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Hello, ladies + gents! Now that we have our super-fab team photos back from the amazing Millie Holloman, we thought we’d do some proper introductions! Some of us you’ve already met, some of us you may be meeting for the first time — but after this little Sit a Spell series, we hope you’ll feel like you know us even better! First we had Nicole, and now it’s Sierra’s turn! Her graphics skills are astounding, and her personality is even sweeter. I’m thrilled for you to meet Sierra! — Emily

Happy Friday, y’all! Having been at Southern Weddings for 10 months, I thought it was high time to introduce myself, seeing as I’m more often found behind the scenes! Curious about what I do all day? I’m the girl behind most of the SW imagery – from column headers, to sidebar buttons, to giveaway graphics. I’m also heading up layout and page design for our next issue, Southern Weddings V4. (I cannot WAIT to share what I’ve been working on all summer!) But let’s get started, shall we?

1. If I could do it again, I’d do it the same. Growing up, my family moved around multiple times, and strangely enough, it’s been in a pattern – North (MA), South (TN), North (or Midwest — OH), and South (NC). While I gave my parents a good amount of grief (sorry Mom and Dad!) about making me leave my friends and all that was familiar, looking back, I appreciate the change. If it wasn’t for moving, I would not have met all the people I know and love today. I would not be working on this amazing publication and, most importantly, I might never have broken out of my shell.

2. I was named after a mountain range. Can you say the same? Ever since I can remember, I haven’t really liked my name. I still don’t. I’ve heard of or met 5-10 girls named Sierra in my entire life. My parents, who both have ordinary names, wanted to name my brother and me something unique that had to do with the outdoors. No surprise, then, that I am part of a major Scouting family: my father and brother are both Eagle Scouts, my dad is a freelance photographer for the National Boy Scouts, and my brother is a ranger at Philmont Scout Ranch in NM (we’re actually visiting him next week!).

3. In a previous life I was a competitive figure skater. Yep, I had the nice skates, the velvet leotards and a spiffy rolling backpack. And until middle school, I spent many hours of my life at the rink. (I’m still a good skater when I go with friends about once a year.) My favorite routine was to the Mulan soundtrack!

4. I’m a country music fan. I like other genres of music (I really enjoy reggae), but – let me know if any of you feel the same – I like that country music ties me to my roots. It’s something that I’m proud of. Ever since I was in a stroller, my parents took me to see my grandparents when they were at Fan Fair (now the CMA Music Festival) or when they (my grandparents) were touring as part of the Camping Dancers, a square dancing group that traveled around in RVs and performed at different places. Really!

5. I can’t cook, but I love to eat. Although both of my grandmothers are known for being wonderful Southern cooks, somehow that trailed off with my mom and me. (For example, my mom said she is pretty good at boiling water.) What I’ve learned to cook so far? Strawberry drizzle cake, pecan pie, pumpkin cookies and deviled eggs. Like I said, though, I love to eat! My dad makes the best grits, and I don’t eat them without adding cheese, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, butter and a touch of salt and pepper in there. My friends from Ohio make fun of grits (so did Emily at our office meeting!). Those Northerners just don’t understand!

6. I have worked in the frozen dessert industry for almost eight years. At age 15, I worked at a pizza place that served gelato. In middle and high school, I worked at TCBY (frozen yogurt). And in college, the jobs naturally led me to be the campus manager of Smitty’s Homemade Ice Cream. I even roped my boyfriend into the business! I recommend White Chocolate Mousse from TCBY or Carolina Blue Chip from Smitty’s.

7. My car has 365,000 miles on it. When I say my car, I actually mean my family’s car — a ’91 Jeep Cherokee that we’ve all driven at some point (Emily can relate). Though I love the Jeep, it’s had its incidents. For example, in high school, the driver’s door fell off one day before school started. I just put it back on, locked it and went to class before the late bell! It’s been around so long that it’s like a member of our family!

