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Happy March, y’all!  No, we didn’t forget about this feature.  I’ve just been a little bit busy with a few small things.  So, we’re revamping this feature to be monthly, rather than weekly.

The last IT LIST feature was killer!  Such great feedback and I had a slew of fantastic submissions.  Thanks to everyone who submitted via our special Twitter-only system.  If you didn’t get a message back from me, don’t fret.  I have all of the images on file for possible future use.

VOTE for your favorite by leaving a comment here and (combining our office votes with yours) we’ll award the top image of the month.  All twelve of those images will then be in the running for Image of the Year at the end of 2010.  The best part?  If your image makes the cut, there’s a strong possibility it will make our print edition (of course, with the photographer’s permission).  On that note, the overwhelming choice from the last feature’s votes was Otto Schultz‘s beautiful image.  Congrats, Otto, on winning the IT LIST Image Pick!  This week, I have some gems for you, too, so get your vote on and tell us what you love!

This image from Jenna Walker just sweeps me off my feet.  White doves signify peace, movement, and hearts taking flight.  SO lovely.  It has an epic movie scene feel to it.  I’d blow this up to about 6’x6′ for a whole wall in my house.

This shoot in Nashville from Jose Villa, styled by Joy Thigpen for Once Wed, is divine.  Black wedding dress?  Yes please!  Her dress reminds me of Charlotte’s black gown in Sex and the City: The Movie… dramatic, sultry and stunning!

This classic image from Riccis Valladares captures one of those rare relaxed moment before the bride gets gussied up.  And how gorgeous is this mother of the bride?!  They look like screen sirens from the sixties.  I love the scene here: half-open computer, the remnants of breakfast and pure joy on their faces.

This wedding shot by Punam Bean just caught me.  And then I saw these little tykes — oh my CUTENESS! (Sandi makes fun of me for saying that a lot, but I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to here.)  You can just barely see the little gentleman in front holding a top in his left hand.  I love the contrast that creates with their ultra-formal clothing.

And I just couldn’t resist these lovely details from the same wedding.  The dress shot in the center needs a stage all by itself.  Those layers of tulle are so romantic, especially when coupled with the bride’s pale blush shoes.

Sarah Rhoads’ deranged housewife shoot is such a fun take on domestic glamour.  You just want to stop and savor each image, all the while wondering what is running through this woman’s mind.  She’ll either kill her husband with cookies or smother him with chocolate — definitely one of the two.

The most amazing Indian wedding ever. Period.  OK, I’m biased.  I may have designed itMaybe.  I was revisiting this link to send to a client last week and somehow forgot how unreal these images from Whitney and Jesse at Our Labor of Love are.  How could I forget?  Incredible couple, so much joy in that family and the details were nothing short of awesomesauce.     … Picking jaw up off floor …

Lovely lovely details from Lisa Lefkowitz.  I couldn’t pick a favorite out of these three frames….  the color combination is as fresh as fresh can be, soft, and purposeful.  Lisa captured these details so perfectly, as she so often does.

A new discovery… Fer Juaristi.  Wow.  This wedding knocks my socks off and made me want to jump out of my seat!  This was definitely not my only favorite shot from this wedding.  I could not pick a favorite.  Seriously… you try to pick just one favorite from his site.

This shot from Catherine and Ben’s wedding has stayed with me since we started the magazine.  It still ranks as my favorite wedding image of all time (so far).  The glow of the table illuminating the newlyweds, the lighting, the towering tulips… oh my!

This image from our Watercolor shoot this past August won’t leave me.  Jory Cordy captured Lauren so perfectly.  I love the grainy texture of the film and the sunset catching her back as she quietly paddles through the still waters.

This shot from Brooke Courtney Photography is straight out of the 1950’s.  We like to joke that Emily was born in the wrong decade (to which Katharine says “send her back!”  Kidding!), but we agree this scenario would fit her nicely.  Gorgeous fashion, dashing gents, a wide open wood parquet floor — yep, that’s totally Emily.

It can be hard to imagine feeling so comfortable in front of your photographer that you’d let them document such an intimate moment, but let’s consider that the goal in the W-Day photographer search, shall we?  It’s sure worth it, as evinced by Tanja Lippert’s shot from Jessica + Ryan’s engagement session.  I’m in love with this couple’s expressions, the positions of their hands and the line across the frame created by their bodies.  This is an image they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives.

The light in this image from Michael Norwood is almost propelling the bride forward.  It’s a different sort of composition, but I like the juxtaposition of the soft layers of skirt with the hard flooring.  Gives new meaning to “the art of the shoe shot,” doesn’t it?

