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After months (and months) of planning, weeks of long days and late nights and, three VERY full days spent at our printer’s home office all the way down in Florida (thanks, Lara!), the SW girls are pleased to announce that the November issue of Southern Weddings is officially COMPLETE!  Yes, it’s true: we’ve finally put the magazine to bed and it’s being printed as we speak.  I have only one thing to say: it’s fabulous

Since you didn’t get to share in all the fun at the printer’s this week (don’t feel too badly – Emily and I missed out, too), we thought we’d show you a few pics from Lara’s personal iPhone collection. 

Talk about personal service!  SW hearts Boyd Brothers Printing. Yes, these are actual pages from the November issue.  Cool, huh? 

Want more action?  Here’s a video (taken at 4am) from Lara‘s printing trip adventure.  The magazine is being printed on this 8.5 million dollar web press that is the size of a football field.  No joke.  This machine is amazing: our massive job will print in under one hour!

To celebrate our hard work and the generous contributions of countless talented photographers, vendors and good friends, we’ll be hosting a launch party at one of the South’s hottest wedding venues, Bridal Bar Atlanta, next Friday, November 6.  We’d like to invite you, our loyal readers, to come by, say hello and, of course, see the beyond-awesome November issue. 

We’re so grateful to Rebecca Hansmann at Bridal Bar Atlanta for hosting us and to Our Labor of Love for supplying what we’re sure will be endless fun with the Smilebooth!  (Fair Warning: I am going to dominate the Smilebooth!  Check back soon for more pics… I promise they’ll be worth it.)  Thank you, also, to the top-knotch vendors who will be making our big night extra special: Sweet Sensations, Epting Events and the Dressed Caterpillar

For everyone itching to get a copy of the hotter-than-hot November issue of Southern Weddings Magazine, copies will hit newsstands on November 10 (yes, 11.10.9).  Our last issue sold out at lightning speed, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Official SW Post-Issue Celebration Month commences NOW!  We can’t wait to hear what you think and hope you love this next issue as much as we do!

Hugs + Kisses,
Lara, Katharine, Emily + Whitney

P.S. be sure to RSVP!

lara Written with love by Lara Casey
  1. avatar Marie Charity reply

    So excited for the new issue! I can’t wait!Love from OH,MC

  2. avatar The Broke-Ass Bride reply

    Never have I been more excited for a mag to hit the stands, and never have I been more annoyed that i don’t live in ATL – I wish I could celebrate with y’all!CONGRATS to the SW team- you gals RULE.

  3. avatar Aletha | Pearls Events reply

    Congrats, ladies! I cannot wait to get my hands on copy.

  4. avatar jessica @ budgetsavvybride reply

    So excited to see what is sure to be another stellar mag from you fabulous ladies!! Hoping I can work it out to make it to the party!! :)

  5. avatar Southern Weddings reply

    I reading this on the plane coming back from FL, cover proof in hand, and I AM SO EXCITED I think the flight attendants think I’m nuts! I just squealed! Time to break out the champagne ladies! – LARA

  6. avatar Indra reply

    I am so excited! I can’t wait to see the new issue. I live in the DMV area but will be in Florida Thanksgiving week. I hope the issue is on the stands when I am there. Where in Florida can I locate one?

  7. avatar Jeremy Cowart reply

    Can’t wait to see the mag girls and see you guys! Should be a blast! We’ll be there!

  8. avatar Christin reply

    WHERE can I find the new issue once it comes out? I got my last one at a Bridal Show. Are they available at Kroger, Walgreen’s, etc!? I can’t wait!!!

  9. avatar katharine @ SouthernWeddings reply

    Hi Christin!I’m so glad you’re as excited as we are about the next issue! I have to admit: it’s *awesome*!You can find a copy at Barnes & Nobles, Wal-Mart, Target, Borders and a few local grocery stores and bridal salons. We’re also going to try to get an electronic copy of the mag up on the blog after it’s been on the stands for a little while.Thanks for being such a great supporter :)Katharine

  10. avatar Joel Rabe reply

    Congratulations Ladies! Wish we could celebrate with you, Ironically, although the Bridal Bar is our Home in Atlanta, we will be in Florida that weekend entertaining for bridal clients !! We LOVE Scarlett Lillian and are excited to see she is involved with your magazine !Can’t wait to see the November issue – =)Joel RabeLethal Rhythms Entertainment

  11. avatar Vania- SimplyBloom Photography, LLC reply

    I wish more than anything we’d be able to make it– but we have a wedding in FL the next day! we will be thinking about you!!! :D :D :D-V&C– SimplyBloom Photography, LLC

  12. avatar Christina B. reply

    Congratulations girls! I’m sure it will all be over the moon fabulous. I wish I was a bit closer to Atlanta. Can’t wait to see the new issue!

  13. avatar julianne smith reply

    congrats! this is wonderful news!! hope the party is as amazing as i know the magazine will be!

  14. avatar Carolina reply

    hey ladies, I’m so happy the November issue will be finally on the stands in a matter of days! I live in the Midwest so I can just go to the nearest Border and pick up a fabulous copy?Congratulations and have a great party!Carolina

  15. avatar Victoria Joanne reply

    Congrats!! You gals put so much work and so many hours into this. It’s been at the top of your "to do" list – especially this past month!! Eat sleep and breath the Mag I’m sure. it must feel sooo wonderful to know that it’s all done and you can sit back and take some breaths and collect the cash for all the sales ;) have a great time at the party!! once again – the parties are always mega far away – nothing seems to happen up here LOL We’re lonely in New England :/

  16. avatar Khadine reply

    Congratulations ladies!!!!!! The feeling of accomplishment must be overwhelming. The first issue was fantastic. No doubt this one will be even better. Can’t wait to see it. By the way I hope you guys are resting now. Especially Lara. Have a great weekend and see you all next week.

  17. avatar Jamie Gummere reply

    Way to go ladies! I know personally the amount of work it takes to complete this and the thrill of holding it in your hand and smelling the freshly printed paper! Cheers to you all!Jamie Gummere

  18. avatar Amy reply

    I’m so excited to see the new issue, but I live in Boston. Will it be available up here at any of the stores you mentioned (Barnes & Nobles, Wal-Mart, Target, Borders )?

  19. avatar Nate at Open Light Studio reply

    Congrats to you all on the completed mag; I loved the video of the printing press too. I hope we can be there for the Launch Party! Sounds like a fantastic event. Why is that drive from Savannah to Atlanta always so excruciating?!

  20. avatar Emily @ Southern Weddings reply

    Hi Amy! YES! There should be copies available throughout the country at specific locations (I know my New England family is going to be on the hunt for copies up north!). Our distribution is concentrated in the South, but there will be copies in every state and online if you can’t find it in your local store. Stay tuned — we’ll share more details and more specific locations on the blog as they come in.Emily

  21. avatar Diane Phillips reply

    OMG – I CAN’T WAIT! I hope it’s on newsstands on 11/11 in California. My head instructor who taught me all I know will be in town so I hope it’s out so I can show her! CONGRATULATIONS Ladies and to all the people on your team who helped make it happen. It’s going to be FABULOUS!

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