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BELLES! We’ve got serious business to discuss today! If y’all have been jealous of our recent Honey List trips, this, my dears, is your moment. Our generous friends at One Ocean Resort and Spa have kindly given us a fabulous trip to SHARE! That’s right, we’re giving away a VACATION!!! (Can you tell I’m very excited? I feel a little bit like Oprah!)

Imagine sitting by this pool relaxing with your BFFs while drinking a yummy frozen drink. Seriously, I just might steal this giveaway! One Ocean Resort & Spa is located on the white sands and surf-worthy waves of the Atlantic Ocean, minutes away from Jacksonville, Florida, and nestled directly across from the picturesque Beaches Town Center. The cobblestone streets and eclectic mix of shops, ice-cream parlors and nightlife options are made for the perfect getaway!

Let’s switch dreams: Now imagine you’re laying by your own Mr. Wonderful in the Florida sun. You’ve just tied the knot, and yes, you’re again sipping on a yummy frozen drink. A bit later, the two of you might explore the picturesque beach-side communities of Jacksonville Beach via adorable beach cruiser bikes. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might hop over to neighboring Neptune Beach, which offers miles of sugar white sand and plays host to rich cultural events like the North Beaches Art Walk.

YES, PLEASE! Take me there! Y’all know I’d be hitting the beach and shops one day, then spending some R&R time at the Spa the next. Which is awesome, because One Ocean Key has a bevy of amazing amenities like the Azurea Restaurant, with its award-winning chef, or sports packages for you athletic folk!

Ready for the details? One Ocean Resort & Spa will provide the winner with a three-night weekday stay! We like the idea of using it as a honeymoon getaway, a getaway with the girls, or a second honeymoon! Airfare is not included.

There are three way to enter, and you can choose to enter via just one way or all three!

1. Leave a comment below and tell us what kind of trip you’d take if you won this giveaway.

2. Like One Ocean Resort & Spa on Facebook. Be sure to leave a comment to let us know you did.

3. Post on Facebook with a link to this contest. Be sure to leave a comment below with a link to your post.

This giveaway closes on March 27th! Want something to tide you over? Take a look at the Honey List!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Patty reply

    How exciting?! I would definitely use this as a girls’ getaway. My sister is moving to Jax for flight school here in the next month or so and it’d be the perfect spot for us to get away together and spend some quality sister time before my wedding in October!

  2. avatar Elise reply

    We would use this as a first anniversary trip! :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  3. avatar Lee reply

    Wow! I would also definitely do this for a girls getaway. Sometimes life just gets in the way and with all of the craziness we haven’t been able to get together and relax in ages. This would be amazing and allow us to just be girls again!

  4. avatar Jennifer Dedad reply

    I would absolutely take a mini-honeymoon trip here. We are so overwhelmed with the choices and PRICES of week-long stays that we may not end up going on one at all. This would be perfect for us to enjoy our new start as a married couple! I would love to go here!

  5. avatar jan reply

    wondering what to do for our honeymoon… this would be pefect!!

  6. avatar Susie reply

    Amazing! I would take the love of my life! This trip would be such a surprise for all his hard work! :)

  7. avatar Laura reply

    I’d use this trip to celebrate finishing my PhD with my man, if I ever finish.

  8. avatar Alexa reply

    We are getting married in Jacksonville and could use this as our post-wedding mini honeymoon!

  9. avatar Kelly Edm reply

    I’d love to use this as a getaway for a belated anniversary trip! We are within driving distance of Jacksonville, and I’d love to spend some extended time in the area. Lovely!

  10. avatar Kelly Edm reply

    I’d love to use this as a belated anniversary getaway. We are within driving distance to Jacksonville, so this would be perfect. What a lovely giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win!

  11. avatar jcristg reply

    oh how nice! we’d use it to celebrate our second anniversary in august.

  12. avatar Jamie reply

    Lovely! I think that, since we’ve already booked our honeymoon, this would be perfect for a pre-wedding girls trip with my bridesmaids and closest friends! :)

  13. avatar Mary Kate reply

    We would use this getaway to revisit our then-young relationship and first jobs after college in Jacksonville, FL, before we started new ones in Virginia — and added a couple of years to our relationship along the way!

  14. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    I would take this trip and an anniversary trip with my husband. Our 1 year anniversary will be in August. As of now we will not be able to go anywhere because we are saving to purchase our first home this year! We would love to take a drive down to Florida for a relaxing weekend!

  15. avatar Kristy reply

    I would most definitely make it a sister weekend trip! : )

  16. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    I liked One Ocean Resort & Spa on FB!

  17. avatar Cyndi reply

    Being newly married and blending 2 families together, this would be a perfect chance for me (mom/stepmom) to take the girls away for a bonding opportunity with each other.

  18. avatar Stephanie Apuzzo reply

    It would be our HONEYMOON!!! Yes please!

