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Last week, we asked you, our loyal readers, to show some love for Southern Weddings by spelling out”I Love SW” as creatively as possible.  Judging by your awesome submissions, y’all love SW as much as we do!  Since we can’t possibly pick a winner all on our own, we’re putting the vote to you!

Here’s Emily P’s adorable submission!  We love the balloons and, of course, are huge fans of wide-brimmed floppy hats.

Lauren really got in the wedding mood by spelling out her love for the SW mag and blog atop her gorgeous wedding gown.  (We want to see the rest of that dress!)

The talented Leslee got us all in the Fall spirit with her Halloween-inspired creation.  Candy corn!  Yum!

Staci of Unique Event Design smothered us with hot pink kisses.  Here’s a big SMOOCH from us <3.

Take a look at Caya’s black and white vintage love letter to the SW girls:

A quilter after my grandmother’s heart!  Crafty Smurfette lives up to her name with an orginal hand-sewn SW craft.

Talk about your wedding day spirit.  Victoria-Joanne’s custom-made garters are made with nothing but love for the SW girls.

Kristy took to the great outdoors to show off her September love for SW.  I think we’re in love, too.

And last but certainly not least, Kirsten’s a bride after our own hearts with her scrapbooking genius.  Can’t you just feel the love?

We’re really feeling the love around here today!  Who do you think best showed her love for Southern Weddings?  Emily P., Lauren, Leslee, Staci, Caya, Crafty Smurfette, Victorian-Joanne, Kristy or Kirsten?

To help us pick a winner:  Leave a comment on the blog with your vote!  The submission with the most votes by next Tuesday, October 6  at 12:00 noon will win a $50 i-Tune gift card.

And, brides?  We know you love SW but we really love YOU!   

Kiss kiss,
Lara, Emily, Whitney & Katharine.

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar Alice G Patterson Photography reply

    I vote for Emily P… love polaroids, love balloons… love this entry the best!

  2. avatar “Emily P” reply

    YAY!!! Thanks. Love Kristy’s photo too!

  3. avatar Scott reply

    Wow…love the first submission by Emily P…that gets my vote! Also diggin’ her blog, great work there as well:

  4. avatar Cece reply

    Caya for sure. The pearls are creative and cute.

  5. avatar Jeff reply

    LOVE Emily P’s submission! So great & creative!!

  6. avatar TH reply

    My fav is Emily P!

  7. avatar Becky reply

    Polaroids rock!! I love Emily P’s entry. Check out the cowboy boots too =)

  8. avatar Chetna reply

    Caya’s! Her pearls are gorgeous.

  9. avatar Nick C. reply

    Hands down Emily P!

  10. avatar Rachael Kloss reply

    I vote for EMILY P. I love the creativity and style she used in this shot… very different and out of the box.

  11. avatar sheri reply

    emily p. yay polaroids!

  12. avatar Angelica reply

    I vote for Emily!! Soo creative!

  13. avatar Bart reply


  14. avatar marlena reply

    i vote for Emily P love the idea!!!

  15. avatar BBQ reply

    Victoria-Joanne hands down ! She has the most creative and elaborate love IMHO

  16. avatar Olga reply

    Emily P.

  17. avatar Victoria Joanne reply

    love Staci and Kristy’s pix. totally cute. Thanks so much for letting me get in on the fun at the last minute gals. Katharine you rock. :)

  18. avatar JLT reply

    Kirsten’s!!! I mean that took some thought! :)

  19. avatar Crafty Smurfette reply

    WOW! So excited to be included in this group, it has made my week!! I’m loving Staci’s smoochfest!

  20. avatar Rose Elliot reply

    I vote for Victoria-Joanne

  21. avatar Alexis reply

    I love the Lips (Staci)!! Very cool!

  22. avatar Stacey reply

    I vote for Victoria~Joanne….that is waaaay cool!

  23. avatar Valerie Metrejean reply

    These girls are so creative!!! Can I vote for two?? Staci and Emily P.!