Oh, this wedding…  *sigh*.  This is my kind of wedding. Shot by my friend, Paul C. Johnson, the bride’s veil almost looks like a stream of flowing water.  I also like that this image almost seems to respect the sacredness of the moment being shared.  We get the couple’s hands, and part of their torsos, but we don’t see their faces.  Somehow that just seems right.  I would step into this wedding and make it my own in a heartbeat.  I’m kind of in love with the location, as some of you may know.

And on a completely different note, Jeff Newsom never ceases to make my eyes happy.  Love this shot from this fun wedding.  It’s almost hard to tell whether the couple is underwater or encased in a giant piece of saran wrap — and that’s what a killer photographer can do for you!

Well, I am pretty much in love with this wedding from head to toe.  The ladies at Erin Hearts Court shootthe most interesting couples, don’t they?  After you give your ‘maids free reign to wear the frock of their choosing, you’d want that fabulosity documented, and this shot is the perfect way to do that.

Almost everything the Chesters’ images has an otherwordly quality to it, whether it’s a bride’s reflection captured in silver bowl or a mason jar filled with sweet liquid held up like an extremely-Southern trophy.  This wedding is equally divine.

What is it about the South and beverages in Mason jars that just makes me smile?  Rounding out this set of top images… nothing gets more Southern than this image from – yet again – Jenna Walker, y’all!

Congrats to this month’s IT LIST picks and thank you for inspiring me!

Have an image you’d like to submit?  Here are the rules:

1. You can only submit one image per week, and…

2. …only via Twitpic (or the Twitter image service of your choice).  Follow and tweet your images to @LaraCasey with the hashtag #itlist to be considered. If your image is chosen, you’ll get a direct message requesting the shot.  This is a Twitter-only submissions system.  No email submissions or links to blog posts accepted.  Don’t have a Twitter account?  Sign up or have someone submit the image for you! If you need help learning Twitter or how to post an image, just leave a comment here and we’ll be glad to help : )

Images can come from anywhere in the world.  What I’m looking for: details, portraits, engagements, proposals, anything that makes you stop to take the image in.  I’m looking for that Mona Lisa factor… something that captures you!

Which one is your favorite?


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lara Written with love by Lara Casey
  1. avatar Gretchen reply

    Indian wedding photo for sure!

  2. avatar Jessica miller reply

    hands down it has to be the our labor of love submission. I saw that post a few months back…and one of those pics. in that post is my most favorite wedding pictures of all time. I think about it whenever i edit my photos…now that’s a powerful pic.

  3. avatar Amy reply

    My absolute favorite is the photo from Catherine and Ben’s wedding! It captures the moment just perfectly. I can only hope such moments are captured so beautifully at my wedding!

  4. avatar Cathy and David Photographers reply

    Go for Michael Norwood. :)

  5. avatar Deann B. reply

    That image you are wondering about is from Tanja Lippert (Jessica & Ryan’s Engagement Shoot). I love all of these images, but that top one by Jenna Walker is my fave!

  6. avatar erica reply

    paul is the best!

  7. avatar kjb reply

    the Riccis Valladares image of the mother & daughter is too beautiful.

  8. avatar otto reply

    the indian wedding image i special!!!

  9. avatar Dennis reply

    One thing for sure about the black wedding dress – it makes the all-white bouquet look heavenly, fresh and very delicate.

  10. avatar Shauna reply

    The Indian Wedding hands down!! I can’t stop looking at it. Simply stunning!

  11. avatar Briana reply

    Fer Juaristi’s for sure… he’s always thinking outside the box :)

  12. avatar Enrique Rodriguez reply

    my vote for Fer Juaristi

  13. avatar Tom Vitorino reply

    Go Fer Juarisit !!!! Great picture!!!

  14. avatar Walter Carrera reply

    The photography of FerJuaristi is the most creative

  15. avatar Dinorah Lopez Leal reply

    Definitely Fer Juaristi!!!

  16. avatar Mike | Ash Imagery reply

    the image by Jory … its composed well and gives off a romantic and timeless feeling.

  17. avatar Germán reply

    Juaristi´s Wedding just make my girlfriend feel like getting married!!!

  18. avatar virginia reply

    Juaristi, I love all his style.

  19. avatar Berny Olvera reply

    Another vote for Fer.

  20. avatar Arturo reply

    Juaristi its best!!!

  21. avatar Daniel Macías reply


  22. avatar Gerardo Garmendia reply

    Fer Juaristi, great photographer.

