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Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend who is from Idaho. She asked me what a “buggy” was. I, of course, told her it was a shopping cart and much to her confusion, that was exactly what the kind man in the grocery store parking lot was offering her. It reminded me exactly of this post! When someone visits your home, it’s customary to offer them something to drink. Here in the South, we would ask, “Do you want a Coke?” If you replied with yes, we would ask, “what kind?” Here in the South, everything is a “Coke!” Not a “pop” or a “soda”, but a “Coke.” Maybe it’s a tribute to the roots of Coca Cola or maybe it’s just tradition.

Michelle March

The roots of Coca Cola run deep in the South, as the prototype for the Coca Cola recipe was originated in a drugstore in Columbus, Georgia. But it might appear that the drink’s roots trace all the way to Europe. In 1886, the prohibition legislation was passed in Georgia, so John Pemberton, Coke’s inventor responded by creating a non-alcoholic version of French Wine Coca.

On April 23, 1985, Coca-Cola, amid much publicity, attempted to change the formula of the drink with “New Coke.” Follow-up taste tests revealed that most consumers preferred the taste of New Coke to both Coke and Pepsi, but Coca-Cola management was unprepared for the public’s nostalgia for the old drink, leading to a backlash. The company gave in to protests and returned to a variation of the old formula, under the name Coca-Cola Classic on July 10, 1985. As for the that famous Coca-Cola logo, it was created by John Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Mason Robinson, in 1885. Robinson came up with the name and chose the logo’s distinctive cursive script.

Top to bottom: 13:13 Photography via Southern Weddings, Melissa Schollaert via Southern Weddings, and Adam Barnes via Southern Weddings

A few fun facts about our beloved Coke:

- Due to the belief that carbonated water was good for the health, “Coke” was initially sold as a patent medicine for five cents.
- The company did not incorporate into the Coca Cola Company until 1888.
- Coca Cola was sold in those fabulous classic glass bottles for the first time on March 12, 1894.
- Coca Cola’s first outdoor wall advertisement was painted in 1894 in Cartersville, Georgia.

Erich McVey via Style Me Pretty and Sarah Ashley Peters Photography

As a former Diet Coke addict, I love seeing Coke at weddings! Whether it’s the classic Coke in a bottle or Coke floats, the nostalgia is still completely there. Not too mention it’s quite the refreshing treat!

We took an office poll to see which would win, Coke or Pepsi. Apparently we’re a mixed bag! Lara prefers her Smartwater, Emily is all over Coke Zero, Nicole is a Classic Coke gal (unless it’s up against Orange Soda — duh!), and I must admit I cannot resist a good ol’ ice cold Coke in a bottle!

Which do you prefer? Are you a Classic Coke gal or is Pepsi more your style?

Michelle March, Melissa Schollaert, and Adam Barnes are fabulous members of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Katie O’Keefe reply

    My husband (from Oklahoma) and I (from Alabama) rarely fight, but one thing we do dispute over quite often is my referring to all sodas as Coke. You’re right, it’s just a Southern thing. I personally like Coke Zero, but nothing beats an ice cold glass bottle of Classic Coke. I may have to buy some for our Memorial Day weekend. :-)

  2. avatar Madelynne Moulton reply

    Classic Coke all the way! Coke in Europe actually tastes better to me and I think it’s because it’s made with pure cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. I was a Coke addict when I studied abroad in Italy :)

  3. avatar Kelsey reply

    I’m a Coke girl all the way! If I order a Coke and they ask if Pepsi is okay, the answer is always, “Oh, I’ll just a have sweet tea then.” My fiance likes the pretend that he likes Pepsi better because it’s made in North Carolina, but he’s a Coke fan too!

  4. avatar Kelly reply

    There is no substitution for Coke products!!!! Give me Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, or Sprite ANYDAY over a Pepsi. I’m right with Kelsey — if they ask me about a Pepsi, I’ll request a lemon water! :)

  5. avatar Sarah @ Belle on Heels reply

    Gah, Pepsi is the WORST! I’m a Coke girl all the way….well, Diet Coke. But we did serve classic Coke in glass bottles at our wedding. They were a huge hit!

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    [...] It’s always an honor to have my work featured, but it’s oh so special when it’s Southern Weddings Magazine. They wrote a fun blog about Coca-Cola and included the bottles I shot at Marian + Steven’s wedding. Yay! You can read all about this southern delicacy by clicking here. [...]