  24. avatar scott reply

    Victoria is the best. Garters are sexy!

  25. avatar Lisa reply

    I am a sucker for polaroids. I really love Emily P’s work. Go Emily!!!!!

  26. avatar Alissa reply

    Lots of great, clever ideas, but Kristy Rice has my vote! Love that classic vintage feel–that banner could work perfectly as shower decor too!

  27. avatar Joy reply

    By far my favorite is Kristy’s! Sooo beautiful!!!

  28. avatar Carrie reply

    Voting for & loving Emily P.’s submission!

  29. avatar Kylie reply

    I choose Lauren—she really brought wedding elements together with the dress, ring and flowers—which is what the magazine is about–the details!

  30. avatar MsHyman reply

    I looove SW too and I think that the one Caya did is best!

  31. avatar Katharine reply

    I love Lauren’s photo! Her dress looks beautiful! How artistic!

  32. avatar Melissa reply

    I LOVE Kristy’s! Beautiful!

  33. avatar Kelsey reply

    My vote goes to Emily P…. is this a photo contest or what?!?! Loved the meaning and thought put into this!! Simply perfect!

  34. avatar Stephanie reply

    I vote for Emily P!

  35. avatar KMcD reply

    I vote for Lauren’s photo.

  36. avatar Tessa reply

    My vote is for Kristy’s outdoor display. So chic and nothing beats the hand made feeling of paper crafts!

  37. avatar Briana reply

    My vote goes to Lauren

  38. avatar BL reply

    I vote for Lauren. Love the elegance!

  39. avatar Allison reply

    Love Emily P. — so cute, unique and refreshing…but really, all of them are so creative!

  40. avatar Monique reply

    I vote for Staci of Unique Event Design. The others are nice but her’s is O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L!!!

  41. avatar PK reply

    I really like the black and white one by Caya.

  42. avatar Eileen reply

    I vote for LAUREN!! The Pic is amazing and I love the added touch she gives with the wiring! :) <3 YBFA

  43. avatar Kelly reply

    My vote’s for Lauren! Beautiful picture!

  44. avatar Kim reply

    My vote is for CraftySmurfette’s – crafty, creative, cute – plus it reminded me of my grandmother who was an avid quilter :)

  45. avatar AM reply

    STACI for SURE! Some of the others have been done before…vote for effort and creativity!

  46. avatar Maddison reply


  47. avatar Becky reply

    I love how Emily P has used 2 photographic mediums with this shot. The ballons are neat too. =)

  48. avatar Adam reply

    Kristy’s Rocks! I LOOOOOOOVE it! Are those cards actually hand-painted? Wow!

  49. avatar John reply

    LESLEE!!!!!! She’s SO creative even in things besides her photography. How cool.

  50. avatar Christy reply

    * * * My vote is for *L*e*s*l*e*e*!!!!!! I LOVE SW & I LOVE ALL THINGS FALL.

  51. avatar Stevi Boyles reply

    I vote for Leslee. Very unique fall theme!

  52. avatar front_runner76 reply

    I vote for Leslee.

  53. avatar Marlene reply

    Leslee’s is wonderful! She gets my vote!

  54. avatar Elisa reply

    Emily P. is quite amazing! Love the angles.

  55. avatar A.Alexander reply


  56. avatar Atia P reply

    I vote for Leslie

  57. avatar PlantSpert reply

    Candy Corn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LESLEE

  58. avatar CARLA reply


  59. avatar kristin reply

    Staci @ Unique Event Design!!

  60. avatar Amy reply

    I vote for Kristy!

  61. avatar Joy reply

    I like Leslee’s!

  62. avatar Paul Pannone reply

    I vote for Victoria-Joanne, her work is exquisite.

  63. avatar Monica S. reply

    I love Leslee’s…it is just so appropriate for this time of year!! Love it!

  64. avatar Lily reply

    I vote LAUREN

  65. avatar Sarah reply

    Love these shots! My vote’s for Leslee….I love the fall theme!!