  19. avatar Megan reply

    I’d love to take my fiance this Summer to celebrate him taking (and passing!) his PE exam! He has studied so hard and deserves a much needed break!

  20. avatar Megan reply

    I liked their page on FB!

  21. avatar Theresa reply

    I would use this for our Honeymoon!!!

  22. avatar Madi reply

    I would loveloveLOVE to use this trip with my husband-to-be! Nothing like a little R&R on the beach! Thanks Southern Weddings!

  23. avatar Madi reply

    I’ve liked One Ocean Resort Hotel and Spa on FB as well!

  24. avatar Davonne Head reply

    I am getting married in June and would love to have my honeymoon at this beautiful resort! so romantic and beautiful!

  25. avatar Erin reply

    Oh MY goodness you hit the nail on the head–I have been totally swooning over y’alls honey list trips!! I recently found out that my fiance’s parents will be unable to help us with a honeymoon, so if I were to win a trip like this (definitely a lucky, lucky day!) I’d make it a honeymoon with my main squeeze, Stephen! I’d want to rent a car and drive down the coast, too, so we could talk, listen to music, and stop at every cheesy tourist site we could and take TONS of pictures before we get to the resort to totally relax and be pampered! What a dream!!

  26. avatar Melanie reply

    My husband and I were married in our Georiga Peach Southern Style Wedding in August 2011. Since then, I’ve had three cervical surgeries which have left us in need of some major couple time. We’re saving for our first house though, so a much needed trip to get reacquainted keeps being put on hold. Would love this trip to reconnect! Love SW!

  27. avatar Laura reply

    Oh my goodness, this would be so much fun to do with my honey! We’d make a road-trip of it, from NC we’d go along the coast and hit Charleston and Savannah on the way.

    P.S. “I feel a little bit like Oprah.” Best line of the day!

  28. avatar Lindsey Lawrence reply

    One Resort and Spa would be the perfect getaway for my boyfriend and me over Memorial Day weekend. My best friend is getting married in Jacksonville over the weekend and my boyfriend and I are both a part of her special day. Her fiance and my boyfriend are Officers in the United States Army and this will be the last and only vacation to spend with them before they deploy to Afganistan. Hotels are rather expensive in the area and this would be the perfect place to celebrate both my dear friend’s wedding and my time with Chris before he leaves.
    Thank y’all for the consideration,

    I liked One Ocean Resort & Spa on Facebook and I also posted on Facebook with a link to this contest. You can find it on my timeline,

  29. avatar Kelsey reply

    This is so exciting! I would love to be on a beach right now sipping a summer cocktail…I need a break from city life!

  30. avatar Stacy reply

    I would use it for an anniversary trip with my hubs! Looks awesome!

  31. avatar Katie reply

    Ooo, that water! So gorgeous. I’d love to take a special anniversary trip–has been over three years since my husband and I had a real vacation.

  32. avatar Katie reply

    Liked One Ocean Resort & Spa on Facebook.

  33. avatar Annie Cummins reply

    PARADISE!! It looks so beautiful! Although I am no bride yet, it would be amazing to take my amazing best friend/sorority little who I am so excited to be sharing her big day with! I can only imagine the fun we would have and the memories we could make before celebrating her big day! She is such a special friend and I would love to treat her to a fabulous vacation, and some pure R&R before she gets swept up too much in the wedding wirlwind since she is planning her very own wedding. I know that we would have the most amazing time and celebrate such a great moment! We have only known each other 3 years but I feel like she is my sister, whom I could not imagine my life without. She is such a beautiful bride who deserves this vacation more than anyone I know. And I wouldn’t mind it too much either! Hehe =)

    I tweeted this too! Pick us!

  34. avatar Katie reply

    Posted on Facebook, too. Thanks for arranging this, y’all!

  35. avatar Kathryn reply

    I would love to take this trip with my best friend. We are both turning 30 this year and what better way to spend our birthday than relaxing and enjoying ourselves on the beach. We both work so hard and don’t get to enjoy time for ourselves enough!

  36. avatar Kathryn reply

    also like on facebook

    and shared on my page

  37. avatar Karen reply

    This beautiful spot could be the honeymoon we were never able to have many years ago! He has blessed me in other ways, though!

  38. avatar Darby Shaw reply

    I would use the trip for my BFF’s bachelorette party!!

  39. avatar Emily reply

    This trip would be amazing for either my mom, my sister and me to really indulge before I walk down the aisle or it’d be a great trip to take my sister plus my soon-to-be sister-in-laws.

  40. avatar Emily reply

    I’ve “liked” them on Facebook! What a fabulous giveaway.

  41. avatar Darby Shaw reply

    I would love to use the trip for my BFF’s bachelorette party!

  42. avatar Katherine reply

    I would love for this to be my bachelorette party trip, with all my favorite girls!!!

  43. avatar Megan D. reply

    I’d take a trip with my mom to thank her for all the hard work she has put into helping us with the wedding. That woman is amazing.