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Holy moly, this page looks yummy! Is it just me, or does each and every Southern Delicacy we feature look more and more delicious? Maybe I should stop working on these posts right around lunch time…

Like grits, deviled eggs are one of those love it or hate it foods. I think it’s the consistency that throws the dislikers off! I, myself, am quite fond of deviled eggs, and Emily’s told me she loves them, too. Deviled eggs, or eggs mimosas (I prefer this term!), are hard-boiled eggs cut in half and filled with the hard-boiled egg’s yolk mixed with all kinds of yummy seasoning and toppings. Deviled eggs are traditionally served cold as an appetizer, most commonly on holidays or at parties.

From top: deviled eggs by Cru Catering (photo by A Bryan Photo via Southern Weddings), deviled eggs with prosciutto (photo and recipe from Pixelated Crumb), lobster deviled eggs from Coastal Living (photo by Becky Luigart-Staynor), deviled eggs topped with bacon (photo by Cyn Kain)

A few interesting facts about deviled eggs: The term “deviled” dates back to the 19th century, when the term was coined to refer to particularly piquant (hot or spicy) spices in cooking. In Belgium, a variation known as “Russian eggs” is served. This version is where the eggs are filled with caviar and served in rémoulade sauce (not so sure about that one). In some parts of the South, the terms “salad eggs” or “dressed eggs” are used, particularly when the dish is served in connection with a church function.

We love the idea of serving deviled eggs at a wedding cocktail hour for a little down home flavor, especially when you dress up the classic with one of these creative ideas! The deviled egg topping bar below is particularly fun and interactive!

Clockwise from top left: deviled eggs with topping bar from My Recipes (photo by Jennifer Davick), pimento cheese deviled eggs from Southern Living (photo by Jennifer Davick), buffalo chicken deviled eggs (photo and recipe by Baked by Rachel), beet-pickled deviled eggs from The Kitchn (photo by Leela Cyd Ross)

Want to try your hand at deviling some eggs? Cool hard-boiled eggs, peel and half lengthwise. Remove the yolks, then mash and mix with your favorite ingredients, such as mayonnaise, mustard, tartar sauce or Worcestershire sauce. Then scoop the yolk mixture and place into the egg “cups.” Lastly, garnish with Old Bay, paprika, curry powder, chives, and/or dill!

Do you like deviled eggs? Will you be serving them at your wedding? Do you prefer the classic version, or would you try one of the bolder varieties in this post?

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar molly reply

    WHAT? buffalo chicken deviled eggs? i think i may have just died and gone to deviled egg heaven.

  2. avatar Gretchen reply

    I adore deviled eggs (simple mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, paprika combo is my favorite). Love the beet-pickled look though, which would be really fun for our cocktail menu.

  3. avatar sarah @ belle on heels reply

    the fabulous southern chef virginia willis has the BEST deviled eggs recipe. her secret? BUTTER!! my husband goes crazy whenever i make them :)

  4. avatar Tim Duncan reply

    These look so delicious… making me hungry right now!

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Please tell me y’all are having as much hair-envy from these photos as I am! The elusive “Southern Bump” is my favorite hair do ever, after all. Not familiar with the SB? Why, it’s the style with the perfect amount of sweet and classic mixed with just the right amount of pouf (to make it sassy!). When I got married, of course, I asked my hair dresser for the Bump, and to make me look like a vintage Bridget Bardot and not like Marge Simpson. And yes, it is a very fine line!

Credits, from top to bottom: clip from Tessa Kim, photo by Harwell Photography, unknown, Jasmine Star via Style Me Pretty, Adam Barnes via Southern Weddings

Achieving the perfect Southern Bump does not happen by chance – oh no. It takes practice and the right tools! On your wedding day, I would advise leaving it to the professionals, and bringing in lots of photos the show what you want. Also, be sure your hair is longer than you think you’ll need, because the teasing needed to get that perfect bump will eat up the length of your hair quickly.

If you’re brave enough to try the bump at home, I suggest investing in the right products. I am a HUGE fan of Big Sexy Hair’s What a Tease – this stuff really works. You flip over the dry hair you want to pouf, and spray this super sticky hairspray-like concoction on the underside. Let it dry, then flip the hair back over. Viola! Instant backcombing without the damage. If you want more bump or hold, I suggest teasing before spraying in the What a Tease. Also in the big hair arsenal? A teasing comb and good dry shampoo.