  66. avatar Kimberly reply

    Staci!!!!!!! Kisses!

  67. avatar Kristie reply

    I love Leslee’s!! Very creative & a beautiful setting!

  68. avatar Shannon reply


  69. avatar Susan reply

    Leslee again takes a fresh approach, brings in the environment and creativity!

  70. avatar Kristy W reply

    I vote Leslee!!! She is amazing!!

  71. avatar Frank Clemente reply

    Well, I know a thing or three about Romance & Southern Weddings…Although all the entries are a Perfect "10," and all are worthy of the distinction of "finalist," Everyone knows that after the initial glance, kisses & smooches can lead you all the way to "SOUTHERN WEDDINGS!"My vote goes to… STACI, who’s "Unique Event Design" has SOUTHERN WEDDINGS written all over it! XOXOX-me

  72. avatar JUDYZ reply

    I vote for Staci!

  73. avatar Laura reply

    I vote for Leslee! I had to make a grocery run for candy corns after seeing that!

  74. avatar Beth reply

    LESLEE! Go fall!

  75. avatar Miki reply

    Emily P! Sooooooo creative!!! Loves it:)

  76. avatar Lisa reply

    I love Kristy’s use of nature! My vote goes to her!

  77. avatar Agnes reply

    Digging KRISTY’s photo! It totally has a southern feel and touch :)

  78. avatar Andrea reply

    I vote for Lauren!

  79. avatar Deborah Leftwich reply

    I love Leslee’s photo the best…perfect for this time of year!

  80. avatar ShannonH reply

    Staci’s is so fun!

  81. avatar KGN reply

    Tough choices!I heart Kristy and her tree signs!

  82. avatar Abby reply

    Yay, Staci! so cute!

  83. avatar Wendy reply

    Kissy Kissy, I vote for Stacy!!!!!!!!!!

  84. avatar Emily R. reply

    I vote for Emily P.! Super cute.

  85. avatar Jenifer reply

    My pick hands down is Leslee’s candy corn submission. Perfection!! Nothing says fall like candy corn….I look forward to it every year and this pic is precious!!!

  86. avatar Shanna B. reply

    Definitely Leslee, Candy corn is my FAV!

  87. avatar R.R. reply

    I like them all, this is so hard! I’ll have to go with Staci. I really like how she showed the love!

  88. avatar victoria reply

    i <3 staci’s picture! so creative!

  89. avatar katharine @ southern weddings reply

    Lara, Emily and I are SO happy you all like these amazingly thoughtful and creative photos as much as we do! So thank you to all who took the time to share their SW love and a huge thanks to all of YOU for voting on their amazing work! SW <3

  90. avatar Mac reply

    Leslee for sure!

  91. avatar Lexi reply

    I choose Lauren’s photo, simple and elegant

  92. avatar -E.V reply

    I vote for Lauren! Love it!

  93. avatar Matt reply

    I vote for Lauren!

  94. avatar Amy reply

    I vote for Leslee. She has a unique way of setting the mood for fall:)

  95. avatar pusak00 reply

    Hands down Emily P is the best one…no contest

  96. avatar J. Michaels reply

    My vote is for Staci!

  97. avatar Jessica reply

    Leslee’s is for sure the best one yet…she rocks her pics and is so creative as well. Sorry guys but she is in the fall spirit and I just love it!! Leslee is the winner!!!!!

  98. avatar jamie reply

    Love the candy corns. My vote goes to Leslee.

  99. avatar Michele Renee reply

    LOVE UNIQUE EVENTS!!!!!! Love the lips!

  100. avatar Kristin reply

    Leslee. No questions. Doesn’t need to look same ole same ole. She is gutsy. And her pic stands out more thanany of the others submitted.

  101. avatar Linda reply

    I vote for Kristy. Her entry is very refreshing and pleasing to the eye.The banner against the tree branches draws you in making you want to see more.

  102. avatar RICH reply


  103. avatar Kristy Petree reply

    Loving the lips! Staci for sure!

