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Coming across cute Fab Finds is one of my favorite things. When I saw this week’s Fab Find, I immediate had visions of wedding guests donning their best and chatting with each other during cocktail hour on a lush green lawn while they sip on signature drinks. Crisp table linens would flutter in the light breeze. Perfect, right? You’ll see what I’m talking about, too, when I tell you about Paper Fancy’s new lucite serving trays.

Can’t you see a few signature cocktails be passed in these adorable trays? Or maybe you see them holding a cup of stirrers and some custom napkins while perched on the bar. Either way, we love it! The trays a new addition to Paper Fancy’s home collection and come in many pretty patterns and colors.

To Enter: Go to the Paper Fancy site and scroll through their collection of lucite trays. Tell us which pattern is your favorite in the comments below.

Win: A customized Paper Fancy lucite serving tray!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Kt reply

    I love the Navy Knot!

  2. avatar Amanda reply

    My favorite Paper Fancy Tray pattern is the Anchor Lucite Tray. It is so adorable! I am a Navy Wife and have been hosting many cocktail party’s for the other wives and girlfriends. This tray would fit in perfectly with the rest of our bar set up!

  3. avatar Sherri reply

    Oooh my favorite would have to be the Beti Teal with a script monogram!!

  4. avatar Katie S. reply

    These would make the perfect hostess gifts too! I can’t decide between the Clairebella Diamond and the Alex Houndstooth Navy.

  5. avatar Paige reply

    My favorite is the navy chinoiserie! I’ve always been a big fan of that Boatman Geller pattern, and it would work perfectly with my wedding colors!

  6. avatar Susan reply

    My favorite is the Chinoiserie Turquoise Lucite Tray! It could be because it is super adorable or because it is one of my wedding colors – or both! ;)

  7. avatar Sherri reply

    Oooh the Beti Teal Beti Teal Lucite Tray with a scripted monogram is just scrumptious!!

  8. avatar Madeline C reply

    I love the bright floral and the elephant lucite! both are too cute!!

  9. avatar Allyson L. reply

    My favorite is the Madison Damask White & Black Tray! Being that’s it’s black and white it can be used in so many different ways because it’s sure to match pretty much any decor.

  10. avatar Emily reply

    I love everything!!!! I think my favorite (I’m lying – I can’t choose a favorite) is lucite tray in Alex Houndstooth Navy!

  11. avatar Natalie reply

    I love love love the Navy Knot!!!! My sweetie and I love sailing, so this would match us perfectly! ;-)

  12. avatar Kristy reply

    I love the Anchor Lucite Tray!!!

  13. avatar Kate reply

    I love the houndstooth print!

  14. avatar Ginny reply

    The bright floral pattern would look right at home in my home :)

  15. avatar Linden reply

    Belti or Suzani?!?!? I can’t decide! I love them both (and pretty much every other pattern… ) What fun presents! I love them! They would also make fabulous hostess gifts!

  16. avatar Rissi reply

    The Navy Knot Lucite Tray is the perfect mixture of casual elegance and functional luxury. I can already picture some refresing iced drinks sweating on a hot day on this pretty tray!

  17. avatar Laura P reply

    There are definitely too many good ones to choose from, but I think my favorite is the Navy Chain!

  18. avatar Kate reply

    I love the Madison Damask White & Black Lucite tray. It looks very elegant and would make the perfect addition to my kitchen!

  19. avatar Karen reply

    My favorite is the Beti pink with script monogram!

  20. avatar megan reply

    i love the anchor lucite tray! anchors always remind me of my sorority :).

  21. avatar Sandryte reply

    Bright Floral Lucite Tray! Mmmm, a candy to my eyes!

  22. avatar Sharon reply

    I really like the Pineapple, but my favorite is the subtle, elegant Stella Chocolate!

  23. avatar Rachael J reply

    I love the Alex Houndstooth Navy Lucite Tray, totally matches the colors and nautical feel my our big day!

  24. avatar Alicia reply

    love the Nautical Knot Lucite Tray in Navy! So classic, yet updated and custom! Love this website.

  25. avatar Jordan reply

    Bright Floral Lucite Tray!

  26. avatar jodie reply

    Oh mercy— too many beauties to choose from!!!! Love the crisp chevron & fish scales patterns but you couldn’t go wrong with any of these delightful prints! Can never have too many cute trays!

  27. avatar Karen @ reply

    Hi everyone!
    Thanks so much for your great comments! Good luck!!

  28. avatar Emily reply

    Madison Damask White & Black is my fave! Cute and classic :)

  29. avatar Ashley reply

    I love the Beti Pink! It just makes me smile!

  30. avatar Erin B. reply

    The OCTOPUS is soooo cute !! That or the rock lobster would be like a lovely escape to a fun beach weekend no matter where you are:) They make me happy!!

  31. avatar Caroline reply

    Love love love the Coral Repeat Lucite Tray. It would be such a great pop of color in our house.

  32. avatar Angela A reply

    My favorite is Boatman Geller!

  33. avatar Craig reply

    Boatman Geller is my favorite design

  34. avatar Carol Zorn reply

    My husband and I just had a Lilly Pulitzer wedding, so the Cameron tray would perfectly complete the arrangement of oh-so-pink wedding pictures we have on our buffet!

  35. avatar Anne reply

    I adore the Coral Repeat pattern! So cute!

  36. avatar Jeannine @ Small and Chic Home reply

    I LOVE the Cameron tray…I need a little pink in my space. :)

  37. avatar Ashley Stout reply

    I adore the Zebra Lucite Tray…our wedding is going to have zebra in it and it would be a great addition to the wedding and our new lives together.

  38. avatar Stephanie reply

    I adore the Beti Teal Lucite Tray with the scripted monogram! So pretty yet easily integrated into a new home for two students!

  39. avatar Natalie reply

    Ohh… The Chinoiserie Navy is timeless and would go great with some china I inherited…. And with a monogram… what southern charm! Love it!

  40. avatar Jenny Barber reply

    I love the beti pink. So preppy.

  41. avatar Emily reply

    I think they are all fabulous but my favorite is the Cameron Lucite Tray! I love the pattern of it!

  42. avatar Molly reply

    I love the beti teal tray. It is gorgeous and would be such a nice addition to cocktail hour =)

  43. avatar Stacey reply

    I love the Stella Chocolate lucite tray! I will soon be married and this is the PERFECT tray for entertaining! I would love to win and be proud to tell everyone that Paper Fancy is the place to shop!

  44. avatar Mary L reply

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Beti Pink Lucite Tray! I love those colors together and well, the monogram just pulls it all together!

  45. avatar Lauren reply

    I LOVE the Cameron and Chevron prints! Both are so adorably cute it’d be hard to decide!

  46. avatar Megan a. reply

    I love the nautical knot navy tray. So summery and reminds me of a yacht club!!

  47. avatar Annamarie reply

    I love the nautical knot navy tray, it goes perfectly with our wedding!! We love everything water related and plan to get a sailboat!

  48. avatar Bella reply

    I love the Coral Repeat Lucite Tray! What great color to spice up the house!

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