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Special thanks to {Kelly Moore} for sharing this beautiful southern wedding with us! The couple’s fun loving spirit really jumped out of these gorgeous images. Enjoy~ Rachel

From Kelly Moore: I actually shot Kelly’s sisters wedding 2 years ago, so by now, I didn’t feel like just their photographer, but their friend and even a member of the family! These two had their wedding in the mountains of North Carolina, where they attended college. They couldn’t have picked a more beautiful place. On top of that, they have such impeccable style, so everything was beautiful. I’m just sad they don’t have another sister for me to shoot another amazing Rosborough wedding!

Vendor reviews from the beautiful bride: Sid Mashburn, did an excellent job making a custom wedding suit and ties, Kelly Moore is an unbelievable photographer in every aspect. Jamie McLean – great band, highly recommend checking out one of his shows. I chose Two Birds Bridesmaid Dresses – they are the best bridesmaid’s dresses in the world. They are one size fits all and look amazing on all body types! Brandon Kop at Stickboy Bread baked two wonderful cakes.

Tell us your story… Justin and I met our senior year at Appalachian State University. I got to our Strategic Management class and sat all alone in the first row (yes, I’m a nerd and always sat in the first row) and in walks this guy….semi-long h,air, hat and a very nice beard. I was praying silently that he would sit next to me and out of all the empty seats he sat directly to the right of me! I was dying inside, but made sure to play it cool. He then asked to “see my schedule” and we compared our classes and chatted. Justin and I sat next to each other for the rest of the semester.
Describe the proposal: The day of the proposal started off as any normal day; nothing was out of the ordinary. We talked about our dinner plans for the night and when I was going to be home. I arrived at home from work at 4:30 sharp and opened the door to a very clean and neat apartment. Justin had cleaned every inch and was sitting on the love seat. I walked in and was so surprised about the apartment being clean that I didn’t even notice my dog Lulu running around with a new Swarovski crystal collar on. Justin still sat in one place…. I began to wonder what was going on. A strange feeling came over me – almost a nervous feeling. With much coaching from Justin I picked Lulu up out of her dog bed (by this time she was burrowed underneath a blanket and I couldn’t see her). I saw a sparkle….My first question was, “where did you get this collar from?” Justin had to convince me to read the silver engraved tag that was dangling from Lulu’s neck. I read the words and the tag was engraved with “Will you marry me!” on one side and the other side said, “I love you.” I looked up after reading the tag and Justin was down on one knee with the ring. It was beautiful and I said “YES.” I thought it was a joke at first and looked around the apartment for a hidden camera….Needless to say it wasn’t a joke and Justin took me to Serenbe Bed & Breakfast that night to celebrate! It was truly a unique proposal and that is why I love Justin so much – he is amazing at surprises!
What attracted me to my husband was: Justin’s sincere kindness and genuine spirit. He has a very gentle and caring nature about him. He made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. I also fell in love with his sense of adventure and ability to have fun anytime and anywhere. We always have a blast together!
What attracted me to my wife was: Her stunning beauty and honesty.
Did you write your own vows? We each wrote a personal message to each other and then recited traditional vows. My favorite phrase was from Justin’s vows…. “Everyday I wake up and realize how incredibly blessed I am to have the love of my life right by my side. I will always love you pootie pants!” (Pootie pants is my pet name for him so he decided to turn it back on me!) That lightened the mood and made me and our guests smile and laugh.
The weather on our wedding day was: 75 degrees and sunny, perfect high country weather during the ceremony and reception. Towards the end of the night it began to rain as we left the ceremony.
Our favorite detail of the wedding was: The view of Grandfather Mountain from the ceremony and reception site.
Tell us about finding your wedding dress: My sister and best friend, Kristin, came down to Atlanta the weekend after I got engaged to start the wedding dress hunt. We went to Bridals By Lori and started pulling dresses from the racks. My mind was made up and all I wanted to was a sheath dress. I tried on 6 form-fitting dresses and my Bridal consultant insisted that I try on just one more. She pulled a Ramona Keveza ball gown from her Legends collection. I tried it on and fell in love – the shantung silk was beautiful and I felt like a bride! I ordered it that day!
Scariest moment? When the wedding coordinator attempted to have the ceremony under the pavilion as opposed to outside. We had to make the executive decision to continue as planned with the outdoor wedding ceremony.

