won last week’s giveaway and two dapper yellow bow ties.

Ready to get dressed in our finest from the V5 prop closet?

To Enter: Leave a comment below telling us which bow tie strikes your fancy.

Win: Two people will each win the bow tie they love the most!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Kelly reply

    I love the pink and green stripe!

  2. avatar Brooke reply

    I LOVE the navy striped bow ties and the light peach colored one. They are the best color pallet for a southern wedding!

  3. avatar Lindsey reply

    I love the peach flowers, my dress is peach! Also love the blue flowers!

  4. avatar Graham reply

    I’m ready! Here we go!!! :) Oh and I just realized, I’ve worn one of these before for a certain SW shoot! :-)

  5. avatar Emily T. reply

    Loving the green seersucker and gingham for my guy!

  6. avatar Shelby reply

    What daper blue-eyed beau wouldn’t look handsome in that gingham blue bow tie?! My man would for sure!

  7. avatar Laura reply

    The red gingham!

  8. avatar Jenni Goebel reply

    Ooooh I adore the green gingham bow tie! My huzzin would look so cute in it!!

  9. avatar Laura reply

    I am still loving the blue madras tie!

  10. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    The green one with cotton would look great on my husband! 4th from the top left.

  11. avatar Miranda reply

    Love the blue plaid that would be the 16th one down if the other’s hadn’t been won already.

  12. avatar Mariel reply

    Loving the orange seersucker for my Fiance…a double ‘Hoo!

  13. avatar Kristyn M reply

    Still going to stick with the yellow seersucker!

  14. avatar Elizabeth reply

    I love the green and pink striped bowtie– preppy perfection!

  15. avatar jen b reply

    These are all awesome, but I think my hubby would look the most ADORABLE in the Navy + White striped bow tie. Can’t wait to see him in it :)

  16. avatar Katie C. reply

    I adore the green and pink bowtie! So awesome, my boyfriend would love it!

  17. avatar Whitney Evans reply

    I would love to give my fiance the blue with white polka dots bow tie (left side, 6th from bottom) to wear at our engagement party this holiday season!

  18. avatar Caroline reply

    Love the grey on the bottom right!

  19. avatar Lisa reply

    Love the gray one, as well as the navy and white daigonal stripes!

  20. avatar Katie C. reply

    I love the green and pink! So awesome!

  21. avatar Breanna reply

    Anything green :)

  22. avatar Lauren @ Chocolate, Cheese and Wine reply

    The blue plaid is gorgeous!

  23. avatar Anna reply

    I love the red and white!

  24. avatar Katie reply

    that pretty red plaid…six down from the top right is the perfect holiday party man-cessory

  25. avatar Kelly Dellinger reply

    I love the peachy floral-print one!

  26. avatar Kati reply

    My fiancee would look great in any of the crimson and white ties… ROLL TIDE!! :)

  27. avatar Elizabeth reply

    I love the third one down on the left! Makes me want to put a mason jar of limeade in my husband’s hand . . . maybe a navy drink stirrer from Emily would complete the look :)

  28. avatar Ashley reply

    I absolutely adore the turquoise blue with flowers for my beau! It is a perfectly fun print that matches the color of my sorority! It would look perfect in our southern preppy engagement pictures!

  29. avatar Cory Kay reply

    The blue one on the left bottom.

  30. avatar Ashleigh reply

    LOVE the green gingham! Perfect for our farm-tastic southern wedding next summer!

  31. avatar Roman reply

    I’m crazy for the light blue bow tie!

  32. avatar Kristy reply

    Love the plaid one…the reds, yellows, greens,….soo cute and Southern!

  33. avatar Desiree reply

    I’d love to see Eric in the bow tie, right column, fourth from the bottom! So vintage and funky :) love it! (but seriously, love them all!).

  34. avatar Jessica Clinch reply

    Oh I love the blue one with the mint julep cups or the yellow pinstripe bow tie! They’re both great!

  35. avatar Kelsey reply

    Alex would look so handsome in the blue with white polka dots!!

  36. avatar Yasmin Sarai reply

    The blue stripes (13th one down on the left) would looks so oh-so-charming on my hubby!

  37. avatar Jen reply

    I LOVE the black and white pin stripe!!

  38. avatar Carrie reply

    Love that pretty purple one that’s third from the bottom on the left!

  39. avatar Melissa V reply

    Still got my eye on the green seersucker tie!!

  40. avatar Paula reply

    I LOVE the greyish tie at the very bottom on the right – I can see it on my husband already :o)

  41. avatar Sara reply

    I love the last tie on the left, and the second from the top on the left. They would go perfect with our navy and mint colors!!!

  42. avatar Ashley reply

    So many beuatiful bow ties! I know my husband would love that charcoal seersucker one!

  43. avatar Taylor J reply

    Woohoo – I’ll keep on trying! My fiance would just love the houndstooth bow tie on the top left!!

  44. avatar Yolande reply

    I love the orange and white ginseng tie and it is a wonderful match with the color of the bridesmaid dresses I am getting.

  45. avatar Ashley S reply

    Loving the small gingham blue-purpley tie!

  46. avatar Lizzy W. reply

    I’m in love with the blue bow with the floral design! Can’t wait for V5 to come out!

  47. avatar Jenna Lea reply

    I would say either the 8th from the bottom, the blue stripe or the same pattern in yellow, straight across

  48. avatar Jenna Miles reply

    LOVE The lime green striped one!!! Such a great prize!!

  49. avatar Ryan reply

    Loving the yellow diagonal striped bow tie! Can’t wait to break out my first ever bow tie at the V5 party!

  50. avatar Paige reply

    Still drawn to the yellow ones…the stripes, seersucker and prints are all amazing!

  51. avatar Jessica @ Love Custom Art reply

    Love the blue with white spots – left side 6th up from bottom!

  52. avatar Leigh James reply

    I LOVE the one 9th down on the right! The red and white checkered one!! My boyfriend and I’s one year is coming up and it’d be SO awesome to be able to give that to him!!

  53. avatar Megan reply

    I love the light blue/green thin tie and the gray bowtie!!

  54. avatar Shae reply

    I love the green and white gingham bow tie!

  55. avatar Jennifer W reply

    I love the green, navy, and white striped bow tie.

  56. avatar Gabi reply

    The blue plaid tie!!!

  57. avatar Luke reply

    The green tie is my fav

  58. avatar Jenny reply

    Love the red gingham!

  59. avatar Kelsea reply

    I simply adore the red gingham–any Southern gent would look dashing in it!

  60. avatar Adrienne reply

    The gold and white striped bowtie would be perfect for my fiancé, a died-in-the-wool GA Tech fan. Go Jackets!

  61. avatar Will reply

    Love the light red gingham plaid bowtie. Got a blue shirt it’d look great with. Looking forward to Nov. 15th!!

  62. avatar Megan L. reply

    I love the mint juleps!

  63. avatar Abby Smith reply

    I absolutely love the green gingham bowtie! My grandma made my baby blanket out of green gingham and I’ve been looking for a way to include something of hers in my upcoming March wedding…this could be the perfect accent for my dad to wear to walk me down the aisle as I marry my South African fiance, Pieter. Plus, my colors are green and navy for our Easter 2013 weekend wedding…

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