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This giveaway is closed. Thanks for participatin’ y’all!

It’s a new week, and we’ve got four more fabulous 12 Days of Southern Weddings Christmas giveaways on deck for you!

Today’s giveaway is from Bryn, the amazing talent behind Paperfinger : modern calligraphy. Her beautiful work has been featured in numerous publications (including Southern Weddings!), and her holiday cards are currently available at Anthropologie! Our very favorite offering from Paperfinger, however, is the custom return address stamp.

They couldn’t be more perfect for save the dates or wedding invitations! And with eight distinct styles to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Win: One lucky belle will win a custom address stamp of her very own, in the style of her choosing.

To enter: There are four ways to enter:

1) Visit Paperfinger’s website and leave a comment on this post telling us which style of stamp you’d choose if you win.
2) Follow @iloveswmag on Twitter and leave a SEPARATE comment with your Twitter handle letting us know.
3) Follow Paperfinger on Twitter and leave a SEPARATE comment letting us know.
4) Link to this giveaway in your Facebook status! Make sure you tag us so that we can see you did so, and then leave a SEPARATE comment letting us know!

This giveaway will close on Christmas Day, December 25. Best of luck, and check back tomorrow for our next festive giveaway!

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emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Amanda reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on twitter! I’m @babyglitz ;0)

  2. avatar Amanda reply

    I now follow @paperfinger on twitter! I’m @babyglitz ;0)

  3. avatar Amanda reply

    I really love all the handwritten calligraphy styles! If I absolutely had to choose I think I would go with Style H. It is classy, neat and looks so stylish!

  4. avatar Melanie reply

    I love style H. It is fun and elegant!

  5. avatar cami reply

    Style A is definitely my favorite but who couldn’t love them all!

  6. avatar cami reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on twitter @pinkpaisleys

  7. avatar cami reply

    and I now follow Paperfinger on twitter! @pinkpaisleys

  8. avatar Kelsey reply

    I love style H! It looks as if I could have written it by hand, but without all the hand cramping! I think it would be really cute to have it say “The Last Name” instead of our first names like in Style G.

  9. avatar Kelsey reply

    Following y’all on twitter @kelseydickerson

  10. avatar Kelsey reply

    Following @paperfinger on twitter @kelseydickerson

  11. avatar Terry A. reply

    They are all lovely but I especially like style “G”! Thanks!

  12. avatar Taylor reply

    I would definitely have to go with Option G! It is so adorable!! A sure-fire way to introduce your new family to the world :)

  13. avatar Taylor reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on Twitter!


  14. avatar Taylor reply

    Following @Paperfinger !


  15. avatar Ashley reply

    I love style “C” !!! I think it is absolutely adorable. Its perfect since I am moving to a new city in just a few months after my college graduation, I’ll be able to send out change of address cards with a beautiful stamp!

  16. avatar Allyson L. reply

    I really like H because it looks handwritten but with a little extra flare. This would be great for all the thank you notes I’m sure we’ll be sending out.

  17. avatar Megan Hobbs reply

    I would love to have “E”! It goes perfectly with my southern belle wedding!! :)

  18. avatar RachelC reply

    I just love these! Style B is definitely my favorite. I would LOVE to skip writing out my return address on every single thank you note :)

  19. avatar Megan Hobbs reply

    I would love style “E”! It would go so well with my southern belle wedding!! :)

  20. avatar Emily Franklin reply

    What an amazing giveaway! I LOVE the style “H” from Paperfinger! It would be such a relief to not have to hand write every invitation and save the date that we have to send out!

  21. avatar Emily Franklin reply

    And I of course follow y’all on twitter, @emily_franklin!

  22. avatar Emily Franklin reply

    And as of now I also follow @paperfinger on twitter too!

  23. avatar Amanda B reply

    This would help me sooooo much when I send out my wedding invites I can just see it now! Ah how glam! I think I’d choose the style A for my invites. A little modern a lot elegant. Love love love!

  24. avatar Amy Strickland reply

    I would choose the custom address stamp and get an ink pad in PINK! This would be perfect for my wedding invitations, thank yous, etc.