  104. avatar Heather reply


  105. avatar Michelle reply

    I vote for Lauren

  106. avatar JESSEY reply


  107. avatar Team Lauren! reply

    Most def. Lauren! I don’t think the artisic ability could get any better! It’s so beautiful. Keep up the fantasic work!!

  108. avatar M & M reply

    Emily P’s creative eye is WONDERFUL! LOVE her work! She wins my vote!

  109. avatar M & M reply

    Emily P’s creative eye is WONDERFUL! LOVE her work! She wins my vote!

  110. avatar M & M reply

    Emily P’s creative eye is WONDERFUL! LOVE her work! She wins my vote!

  111. avatar M & M reply

    Emily P’s creative eye is WONDERFUL! LOVE her work! She wins my vote!

  112. avatar M & M reply

    Emily P’s creative eye is WONDERFUL! LOVE her work! She wins my vote!

  113. avatar M & M reply

    Emily P’s creative eye is WONDERFUL! LOVE her work! She wins my vote!

  114. avatar M & M reply

    Emily P’s creative eye is WONDERFUL! LOVE her work! She wins my vote!

  115. avatar M & M reply

    Emily P’s creative eye is WONDERFUL! LOVE her work! She wins my vote!

  116. avatar M & M reply

    Emily P’s creative eye is WONDERFUL! LOVE her work! She wins my vote!

  117. avatar M & M reply

    Emily P’s creative eye is WONDERFUL! LOVE her work! She wins my vote!

  118. avatar Glory reply

    KRISTY’S ….increiblemente hermosas.

  119. avatar Mrs. J. reply

    I have to vote for my girl Staci!

  120. avatar Sabrina reply

    Love Staci and Kristy’s… so cute!

  121. avatar Jen Hughes reply

    Staci was definitely the most innovative!

  122. avatar Sharon reply


  123. avatar Kristen T. reply

    My vote is for Lauren, very creative incorporating her engagement ring and dress!

  124. avatar Amanda reply

    Leslee!!!!!!! I love fall decor.

  125. avatar Amy reply

    My vote is for the candy corn girl!!!!!! Leslee :)

  126. avatar Kelsey reply

    I would like to vote for Leslie

  127. avatar Carolfd reply

    My vote is for Staci

  128. avatar TINA reply


  129. avatar Erica Montanez reply

    My vote is for Staci!

  130. avatar Jen Disney reply

    I love Emily!

  131. avatar Ron reply

    I’d like to vote for Staci.

  132. avatar Unique Event Design reply

    Wow! I’m so glad that everyone likes my entry! Since I can’t vote for myself, I’d like to vote for Lauren!! Thank you!!!

  133. avatar Lisa Gunnell reply

    Staci, definitely!

  134. avatar Magdalena reply

    I vote for Kristy’s photo! It’s terrific! Love her style and the way she sees things!

  135. avatar Shell Bell reply

    Staci’s kisses are definitely "showing the love!" I vote for her!

  136. avatar Mindy reply

    Love the smooches… very cute!

  137. avatar MidSouthProfessionals reply

    Leslee for sure!!!!

  138. avatar Sara B reply

    My vote is for Leslee. I LOVE Halloween, Fall & all things PUMPKINS!!!!

  139. avatar MitzS reply

    My vote goes to Lesleee

  140. avatar Repicky reply

    CANDY CORN!!!!!!! Put my vote down for Miss Leslie!!!

  141. avatar keeya reply

    Definitely going with the Halloween theme by Leslee

  142. avatar brinka reply

    Love Leslee’s. My vote is for her pic.

  143. avatar Daniel H. reply

    My vote is for Staci!

  144. avatar Bill reply

    They’re all good, but Staci’s is the bestest!

  145. avatar Lausi reply

    I vote for Emily P. – Love the polaroid and the colors!!!!!

  146. avatar shannon reply

    emily p!!! wow! gotta love that polaroid!

  147. avatar Monica at Paper Cut Industries reply

    I vote for Emily P.! It just rocks! So adorable.