Credits, from top to bottom: Heather Kincaid, Crystal Genes via Southern Weddings, Justin & Mary, and The Youngrens via SMP

Once last tip that one of our dear readers shared with me: if you have fine hair, using big ol’ hot rollers instead of a curling iron helps create the initial volume needed for just the right amount of pouf.

Have you got the Southern Bump down to an art? Share your secrets with us in the comment section below! Please! I am always looking to learn how to better work this hair!

P.S. If you’re looking for a how to video for teasing, hop over to Katie’s blog (that I’m obsessed with) here for a quick tutorial! Happy teasin’, y’all!

Harwell Photography and Adam Barnes are fabulous members of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Madi reply

    Just loving this post today, Marissa! “The bigger the hair, the closer to God!” ;)
    I’m a big fan of Bed Head by TIGI’s Masterpiece hairspray. It’s what my Southern Belle of a hairstylist has used on me since I was a young one and I still use it daily! And you are right, a teasing comb is a must!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Ooh, I’ll have to try that hairspray! I’m a huge product junkie, so I’m always up for trying new ones, and that one sounds right up my alley! Thanks, Madi! xx

    • avatar Andrea reply

      Marissa: Do you know where I can get this dress? I have been scouring the internet! I need it!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Hey Andrea! I’m sending you an email now – I’d be happy to help you track down the dress! xx, MAK

  2. avatar Tim Duncan reply

    What a cute post! :)

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As y’all know, I normally talk about Southern wedding traditions – from the sweet to the kind of wacky! Well, today’s tradition is not necessarily associated with weddings, but it still features a lovely lady (ies) in a gorgeous white gown, so we thought y’all might be interested!

Photos by Beatrice de Gea for the New York Times

That’s right, today we’re discussing the Debutante Cotillion. Also known as the Deb Ball, this Southern tradition is a formal presentation of young ladies – debutantes – to society. During the ball, the young ladies are to be wearing white gowns with satin gloves. Each is formally introduced individually to the audience in standard way: her full name is announced, she is walked around the stage by her father for the official presentation, and then her younger male escort joins her and escorts her away.

Recognize that gorgeous redhead? That’s our Editor in Chief Ms. Lara Casey at her own Debutante Cotillion! Isn’t she stunning?

Back to business! A debutante is a young lady, traditionally from an aristocratic family, who has reached the age of maturity. Now that she is an adult, she is introduced to society at a formal “debut” presentation. Interesting to note, while doing my homework, I found that Wikipedia offers Southern Belle as the synonym for a debutante!  In another fun fact, the Christmas Cotillion in Savannah, Georgia, is the oldest debutante ball in the United States, beginning in 1817.

Photos by Beatrice de Gea for the New York Times

I’m a bit partial to cotillions, not because I was a debutante (I’m still sad I was never able to be an Azalea Trail Maid!), but because my sister in law’s debutante ball was my husband’s and my first official outing as a couple! And yes, my husband rocked a pink bow tie and cummerbund set!

Were you a debutante? Did you have a cotillion, or have you ever attended one? 

P.S. Looking for a laugh? Take a gander at what my beloved Azalea Trail Maids wear! Yes, they wear those to this day! SO awesome! :)

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar molly stillman reply

    LOVE it. i was never a debutante, sadly… but kinda always dreamed of being one (my 17-year-old self would not have admitted that at the time…)

    but OH MYLANTA those Azalea Trail Maids are out. of. control. hahahaha i want that dress. to wear. all over town.

    just kidding.

    sort of.

  2. avatar Katie O’Keefe reply

    I was born in Mobile and as I little girl I always wanted to be an Azalea Trail Maid. However, due to my father’s military service we moved out of the country when I was eight. Such a shame…I always wanted the “Gone with the Wind” gown!

  3. avatar Andi reply

    Marissa~ Are you from Mobile?? I am from Fairhope and always wanted to be a Dogwood Trail Maid but didn’t quite make it! I was in the Nutcracker Charity Deb Ball in Mobile a few years back! Great fun!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Hi Andi! Yes, I am from Mobile!! I moved before I was old enough to be an ATM! SO sad! I was actually one for Halloween for like 3 years in a row! I never went to the Nutcracker Ball, but I WAS in the Nutcracker for the Mobile Ballet!! xx

  4. avatar Patti reply

    I’m sorry you were never an Azalea Trail Maid, Marissa – but I do remember you rocking an Azalea Trail Maid costume for Halloween one year!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      It’s okay, Mom! I’ve come to terms with it! : ) I loved that costume – such a great thrift store find! I love you!