  44. avatar Megan D. reply

    I liked One Ocean Resort on Facebook as well

  45. avatar Jessica F reply

    How awesome!! We would use it for an anniversary trip!! 3 years in April!!!

  46. avatar Blain reply

    I would totally use this trip for a girls weekend for my bachelorette trip this summer! Looks fabulous!

  47. avatar Linden reply

    This place looks amazing! My husband and I would love a getaway before the arrival of our first baby in August!

  48. avatar Crystal reply

    I would love to be on the beach in Jax with my husband on a 2nd honeymoon. He’s the love of my life and our budget doesn’t have a line item for a vaca right now. Would love to win!!!

  49. avatar Crystal reply

    I liked it on FB just now for a 2nd chance at winning my 2nd honeymoon

  50. avatar Jessica Naftzinger reply

    My girls are already planning to take me to Jax Beach for my bachelorette weekend–I would ABSOLUTELY love it if they could stay in the hotel because I win this! Fingers crossed my June Bachelorette Weekend is thanks to Southern Weddings!

  51. avatar rachel reply

    I would totally use this trip as a getaway for my fiance and I this summer to take our minds off the wedding planning that has taken over our lives this last year!

  52. avatar rachel reply

    I Liked One Ocean Resort & Spa on Facebook!

  53. avatar Jessica Naftzinger reply

    I liked One Ocean Resort Hotel and Spa on Facebook! YAY!

  54. avatar Carrie reply

    Oh heavens, who doesn’t need a trip to the beach! Now that I live in a land-locked state, a beach weekend is just what is needed to get this southern girl back south. This would be a pre-wedding getaway with my beau.

  55. avatar rachel reply

    here is my post on facebook! crossing my fingers :)

  56. avatar Carrie reply

    I also liked them on Facebook!

  57. avatar Jessica Naftzinger reply

    I don’t know how to include a link to my Facebook Post, but I definitely put one up! (below is a copy/paste from my facebook)

    Jessica Naftzinger
    I hope we win this for my Bachelorette Beach Weekend!

  58. avatar Stephanie Apuzzo reply

    Liked One Ocean on Facebook!!

  59. avatar Jasmin Gipson reply

    I would take a belated honeymoon trip! My fiance’ is from South Africa and we’re having to pay for all his immigration paperwork so we’re postponing our honeymoon until we can save enough money again.

  60. avatar Whitley Gaffney reply

    I would take a fabulous vacation with my boyfriend this summer! We’ll be spending the summer apart (me in DC, him in Nashville) so it would be amazing to have a vacation together!

    Liked on Facebook.

  61. avatar Shari reply

    My daughter -the bride- and her southern belles would enjoy every minute of this getaway before her August 2012 wedding. The girls need this time together because shortly after the DC wedding, the new husband -a USArmy Captain- and wife will be relocating thousands of miles and an ocean away. I don’t know how to include a link to my Facebook page, but I posted some love.

  62. avatar Shari reply

    What kind of trip would I take if I won this giveaway: This mother-of-the-bride would give it to her daughter so she could go with her BFFs for some time back in their home state of Florida. Oh how they’d love a treat like this.

  63. avatar Leah Romulus reply

    I would take my closest 4 girlfriends & we would spend time away from school (UNC-Chapel Hill) relaxing on the beach, getting bronzed tans, going to delicious restaurants each night, reading (non-school-related) books, and just talking about LIFE! Oh I can see it now :)

  64. avatar Katie reply

    I would most definitely use this as a girls trip and celebrate one of my very best friends’ upcoming wedding!

  65. avatar Tricia reply

    I would love to use this trip as a beach getaway trip after my wedding!!! What a great giveaway!

  66. avatar Peyton Porter reply

    I would absolutely love to win this trip! It would be the most amazing feeling to surprise my honey with something fun on our anniversary, and this would be perfect :) Keeping my fingers crossed! I also liked One Ocean on Facebook – WOW, it looks incredible! Thank you for putting this together!

  67. avatar NatalieG reply

    My Sweetie and I would take a quick weekend honey-moon after our September 1 wedding!!! We will both be working (teaching) so we can’t leave for a long trip. We are going to take a month long honeymoon spring 2013, but this little trip would be a perfect get away for us!!!! :)

  68. avatar NatalieG reply

    I “liked” One Ocean Resort & Spa on facebook!

  69. avatar NatalieG reply

    I shared the give away on facebook :)

  70. avatar Jessica reply

    This looks AMAZING! I’d love to take a pre-wedding trip with my fiance there this summer to relieve some of the wedding planning stress (meaning, spending some time at the spa and sipping drinks on the beach!)

  71. avatar Shari reply

    There must be an easier way, but I’ll make the effort – whatever it takes for the chance. Here’s a link to my FB profile where you’ll see that I l”like” the resort and even promo’d SWMag in the process.