  23. avatar Wilebaldo Santana reply

    My vote is for Fer Juaristi. His pics are amazing!!!

  24. avatar El Dany reply

    Feeeeeeeeeeeeer Juaristiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. avatar karla reply

    totally fer juaristi :)

  26. avatar Fernando Cañas reply

    Fer Juaristi.A Star is Born!…

  27. avatar Daniel Aguilar reply

    Fer Juaristi’s photo definetly!

  28. avatar Gianni Alejandro reply

    Simply Fer Juaristi…

  29. avatar michel quijorna reply

    my vote is for FER JUARISTI… the best .

  30. avatar Fernando Leon reply

    Fer Juaristi, MASTERRRRRR.

  31. avatar Anna Kim Photography reply

    All the pictures are amazing. If I had to choose one, it would have to be Jenna Walker’s. There’s something about the doves flying by and the couple in their own little moment.

  32. avatar melissa oholendt reply

    My vote is with the shots from Jose. Not only is the black one-shouldered dress unique and spectacular but his composition in shots is unparallel.

  33. avatar Skip reply


  34. avatar David reply

    Jory Cordy

  35. avatar Jenna Sons reply


  36. avatar Leslee Mitchell reply

    Punam Bean. Those shots are beyond adorable.

  37. avatar lynds reply


  38. avatar Joe Anna reply

    I vote for Jory! Such a beautiful vintage feeling photo. Classic :)

  39. avatar mae taylor reply


  40. avatar Rog reply


  41. avatar Jen reply

    my vote is for sarah rhoades "deranged housewife" LOVE the details! :)

  42. avatar verenice reply

    My vote is for jory! Awesome photo!

  43. avatar wrecklessgirl reply

    so thrilled to see tanja lippert here!! she is the queen of film & romance. (you can quote me on that! i’ve been her client more than once! her sessions are dreamy, like this.)

  44. avatar Heidi @ Zenadia reply

    So hard to pick!! I LOVE the Jose Villa shot of the black dress so I’m going with that one. =)

  45. avatar melissa hayes reply

    love the light in the image from catherine & ben’s wedding!

  46. avatar marta reply

    I love Tanja’s…the moment is so perfect.

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Reply to:

We agree with Rosanna: the florals – and especially the arbor under which the bride and groom were married – are spring loveliness personified.  After the pink + purple-accented ceremony, I expected more feminine hues so was (pleasantly) surprised by the pop of fresh green + rustic burlap details at the reception.  We especially love the paper goods, lovingly crafted by Urban Bark.  Now that I’m a bride-to-be myself, I feel like I’m always on the look-out for fun, meaningful ways to personalize a wedding.  Rosanna’s tip?  She topped her four-tiered Cakes by Meg confection with the same dove cake-toppers that adorned her parents’ wedding cake.  (I like that.)  And because I know you’re going to ask, the bride’s embellished lavender heels are from Steve Madden.  (I really like that!)  Hugs and kisses to Mike Colon, Scarlett Lillian and Luke Edmonson, the talented trifecta that captured Rosanna + Jared’s Southern celebration.

Describe your wedding flowers: Gosh the flowers were amazing. Pat, the resident florist at Kimball Hall, was fantastic! I really wanted the flowers to be in season for the outside ceremony and the tables and wanted the arrangements to feel earthy.  Everything was covered in cherry blossoms, wisteria, branches and moss. Our tables were made to look as if they had cherry trees growing out of the middle.  The bouquets were filled with peonies because I grew up loving my great-grandmother’s peony bush in the backyard. It just brought a piece of childhood into my wedding day.
Describe your wedding cake: Expanding on the outdoor theme, I wanted the flowers to be the main focus of the cake. Since I love dogwood trees and was getting married exactly when they were blooming, I couldn’t help but have them on my cake. Cakes By Meg did such a fabulous job making the delicate little flowers. My favorite part about the cake was that they were able to include the two doves from my parents’ wedding cake within the cake table arrangement. Their marriage was the best gift my parents ever gave me, and it seemed like the perfect way to symbolize it.
What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding?  Planning an Atlanta wedding all the way from California was difficult. In all honesty, though, Julie from Kimball Hall took so much off my plate that I felt pretty confident as the day approached. She made me feel as if mine was the only wedding she was planning. The other challenge for me was trying to include my father in the wedding even though he passed away several years ago. It was really tough because I wanted to feel as though I was honoring him but I didn’t want to sob the entire day.  I decided to have reminders of him throughout the day. My favorite and hardest reminder was having his and my mom’s wedding rings tied to my bouquet. I walked down the isle with his ring on my ring finger. It made me feel as though God let him walk me down the isle.
What’s next for you as a couple?  What are you looking forward to in the future? We just moved cross-country to Atlanta and bought a house, so we are looking forward to settling down and not making too many more changes for awhile!