  5. avatar Lara reply

    Oh my! HAHA! Yes, that is me in a wedding gown at the age of 17 (I think). It was fun!

  6. avatar Ashley reply

    My best friend’s little sister was an Azalea Trail Maid a couple years ago…so adorable!

  7. avatar Courtney {pizzazzerie} reply

    So cool! I was a deb in North Carolina during sophomore year of college. Very hilarious to put on a wedding dress then. Excited to wear my real one in a few months, but at least the days of “debbing” got me prepared! haha

  8. avatar Desiree reply

    True Story – I was kicked out of debs!! And I later came to find out that my mother was kicked out as well when she was a teenager! Completely different reasons but it’s still our own “family tradition” :) The secret’s in the sauce y’all! wink wink LOL

  9. avatar Holly Gardner reply

    Oh, dear heavens this made me laugh. I have to confess that I was an Azalea Trail girl! It was horrible, but I’ll probably make my daughter do it when she gets to that age too. Hilarious! :)

  10. avatar Ashley Daniell {Ashley Daniell Photography} reply

    OMG, how embarrassing is this picture?!? I’m mortified it’s on the world wide web! Hahaha Ahh, memories Lara!

  11. avatar Wendy Robinson reply

    Ah…the memories! I was a deb in 19**…ahem…and I remember my dress was exquisite! My mother took me to the best bridal shop in town and let me choose my favorite. I’ll always remember the look on the salon owners face when I told her how old I was. When I told her that I was 17, her jaw dropped! She looked quite shocked that we were there for a wedding gown! Mom explained that it was for my cotillion, but I couldn’t resist a good laugh! LOL

  12. avatar Wendy Robinson reply

    Oh and practicing that curtsy for so many weeks prior!! Yeesh!!

  13. avatar Sierra reply

    You would never guess it, but I was in Cotillion until we moved from Tennessee to rural Ohio in middle school. I remember my mom taking me to Hallmark to pick out the nicest formal stationery they had to learn the etiquette of writing thank you letters and addressing envelopes (this was in third or fourth grade!). We also had timed place-setting competitions, a topic in which I need a refresher course for sure. In high school, I was often other people’s date for the Cotillion dances, but I never officially rejoined. Being a Deb is certainly an important Southern tradition for many girls I’m friends with. Thanks, M!

  14. avatar Kelly Cummings reply

    Oh my, those dresses for the Azalea Trail Maids make me thing of Rainbow Row in Charleston! Also, how gorgeous is Lara?!

  15. avatar Kim Ross reply

    Yes, I was a deb back in 19??! It was a great experience!

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Sweet friends, y’all know sharing our readers’ excitement over their proposals is one of my favorite parts of my job! Seriously, you can’t beat that smile right after he pops the question – priceless emotion that you can’t bottle up, even if you tried!

Since we loved sharing the first and second rounds of readers so much, we figured we’d make it a regular thing around here! Help me give these lovely belles and beaus a big ol’ Southern Weddings congratulations!

Big hugs to these sweet gals! From top to bottom and left to right: Becca A., Brittany A., Julie S., Amanda B., Angelica B., and Loren.

Congrats to these belles! From left to right and top to bottom: Debbie P., Justine K., Erin Z., Carolyn L., and Danielle V.

Hugs to these dolls! From left to right and top to bottom: Emily B., Katie C., Julie S., Lisa E., and Meagan W.

Engaged? I want to hear from you! Send me an email with the subject “I’m engaged!” and a photo of you and your handsome beau after he popped the big Q!

P.S. Check out our previous post for my own personal proposal photo and Emily’s sweet-as-pie proposal video!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Meredith Perdue reply

    So fun to see Amanda & Nick’s photo on this post – I’m so excited to shoot their November wedding in Raleigh!

  2. avatar Elizabeth and Ryan | Elizabeth Ryan Photography reply

    So fun to see all the newly engaged couples!

  3. avatar Tim Duncan reply

    Woohoo! Congrats to them all! :)

  4. avatar Nicole (WeddingScan) reply

    Congrats to all the adorable engaged couples! It was so cute to see some of the proposals and expressions on your face. — Love, WeddingScan iPhone app…register any product, any store = one combined registry

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  6. avatar Shalisa spence reply

    Congulations shalisa and Allan

  7. avatar Shalisa spence reply

    Congulations you two

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