  25. avatar Amanda reply

    Just started following paper finger on twitter! Tweet tweet tweet!

  26. avatar Stephanie reply

    Love style “E”. Simple and elegant, and I write my ‘A’s the same way :)

  27. avatar Kassi reply

    I love Stamp “E”! what a great idea!

  28. avatar Christina reply

    I love the font in style H. This is such a good idea – much better than handwriting return addresses!

  29. avatar Vanessa reply

    Custom Address Stamp!

  30. avatar Megan Gibson reply

    I would for sure choose Paperfinger’s style H. I wish I could write like that, her work is beautiful!

  31. avatar Megan Gibson reply

    I already follow Southern Weddings on twitter! ~ @meganegibson20

  32. avatar Megan Gibson reply

    I now follow Paperfinger on Twitter!! ~ @meganegibson20

  33. avatar Katie O’Keefe reply

    Style G is my favorite – it’s different and I love the fonts. This would be handy for all of the Christmas cards that need to go out!

  34. avatar Lucille reply

    I love style E! I already follow @iloveswmag on Twitter. :)

  35. avatar Katie O’Keefe reply

    And of course I follow @iloveswmag – @katieoselvidge

  36. avatar Katie O’Keefe reply

    And now I follow @paperfinger!

  37. avatar Emily reply

    I love them all, but I think G is the cutest!!! Love love love

  38. avatar Lauren reply

    I simply adore style G!

  39. avatar Betsy reply

    I would choose E. I could definitely use this on Save the Dates!

  40. avatar Laura reply

    Having just hand-addressed a lot of cards, I would SO love to have this stamp in any of the styles, but I think style H is my favorite.

  41. avatar sarah reply

    I’d choose G! love these!

  42. avatar Laura reply

    I don’t even want to admit how long it took me to actually decide which one I liked best. I think I’m going to have to go with H. But truly, I like them all.

  43. avatar Lucille reply

    I can’t get enough of style E! I already follow @iloveswmag on Twitter. :)

  44. avatar Stephanie Girard reply

    Style E is fantastic! I’ll be ordering these for some of my bridesmaids who are getting married! They will love them!

  45. avatar lauren reply

    E! I just love it! It fits our style perfectly!

  46. avatar Alana Olsen reply

    ~~Love G! Has just the perfect touch of whimsy and flourish! So pretty!!~~

  47. avatar Linden reply

    I think I’d go with Style H but you really can’t go wrong- they’re all gorgeous!

  48. avatar Andrea reply

    I love style G. This would be great for thank you notes and Christmas cards.

  49. avatar Katie O’Donovan reply

    I would choose style G. I’ve been looking all over for that style. Love this site!

  50. avatar Mariel reply

    I’d order Style H!

  51. avatar Mandy V reply

    I would go with style G!

  52. avatar Mandy V reply

    I follow y’all on twitter (@mandyvolpe)

  53. avatar Mariel reply

    I follow SWMag, my twitter handle is @marielt87! Style H all the way!

  54. avatar Caroline reply

    Well, if I must chose only one, I would chose style E!

  55. avatar Ashley reply

    Oh, gosh! I have been crushing on Paperfinger’s stamps FOREVER now! I’d love to win!
    My favorite is style “H”

  56. avatar Ashley reply

    I follow @paperfinger :)

  57. avatar Ashley reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on twitter too :)


  58. avatar Katie reply

    I love these!!! The Simmons want “G”!

  59. avatar Suzanne reply

    I would love to use E for the return address on my wedding invitations!

  60. avatar Jessica reply

    They are all gorgeous, but I’d go with style G!

  61. avatar Mary K. reply

    First of all, after the seeing the latest copy of SWMag, I am OBSESSED! Everything in there is gorgeous and I love looking up all the products online, so many great ideas.

    After browsing the website, I absolutely LOVE the paperfinger products… especially the custom address stamp. I have actually been looking for one to use for our thank you notes; the gist are starting to come in for our March wedding and it would be perfect. I can’t even decide between the letting styles because they are all so unique – but G and H are probably my favorites.

    I also love the custom ribbon.. what a great idea!