Congratulations, Rosanna + Jared!  Enjoy your new home and life together as husband and wife!

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar Annie reply

    Seriously beautiful wedding!! And what is that gorgeous lavender concoction?

  2. avatar Tangerine Fairy reply

    The centerpiece is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Love the color scheme. :) I miss ATL :(

  3. avatar Mindy reply

    Beautiful Details. & I love her dress!

  4. avatar Lynn Beaumont reply

    What an amazing use of color and texture that gives the feel of a vintage southern wedding with an updated design. What attention to detail! Everything from the bouquets down to the moss, place settings, antique dough bowl with petals, drink box, all framed with those gorgeous flowers! It looks like the designer caught the true essence of this couple. I wish I had been a fly on the wall. Now I love burlap and satin!

  5. avatar Kim reply

    This is BEAUTIFUL! It’s everything I want for my wedding but couldn’t put into words. Sheer perfection.

  6. avatar jody reply

    We are planning a wedding for my daughter at Kimball Hall in October. After reading this article it confirms our decision that we selected an awesome venue. We can’t wait!!!

  7. avatar Jeana reply

    What a gorgeous wedding, I love the natural elements like the the burlap and the beautiful florals.

  8. avatar Karen reply

    The flowers are gorgeous. So much work must have gone into the arbor…it looks fabulous. Does the florist, Pat, only work for Kimble or does Pat maybe have a shop? I would definitely use that florist!

  9. avatar Gloria Ward reply

    Beautiful! So happy for Rosanna and Jared and Kimball Hall and all the vendors!!! Now everyone that sees this in the magazine will now know about Kimball Hall! THE best venue for a wedding. We were so thrilled with every aspect of our daughter’s wedding there last September. We could not have been more pleased. Julie and her incredible team focus on the details and made our wedding special and NOT "just another event: . . . . Gloria Ward

  10. avatar Julie Stephens reply

    Karen…Pat Holland is my floral designer extroidinare at Kimball Hall, but she also has her own floral business! She can be reached through Kimball Hall’s website, or 770 594-8119 at Hollands Flowers..

  11. avatar sally reply

    Absolutely the best wedding I have seen

  12. avatar cindy reply

    Wow!!!! What a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous place to have a wedding, that is exactly what I think of a southern wedding.

  13. avatar James Futch reply

    Outstanding images! Another dream wedding by Julie and her amazing staff.

  14. avatar Dustin reply

    Yes, it really was a beautiful as shown in the pictures. Thank you Julie Stephens and Kimball Hall.

  15. avatar Nicole W reply

    I absolutely love her steve madden geneviva peep toes! I’ve been trying to find a pair myself for my wedding and thus far have been unsuccessful. Is there a way I can get in contact with Rosanna to see if she’d be willing to sell or lend them out (size 8.5 hopefully) for a 2011 wedding?I’d really appreciate any kind of help or [email protected]

  16. avatar Southern Weddings reply

    Hi Nicole! Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! I’ll email Rosanna for you this afternoon and pass along your email address. Happy planning! Katharine @ Southern Weddings

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

Reply to:

Hi y’all!  It’s Lara.  We’re busy bees here lately gearing up for the next print edition, getting our new blog prepped to launch, and packing to leave for WPPI in 48 hours.  Well, not all of us will be in Vegas.  Whitney starts her spring break on Friday (she’s headed to a beach house in Charleston. woohoo!) and Katharine and Emily will be here holding down the fort while Sandi and I head off to Vegas with about 14,000 wedding and portrait photographers.

Please come say hi to me in Vegas! Or tweet at me so I can come say hi to you!  Sandi and I will be at WPPI from Friday to next Wednesday, then heading to Denver for MTH2010.  I’d love to meet you!  This is what we look like, so there’s no excuse not to come say hi….

P.S. who’s coming to the party of the year in Vegas this weekend?  Sandi and I may or may not be hosting this shindig with a few of our favorite people

See y’all in Vegas!

Written with love by Southern Weddings
1 Comment
  1. avatar Sandi reply

    I am going to miss you, Katharine, Emily & Whitney! I wish you girlies could come with us! (sad face)However, I am looking forward to meeting everyone in VIVA LAS VEGAS! (smiley face)AIRHORNS!!!!!! LASERS!!!!!

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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