  148. avatar Lindsay reply

    I really like how Staci interpretted ‘loving Southern Weddings.’ She was totally literal abou it!I really love this blog and I am definitely going to bookmark it!Thanx!

  149. avatar Kara Drew reply

    Staci, definitely!

  150. avatar Ana reply

    I love Lauren’s image :)

  151. avatar Ana Vazquez reply

    I need chapstick just looking at Staci’s! LOL! How did she do that? I have to vote for her, just for pure effort!

  152. avatar Nichole reply

    I’ll have to vote for Staci! Hot pink is one of my wedding colors and I think I might do the same thing for my table numbers. So cute! Thanks for the idea!

  153. avatar Julie reply

    Emily’s polaroids, hands down!

  154. avatar keila reply

    I vote for Emily! The most creative and the most style. :)

  155. avatar Ronald Dicket reply

    My vote is for Staci

  156. avatar Monica reply

    I "die" for Staci’s smooches!!!

  157. avatar Kyle Lynn reply

    S-T-A-C-I Her entry is full of love!

  158. avatar carrie reply

    Kisses for Staci!

  159. avatar Tamara reply

    While each photo is impressive, my choice is Staci. Her’s is so different and it really stands out.

  160. avatar KD reply

    Put me down for my chica, Staci! She is such a creative person!

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

Reply to:

Judging by these fabulous images from Stephanie Rhea Photography, I’d have to say this Mississippi bride more than succeeded in pulling off a wedding that oozed simple Southern elegance when she and her college sweetheart (and fellow Auburn U. alum!) said their I-Do’s.  Now we all known I’m the tuxedo’s #1 fan, but I really love that the groom and his attendants spiffed up their classic wedding day bests with white bowties.  Ultra-formal, dashing and oh-so-Southern!  Of course, Bailey’s Heidi Elnora gown is one of the most figure-flattering choices we’ve seen in awhile but the bridesmaids’ one-shouldered blue gowns from Bella Bridesmaid?  I love (repeat: l.o.v.e.) these dresses!  I like when bride’s keep their bouquets simple and understated (white peonies from The Pantry Catering and Event Designs really complemented this real-life Southern wedding’s classic vibe) but also appreciate when couples infuse sophisticated and subtle splashes of color into their centerpieces (please tell me those lime green apples aren’t absolutely adorable!).  The courtyard at the Old Waverly Golf Club where the newlyweds celebrated with family and friends post-vows in an intimate evening reception is simply breathtaking and the cake – oh, the wedding cake – is a six-tiered masterpiece from Angels ConfectionsDe-lish!

How did the two of you meet?  Tell us your story.  Sage and I met as neighbors in our apartment complex at Auburn University.  I needed a date to my sorority’s fall formal and, though we barely knew each other, I asked Sage to go with me.  After dancing and laughing the whole night, the rest is history.
Describe the proposal
.  After Sage finished his last final exam in the spring of 2008, he surprised me with a picnic on top of a mountain at Chewacla State Park.  While I was busy getting things out of the picnic basket, Sage got down on one knee and pulled out the ring he had picked out for me.  I was beyond shocked!  I didn’t even know he had bought a ring!
What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding?
  I had a vision in my head of exactly what I wanted my wedding to look like and sometimes bringing that vision to life was more challenging than I had imagined.
What was the design inspiration for your wedding?
  Simple southern elegance.
Tell us about finding your wedding dress:
  I wore a custom-designed gown by Project Runway designer Heidi Elnora.  It was an amazing and fun process to watch as my dress sketch evolved into a beautiful gown!
Describe your wedding flowers: 
A white and cream palette of flora that included peonies, mop-head hydrangeas, dendrobium orchid sprays, Queen Ann’s Lace, fragrant gardenias and stalks of cymbidium orchids, all laced with string smilax.
Three adjectives that describe the day are: 
Elegant, fun and full of love.

