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Yahoo! Even though I can’t win any of these giveaway, I’m pumped about the possibilities that are in store for y’all! With a sweet tooth as big as mine, dessert bars, candy bars and the like are often my favorite parts of weddings. And choosing the treats that will be served? Even better.

To celebrate Southern Weddings’ fourth birthday, we had to partner with Hammond’s Candies! We love their gourmet selections and nostalgic collection and they were even kind enough to provide us with tons of peppermint for last year’s Gingerbread Barn Building Competition.

To celebrate our birthday and four years of getting to know you awesome readers, we’re going to help you stock your dessert bars, candy bars, favors, or welcome bags with sugar galore!

To Enter: There are three ways to enter!
1. Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite nostalgia candy is.
2. Tweet “I just entered the @HammondsCandies giveaway on @iloveswmag!” Then come back here and leave a SEPARATE comment telling us you did so.
3. Like Hammond’s Candies and Southern Weddings on Facebook. Then come back here and leave a SEPARATE comment telling us you did so.

Win: One $50 gift certificate to Hammond’s Candies!

This giveaway will close on April 13! Good luck!

Don’t forget to enter yesterday’s giveaway with 240sweet here.

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Somerset wedding gal reply

    Happy birthday!!! Favourite nostalgia candy? Gummy worms!

  2. avatar Kelly Edm reply

    I tweeted the giveaway!!/jarslikejam/status/187157796301705216

  3. avatar Kelly Edm reply

    My favorite nostalgia candy would have to be ribbon candy. My grandma used to buy it every Christmas and it was always so fun to see the bright colors peaking through the candy jar. I haven’t had it in years, and last Christmas I finally found some, but unfortunately, it just wasn’t the same as grandma’s.

  4. avatar Emily reply

    My favorite nostalgia candy is the clear rock candy! Pure sugar – so sweet and delicious, and they look pretty too!

  5. avatar Laura reply

    I think my favorite nostalgia candy are the soft peppermints pillows. You could always count on my Nana having a dish at her house.

  6. avatar Sarah reply

    Happy Birthday!! My favorite is the All Natural Butterscotch Lollipop

  7. avatar Ashley @ Make It Darling reply

    My favorite nostalgia candy is Necco Wafers in chocolate…yummmmm!

  8. avatar Ashley @ Make It Darling reply

    I just tweeted about the giveaway!

  9. avatar Theresa reply

    Ribbon Candy!!

  10. avatar Laura reply

    I’ve always loved the rock candies!

  11. avatar Brandy reply

    I liked Hammond’s Candies and Southern Weddings on Facebook! My favorite nostalgia candy is the Butterscotch Lollipop. It brings back so many memories of my great-grandmother, “Big Mama”. :-)

  12. avatar Karen reply

    This website is so fun! I love the bit-o-honey!!! So good!

  13. avatar Bre C. reply

    My favorite nostalgia candy are Charleston Chews! My fiance and I just had some a few days ago, actually! They’re great :)

  14. avatar Selina reply

    I love Wonka Original Spree. Yum! :) Happy birthday to you.

  15. avatar Selina reply

    I tweeted here…!/Camikinz21. Thank you.

  16. avatar Courtney Croxdale reply

    My favorite nostalgia candy would definitely be Zotz. I love that they were imported to the US in the 60’s from ITALY and their tongue-tickling fizz, but I especially love buying a string a cracker barrel and splitting them with my fiance!

  17. avatar Heather Oakes reply

    My favorite nostalgia candy has to be the candy cane! My grandmom always hung them on her Christmas tree, and we cousins would always sneak them off throughout the holiday season!

  18. avatar Heather Oakes reply

    I just tweeted!

  19. avatar Heather Oakes reply

    I just liked Hammond’s Candies and Southern Weddings (can’t believe I hadn’t already…) on Facebook!

  20. avatar megan reply

    werther’s! makes me think of my grandparents.

  21. avatar *LyndiLou* reply

    Oh, I’m SUCH a sweet tooth, so picking one is HARD! I love candy like Pop Rocks, Charleston Chew, Slap Stix, Razzles, Cow Tails and Rock Candy. Wow. Yum! :D

  22. avatar *LyndiLou* reply

    I liked your Facebook page and the one for Hammond’s as well! :)

  23. avatar Anna A. reply

    Love the peppermint lollipop!

  24. avatar Brittany Teague reply

    My favorite nostalgia candy is traditional Hershey’s candy bar. But of course rock candy is always a classic as well! Hard to decide!