  72. avatar Kate E. reply

    I would love to have a quick getaway with my sweetheart! This looks like the perfect spot to relax after a very stressful year!

  73. avatar Kate E. reply

    I “liked” them on Facebook!

  74. avatar Jennifer reply

    Sipping a pina colada with the ocean breeze in my hair…ahh, a dreamy vaca with my boyfriend!! :)

  75. avatar Jennifer reply

    I liked One Ocean Resort & Spa on FB too!

  76. avatar Ashley reply

    I would love to win this trip for our honeymoon! It would be amazing!

  77. avatar Charlotte reply

    I would take a pre-wedding trip to relax and de-stress with my fiance before the wedding!

  78. avatar Whitney Lewis reply

    When I was scrolling through I immediately stopped when I saw the picture of the pool and before I even read the title, I knew it was One Ocean. I knew this spot because this is where my now husband-to-be first told me he loved me. We were standing on one of those beautiful balconies looking at the stars when we said I love you, it was completely magical. He had also surprised me with the stay here, sending me a different picture every week to give me clues as to what we would be doing. He was living there in Jacksonville and I was living in Arizona. We had a year and half long distance relationship before he moved to Arizona. If I won this trip I absolutely surprise my fiancé with a trip here! We talk about going back there all the time… it would be sooo special to return after we say “I do” to the place we first said we were head over heels for each other :)

  79. avatar Kate {domestikatedlife} reply

    I would definitely spend a few days relaxing by the beach with my fiance; we don’t have any vacations planned this year since we’re in wedding savings mode!

  80. avatar Austin reply

    My fiance and I would use this as a mini honeymoon! Woohoo :)

  81. avatar patty reply

    My daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law would love this quick trip get-away honey-moon!!!! thanks ladies!!

  82. avatar Tonia C. reply

    We are giving my son and his Sweetie a honeymoon next summer, but they would love to have this as a quick get away after their wedding this fall!!! :)

  83. avatar Farren reply

    This would be a perfect second honeymoon for my husband and I! Especially since our 2 year anniversary is coming up!

  84. avatar kfloveinme reply

    Well! WOWZER!!! This is exciting!! I would use this for my fiancee! He got down-sized at his job about a month ago and been feeling really down because now we have to push our wedding back. This will definitely cheer him up! Thank you so much for an awesome giveaway!

  85. avatar kfloveinme reply

    I like One Ocean Resort & Spa on Facebook…Kenya G.

  86. avatar Liz M reply

    I would take my boyfriend! We’re in a long distance relationship so all of our travel money is spent on visiting each other!

  87. avatar Jennifer reply

    I would relax by the pool with my new hubby, work on my wedding ring tan line and finally hit the town exploring so we can add more pics to our travel album.

  88. avatar Ashley reply

    This trip would be an amazing graduation vacation to take! I’ve spent the last five years of my life working towards my double major of Nursing and Community Health Education and am in serious need of a break from the books! My honey was dying to take me on a trip to celebrate this milestone, but unfortunately it just isnt in the budget at the moment. What a great way to spend time together (we’ve been long distance for the past year and a half while I finish up school)!

  89. avatar Ashley reply

    I “liked” One Ocean Resort and Spa on facebook!

  90. avatar Darby Shaw reply

    Link posted to my Facebook…hope to win for my best friends bachelorette weekend!

  91. avatar Kaley reply

    My husband and I are about to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary. I’m pregnant with our 3rd baby, due in August! He proposed to me on the beach in front of this exact hotel (when it was the Sea Turtle!) 6.5 years ago! It would be an amazing opportunity to get away (we NEVER do) and celebrate ourselves before our third baby under three arrives : )

  92. avatar Darby Shaw reply

    Liked on Facebook!

  93. avatar Paige reply

    My fiance and I would use at a much needed getaway from school and as an opportunity to spend some time together! We are both in our second year of law school, so we are studying/stressed all the time, and since we go to different schools, we won’t even be living together for our first year of marriage!

  94. avatar Paige reply

    Liked on Facebook!

  95. avatar Paige reply

    Posted a link on Facebook!

  96. avatar Macy reply

    Liked One Ocean Resort on Facebook!

  97. avatar Macy reply

    I would definitely go on a girls trip if I win this!!

  98. avatar Farren reply

    This would be a great second honeymoon for my husband and I to celebrate our second anniversary!

  99. avatar Jess reply

    This would be the perfect honeymoon for me and my fiance…we would love a relaxing, beach side atmosphere!

  100. avatar Jessica reply

    I posted the contest on my FB wall:

  101. avatar Christen Crouch reply

    This is so exciting what a beautiful place! I would take a girls trip with my sweet mom. She has put her heart and wallet into our wedding. She never does anything for herself and never takes any vacation other than to come see me in Raleigh. I would love to take a weekend to spend with her and pamper her to thank her for all she has not only done for our wedding but everything she does for us.