What was your favorite design element of your big day?  The transformation of the English garden into a chic, outdoor lounge where guests gathered for cool summer drinks and hors d’ oeuvres before a light summer supper and evening of dancing.  It was the perfect place for us to decompress a little and enjoy both the minted palmyras and the beginning of our evening.

Describe your wedding cake:  Our wedding cake was fabulous!!  We chose a six-tiered, round confection filled with traditional vanilla and French vanilla buttercream.  The cake was decorated with edible shimmer and hand-sculpted orchids made from sugar paste.  To incorporate Sage’s love for fishing, I surprised him with a three-tiered chocolate cake topped with a handmade fishing basket complete with bass fish, lures, line and stringers of small fish, all made of chocolate and sugar.  The cake was accented with cattails made of chocolate, grass and turtles made from sugar paste. 
Our favorite detail of the wedding was:  Kicking off our reception under a clear top tent with a first dance to the band’s version of Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” was definitely a highlight.  Escalade Show and Dance, an eight-piece band from New Orleans, kept great music flowing all night and had all the guests hitting the dance floor.   
What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? I would have to say when Sage and I saw each other for the first time.  I could see the love all over his face, and everything really came into focus.  It was a sweet, special moment I know I’ll remember forever. 

Congratulations Bailey + Sage!  Best wishes in all your future endeavors together!

Written with love by Katharine
  1. avatar Brittany reply

    Love this wedding! Totally my style!!!

  2. avatar mandy worsham reply

    these pics are awesome! stephanie has a great eye!

  3. avatar Bev reply

    Incredible photo’s- beautiful, creative, detailed…awesome!!

  4. avatar Jenny Cobb reply

    What a beautiful southern wedding! :) Love the blue bridesmaid dresses and green apples as decoration. Photos really capture the day!

  5. avatar Johnnie Sue reply

    Fantastic photos! What a beautiful wedding and photos…such attention to details!

  6. avatar Charlie reply

    Stephanie and Juan Carlos photographed our wedding a couple of years ago and I’m sure this couple will be just as happy with their final results. Beautiful, to say the least.

  7. avatar Kim reply

    Beautiful photos! The lighting, composition, and colors really make these special. Stephanie Rhea is so professional and fun to work with.

  8. avatar Busylad Rent-All reply

    Another wedding and beautiful photographs to capture all of the moments of that special day! GREAT work as always!

  9. avatar Amanda reply


  10. avatar Pamela reply

    What a gorgeous wedding and couple! Love Stephanie’s photos! She has such a gift for capturing beautiful weddings!

  11. avatar ann reply

    Loved the true southern wedding. So elegant! Fun pictures too.

  12. avatar Jessica reply

    I love this wedding!!!! The photos are gorgeous!!!!

  13. avatar Bridget Sharp reply

    Stephanie, as always, you blow me away with the talent you have for capturing the bride and groom at just the right moment. Your flair for the details in a wedding is stunning. Your work is always fabulous!

  14. avatar Marty reply

    Stephanie did a wonderful job with the photos!

  15. avatar Danny B reply


  16. avatar Drew Williams reply

    Great work Stephanie and JC- they are the best photography team in the state of Mississippi. We love working with them on weddings and other events. Great shots and style.

  17. avatar Sharon Gamble reply

    What an amazing wedding it was! From the start guest were treated like royalty! We all received a personalized bag to welcome us into the most beautiful rooms that had been reserved for us. Bailey and Sage made you feel like you were the one that they wanted at their wedding. The church, flowers, wedding party, parents and grandparents were to awsome to describe! The entertainment at the reception could give Hollywood a lesson or two. But, the best thing that comes to my mind out of that special day was the LOVE I saw between Bailey and Sage! It was written all over their faces. They could not have hidden it if they tried! This is a match that was made in Heaven and they reminded all of us "older" married folks what true love, family and friends are all about. :)

  18. avatar Kelly reply

    Breath taking. I love them all but especially the bride by the church doors.

  19. avatar Tony Corrie reply

    I never grow tired of seeing the magical moments within wedding photography. These photographs capture excitement, hope for the future, and love. Congratulations!