  62. avatar Joanna reply

    I would totally get the address stamp “G” that has your last name so big and the great font below. I love the combination of script and type. And I love as a newlywed you can get that and it is a sweet new gift for a fresh start of a new name together!

  63. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    I think I’d choose G if I had to choose one! I love A,C, and H too!!! I have been eyeing these for MONTHS!!

  64. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    I follow southern weddings on twitter! @smaddogmiller

  65. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    I also follow Paperfinger on twitter!!

  66. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    I told ALL my friends about this giveaway on facebook!

  67. avatar Dara reply

    I’d get the custom calligraphy stamp in Style E!

  68. avatar megan reply

    i LOVE A!! perfect for our wedding mail.

  69. avatar megan reply

    i follow swmag on twitter @meg1t.

  70. avatar ashley reply

    i love them all!!!!! It was hard to choose, but I’m going with E as my favorite!

    i follow @iloveswmag and @paperfinger!

  71. avatar Jen reply

    H is so cute, with G as a quick runner up! This would save a lot of time and Advil…

  72. avatar Whitney reply

    B and G are my faves! Too cute!

  73. avatar sarah reply

    I loooove these stamps! Style G is different, I like that one the best!

  74. avatar Kristy reply

    I really like H : )

  75. avatar Melissa W. reply

    We would pick the customized address stamp in style G! LOVE IT!!!

  76. avatar Kristi reply

    I love style F, but more than an actual stamp, I’d love the gift card. My fiance is in the military and we’re scheduled to move in summer 2012. I’d love to be able to purchase the stamp once we find our new home at our new station.

  77. avatar Rachel Gunn reply

    I love style E, I think it’s formal but cute!

  78. avatar Sandryte reply

    I prefer classical font – like F

  79. avatar Ashley reply

    I could pick them all! Style H is my favorite though.. it’s just too fun!

  80. avatar Jennifer reply

    I love Style E :)

  81. avatar Jenny Tenney reply

    These are beautiful!!! H is my favorite! I would love this! Thank you for the opportunity!

  82. avatar amanda reply

    i already follow you lovely ladies so i definitely tweeted this too! let’s go stamp!

  83. avatar Shannon reply

    I love style D – elegant but compact and easy to read!

  84. avatar Chelsey reply

    I love style G, fun & classic!

  85. avatar Ashley R reply

    I love the work of Paperfinger! I have been admiring her work for the past two years. I would choose G or H – I love the varying fonts in G, but I think the beauty and sophistication of H win me over!

  86. avatar Lauren K reply

    If I won I would pick style F! I love the all lower case! What a great prize to win, just thinking about all those envelopes to stuff and address makes my hand hurt! Such a wonderful idea and time saver! Thanks ya’ll.

  87. avatar Brooke reply

    Style C! It’s adorable and close enought to my own handwriting that I could fib and say I wrote it :)

  88. avatar NatalieG reply

    I would pick the address stamp style “G!!!!” super cute and would fit right in with my southern farm wedding!!! :)

  89. avatar NatalieG reply

    Now following @paperfinger on twitter!!! :)

  90. avatar NatalieG reply

    I <3 following @iloveswmag on twitter @NatalieGrove1 xoxo!!!

  91. avatar NatalieG reply

    I shared this give away with all of my friends on facebook, but I wasn’t able to tag SW in the post for some reason :( …. of well :)

  92. avatar AshleyHH reply

    I love H!! It is beautiful!!!

  93. avatar AshleyHH reply

    I follow SW on twitter! AshleyHH12

  94. avatar Kate reply

    @kateshellnutt now following @iloveswmag!

  95. avatar Kate reply

    @kateshellnutt now following @paperfinger!

  96. avatar Kate reply

    paperfinger’s custom stamp style G would be my choice. parfait!

  97. avatar Claire reply

    Style E is my favorite — timeless and elegant.

  98. avatar Megan M reply

    I love them all, but I’d have to go with E. Classic and especially handy for Christmas cards!

  99. avatar Tiffany Lee reply

    I follow you on twitter via tiffanylee0106

  100. avatar Davonne reply

    I love the C style! These stamps are awesome!

  101. avatar Brittany reply

    I would choose style E! They’re all so beautiful!