    PS I liked them on facebook as well!


  102. avatar elsha reply

    a honeymoon… I’m getting married in June!

  103. avatar Kristy reply

    “liked” on FB : )

  104. avatar Denise reply

    hoping that my poor overworked fiance and i can win this fabulous honeymoon so we can take a long overdue and much needed vacation as mr. and mrs. liked on fb. fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. avatar alicia reply

    I would take a nice weekend getaway with no plans with my husband! He deserves it!

  106. avatar amanda reply

    I’d take a mini-moon. During all this planning I’m just overwhelmed and I think the opportunity to escape with my fiance would be a relaxing treat just to unwind and bask in the joy of us just being together and leaving the computers and cellphones stored away!

  107. avatar amanda reply

    Liked One Ocean Resort on fb and posted to fb as well! Cheers!

  108. avatar Erin reply

    I’d go on a second honeymoon! It’d be the perfect way to welcome my husband home after his second deployment.

  109. avatar Angela Alpaugh reply

    This would be a perfect 1st anniversary trip for us in June!

  110. avatar Angela Alpaugh reply

    I “like” One Ocean Resort and Spa on Facebook under the FB Name: Angela Alpaugh.

  111. avatar Macy reply

    This would be the perfect girls trip! One of my dearest friends it getting hitched this august! With being a recent college grad, planning a wedding, being a new mom, and finally getting her fiance full time (he recently finished serving his country) she could use a break… and what better way to do so on the beach with her best girls :)

  112. avatar Stuart reply

    I would love to surprise my beautiful fiancee with this trip.

  113. avatar Cristy R reply

    My boyfriend has put a deposit down on the ring and I’m sure he’ll be popping the question later on this year. This would be the PERFECT spot to be proposed to! I’m sure he would agree. And if he didn’t.. well it would be a fabulous pre-wedding get away. :)

  114. avatar Courtney reply

    This sounds absolutely amazing!! I just got engaged and we are not planning our wedding until next Spring. This would be a PERFECT getaway for this summer to celebrate our love for one another. We never get the change to “get away” with our busy schedules and relaxing on the beach with a pina colada sounds ideal! :)

  115. avatar Tiffany Lee reply

    We would totally use this as a honeymoon! We are putting off a longer trip to save up for a new house, so this would be a perfect getaway!

  116. avatar jessica reply

    i would surprise my hubby for his 29th birthday this year. He has been working so hard supporting our family and NEEDS a vacation.

  117. avatar Brittany Michelle Hughes reply

    My sweet beau and I would finally have a honeymoon! This place looks sooooo relaxing!

  118. avatar Brittany Michelle Hughes reply

    How could you not “LIKE” One Ocean Resort and Spa on Facebook? I know I did!!!

  119. avatar Brittany Michelle Hughes reply

    I posted this wonderful giveaway on my Facebook wall too! :)

  120. avatar Katlin reply

    This would be such a great get-away for me and some of my married friends. Can you say a relaxing girls weekend?!
    Ooh and I “liked” the One Ocean Resort & Spa page on Facebook!!

  121. avatar Katlin reply

    Spreading the word on Facebook!!/profile.php?id=611681402

  122. avatar Wendy Callihan reply

    I think my daughter and her newlywed husband should definitely win this . They were married April 2nd 2011. She was finishing classes at UNCW with finals coming up. Not only did she ace all of her classes, she brought me home from the hospital a couple weeks earlier from a terrible infection. Needless to say, Brittany took care of me, her classes and planned her amazing wedding all at the same time. I have never seen that kind of strength in anyone. And she is the first ever NORTH CAROLINA AZALEA FESTIVAL INTERN !!!!!! MAJOR KUDOS FOR HER MARKETING HERSELF!! She is my hero!!! Love, Ma Dukes

  123. avatar Byron reply

    I would definitely use this trip as a getaway for me and my fiance. She is an amazing woman and deserves an amazing vacation

  124. avatar Byron reply

    I liked One Ocean Resort & Spa on Facebook, my FB name is Byron V Johnson

  125. avatar Yvonne Stephen reply

    It would be the an amazing 5 year anniversary trip for me and my boyfriend! Also the perfect place for him to pop the question (which i hope is coming sometime this summer)!!!!! :)

  126. avatar Taylor J reply

    I would love to use this as a final girls-only trip!!!! We all in grad school, and could sure use the yummy frozen drinks!

  127. avatar Taylor J reply

    Liked One Ocean Resort & Spa on Facebook!!

  128. avatar Taylor J reply

    And posted on facebook! Love your giveaways, y’all!

  129. avatar Katie K reply

    I would love to take my future husband on this trip for our one-year anniversary :)

  130. avatar Katie K reply

    I liked One Ocean Resort on FB!

  131. avatar Craig A reply

    I would take my wife on a 1st anniversary trip!

