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For all you desperately seeking copies of Southern Weddings, we have an update for you! Books-A-Million stores are having a computer glitch with our magazine, so when you call and ask if they have copies make sure they check their shelves and not the computer.  If it’s on our list, they DO have copies (unless they have sold out)

For everyone in the Texas area looking for copies, we have confirmed that they are being sold at 80% of all Safeway (and sister stores) locations. Go out and grab yourself a copy!

If you find that you cannot get Southern Weddings at your local stores or are not located within the United States, you’re in luck. You can now purchase the magazine online and we will ship them all over the globe!

Check these two posts for the store locations we have confirmed so far:

Books a Million Locations

Barnes and Noble + Hastings Locations

We REALLY wish we had a full list of locations, but getting these lists from wholesalers is like “herding cats”!  If you find a copy, please post locations here so we can let others know. 

Note from Lara:  Here’s how this works…  we are a new magazine, so when stores see the magazine doing well, they ask for more and put it in more store locations.  This happens pretty quickly. So, if you are in an area that you know doesn’t have the magazine, leave a comment here with where you would like to see it.  This info will help us get wholesalers to push copies to those locations over the next weeks.  They are SO excited about the response so far and can’t wait to get us in more stores ASAP!  Thanks to everyone here, on Twitter, and FB and to all the new brides who have personally emailed me to tell us how much they love the issue!  We are such a small company, so all of this amazing feedback means the world to us!  THANK YOU! Lara

Enjoy a few of the ADORABLE pics we’ve received so far this week!

top row: from fabulous photographers {Scarlett Lillian}, {Millie Holloman}, and {Kate Benson} middle row:  the team from {Favor Events} enjoying a relaxing moment with SW, Lindsay Pitt from {Toast Events}bottom row: SW on newsstands Target in Austelle, Ga as found by {Sara D Harper}, photographer {Leslie Roark} finds her copy, Emie from {Oh Me Oh My Wedding!} bought the last two copies in Charlotte at Target!

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar Susan reply

    I went to Barnes and Noble in Durham, NC today, but they didn’t have a copy.

  2. avatar Southern Weddings reply

    Hi Susan, Books a Million in Raleigh has copies and Harris Teeter does as well : )

  3. avatar Kerri reply

    I’d love to see it in Boston! Love the style of the weddings your feature even if I’m nowhere near the south!

  4. avatar erin reply

    Cincinnati, Ohio please! (I already ordered my copy online, but if I can go get tomorrow, I will!!)

  5. avatar An Atlanta Bride reply

    Dying to get a copy! I’ve gone to 4 stores in Sandy Springs & Alpharetta, GA. Help!

  6. avatar Ghanaughn reply

    Congratulations!!! I am sure you are hearing this alot these days but I know this achievement came with much work and great vision. Enjoy your continued success.

  7. avatar uberBrides reply

    I just spent the afternoon going to 6 different Target stores in Austin, TX. Lots of copies at each here!

  8. avatar cyndi reply

    I’ve tried, unsuccessfully to find a copy in the Shreveport/Bossier City, LA area. I’ve tried Barnes + Noble and Books-A-Million. B+N said they didn’t carry it but to keep checking back and it wasn’t on the shelves at Books-A-Million Tuesday or Wednesday. Are there any other stores in this area that you know of which are carrying it?

  9. avatar Southern Weddings reply

    Hi Cyndi! Books a Million in Bossier City definitely should have them. Our distribution agent said sometimes it takes them a few days to get them on the shelves, so if they aren’t there by tomorrow, let me know and I will call and make sure they get them out! We will make sure you get a copy! : )

  10. avatar Southern Weddings reply

    Hi uberBrides! GREAT! So glad you found a bunch– thanks so much for letting us know! : )

  11. avatar Southern Weddings reply

    Hi Atlanta Bride! I don’t see Alpharetta on our lists for Books a Million and BN, but there are bound to be copies near you at another chain. We will find out for you ASAP! : ) I wish we had complete lists, but not to worry- we will make sure you get copies!

  12. avatar Kelsey reply

    I’ve already been to two Target stores, Barnes and Noble and Walgreens…but I can’t find one! Help!

  13. avatar Southern Weddings reply

    Hi Kelsey, they have copies in Memphis at David-Kidd Hope that helps! : )

  14. avatar kathryn reply

    I know the Pacific Northwest is pretty much the other side of the country, but I sure would like to see a copy of our magazine here in the Seattle area. I ordered a copy online but I know if I saw one on a shelf somewhere, I would have to pick it up! Congratulations on what appears to be a beautiful magazine

  15. avatar Sara D Harper reply

    The bottom left is from me! It was at Target in Austell, GA! Love it!

  16. avatar Melissa reply

    I picked up my copy at Publix in Tallahassee.

  17. avatar Jeana reply

    I cannot find it anywhere in Roanoke, VA! Our Barnes & Noble does not have it yet. EEk I want one!

  18. avatar Southern Weddings reply

    Hi Jeana, Books a Million in Roanoke has copies : )

  19. avatar Southern Weddings reply

    Hi Melissa! Thanks for posting the location! So glad you found some at Publix! : )

  20. avatar Laura E @ Southern Weddings reply

    My friends Jamie and Becca got copies tonight from the Books A Million in Burlington, North Carolina. They said there is many more copies for all the Piedmont Triad Brides or SW fans. Also, Erin, my family is Cincinnati based and have not found any copies yet. But my mom and her friends are checking daily and when I know where in Cincinnati, I will share with the blog readers.

  21. avatar An Atlanta Bride reply

    Finally found a copy at a Target!! Woohoo!!!! The mag is {beyond} AWESOME!!!

  22. avatar Lindsay :: TOAST reply

    Atlanta ladies: Try Publix that’s where I got my copies, B&N didn’t have a copy on Tuesday morning but may now but I knoe several people that have had luck at Publix!!Cheers!Lindsay

  23. avatar Anne reply

    We were looking for it at the B&N in Shortpump, VA last night, but they didn’t have any. Would love to see copies in Charlottesville and Richmond!

  24. avatar Maggie @ Eat, Drink, Marry reply

    No luck in Dallas yet, and I’m too impatient to keep searching, so I ordered online!

  25. avatar Ginger Dupre reply

    I found my copy the week it made it awesome debut at the Target in Brunswick, GA. Great job with the premier issue SW!!

  26. avatar Southern Weddings reply

    Hi Maggie! Dallas has copies at these locations:

  27. avatar Katie reply

    I can’t find it in Lexington KY! I have looked at Barnes and Noble and Target.

  28. avatar Southern Weddings reply

    Hi Katie, we are working on finding copies near you. You can order a copy on our website in the mean time. I will keep you posted! : )

  29. avatar PA Bride reply

    I love the blog, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the magazine will soon be sold in Lancaster, PA!

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