8. You won’t find me without a cardigan. No matter what season it is, you will probably find me wearing one (like now as I’m writing this post in the middle of the summer). I don’t know how I acquired such a collection –- probably from visiting J.Crew outlets — but the only colors I am missing are red, black, navy, orange and off white. When my hair is in a low bun (called my “wedding bun” by friends), add a pair of glasses, and you might mistake me for your grandma.

9. I started as the mail girl here at Southern Weddings. One fateful day, Lara emailed me and asked if I would forward a posting to UNC students about a month-long position, starting that week, to help get V3 orders out the door. Before sending it to 400+ people, I emailed back offering to do it myself! I started the next day, mailed hundreds of magazines and wrote personal notes until my hand fell off, but 10 months later, I’m still here! (And taking care of much more than the mail.) My recent tasks have even included modeling!

10. In ten years, I want to be happily married and in the process of starting a family. I also hope to own my own business. (I just need to determine what type of business that would be!) For now though, I continue falling more in love with the wedding industry each and every day. I am lucky to be able to interact with such talented vendors, such stunning and personable brides and such energetic and loyal readers. Y’all make me smile!

Read more about me here!

Do we have something in common? Introduce yourself in the comments below!

Written with love by Sierra
  1. avatar Emily reply

    Thanks to you, my dear, I am now also a country music fan!

  2. avatar Brittany reply

    Great to meet you, Sierra! I’m a Tennessean, born and raised, AND I love grits! I truly have a hard time thinking that everyone doesn’t love them.

    • avatar Sierra reply

      Yes, Tennessee is a wonderful state! I’ve lived in Nashville, Brentwood and Murfreesboro. Have a great weekend, Brittany!

  3. avatar Lara reply

    I love this! You are so incredible, Sierra! I’m so happy to see your face every day!

  4. avatar Whitney reply

    Sierra, we simply must go ice skating together! I took lessons until I was 13. You’ll have to wear that velvet leotard.

  5. avatar Lisa reply

    You are so beautiful! And I’m in the alternating between North and South club too, haha… New York to Virginia to Ohio to Texas to Pennsylvania and back to Texas! There’s no place like home in the South, that’s for sure! :)

    • avatar Sierra reply

      Thank you for the sweet comment, Lisa! I knew someone would be able to relate to moving all over the place. And yes, I’m always happier in the South with warmer weather and sweet tea. Have a fabulous weekend!

  6. avatar Lydia reply

    What’s not to love about cardigans?? I don’t have quite the collection you do, but I’m on my way! :-)

  7. avatar Morgan Maples reply

    As your best friend, I loved reading your “Sit a Spell!” Although I already knew most of that about you, as I am the one who calls it “the wedding bun”, it was still so fun to see how much you love your job. The website always looks beautiful–keep up the good work!

  8. avatar Kristina reply

    I totally identify with the can’t-cook-loves-to-eat bit! Whenever I tell my husband I will cook that night he asks if I’m sure lol, but he always eats it anyway like a trooper. For the most part, he cooks and I bake. And I loooove to bake. Sounds like you are quite the baker if you are venturing into cakes and pies!

  9. avatar Kelly reply

    ohmyGOODNESS! let me just tell you a little something about our similarities… 1. girl, grits are my favorite!!!! i totally empathize with you about the backlash grits get from Yankees. i plan on having a grits bar at my tennessee wedding next year. and you KNOW cheese and bacon will be involved. 2. TCBY white chocolate mousse has been my frozen delight of choice since i was five!!!! yes ma’am. 3. cardigans are the best! my favorite is from a banana republic outlet, pale blue-green cashmere… heaven. lovely reading about you!!!

    • avatar Sierra reply

      A grits bar! Oh my! That is very exciting about your upcoming wedding. You’re at the right place for some Southern wedding planning and inspiration. Be sure to check out our print issue in September. It’s packed with Southern goodness that won’t disappoint. Glad we have so many things in common, Kelly!

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