  20. avatar Anne reply

    Beautiful photos! Love how Stephanie captured the emotion and reaction of the wedding party as bride & groom kissed. Wonderful!

  21. avatar Tonya reply

    What a BEAUTIFUL wedding! The bride is lovely and so are her choices in decoration. It looks so pulled together and professional. Her dress is a dream – as well as the cake, flowers and choice of lighting. The photographer did an outstanding job of capturing the evening. I’m sure they’ll cherish the memories and the beautiful pictures for years to come. Best wishes to the bride & groom!

  22. avatar Tara reply

    Beautiful wedding. I am envisioning my wedding to be similar.

  23. avatar Kimberly Letson reply

    Love the capture of the pictures!! Beautiful gown, gorgeous flowers, great location, LOVE the cake & the cheese too!!

  24. avatar Catherine reply

    this is such a beautiful wedding! i love the centerpieces with the green apples in the bottom and the white flowers coming out of the top. I really like the little sitting lounge outside with the white chair and the table…. so original!! it looks like a great, fun wedding party and a beautiful wedding!

  25. avatar Amanda reply

    Wow! What a special day. The photos really capture the essence of the event!

  26. avatar Katie reply

    This was a fairy tale wedding and you can tell by the pictures! they truly capture how enchanting a wedding can be. You can see the love shared between these two in these pictures and by what Bailey wrote. thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  27. avatar Carrie Beth reply

    Dress was amazing…love the bmaid dress color…stunning. All around, a beautiful event!

  28. avatar Jen reply

    LOVE the beading on the gown, Bailey’s dress is beautiful. the entire wedding was georgous. Congratulations!

  29. avatar Jason reply

    Beautiful wedding and LOVE the pictures! The photographer captures the elegance and an artistic flair. Well done.

  30. avatar Katie reply

    Amazing wedding day judging from the photos. Love the details.

  31. avatar Amanda Hayden reply

    What a beautiful wedding!! Love the clean, crisp color scheme and the couple is so cute! Sweet story and great pics!

  32. avatar Tara reply

    Love everything about this…from the color or the bridesmaids dresses to the apples in some of the centerpieces! FABULOUS!

  33. avatar Saud reply

    Great Wedding, off-course with great photography :)

  34. avatar LYNN COTHRAN reply

    Wonderful wedding, love the dress so special makes the bride look even more beautiful than she already is.

  35. avatar Emily reply

    Love the pictures. I wish I had been there.

  36. avatar kelly reply

    The photographer really seems to know how to capture the personalities of the bride and groom and their wedding party, while also documenting their beautiful event.

  37. avatar holli robinson reply

    i love these shots they are awesome She really knows how to make you feel that you have been to the wedding

  38. avatar Lauren Springer reply

    I was maid of honor in this wedding, and, I can assure you, it was just as fabulous as it looks in these pictures! Even more than that, this was a great event to celebrate a monumental love between people who were clearly made for each other. I’ve known Bailey since I was in elementary school, and, like I said at their rehearsal dinner, I saw her come alive as she fell in love with Sage. I was honored to be a part of such an amazing love story, a gorgeous wedding, and an incredibly fun party!!

  39. avatar Lindsey reply

    fun, fabulous wedding! i was honored to be a part of it!!

  40. avatar Katherine reply

    These pictures are beautiful, but they do not nearly do justice to how wonderful every detail of the wedding weekend really was! It was the epitome of simple southern elegance!! Bailey’s touch was evident everywhere you turned!

  41. avatar Quinetha reply

    How awesome! I think your wedding was sublime! The dress was faaaaabulosity personafied!

  42. avatar Lillajo Ford reply

    My husband and I attended the wonderfully sophisticated and elegant wedding of Bailey and Sage (Stephanie Rhea/Photographer) It was truly a midsummer night’s dream. They are two of today’s most precious young couples and we immensely enjoyed sharing their special night! From the first outdoor greeting from John and Patti Griffin to the lavishly served, fabulously tasty foods, the evening was truly perfect. A true Southern girl’s dream wedding, just as Bailey said.

