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The fall season is officially under way in our neck of the woods, which means the South’s favorite fall season sport is in full swing, as well: football!

Appetizers and snacks for any good tailgate need to be easy to prep and carry, and generous enough to feed a large crowd. The recipes here all do just that!

I’ve rounded up some of our favorite tailgate recipes to share with you today (including two from my personal recipe box!), and the Southern Weddings gals shared their favorites, too. Whether you’re hosting a party yourself or looking to bring the perfect appetizer to the next tailgate, one of these is sure to have everyone asking you for the recipe (the true compliment of any great cook).

Nashville is known for chicken and waffles. To help you pull this classic off with ease, I’ve made my version super simple, with ready-made ingredients. Mini frozen waffles and chicken tenders cut small and drizzled with a warm maple and pepper jelly syrup make the sweetest start to your menu.

You can even assemble these onsite with toothpicks and serve on a team color coordinated tray. (My personal preference would be orange for my UT Volunteers, of course.)

This recipe is so easy to make that this card is more shopping list than how-to, but it’s still a definite pin and save to your recipe box!

Download and print the Mini Chicken & Waffles recipe card.

When I moved to the South, I quickly realized that all gatherings are required to have a cheese dip of some fashion, and this Buffalo Chicken Dip version is always a hit.

This dip be baked in the oven and served in its dish, or you can premix it in a dip-sized crockpot to carry with you and keep nice and hot during cooler weather.

To take the presentation up a notch, try serving it in mini individual glasses with celery sticks. I love anything mini, and it looks so fun presented this way on the table!

Download and print the Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe card.

Now for a few favorite tailgate recipes from the other SW ladies:

Marissa: My go-to game-day appetizer is Conecuh on the grill. It’s an extra-easy dish with good ol’ Alabama roots. Add some festive toothpicks with flags and some spicy mustard, and you’re good to go.

Nicole: Bacon jam served with mini biscuits! I’m not a sports person, but I am a big fan of tailgate food! I’ve found it tends to get smothered on not only the mini biscuits I usually bring, but the rest of the game day foods, too. It tells me that everyone loves it :) Bonus: it travels so well!

Jess: If you’ve spent just a few minutes around me, you probably know that I’m a big fan of guacamole. Fresh guacamole is always a crowd-pleaser, but I love using the Pioneer Woman’s Grilled Corn Guacamole recipe if I need to kick it up a notch!

Emily: This recipe is NOT what I’d call healthy, but is that the point of a tailgate? No, I think not. Spicy corn dip is delicious right out of the oven, but still great even once it’s cooled to room temperature. You will be the life of the party if you arrive with this dish in tow!

Kristin: Between being able to make it the night before and it not requiring cutlery to enjoy (pass the corn chips, please), this recipe for “Texas Caviar” is one of my go tos for afternoon tailgates (or game watching parties)!

Do you have a favorite tailgate recipe to share? Link up to it in the comments below!

Written with love by Amber
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  1. avatar Mary Kay reply

    I made the chicken and waffles for a party last week and they were a big hit! Thank you for sharing such a simple, crowd-pleasing recipe!

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Sweet tea is a tradition in the South, and almost always the welcome refreshment at social gatherings.

For over 150 years, we’ve consumed this iced beverage of simple ingredients that has the unique ability to make any Southerner instantly feel at home. The first known recipe for sweet tea was printed in 1879 in a cookbook called Housekeeping in Old Virginia by Marion Cabell Tyree, who was born in Texas.

My round-up of sweet teas include recipes we debuted earlier this summer in our Fruitful Summer series. You can still sign up for our newsletter here to receive the Fruitful Summer e-book, all about deepening your relationship with your partner this season.

Summer is not quite over, and these sweet tea recipes are worth a second look if you have not had the chance to try them yet! They’re all fun, fruity twists on the classic recipe. Today, I’m highlighting a new recipe to add to the line-up: Watermelon Sweet Iced Tea.

The key to this recipe is watermelon that has a sweet flavor. Personally, I find that organic watermelons tend to be sweeter and juicer than others. My favorite part of this recipe, besides how refreshing it is? The pink hue that the drink takes on, of course!

Find all of our fruity sweet tea recipes below!

Cheers to closing out summer sipping sweet tea in the shade with your sweetheart!

Written with love by Amber
  1. avatar Rebecca reply

    These are perfect. Going to make one each day with my day campers! Thanks for the sweet tea tips. :)

  2. avatar Weekend Reads of the Best Articles, Sales, & Shopping from the Week reply

    […] A sweet tea recipe round-up. […]

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Hello friends! Amber here, and I’m so excited to start sharing my favorite tips and ideas for being a gracious hostess. From recipes to projects to gift ideas, I look forward to regularly sharing with you how to entertain at home and add a bit of Southern hospitality to your everyday!

It’s summer in the South, which means there is a roadside stand full of fresh vegetables around every corner! It’s the perfect time to enjoy the bounty and bake up some delicious zucchini bread to give as a gift to the hosts at your next social gathering, or simply have on hand for friends that stop by.

This moist and delicious zucchini bread recipe features a hint of cinnamon and some added walnuts for crunch. It slices perfectly and is always gone in less than a day at our house! Last week, our family picked a 14″ long zucchini from our garden that was enough to double this recipe and make four loaves. Two for us and two to give away!

For transportation and gifting, wrap a bit of parchment paper around a loaf and tie it with bakers twine. I also love the idea of pairing a loaf with a Fruitful Summer Encouragement Postcard to delight someone special with!

Want to add this recipe to your recipe box? We’ve created a sweet printable card for you! Download your zucchini bread recipe card.

Written with love by Amber
  1. avatar Alison reply

    What an adorable series! So excited for this!

    • avatar Amber reply

      I’m excited that you’re excited Alison! Happy baking! :)

  2. avatar Emily reply

    I love the idea of sharing recipes on SW. This is such a great addition to the website. I will have try the zucchini bread soon!

    • avatar Amber reply

      So glad to hear this Emily! Let me know how it turns out! :)

    • avatar Emily reply

      I finally got around to trying this recipe and Amber it was so delicious!!! It’s a dense bread but was still very tasty with a crispy crust. I especially enjoyed it with some peanut butter smeared on top! Bring on more recipes to try.

    • avatar Amber reply

      Hooray Emily! So great to hear that you had the results you did. I’ve never tried peanut butter with it, but definitely going to now! Excited to share more recipes with you too in the coming months!

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