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Hello, ladies + gents! Now that we have our super-fab team photos back from the amazing Millie Holloman, we thought we’d do some proper introductions! Some of us you’ve already met, some of us you may be meeting for the first time — but after this little Sit a Spell series, we hope you’ll feel like you know us even better! You’ve already met Nicole and Sierra, and now it’s Marissa’s turn! Marissa is one of the warmest and most welcoming people you’ll ever have the pleasure of getting to know, so I’m thrilled you’re being formally introduced today! — Emily

Happy Friday, y’all! I’m so thrilled you’ve stopped by to learn a little about little ol’ me! Just a bit about what I do here at Southern Weddings before we jump right in: I’m our Editor in Chief’s right hand gal, so Lara and I spend a lot of time together. I’m also your go-to-girl for anything style or fashion related, and probably the loudest mouth here at SW. Let’s get started!

1. I am obsessed with trial size anything. No joke, y’all! I am sort of (completely) a product junkie. Trial size cosmetics, hair products and just about anything tiny and cute makes me really happy. You know that aisle in the pharmacy meant for traveling? Yep, I could spend hours there. I’ve even bought products I don’t need in order to get the free samples of cosmetics.

2. I monogram EVERYTHING! I contribute this to having MNA as my maiden initials. My formal monogram was mAn. Not so cute! Now that I’m mKn, forget it! If it stops moving, I’ll monogram it!

3. I had a hole in my wedding dress! Yep, you heard me – a hole in my wedding dress! Right in the center of the stomach of my dress there was a hole in the lace straight though. Luckily, our photographer showed me that it didn’t appear in photos and the problem was solved. Thanks for saving my sanity, SK!

4. Scary movies give me the hives. I simply cannot watch them. I am the biggest scaredy cat you’ll ever meet when it comes to horror films. I probably saw no more than five minutes of the last scary movie I was dragged to, and those five minutes were spent peaking through my fingers. In my defense, my husband and his 6 foot 8 inch friend were both covering their faces with their hoodies!

5. Roll Tide is an everyday saying in our home. You’ve probably seen me say it on Twitter, here on the blog and just about everywhere else. As you know, college football is life in the South, and Alabama football, well, it’s just that much better! When my family moved to Alabama (I’m a military brat) our neighbor told my Mom to pick a side: “Are you Alabama or Auburn?” Needless to say we are Alabama, and always will be. Good thing I’m a Bama fan, otherwise my in laws might not have approved.

6. I have packed up an entire apartment in three hours. A quite lovely apartment, at that. As you might know, my husband (the handsome BDK) is a minor league baseball player, and with that comes a lot of traveling. One day, we got the call, and he had to be with the new team quite quickly. So, as he ran to the field to get his baseball gear, I packed up our entire apartment in only three hours (and into a Jetta, y’all)!

7. My favorite channels to watch are QVC and the Home Shopping Network, but I have never ever bought anything from either one. Seriously, y’all, I could lose hours of my life watching the Gem Show without ever thinking about purchasing one of the items.

8. I just cut 11 inches of my hair off to be donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths in honor of a family friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. So did my sister and the fab Nicole.

9. I’ve been to approximately one hundred and fifty baseball games, but I still don’t understand all the rules of baseball. I once thought the shortest player on the team always had to play shortstop (for you non-baseball fans out there, this is not true). However, I can tell you the difference between a slider, a curve ball and a splitty.

10. In ten years, I want to be living in an antebellum style home (preferably below the Mason Dixon) with my sweet BDK and a couple yummy little children (with BDK’s dimples) running around. We’d vacation at our beach house on Rosemary Beach and I’ll still be working with the fab ladies of Southern Weddings and you wonderful readers.

Read more about me here!

Do we have something in common? Introduce yourself in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Ashley reply


  2. avatar Mary reply

    Eeeeek! I absolutely love that blue ruffle dress you’re wearing! Where did you get it? It’s lovely!

  3. avatar Lydia reply

    I’m sort of a military brat! My dad was in the AF for almost 23 years, but had moved from active duty to the reserves before I was born. So I got a lot of the benefits without ever having to move around! Donated my hair to Locks of Love a couple of time, but I’m back to long tresses for the time being. We need a picture of your shorter ‘do!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Wow, 23 years in the AF! Go Lydia’s dad! And so awesome you donated to Locks of Love – very generous of you! xo, Marissa

  4. avatar Kathy reply

    I love antebellum homes, too! In fact, the older and more historic the house, the better I like it. Good luck with your goals. I’m sure you’ll reach them!

  5. avatar Esther reply

    I’ve donated my hair twice now to Locks of Love; working on the third but my hair seems to enjoy growing painfully slow! Regardless, it’s a wonderful cause and I applaud all three of you for making such a generous donation! Besides, it’s the perfect time for a cute new cut in this sweltering summer heat :)

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Thanks, Esther! The best thing I have found to help hair grow is the vitamin Biotin. It also works wonders on your eyelashes and nails! xo, Marissa

  6. avatar Emily reply

    I hate scary movies, too! And FYI, I’ve heard the best trial size aisle is located in Beth, Bath, & Beyond :)

  7. avatar Lara reply

    Marissa, you are the sugar to my tea. The jam to my biscuit. The Jimmy Dean sausage to my Coon Balls. (y’all, we’ll explain that one soon!) But, seriously, I don’t know what I’d do without you. You bless my life in SO many ways! I love you!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Well, as long as I am the Jimmy Dean to your coon balls then we are all good! : ) I love you and that bitty baby in your belly!

  8. avatar Kristina reply

    I don’t think I could ever pack up an apartment that fast! Kudos

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