  132. avatar Craig A reply

    I “like” the One Ocean Resort and Spa Facebook page under the FB name: Craig Alan

  133. avatar Craig A reply

    I shared this on Facebook at:!/profile.php?id=100002201773579

  134. avatar Stacy reply

    Definitely a girls vacation…maybe bachelorette!

  135. avatar Janna reply

    I would definitely use this as a girl’s weekend trip! My hubby and I just celebrated our one year and are planning a big trip this coming fall. But my cousin is getting married in December- and I know she’d love a trip to Florida and I could make it into her bachelorette weekend!

    And I liked them on FB! Being a Florida girl already, I’m gonna check them out even if I don’t win the prize! :)

  136. avatar Kelly reply

    I liked One Ocean Resort & Spa on Facebook.

  137. avatar Kelly reply

    I posted about the contest on Facebook

  138. avatar Kelly reply

    Prior to my sister’s wedding a few years ago, she and I took a sister’s trip – a last hurray. We went to Europe for a week and had an amazing time & now have great memories. Neither of us has the finances to repeat that trip prior to my wedding. Winning this trip would allow us to spend some quality sister time together before my wedding & create some new, fabulous memories.

  139. avatar Bonnie Berger reply

    This fabulous trip would be an amazing mini-moon for my fiancé and I! We are tying the knot in July but due to his demanding work schedule in the Air Force, we won’t be taking our honeymoon until December. I would love to surprise him with a weekend getaway to not only celebrate our new life together, but also to thank him for all he does to love and provide for me.

    It is so wonderful that y’all are making this giveaway possible. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  140. avatar Tara reply

    Would LOVE to go to one ocean resorts and spa it looks amazing!!!!:)

  141. avatar Elizabeth reply

    Looks absolutely gorgeous! I would love to win this amazing trip for my parents…my mom has worked so hard planning my wedding in order to allow me time to finish nursing school. They rarely get away and this would be perfect!

  142. avatar Shannon reply

    Oh my goodness — that looks amazing! I would love this as a quick getaway trip before the wedding…to give us both a break from wedding planning and de-stress!! Wonderful giveaway!

  143. avatar Jamie Montgomery reply

    I would take a romantic trip with my hubby! It would be oh-so-relaxing!

  144. avatar Jamie Montgomery reply

    I liked them on Facebook too!

  145. avatar Kelly N reply

    I would love to win this to have a weekend away with my mom and sister. We’ve been through a lot in the last year with me getting engaged and the passing of my dad and preparing to sell our house. I would love to just get away with them and enjoy some fun in the sun and sand.

  146. avatar Kelly N reply

    I liked them on FB!!

  147. avatar Megan reply

    I would take a girls trip….my girlfriends and I have all graduated undergrad and gone different ways (jobs, grad school, etc) and we are all living in different places. I’m having friend withdrawals and would love to get us all together for a vacation!

  148. avatar Kelly Stack reply

    I am a fan of One Ocean Resort & Spa on fbook!

  149. avatar Kelly Stack reply

    I posted on my Facebook with a link to the contest – and a tag for southern weddings!

  150. avatar Kelly Stack reply

    I dream of spending a weekend in Jacksonville with my sister {my MOH!} here! What a lovely beachside getaway — I’ll definitely be working on my tan… July 21st can’t come fast enough!

  151. avatar megan reply

    I would use this trip as a romantic getaway for the bf and myself. We have been together for almost 4 years and have been discussing the idea of marriage a lot lately. Of course it would be great if he would use this as a chance to propose, but if not, it would be a nice way for us to get some “together” time in as well. Thanks for the awesome opportunity!!

  152. avatar Morgan Norris reply

    I would love this vacation as a second honeymoon for me and the hubby! We have been married for almost 2 years now and life just gets busy. A romantic getaway would be perfect to quiet the busyness and just enjoy each other!

  153. avatar Elizabeth | Glessner Photography reply

    I posted the link on my business page ( for all my brides to enter (but secretly, I would love to win it myself!!!)

  154. avatar megan reply

    I just “liked” One Ocean Resort on fbook!

  155. avatar Michelle reply

    This would be an amazing getaway for my new husband and I – we are both workaholics!

  156. avatar Taylor J reply

    I would spend the trip with my best friend who I haven’t seen in a year…who just happens to be in grad school in Jacksonville!!

  157. avatar Jamie reply

    Sounds like a PERFECT bachelorette trip! Fingers crossed! :)

  158. avatar R. Emmylou Dooly reply

    You better believe I’d have a couples “retreat”. Haven’t had time alone with my husband since the birth of our first child – 5 years ago.

  159. avatar R. Emmylou Dooly reply

    I like One Ocean on FB!
    Hoping I win!

  160. avatar Christina reply

    This is fantastic. I would use it for a girls gettaway before my friend’s wedding…and I was on their facebook page and they are doing a bridal show! I think I am going to attend with my friend!