  102. avatar Brittany reply

    following you on twitter!! @brittHOLLERway

  103. avatar Brittany reply

    following Paperfinger on twitter! @brittHOLLERway

  104. avatar Lisa reply

    I love style H. :)

  105. avatar Lisa reply

    I’m lisaricephoto on twitter! :)

  106. avatar Lisa reply

    I followed Paperfinger on Twitter!

  107. avatar Jenny reply

    I love style C. Too cute!

  108. avatar Allison reply

    I love style “F”!

  109. avatar Elizabeth P. reply

    Linked to the contest on FB!

  110. avatar Elizabeth P. reply

    We’re moving soon so this would be a perfect thing for us. I like style B- stylish but effortless, and not so feminine that a man wouldn’t use it too.

  111. avatar Jennifer reply

    Oooh they are all beautiful my fav style is E, but I’ll take any you give me.

  112. avatar Sarah H. reply

    I would pick Style E. I love it!

  113. avatar Sarah H. reply

    …and I linked the giveaway to my Facebook page.

  114. avatar katie reply

    I would pick style G. LOVE it!

    • avatar Ansleigh reply

      I would choose G because I love that two different fonts are mixed. It describes my fiancé and I perfectly! I would be the more flowing, sensitive, girly font at the top. He would be the more bold, manly font at the bottom. Perfect for thank you cards, Christmas cards, invitations, practically anything!

  115. avatar Sarah reply

    If I won this fabulous custom stamp, I would get it in the “H” font style. It’s definitely a whimsical style perfect for our spring wedding invites!

  116. avatar Sarah reply

    I am a follower of @paperfinger on Twitter! My handle is @satorrens!

  117. avatar Sarah reply

    I am already a follower of the wonderful @iloveswmag on Twitter. My handle is @satorrens

  118. avatar Lauren reply

    I love the G stamp! That would definitely help make thank you note writing a breeze!

  119. avatar Emily reply

    I would definitely choose style E– so beautiful!!

  120. avatar Emily reply

    gotcha on twitter! @emilywilson011

  121. avatar Emily reply

    got paperfinger on twitter! @emilywilson011

  122. avatar Maria reply

    already following you on twitter! @mariajanegraff

  123. avatar Maria reply

    now following paperfinger on twitter! @mariajanegraff

  124. avatar Maria reply

    Style B definitely fits me best!

  125. avatar Amanda Watson reply

    I would LOVE one of these! But I can’t decide if I would use it for personal or business use…AH! If personal I would use style G, and if business I would use style B…so I’m torn! BUT we did just buy a new house, SO I would love to address my housewarming invites with style G using our new address!! :) G – final answer.

  126. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    I would get the Custom Address Stamp is style D! this would be great for all the holiday cards!

  127. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    i follow yall on twitter! @courtneykcross

  128. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    I now follow paperfinger on twitter! @courtneykcross

  129. avatar Caitlin J. reply

    I would love to have style ‘F’ !

  130. avatar Peggy McKenzi Foster reply

    We are getting married next fall!! We have a t.o.n of people on our sending list, so getting a custom-stamp with our information on it for thank-you’s would really be great, so our hands don’t cramp up. ;)
    We love style G…it is so unique and lets the receiver know right away “it’s from us!!”

  131. avatar Emily reply

    I love style E and I plan on using a personalized stamp for my wedding invitations.

  132. avatar terry @curiousandco reply

    i love style B!

  133. avatar terry @curiousandco reply

    i follow you on twitter @tipspb

  134. avatar terry @curiousandco reply

    i follow paperfinger on twitter @tipspb

  135. avatar Katie K reply

    I love style E!

  136. avatar Katie K reply

    I follow you on Twitter! username: kahcarre

  137. avatar Katie K reply

    I just followed Paperfinger on Twitter! username: kahcarre

  138. avatar Brittany reply

    I follow you on twitter. @Abrittanyteague

  139. avatar Brittany reply

    I follow Paperfinger on twitter! :)

  140. avatar Brittany reply

    If I won I would chose style E. It’s super classy and elegant.

  141. avatar Dana Laymon reply

    i would pick style D. done and done!

