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Hi, y’all! Usually I’m here introducing everyone else’s “Sit a Spell” posts, but today, it’s my turn! My preferred drink of choice is raspberry lemonade, so grab a glass, and let’s get chatting!

1. I don’t cook dinner. I am generally pretty domestic, but you might be surprised to know that my fiance, John, does almost all of the cooking in our house! He’s a regular chef, and I am more than happy to let him take the culinary reins at the end of the day. I do enjoy baking, however.

2. I really hate all joints, but especially knees. Knees COMPLETELY gross me out — mine, and those of other people. I think they look weird, I hate that you can squish them around… ew, I feel like I am going to vomit just writing this. Anyway, this is kind of a problem, as my sisters are an athletic trainer and a physical therapist, respectively, and they love playing with body parts. Much to my chagrin.

3. My Dad was in the Coast Guard for almost thirty years, but I never moved. From birth until age 18 I lived in the same house on the Connecticut coast, and I loved it! My situation, though, is pretty unusual for a Coast Guard family — the reason we didn’t move is because my Dad is also a professor, and was on the permanent teaching staff at the CG Academy for most of his career.

4. I’ve written a 100+ page collection of poetry. Nerd alert! I was an English major in college, and my senior honors thesis was an original collection of poetry. One of the most academically- and soul-satisfying projects I have ever completed.

5. I have danced more than 12 roles in The Nutcracker. Said roles include the blue girl in the party scene, a mouse in the battle, a soldier in the battle, Fritz (!!), a snowflake, the Chinese tea solo, the Spanish hot chocolate solo, and the Gingerbread solo. The first swells of the Prologue still send butterflies through my stomach!

6. I have a pen pal. Her name is Molly, and I know she reads SW, so hi, Molly! We’ve exchanged letters almost every week for two years, which satisfies both of our old souls and love of pretty paper products.

7. I love ridiculous music. Seriously, I KNOW I embarrass John, and probably most of our friends, too, but I can’t help it! My favorite tunes are all from the ’50s and ’60s. A few favorites for your listening pleasure: “I Do” by the Marvelows, “Good Lovin’” by the Young Rascals, “Twistin’ the Night Away” by Sam Cooke, and “Do You Love Me?” by the Contours. I would fit right in at a sock hop.

8. I am, by nature, an introvert. I could occupy myself for hours — or possibly even days — and be as happy as a clam. I like people, and I like parties, but after a big outing I always need time by myself to recuperate.

9. I have had laser beam focus when it comes to our wedding. This has been very surprising to me! I’ve worried for years that when actually faced with making actual decisions — permanent decisions — for my own wedding, I would be paralyzed by all the options. But I’m not! At all! We’ve got a very clear vision for exactly how we want our day to look and feel, and now it’s just about executing. Hallelujah!

10. In ten years I will be 34, and by that point, I want to have children (two if John gets his way, three if I get mine) and be living on a farm and managing a wedding venue with my whole family. And I want to have chickens.

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All photos by Millie Holloman

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  1. avatar Lydia reply

    Pen pals are a forgotten pleasure, especially if they love pretty paper too! I’ve been corresponding with an out-of-state friend since we met in DC in 2000. She’s not married with a baby girl while I’m still single. But hopefully my status will change sooner rather than later!

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