Check back later for Part II of Kelly + Justin…

lara Written with love by Lara Casey
  1. avatar Erin @ Blue-Eyed Bride reply

    the colors in these photos are so amazing and kelly moore is truly the best! what a gorgeous setting and a gorgeous couple. you can feel the love from every single one of these images. the suits are fantastic and i love the school bus shot.

  2. avatar ERNA22Boyer reply

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Welcome back for Part II of Janie + Tony’s beautiful Charleston wedding.  Be sure to check out the {A Bryan Photo BLOG} for more.  You can also see the selects from the entire wedding HERE.  Enjoy~

What was the design inspiration for your wedding? Just the feeling I wanted to create: old world elegance. Understated, timeless and classic, yet very attentive to the guests’ comfort and enjoyment.
Favorite design element of your big day: That is tough to say. I loved our invitations and wedding programs, but I think our wedding favors were my favorite. We had butler cards attached to beautiful silver boxes with truffles and the guest’s table number inside. They were displayed beautifully on a mirrored table underneath a tall gorgeous floral arrangement. They were also a nod to the groom’s background as a jeweler and gemologist.
Tell us about finding your wedding dress:  Tony’s daughter Kristen had recently married, so she called and made me an appointment. Kristen, my daughter Claire and myself all went. When I tried on a dress at Madison Row, a lovely store downtown, they both knew it was the one. I continued to look, but concluded that they were right and purchased the gown by Angel Sanchez.
Describe your wedding flowers: I chose all white flowers. They were lush and romantic, not structured or architectural. The florist was wonderful. She used lots of peonies, roses and hydrangeas. 
Describe your wedding cake:  A fabulous baker/cake artist named Jim Smeal incorporated the design on my invitations for the cake. Our favorite detail of the wedding was:  A grand fireworks display at the end on the night just before we left.
What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day?  The most memorable moment was the pastor’s homily during the service. It was inspired. He was able to both comfort the families and friends of our late spouses while still celebrating the joy and the miracle of our relationship. It set the tone for the amazing reception to come.
Scariest moment? My son Jordan, one of the Best Men, got light-headed during the ceremony and nearly passed out.
Funniest moment? The Best Men seated some of the mothers/mother-in-laws on the wrong side. 
Three adjectives that describe the day are:  Romantic, ethereal and magical!
What advice would you give to someone planning their wedding?  Do not stress over every detail and making everything perfect. No matter how hard you try, something(s) won’t be perfect. But no one will even notice or care if the bride and the groom are obviously in love and celebrating their joyous day! Make the decision to relax and enjoy it.
What’s next for you as a couple?  Tony’s daughter Kristen is pregnant with her first child. We are looking forward to having a grandson!

Congratulations, Janie + Tony!  We wish you a lifetime of love and joy!

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar Fabulously Lizy reply

    What a gorgeous wedding! I love the fireworks and the sparklers! And the elegant display for the escort cards.

  2. avatar Cathy and David – Photographers reply

    This is so pretty! :) What are the place holders? They look neat!

  3. avatar lucky designs reply

    Such a classic event!

  4. avatar Erin @ Blue-Eyed Bride reply

    everything about this wedding is beautiful. the couple is stunning, the details are impeccable, and south carolina is always a wonderful wedding destination. i love their story. great choice!

  5. avatar kristin @ the fairmount bride reply

    Her dress is beautiful!

  6. avatar Amanda B. Young reply

    I love, love, love the table flower/candle centerpiece…so elegant! And the favor/escort card idea is spectacular. Thanks for sharing! Great inspiration!

  7. avatar holly hatam reply

    I love the fireworks!

  8. avatar dani @ weddings fresh reply

    i love this wedding!

  9. avatar Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) reply

    Wow! That cake is breathtaking. Gorgeous wedding!

  10. avatar Josh L reply

    I think the people are better looking than the lovely wedding itself! Talk about fireworks! Seriously though, where can I get some of that cake? It looks delicious. I bet that groomsman ate a lot of it. He looks full.