  25. avatar Brittany Teague reply

    I tweeted I just entered the @HammondsCandies giveaway on @iloveswmag from @Abteague

  26. avatar Brittany Teague reply

    Liked Hammond’s Candies on facebook… and of course I already liked Southern Weddings on facebook.

  27. avatar laura reply

    rock candy! yum!

  28. avatar Amanda Zerra reply

    I LOVE ALL CANDY! AHH! My absolute favorite (besides the obvious, anything chocolate) would have to be lemon drops. I cannot get enough of them!

  29. avatar Rachel G. reply

    My favorite old candy is rock candy-it reminds me of going on field trips in elementary school where there would always be rock candy in the gift shop!

  30. avatar Robbie reply

    I have so many favorite nostalgic candies :) I love candy necklaces, because they remind me of when my sisters and I would ride bikes down to the dime store, and buy those, along with ring pops, push pops, etc. with our allowance money! We have so many great memories of that dime store and the candies.

  31. avatar Kennedy reply

    I love me some taffy! Happy birthday!

  32. avatar Gaibriele reply

    Happy Birthday! I liked Hammonds and Southern Weddings…and my favorite ol’ candy is Rock Candy. But seriously, I love ALL candy. MMmm good!

  33. avatar Meg S reply

    I love those crunchy peanut butter bars in the striped wrappers. Yum!

  34. avatar Vanessa reply

    My favorite nostalgia candy was fun dip, I hadn’t seen it in years, until this past Valentine’s Day :)

  35. avatar Megan D. reply

    Rock Canyd suckers are my favorite! Although I never can eat them in a ladylike manner.

  36. avatar Nancy Oben reply

    caramel is always on my list of must eat, along with salt water taffy

  37. avatar Rhian reply

    My favorite nostalgia candy is Clark bars!

  38. avatar Laura P reply

    I LOVE Charleston Chew – especially freezing it!

  39. avatar Rhian reply

    I tweeted:!/JASIVRAS/status/187633878196948993

  40. avatar Cecilia reply

    Werther’s Caramels. My great uncle carried them in his pocket and would give my five siblings and I one every time we saw him.

  41. avatar Larissa reply

    I love taking a break with a kit kat bar!

  42. avatar Afton Cole reply

    The milk chocolate caramels look amazing! My grandma and grandpa always had caramels in their house for the grandkids to eat. The ribbon candy also brings back fond memories of my childhood!

  43. avatar joy reply

    Swedish Fish have always been one of my favorite candies growing up and even now!

  44. avatar Michelle D reply

    I Liked Hammond’s Candies and Southern Weddings on Facebook!

  45. avatar cami reply

    I like Hammonds Candies and SW Mag on Facebook!

  46. avatar cami reply

    my favorite nostalgia candies are candy ribbons!

  47. avatar Emily reply

    Such a fun birthday giveaway! Happy Birthday SW MAG!!! My absolute favorite nostalgia candy is Rock Candy!! We desperately wanted these for our wedding and couldn’t find them in the right color. That’s what I get for being obsessed with the perfect details!

  48. avatar Oksana @ As Sweet As It Gets reply

    Love the ribbon candy!!!! Pick me.

  49. avatar Oksana @ As Sweet As It Gets reply

    I liked Hammond Candy on Facebook! Happy Birthday.

  50. avatar Kassi reply

    Russel Stover Rosebud Mints… they have been discontinued but will always be a favorite memory for me :-)

  51. avatar kLa reply

    i love rock candy!

  52. avatar Charity S reply

    I love wax lips.

  53. avatar Charity S reply


  54. avatar Charity S reply

    Like Hammond’s Candies and Southern Weddings on Facebook

  55. avatar Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist reply

    I don’t know if it’s considered nostalgic, but I associate Rolos with my childhood. They were my special candy I’d get for the movies.

  56. avatar Anne L reply

    Do pop rocks count as nostalgic candy? They are for me!

  57. avatar Anne L reply

    I like Hammond’s Candies and Southern Weddings on Facebook!

  58. avatar davonne head reply

    Happy birthday yall! I love salt water taffy and all the different flavors! can’t get enough of it!

  59. avatar Kate E reply

    I tweeted this!

  60. avatar Kate E reply

    I “liked” both on Facebook.

  61. avatar Kate E reply

    My favorite nostalgia candy is definitely taffy. I can’t get enough!

  62. avatar Megan D. reply

    I liked both on facebook as well!!

  63. avatar Tracy reply

    Rock candy… Yummy!

  64. avatar Tracy reply

    Liked both on FB!

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