  161. avatar Brittany T reply

    Are you kidding? Honeymoon all the way!!! but now that I think about it… a bachelorette party with the girls would be nice too. Decisions Decisions.

  162. avatar Brittany T reply

    I liked One Ocean Resort & Spa on facebook! :)

  163. avatar Stephanie reply

    I would definitely use this as a pre-wedding vacation with my fiance! We are both residents and hardly get much time together, much less a vacation!! It would be great to relax together and get away from the stress of wedding planning and work!

  164. avatar Stephanie reply

    I liked on facebook!

  165. avatar Whitney B reply

    Oh what a beautiful place! My husband and I got married 3 weeks before he had to go to Afghanistan. We didn’t get to enjoy a real honeymoon, so if I won I would use it as a honeymoon/welcome back trip with my new hubby!

  166. avatar Annie reply

    My family used to vacation near Jacksonville when I was little. I’d love to take my husband on a vacation there!

  167. avatar Deborah Edwards reply

    This would be our honeymoon if we won!! As it stands, we are putting all resources together to have a very intimate wedding in Salter Path, NC on October 5, 2012. This get-a-way would be perfect for us to have some alone time together as a newlyweds! I will cross my fingers :)

  168. avatar Brittney Edelman reply

    My husband and I were recently married on March 2, 2012. We had a last-minute wedding and planned it in under 72-hours! We had all the bells and whistles – photographer, caterer, piano player, brial party – I even had a beautiful wedding dress! The one thing we didn’t have time to plan …..our honeymoon. We would definitely use this trip for our honeymoon. One Ocean Resort and Spa looks like paradise. I liked their Facebook page too. Fingers (and toes) crossed!

  169. avatar Alison reply

    Our first anniversary trip! :) That would be wonderful!

  170. avatar Alison reply

    A belated first anniversary trip! That would be wonderful! :)

  171. avatar Allison reply

    I would definitely use this trip as a second honeymoon! My sweetheart and I are tying the knot and then going to Disney World, so this would be a nice relaxing trip after all the hustle and bustle of everything!

  172. avatar Elizabeth reply

    A gorgeous beachside resort? Yes, please! I would take a girls’ trip or a trip with my BFF if I won this giveaway.

  173. avatar Sunny reply

    I would take my boyfriend since he and I haven’t had an alone-only trip together yet! :)

    I liked One Ocean Resort & Spa on Facebook and here is my page:

  174. avatar Elizabeth reply

    New fan of One Ocean Resort + Spa on Facebook.

  175. avatar Melissa W reply

    OMG…if we won…we def use this as a honeymoon trip! We plan on going to a Beach for our Honeymoon. My Fiance & I have been together for 8 years & we have a 3 year old Son. Since our Son was born, we haven’t had a vacation with just the two of us! If we won we would def put it to good use!! :)

  176. avatar Elizabeth reply

    I shared the news about the giveaway on my Facebook blog page ( and on my personal page. Fingers crossed for this one!

  177. avatar Mandy V reply

    What a perfect vacation for my husband and I to take for our 1 year anniversary!

  178. avatar Melissa W reply

    I just liked the Ocean Resort Hotel & Spa facebook page! :)

  179. avatar Kathleen reply

    This would be fantastic!! My boyfriend of 2 years and I have a long distance relationship. He’s in the marines stationed in florida for the time being, going to training for air stike specialty! I am up north studying to be a nurse. We see each other once a month for about a week, but lately money has been tight and he has been attending more marine classes, as I am afraid of a looming deployment. This vacation would give us a chance to relax and really enjoy the love we have for one another! It’s close to his base too in florida! And I have always wanted to experience the Southern delights of Jacksonville! Fingers crossed!

  180. avatar Melissa reply

    I Love this. I would take this trip with my soon to be husband and visit my Dad and Step-Mom who just moved to florida :)

  181. avatar Melissa W reply

    I posted this giveaway & the link on my facebook page!!/profile.php?id=1600389509

  182. avatar Allison reply

    I would use this as a second honey moon! I would love to go on this trip with my sweetheart.

  183. avatar Nicole reply

    This would be a super fun girls-only getaway!!!

  184. avatar Nicole reply

    Just liked One Ocean Resort Hotel & Spa on Facebook :)

  185. avatar ashley reply

    I would make this trip a get away for me and my future husband! A big perk would be that my best friend lives in st. Augustine, less than 30 minutes away!!

  186. avatar Jenn reply

    If I won this giveaway I would take the trip as a 1 year anniversary trip with my husband!! Can’t believe we’ve almost been married a year, and a trip like this would surely make it unforgettable!!

  187. avatar Jenn reply

    Oh and I liked them on facebook :)

  188. avatar Jessica of My Baking Heart reply

    I’d definitely use this as a “couple’s retreat”! A little spa time for me and a little golfing for him… with stress-free together-time for the both of us, while we prepare for our October wedding! :)

  189. avatar Jessica of My Baking Heart reply

    ‘Liked’ One Ocean Resort & Spa on FB!