  142. avatar Dana Laymon reply

    follow ya’ll on twitter! @danalaymon

  143. avatar christian reply

    I like style H!

  144. avatar christian reply

    I tweeted the giveaway.

  145. avatar christian reply

    i linked this giveaway to facebook! Style H!

  146. avatar Shelby Hassberger reply

    LOVE calligraphy!! more like obsessed! these are so perfect. If I could win I would love style H (really any of them, let’s be honest)

    thanks ya’ll!

  147. avatar Natalie reply

    I love them all! Especially E

  148. avatar Krystal reply

    i like style D

  149. avatar Krystal reply

    following southern weddings @mskrisl

  150. avatar Krystal reply

    following paperfinger! @mskrisl

  151. avatar Christina reply

    I would choose style H!

  152. avatar Kallie B reply

    I love G! How pretty.

  153. avatar Clarissa reply

    I love D!!!! It looks perfect for the new Mr. & Mrs. Rideout!

  154. avatar Kennedy reply

    Love style B.

  155. avatar emily m. reply

    i love the “h” font!! these would be perfect for announcing our elopement!

  156. avatar katie. r. reply

    What lovely stamps. I would choose the custom return address stamp, style E.

  157. avatar ashley reply

    how cute!!!! i would choose H

  158. avatar Jamie D reply

    They are all so beautiful, I’d love to have any of them! I think I would go with H if I had to choose just one.

  159. avatar RachelC reply

    I follow you in twitter – rchamberlin7

  160. avatar Lacey reply

    I love Paperfinger’s stuff. I’ve been following her site/blog for a while now. Style E is so me!

  161. avatar Lacey reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on twitter already…I’m @Lacey2450!

  162. avatar Lacey reply

    I shared on facebook!

  163. avatar Lacey reply

    And, I follow @paperfinger…again, I’m @lacey2450

  164. avatar Harris reply

    We’d pick F. Love it!

  165. avatar Rachael reply

    I am an avid follower of @iloveswmag on twitter!

  166. avatar Rachael reply

    I follow Paperfinger on Twitter!

  167. avatar Rachael reply

    I am sharing the giveaway love on FB!

  168. avatar Nelle reply

    I love style B!

  169. avatar Nelle reply

    I’m a new Twitter follower!

  170. avatar Jessica reply

    G is my pick for a custom stamp– name gets some flair and an easy to read sans serif address….. been wanting to make one of my own if I had the calligraphy skills.

  171. avatar Melissa reply

    I’d be grateful to be able to have style G grace my envelopes :)

  172. avatar Melissa reply

    Good to be following @Iloveswmag on Twitter (@melissathomps)

  173. avatar Melissa reply

    Following @paperfinger on Twitter (@melissathomps) :)

  174. avatar Ashley reply

    Style F definitely!

  175. avatar Ashley reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on twitter!!! Who wouldn’t? I’m @ashjo28.

  176. avatar Ashley reply

    I follow @paperfinger on twitter!!! I’m @ ashjo28.

  177. avatar Mary K reply

    I am also following Paperfinger (and @iloveswmag) on twitter

  178. avatar Victoria reply

    I would love to win a Style E stamp!

  179. avatar Jean reply

    I love style H!!!

  180. avatar Jean reply

    I’m following you on twitter! I’m @jeenlea.

  181. avatar Taylor reply

    Linked up on facebook, y’all!

  182. avatar Megan reply

    I would pick Style E!

  183. avatar Megan reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on twitter (mfy5t)

  184. avatar Megan reply

    I follow Paperfinger on twitter!

  185. avatar Brooke reply

    Follow @iloveswmag on Twitter via @girlie_bee!

  186. avatar Brooke reply

    Follow @paperfinger on Twitter via @girlie_bee!

  187. avatar Kimberly reply

    I’d choose option H above…these are so great & helpful. It would be a huge time saver for sure!

  188. avatar Kimberly reply

    I follow @iloveswmag!

  189. avatar Kimberly reply

    I follow paperfinger too!

  190. avatar Alexa reply

    I would pick style A! So cute!

  191. avatar Carrie reply

    I love stamp E, G and H- they’re all so neat!

