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There’s nothing I love more than a gorgeous wedding with an incredibly inspiring love story behind it.  Janie + Tony take the cake with this beautiful celebration designed by {Kristin Newman Design} and photographed by my favorite Southern gentlemen at {A Bryan Photo}.  Catering, {Cru Catering}; Florist, Heather Barrie of {Gathering Events}; Videographer, Ben Hough of {Artistic Eye Productions}. Thank you, Bryan, for bringing this lovely couple to SW.  This is the kind of wedding that completely makes my week! 

From Bryan… “One of my favorite coordinators in the world to work with is Kristin Newman, out of Charleston, SC. Kristin called me last year to tell me about Janie and Tony’s story and their upcoming wedding. Immediately I hoped that they would book us, based on their touching story.  Janie and Tony both lost their first spouses to cancer. They connected in their sorrow and formed a love that remembers the past yet brings hope for their future. On June 21st, at Daniel Island Club, they were joined in marriage as their friends and grown children looked on with joy.”

The weather on our wedding day was: There were torrential thunderstorms thirty minutes before the ceremony. But it stopped and was followed by a rainbow.

How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story… It’s a great story. We both lost our spouses of many years to cancer in 2003. Both were long happy marriages. A good friend of mine, Sam Levin, and my late husband, Neil, began doing a lot of work with Tony in 2004. About a year and half after Neil died, Sam said he was awakened at 3:00 am by a dream in which Neil (my late husband) appeared. He could not go back to sleep for the rest of the night. The next day, he called each of us and convinced us that we needed to meet. The three of us had lunch together a little over three and a half years ago, and the rest is history!
Describe the proposal: It was a birthday dinner for me prepared by Tony’s daughter, Kristen. All of our children, my parents, Tony’s parents, Tony’s mother-in-law, brother and sister-in-law were all present. After I opened my gifts, Tony said he had one more thing. In front of all of them, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was beyond wonderful!
What attracted me to my husband was: Everything. He is extremely handsome, intelligent, warm, kind, generous, spiritual, successful, and funny. But the thing that attracted me the most when we first met and talked was his deep love for his late wife and his children. We had many similar experiences and we shared the same values about what is most important in this life.
Why do you love your husband? All of the above are some of the many reasons I love my husband. I would add that he has great integrity and character. He is also a good man who gives a great deal to others and to his community.
What attracted me to my wife was: Her beauty, personality, and her good heart.
A date we went on that we’ll always remember:  After two or three months of dating, we had dinner at the Boat House restaurant. Tony asked me how I met my late husband. I went on to tell how unlikely that meeting was and how all the circumstances came together perfectly for that “chance meeting” to occur. I told him that I even knew the date, which I commemorated in a Shadow Box that I made for him. It was November 5, 1977. At the time, Tony was still wearing his wedding ring. He took it off, and showed me the date engraved on the inside. The day and year that I met my late husband was the same day and year that Tony and his late wife were married. There turned out to be many more “coincidences” like this one, but I believe it was God’s way of letting us know that He understood the pain we went through, but that He was present in our relationship and that He brought us together.

Check back later for Part II of Janie + Tony…

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar MissCapitolHill reply

    Holy cow that story is amazing. Especially that last part about meeting her first husband on the same day that he married his first wife. Aww this story makes me happy.

  2. avatar Samantha reply

    What an absolutely beautiful story and wedding, thank you for sharing!

  3. avatar Melanie Watson reply

    What a beautiful bride. I love the parasols too… such a great idea!

  4. avatar twinkletoes reply

    What a classy wedding! What is the runner made of, I’ve been looking for something similar.

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We’ve put together the following collection of links (in no particular order) to a very small few of our recent real wedding posts. Whether you are a big city bride who wants to add some southern charm to your big day or a west coast gal whose heart is in Dixie, these weddings are sure to inspire. Sit back with a glass of sweet tea and enjoy~

1. Cheryl and Phil {Jenna Walker Photographers}, 2. Evana and Chinedu {Fred Egan}, 3. Brittany and Wilson {Paul Johnson}, 4. Julie and Andy {Paul Johnson}, 5. Robin + Winfield {Heather Forsythe Photography}, 6. Kelly and Robert{Meg Baisden Photography}, 7. Susanna and Justin {Gandy Photographers}, 8. Abby + Kevin {Whitebox Weddings}, 9. Alexandra and Jeremy {Woodward + Rick}, 10. Anna and Matt {Tim Harman Photography}, 11. Catherine and Ben {A Bryan Photography}, 12. Meredith and Albert{Meg Baisden Photography}, 13. Kinsey and Corey {Millie Holloman}, 14. Blair + Roth {Critsey Rowe}, 15. Liza + Tyler {W. Scott Chester Photography}, Kelly + Thomas {Critsey Rowe}.

Which inspires your wedding plans most? I love them all!

Written with love by Southern Weddings

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These tables are stunning–fresh and simple. For more of Lisa + Tyler’s big day, be sure to visit the {Sublime Blog}. Thank you, Jessica, for sharing these beautiful images with us!

Describe your wedding flowers:  All green and white. It was very natural with lots of leaves to highlight the various shades of green.  We wanted flowers everywhere – on the chuppah, even hanging over the dance floor.  We also used some shells and coral to accent the beach theme.  Guests had a gorgeous cymbidium orchid waiting for them on their plates.
Describe your wedding cake:  The outside was very simple, white with small white edible beads.  The top was a lime green spider mum.  The inside was a white cake with vanilla custard and fresh strawberries.
Scariest moment?  The original band we had scheduled canceled and we had never heard the new band we had hired.  They ended up being amazing and exactly what we had wanted.  Everybody had such a great time dancing and singing along.
Funniest moment?  The groomsmen getting up on the stage to sing with the band.
How was your wedding different than the way you’d always imagined it would be?  Even though there were unexpected blunders here and there, it was perfect to us. We were always saying it would not be perfect because we knew something would go wrong and we didn’t want to be disappointed.  But it really did end up being perfect in spite of some unexpected twists.
Three adjectives that describe the day are:
Outstanding, unforgettable, gorgeous.
What advice would you give to someone planning their wedding?  Choose details that make the day special to you and be able to enjoy the day.  Things always go wrong, so there is no need to be stressed out.

Congratulations, Lisa + Tyler!  We wish you a lifetime of love and joy!

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar Gandy Photographers reply

    I love the simplicity of the green and white floral displays. You just can’t beat that. Congratulations to the beautiful couple.

  2. avatar Cathy and David – Photographers reply

    What a cute cake!!!! :-D Totally digging the lanterns too!

  3. avatar Annette@Swanky Tables reply

    Love the decor and the venue looks fabulous!

  4. avatar Amber Diskin reply

    Wow,these arrangements are ideal for any season. Very light and the way they are captured on film makes you feel like you are there. Gorgeous!!

  5. avatar Roxanne Galbreath reply

    I love the flowers! All the greens and texture are wonderful!

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