  190. avatar Elise Perry reply

    My sweet sweet fiance and I are in the midst of wedding planning and would absolutely love a beach vacation. (Could be coincidence, but my fiance even mentioned Florida). :) We saw a post of Facebook by Southern weddings and were directed here to leave a comment to enter. Even if we aren’t chosen, I think this a great opportunity for somebody… such a blessing. Thank you Southern weddings and One Ocean Resort and Spa for thinking of others :)

  191. avatar Staci reply

    I would use this trip as a couples getaway with my husband. He has been out in the dessert of california doing military training and we could definitely use the one-on-one time before an upcoming deployment!

  192. avatar Staci reply

    I also posted to fb and liked it! Awesome giveaway!

  193. avatar Helga reply

    I would take it with my husband for our anniversary!

  194. avatar Sarah Spear reply

    This would be an amazing honeymoon for my sweetie and I. We are tying the knot 6/9/12 <3

  195. avatar Afton C. reply

    If I won this trip, I would use it as a honeymoon or just a wonderful trip for me and my fiancé
    (soon to be wife). She just took the bar exam and has been studying all day and all night and this would be a lovely reward for her and I to spend some time together and enjoy relaxing at this beautiful resort.

  196. avatar Katie reply

    LOVE THIS! I would use it for our honeymoon in July!!!!!

  197. avatar Tanya reply

    Thank you for the opportunity! I have been eyeballing this place for months, and have been dying to go! If I win, I would use this to spend a long weekend with my boyfriend who is in the military, before he deploys in June! I’ve been taking care of my mom, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, so this would also be a nice break from that. Fingers crossed…
    *I liked One Ocean Resort on facebook, and posted a link to my wall as well:

  198. avatar Mary Vickery reply

    How exciting! I am getting married next weekend and since my fiancé is in the military and I am a teacher in the middle of the school year, we decided not to book a honeymoon yet!

  199. avatar Amy reply

    I would take a relaxing, refreshing, recharging vacay with my husband for our 2 year wedding anniversary!!

  200. avatar Whitney reply

    OMG! I’m getting married on NYE in Jacksonville! This would be the perfect getaway for us in the days right after the wedding! Can you say honeymoon?! Thanks SW ladies for your gorgeous and inspiring work!

  201. avatar Deborah Edwards reply

    I “liked” One Ocean Resort & Spa on facebook! Toes crossed!

  202. avatar Andi reply

    Pre-honeymooon! Posted on Facebook!!/profile.php?id=27401601

  203. avatar Delaney Trimble reply

    This looks like an amazing place!! Perfect for my belated honeymoon with my husband after he gets back (he’s in the army) OR it would be the perfect place for some of my army wife friends and I to go relax while the men are away!

  204. avatar Delaney reply

    “Liked” on Facebook!

  205. avatar Delaney reply

    Posted on facebook here:

  206. avatar Laura reply

    I’d use this as part of my honeymoon!! I’ve been to One Ocean before- its incredible. Fingers crossed <3

  207. avatar Robbie reply

    We already have our honeymoon planned, but this would be a great vacation for after the honeymoon :) We are trying to save for a house, so our vacation fund is going to be a little short for a while. It would be nice to be guaranteed another vacation :)

  208. avatar Bret reply

    It would be great to spoil my fiancee with a trip to One Ocean this summer as she is working so hard on all of our wedding planning on top of finishing her degree. Our relationship always grows stronger when we are able to share experiences such as this together.

  209. avatar Bret reply

    “Liked” One Ocean Resort and Spa on Facebook too. Forgot to mention, my fiancee is also a big Southern Weddings fan.

  210. avatar Brittani reply

    Wow, I’d LOVE to use this for our honeymoon! With a new house, paying for our wedding, and the other expenses 2012 has brought, a honeymoon isn’t quite in our budget. This would be so wonderful for us :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  211. avatar Amanda Zerra reply

    If I won this amazing giveaway/getaway I would take my hubby for a much needed “real life sabbatical”. We could both use a vacation and some good quality time together away from the hectic routine of everyday life. A relaxing, beachfront and romantic escape sounds right up my alley! I’m sure the Mr. would certainly agree!

  212. avatar Amanda Zerra reply

    I liked One Ocean on Facebook :)

  213. avatar Kristyn M reply

    I would love to win and spend a few days with my bridesmaids!

  214. avatar Kristyn M reply

    I like One Ocean Resort and Spa on facebook!

  215. avatar Kristyn M reply

    I shared on facebook!:

  216. avatar Hnnah reply

    This would be an amazing honeymoon getaway!!!

  217. avatar Megan Thrasher reply

    This would be an amazing first anniversary trip!! <3

  218. avatar stacy whitenight reply

    our honeymoon was a horror story! this place would be a great makeup for that disaster! keeping our fingers crossed!

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