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Our next finalist in the Ultimate Southern Challenge is Sarah from Events Uncorked. She worked with her Mom (love that!) to create the perfect burlap bow tie!

From Sarah:

“I wanted to create something out of burlap with the ultimate Southern flair. And, what’s more Southern than a man in a bow tie? I created these bow ties with the help of my mom using burlap with a linen backing. They are rustic and charming, but most importantly, they’re Southern!”

Materials: 1 yd. burlap, 1 yd. natural linen, 1 yd. fusible interfacing, Stitchwitchery, natural-colored thread, a sewing machine, an iron, pins, a pencil, tape, scissors, a ruler, and a bow tie template (courtesy of Martha Stewart)

1. Print bow tie template. Blow up 200%. Cut out and tape together.
2. Begin by ironing the fusible interfacing to the back of your burlap. Iron linen lightly to remove any wrinkles.
3. Place linen on top of burlap and pin at the top. Be sure that once the two are pinned together, the interfacing is on the outside, so once sewn together and flipped, it will be on the inside.
4. Trace bow tie template on to linen with your pencil. Pin on the inside of the bow tie as to keep together while cutting and sewing.
5. Repeat step 4 until you run out of fabric. It should make approximately 8 bow ties.
6. Cut out the bow tie and measure a 1/4 inch in on both sides for your stitch line.
7. Sew the bow tie around both ends and along one straight side. Be sure to leave one side completely open!
8. Flip the bow tie inside out so the stitch line is now on the inside.
9. Iron down 1/4 inch fold on the open side to create a creased edge. Place Stitchwitchery along open edge and iron together.
10. Iron entire bow tie to ensure flat edges and unwrinkled linen.

Thank you so much, ladies! Readers, if you love this idea, be sure to let us know in the comments! And remember, you’re welcome to give a vote of support to more than one concept.

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Jessica reply

    Fantastic idea, Sarah!

  2. avatar Lisa reply

    So creative! Wonder who’s wedding will be first to wear them?!

  3. avatar Hayley reply

    She planned my wedding…great ideas!

  4. avatar Denise reply

    Very creative and so handsome! Perfect material for that outdoor guy without going Camo! Love it, Sarah!

  5. avatar alexis reply

    I love my iittle sister and think this is so creative! Good job Sarbear! :)

  6. avatar Alan reply

    Great creative idea for this fabric…any guy would wear this!

  7. avatar Holly Williams reply

    What a great idea! I love, love, love it! I wish I could’ve had these for my wedding!

  8. avatar Nicole reply

    Love this!!

  9. avatar Caroline reply

    They’re adorable!! I bet you could even personalize them with some dyed linen to really give them some flair and color where it peeks around.

  10. avatar Julie reply

    Love this idea! What a fabulous idea for something casual but formal. Its a normal bow tie with flair. How much fun would this be for a groom and his groomsmen to wear to an outdoor wedding? Perhaps a wedding in a barn complete with white twinkling lights and a georgous bride who is sporting her cowboy books underneath a stunning gown.

  11. avatar Alan reply

    Love the idea – Very unique – Any guy would luv to wear this style bow tie – Vs the same old stuff

  12. avatar Lisa A reply

    Such a cute idea for an outdoor wedding!

  13. avatar Lori reply

    Southern gentlemen in burlap bow ties-love it!!

  14. avatar Gaynelle reply

    I like this

  15. avatar Ansley Swanson reply

    Soo cute! Love this! Will mention this to my friend who is getting married this summer!

  16. avatar Emily reply

    They look great, perfect for a spring/summer wedding!

  17. avatar Caitlin reply

    lovee it!

  18. avatar Anita Shrigley reply

    Very creative!!! Love the idea. It is not only neutral so it would go with everything, but it could go formal or casual depending on the attire.

  19. avatar Clairissa reply

    Love it :-)

  20. avatar Beth reply

    Wow….the look, the texture, the clean lines….very original…makes a statement without going overboard…love it!

  21. avatar judy parker reply

    Love the idea!

  22. avatar Gail reply

    What a unique idea,,very nice, love it!

  23. avatar Kelly reply

    Super cool and different. So clever!

  24. avatar Aline reply

    This tie’s got swagger. I love it!

  25. avatar MIke reply

    Perfect for the southern wedding

  26. avatar Betsy reply

    How creative!! I love it!!

  27. avatar Jessica reply

    Perfect compliment for a simple and elegant summer wedding!

  28. avatar Julie reply

    Love these, my son does also and we might use it for Prom!!!

  29. avatar Kenny reply

    Groomsman would love these – Great idea!!

  30. avatar whit reply

    Love it. The prom idea is fantastic too!

  31. avatar Judyo reply

    I can see this idea carries thruout the decor with burlap table over lays and bows pn the backs of the chairs.

  32. avatar Allie Cable reply

    Love these for a backyard summer wedding! Can definitely see the idea being incorporated in the decor for the wedding as well! Great idea, Sarah.

  33. avatar Allie reply

    Love these for a backyard summer wedding! Can definitely see the idea being incorporated in the decor for the wedding as well! Great idea, Sarah.

  34. avatar Patsy reply

    Unique attention to detail and fun!

  35. avatar Kay reply

    Thinking out of the box – nice.

  36. avatar June reply

    Great idea. Love it!

  37. avatar Ruth @ My Love Wedding Ring reply

    What a great idea for this much under appreciated fabric!!

  38. avatar Jordan reply

    Super cute!

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