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Amy will capture your day as it unfolds, in all its raw and unexpected beauty. We love that happiness got her into wedding photography, as she so ably captures it in her images!

What I love most is the kind of love story that’s real, unedited, and beautiful in its rawness. The love where the bride and groom have one foot out the door toward wherever adventure awaits them next. The love where they aren’t afraid to laugh at their own expense or showcase their quirky sense of style. I focus on the little things, the moments that hide out among the milestones and showcase the personality you and your loved ones bring to the table. I’ve learned how to follow my intuition to the best, most unexpected shots, and I’ve seen how those become the favorites, the canvases you hang up above your mantle or display proudly in your bedroom.

Full Name: Amy Kolodziej
Where you call home: Charlotte, NC
Things you’d write home to your Momma about: Winning image competitions, being published on the national level, and my first magazine spread were big “call home to Momma” moments for me. But the best is when I share each and every client review with her and I hear the pride in her voice that her baby girl is living out her dreams.
Location/Coverage: Charlotte, NC and destinations
How I got into weddings: I didn’t take the short road – I took the long, winding road. I have a Master’s Degree in Criminal Law, and after watching way too many sad stories unravel in the court system, I knew I had to pursue my teenage love of photography to get some happy back in my life. After shooting my first wedding, I was officially hooked!
Favorite thing about weddings in the South? Weddings in the South just seem to celebrate heritage more than any other place on Earth! I love how proud my brides and grooms are to celebrate their college team, their favorite BBQ, or even just their family name!
Favorite part of a wedding day? Before I had children, it was the father-daughter dance because it reminded me of that special moment with my father at my 2008 wedding. However, as a proud mama to two little ones, I’m a blinking wet mess during the mother-son dance :)
Best piece of advice you can give to brides and grooms? Just remember that the wedding day is just DAY ONE. It is about more than just that day, it is about the rest of your lives. Have fun, do you, and be present.
Dream travel destination? African wildlife safari
Favorite Southern city? Charleston, SC
Early bird or night owl? LATE night owl
Favorite pie flavor? Pecan, all the way
Favorite biscuit topping? My mom’s sausage gravy