  43. avatar Angie reply

    Such a gorgeous wedding. The apple centerpieces looked so elegant as did the cheese and cracker table. Everything pulled together so nicely.

  44. avatar Jeffie Filgas reply

    The photos are beautiful and cover the beginning and end of a beautifully planned wedding that covered every detail. The photo of the reception’s beginning in the English garden court yard shows the elegance of the pivotal point from the small-town, people-packed church to the beautiful and completely southern Waverly Country Club.

  45. avatar scott burton reply

    I am very impressed with the quality of Stephanie’s images and style….Amazing detail!!!

  46. avatar Ashley reply

    AMAZING Photos!!! Everything looks so beautiful!

  47. avatar debbie pipkin reply

    A beautiful southern wedding- love the outside lounge!

  48. avatar FAE reply

    What a beautiful wedding! Whoever did the decor and food is amazing….and the flowers are gorgeous….i would love to know the name of the company/companies that put it all together…they created such a beautiful scene for a wedding reception….

  49. avatar Lynn Gillespie reply

    Bailey and Sage had a truly MAGICAL evening from beginning to end. It was the most beautiful event I have ever attended!

  50. avatar Sandy reply

    Gorgeous pictures. I understand that there was no detail missed.

  51. avatar Rose reply

    Stephanie Rhea has such a talent for capturing the moments for the bride & groom to remember their day. Absolutely beautiful wedding and the cake is outstanding.

  52. avatar LaJuan Mackin reply

    This was the most fun and most rewarding wedding party that I have done in twenty years! What you would dream of "The perfect wedding" and Bailey was so cool and calm through the whole thing. Thanks Bailey, Mothers and Bridesmaids you were beautiful!LaJuan MackinBillyBBeauty & Syd Curry Salon

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One image board really is never enough and I’ve got to thank Megan W.  Photography for giving us so many fabulous images!  I love how Petyon + Nick gave their classic black-and-white wedding a modern, updated look by adding fresh green accent pieces.  The table centerpieces from Posh Petals are clean and understated and that four-tiered black, white and green cake from Classic Cakes is stylishly fun without losing its elegant edge.  Another look at the dramatic back detailing on the bride’s Melissa Sweet gown and I am good to go… for now, at least!

Describe your wedding flowers: I knew I wanted large, ivory and white roses for my bouquet.  For my bridesmaids’ bouquets, I wanted something modern and simple in greens and whites. My only request was that I didn’t want anything traditional or over the top and our florist, Posh Petals, did a fabulous job of interpreting just what I wanted. They did an amazing job and were so fun to work with!
Describe your wedding cake:
   I am a huge fan of wedding cakes in general, but wanted our cake to help pull all the wedding details together!  The cake itself had three different flavors with butter cream frosting.  The green damask design and black ribbon looked great and tied together all of the colors and damask patterns from the invitations, programs, etc.   
Our favorite detail of the wedding was:
 The photo booth we used in place of individual favors!  It was so much fun and everyone loved it!    Everyone got to take six pictures (in black and white or color) and the photo booth attendant then cut off a strip of the pictures for them to glue into an album for us with a personal message.  The guests got to keep the other strip of pictures for themselves!
Funniest moment?
   When it came time to throw by bouquet, I accidentally threw it into a large chandelier!  It came right back down and landed about a foot away from me so I had to throw it again! 
What’s next for you as a couple?
We just moved to California, so we’re working on getting settled, decorating our new place and meeting new people!

Congratulations to Peyton + Nick, and good luck settling into your new life together!



Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar The Perfect Palette reply

    we’re loving the cake & the ticket stubs.

  2. avatar elizabeth reply

    great wedding shots!!! ditto to ticket stubs and cake…

  3. avatar Becky @ Weddingistas reply

    This wedding is so classy and elegant. It’s very old fashion romance. Love it!

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