  192. avatar Carrie reply

    I’m already following ya’ll on Twitter, @ccarmentrout

  193. avatar brooke reply

    G & H are my favorite picks, but I love them all!

  194. avatar brooke reply

    @brooke_holden I love following your tweets, but I love y’all on Pinterest the most :)

  195. avatar brooke reply

    i’m following bryn @paperfinger :)

  196. avatar brooke reply

    Y’all are always included in statuses :) Thanks for the amazing offers :)

  197. avatar brooke reply

    Y’all are always in my FB statuses! Thanks for the giving aways!

  198. avatar Melissa S reply

    I would choose style H…I love this idea!

  199. avatar Lauren reply


  200. avatar Lauren reply

    following paperfinger on twitter! (@lnicdao)

  201. avatar Lucy reply

    I’d love to win a custom address stamp. :)

  202. avatar Lucy reply

    I’d love to win a custom address stamp. :) style D to be more specific

  203. avatar Lucy reply

    I’m a twitter follower @lucylulu07.

  204. avatar Brittani reply

    Wow, what gorgeous work! I absolutely love her style and would love to have the style G or B :)

  205. avatar Brittani reply

    Following paperfinger on Twitter (brittanibowling)

  206. avatar Kelly N reply

    If I won, I would pick style G! I love being considered one unit with my future husband :) I can’t wait until it’s official!

  207. avatar Kelly N reply

    Love following @iloveswmag on Twitter!!! Some great inspiration comes from there! @ksnash14

  208. avatar Kelly N reply

    Following @paperfinger on twitter!! @ksnash14

  209. avatar Kelly N reply

    Linked in my facebook status!

  210. avatar Victoria reply

    I am following @iloveswmag on twitter with @picatoria!

  211. avatar Maria reply

    I would choose G!

  212. avatar Maria reply

    I follow Paperfinger on twitter!

  213. avatar Katherine reply

    I love style G if I won a stamp!

  214. avatar Katherine reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on Twitter (user @katxc)

  215. avatar Katherine reply

    I follow Paperfinger on twitter (user @katxc)

  216. avatar audrey reply

    wow they all look amazing! i like style H!

  217. avatar Jessica reply

    Following you on twitter: @GMHSBiology!

  218. avatar Jessica reply

    I can’t wait for my new last name and to show it off with stamp style G!

  219. avatar Jessica reply

    Following Paperfinger on twitter! I’m @GMHS Biology!

  220. avatar Jessica reply

    Tagged you in my facebook post and included a link to this great giveaway!

  221. avatar Laura reply

    Following @iloveswmag. @Lah8r

  222. avatar Laura reply

    I would choose style H and give it as a gift to my parents!

  223. avatar Audrey S. reply

    I love Style E. It would work perfectly for before and after the wedding!

  224. avatar Emily reply

    Oh I love styles D and G!

  225. avatar Emily reply

    I follow iloveswgmag on twitter. I’m @fettbot.

  226. avatar Emily reply

    I now follow Paperfinger on twitter too. I’m @fettbot.

  227. avatar Savanah reply

    I love style “E”. This address stamp would be so handy!

  228. avatar Laura S reply

    I like style C!

  229. avatar Rebecca Olander reply

    Love Style “E”! Would make a great return label for thank-you’s after the wedding!!

  230. avatar Crystal reply

    I love G because I can’t wait for my new last name and to be “The Andersons”! But E is a close second.

  231. avatar Maple reply

    I would choose style E. I love calligraphy!

  232. avatar Maple reply

    I follow SW on Twitter @MapleSyrup2157

  233. avatar Maple reply

    I follow Paperfinger on Twitter

  234. avatar Brittney A reply

    I’d definitely get the custom address stamp – all of their designs are stunning!

  235. avatar Brittney A reply

    I’m following Southern Weddings on twitter! @Brittneyja

  236. avatar Brittney A reply

    I’m following Paperfinger on twitter! @Brittneyja

  237. avatar Pamela reply

    Following on twitter as @Pamela_Porter

  238. avatar Kelsey reply

    This is such a great idea that would save so much time and effort!! I would choose style H!

  239. avatar audra reply

    I LOVE H!

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