  11. avatar chris ruymen reply

    I enjoyed viewing this wedding because the couple so beautifully expressed the true beauty of the day. Weddings are never perfect except for the love and joy of the couple being married. However, the bride was stunning and the groom very dashing, both glowed with happiness. Because of their joy all of the exquisit details of their wedding were manifested with reverent beauty. I wish them a long and happy life together they deserve it. They give people who lost their spouses hope for finding love and happiness again. May God be with them.

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There’s nothing I love more than a gorgeous wedding with an incredibly inspiring love story behind it.  Janie + Tony take the cake with this beautiful celebration designed by {Kristin Newman Design} and photographed by my favorite Southern gentlemen at {A Bryan Photo}.  Catering, {Cru Catering}; Florist, Heather Barrie of {Gathering Events}; Videographer, Ben Hough of {Artistic Eye Productions}. Thank you, Bryan, for bringing this lovely couple to SW.  This is the kind of wedding that completely makes my week! 

From Bryan… “One of my favorite coordinators in the world to work with is Kristin Newman, out of Charleston, SC. Kristin called me last year to tell me about Janie and Tony’s story and their upcoming wedding. Immediately I hoped that they would book us, based on their touching story.  Janie and Tony both lost their first spouses to cancer. They connected in their sorrow and formed a love that remembers the past yet brings hope for their future. On June 21st, at Daniel Island Club, they were joined in marriage as their friends and grown children looked on with joy.”

The weather on our wedding day was: There were torrential thunderstorms thirty minutes before the ceremony. But it stopped and was followed by a rainbow.

How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story… It’s a great story. We both lost our spouses of many years to cancer in 2003. Both were long happy marriages. A good friend of mine, Sam Levin, and my late husband, Neil, began doing a lot of work with Tony in 2004. About a year and half after Neil died, Sam said he was awakened at 3:00 am by a dream in which Neil (my late husband) appeared. He could not go back to sleep for the rest of the night. The next day, he called each of us and convinced us that we needed to meet. The three of us had lunch together a little over three and a half years ago, and the rest is history!
Describe the proposal: It was a birthday dinner for me prepared by Tony’s daughter, Kristen. All of our children, my parents, Tony’s parents, Tony’s mother-in-law, brother and sister-in-law were all present. After I opened my gifts, Tony said he had one more thing. In front of all of them, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was beyond wonderful!
What attracted me to my husband was: Everything. He is extremely handsome, intelligent, warm, kind, generous, spiritual, successful, and funny. But the thing that attracted me the most when we first met and talked was his deep love for his late wife and his children. We had many similar experiences and we shared the same values about what is most important in this life.
Why do you love your husband? All of the above are some of the many reasons I love my husband. I would add that he has great integrity and character. He is also a good man who gives a great deal to others and to his community.
What attracted me to my wife was: Her beauty, personality, and her good heart.
A date we went on that we’ll always remember:  After two or three months of dating, we had dinner at the Boat House restaurant. Tony asked me how I met my late husband. I went on to tell how unlikely that meeting was and how all the circumstances came together perfectly for that “chance meeting” to occur. I told him that I even knew the date, which I commemorated in a Shadow Box that I made for him. It was November 5, 1977. At the time, Tony was still wearing his wedding ring. He took it off, and showed me the date engraved on the inside. The day and year that I met my late husband was the same day and year that Tony and his late wife were married. There turned out to be many more “coincidences” like this one, but I believe it was God’s way of letting us know that He understood the pain we went through, but that He was present in our relationship and that He brought us together.

Check back later for Part II of Janie + Tony…

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar MissCapitolHill reply

    Holy cow that story is amazing. Especially that last part about meeting her first husband on the same day that he married his first wife. Aww this story makes me happy.

  2. avatar Samantha reply

    What an absolutely beautiful story and wedding, thank you for sharing!

  3. avatar Melanie Watson reply

    What a beautiful bride. I love the parasols too… such a great idea!

  4. avatar twinkletoes reply

    What a classy wedding! What is the runner made of, I’ve been looking for something similar.

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