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One thing’s for sure about weddings in the South: you cannot count on the weather! One minute it’s sunny and the next a full-on rain storm is brewing. For this week’s Southern Style post, we’re celebrating the perfect (and quite stylish) way to weather the storm — wellies! (Or, as Lilly Pulitzer dubbed them, swellies!) Originating with the Duke of Wellington, these once utilitarian rubber boots have now been updated and styled for the perfect (and oh-so-Southern) rainy day accessory.

Image credit from left to right and top to bottom: Heather Forsythe, Gave Aceves via Ruffled, Ash Imagery via Ruffled, Lucida Photography, Meg Perotti, One Love Photography, Stephanie Williams via ELD and Susan Stripling via Green Wedding Shoes.

Since I never leave y’all empty handed, we’ve rounded up our favorite and most stylish wellies for today’s Shopping Guide:

A. Lilly Pulitzer Swellies ($72.47), B. In the Company of Dogs British Wellies ($79.95), C. Tretorn “Skerry” Rain Boots ($49), D. Kate Spade “Randi” ($125), E. Joules “Posh” Wellies ($99), F. Hunter “Huntress” ($125), G. Dover Joules Welly in Toupe ($64.90).

We want to hear from you! Did it rain on your wedding day? (I’ve heard that’s good luck!) Would you wear wellies to keep from soaking your tootsies? Have a favorite pair? (Mine are houndstooth!)

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marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Caitlin reply

    LOVE wellies! I have a pair of fire engine red Hunter wellies myself and they are amazing. If it does rain on my wedding day, I will be thrilled to have an opportunity to show off my puddle jumpers.

  2. avatar Emily reply

    My wellies are polka dotted, from L.L. Bean! Love them :)

  3. avatar Dana Laymon Photography reply

    love love love! my friend just got navy ones with white anchors on them from target! these are so cute. love this post! now i need to find a bride who will wear these :)

  4. avatar Amanda Noel reply

    Great post! Wonderful to incorporate Wellies not just for rainy weddings but also rainy engagement shoots!

  5. avatar Jessica reply

    Wellies are so fun and practical! I love unique wedding shoes :)

  6. avatar Karl reply

    Check out these Weddington Wellies
    Perfect for weddings and festivals.

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There aren’t too many holidays that are as potentially romantic as the Fourth of July, y’all. Watching fireworks with your sweetie on a blanket in a field or out of the back of a pick-up or on a sandy Southern coastline – oh my! Take me there! I’m headed down to Florida this weekend with my hubs to be with the fam and soak up some pool time and BBQ… and fireworks of course. Growing up in the South, I remember so many brilliant sparkling nights with a sky full of bright colored explosions, sweet tea in hand. We all sit out by the pool and laugh as my mom gets a ridiculously big kick out of her once-a-year pyro fun! It all stems from a great old Southern tradition of lighting firecrackers on Christmas morning.  What can I say?  The woman loves her fireworks!  Photo below by Paul Johnson.

This week, I want to know about the moment you first felt those heart explosions with The One… the moment you just knew that this was going to be forever.  The kind of fireworks that take your breath away and sweep you off your feet.  You know what I mean, friends!   It’s a feeling inside our gut that says, “This is IT!” Maybe it was a first date when he opened all the doors for you and you locked eyes… fireworks!  Maybe it was having him meet your mom for the first time and hearing their laughter together… fireworks!  Maybe it was that time he cared for you when you were so sick you couldn’t get out of bed.  He tried to make you a comforting grilled cheese – just like your mom used to do – and he maaaaay have burned it.  But, somehow it was the greatest meal you’ve ever had… fireworks!  Perhaps it was that time he knew just what to say just when you needed it most… FIREWORKS!  Photo below by Caroline Ghetes.

For me, it was when Ari met my dad.  They were two peas in a pod.  I knew I found a keeper!  Just five months after meeting, we were married.  In Vegas, no less.  And here we are over five years later with a little Biscuit in my oven, happy as two bees in a honeysuckle field!  Whatever those fireworks were for you, fill us in, ladies!  How did you know? Spill the beans! Photo below by Benj Haisch.

GIVEAWAY: Four (yes, 4!) lucky winners will get one of our favorite Fab Finds from our last issue: heart or love sparklers from Tops MalibuJust leave a comment telling us about those heart explosions.

P.S. Congrats to last post’s winner, Amanda Noel.  Oh wow, all of the comments on that post were so inspiring!  I can’t wait for all of your weddings!  Amanda, email us your mailing address and we’ll get your gorgeous Paloma’s Nest Ring Bearer Bowl right to you.

Wishing you all a lifetime of fireworks ahead and a fantastic weekend under these gorgeous Southern skies!

lara Written with love by Lara Casey
  1. avatar Bethany Ann Stuart reply

    Love this post! My ‘heart explosions’ happened on the very first day I met my now-husband. He was a teacher’s assistant in my first college course. Don’t worry – he was a student too! Just an assistant for a scholarship. Well, he walked in the room that very first day and literally took my breath away! It was the weirdest feeling EVER. However, we didn’t start dating until that next semester – after the course ended. I never forgot that feeling and we married last fall. :) Thanks for letting me relive that moment!!! Happy 4th of July, y’all!!

  2. avatar Tiffany Whitsitt reply

    Oh my gosh!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE those sparklers! Too cute!

  3. avatar Kelly reply

    I knew he was the one on our first date…..we doubled with a good friend of mine and her boyfriend. We went to a fun local bar and and were hanging out, next thing I knew the bartender tapped me on the shoulder and said “We are closing up if y’all don’t want to spend the night, it is time to leave” What? Where did those 3 hours go….everyone had left the bar (including my friend) and there we were completely unaware of everything around us. As he was walking me to my car and gave my hand a squeeze, something inside me knew we would always be together. We were married 10 months later and have been madly in love for over 18 years….after all these years, he can look at me across a room and I still get butterflies in my stomach. I thank God for him every day!

    • avatar Lara reply

      I so know the feeling! Ari and I had the same thing happen on one of our first dates. Time flies when you are feeling those fireworks! Love it, Kelly.

  4. avatar Heather Gardner reply

    Great post Lara….

    Looking back, it’s hard to believe that the hubs and I have been married for 4 years. We met on a blind date courtesy of e-Harmony (yep!). Sitting next to him, hearing how he spoke, how his eyes lit up like a little kid on Christmas when he talked about his grandfather, and the *gut feeling* I had for him – at that moment, I knew I was going to marry him. I had never had that feeling before with any other…and 6 months later we were engaged!

    • avatar Lara reply

      Heather, I love your story! I hear so many great e-Harmony matches. So wonderful!

  5. avatar Linden reply

    It’s funny because the moment HE first knew was actually last year at the 4th of july… we were on my family’s boat watching fireworks and it was perfect… he even wrote me a poem about it (cheesy, i know!). the moment i first knew was way less romantic but just as special. he wrote me this letter that proved to me how empathetic he is and how he realized (very early on… I think we’d known each other 6 weeks at this point!) how much his words and actions affected me. he proved to me that he’d always be careful with my feelings.

    • avatar Lara reply

      Linden, I love this. I’m excited for you two to relive the fireworks this weekend!

  6. avatar allison reply

    When my now-fiance met my family!

  7. avatar madelynne miller reply

    The first time I ever felt fireworks for my fiance Corey was about a week after I met him. I asked to share head phones with him in the computer lab so I could listen to his music. He was playing “Italian Leather Sofa” by CAKE and I was quietly singing it to myself. He looked at me and said “You know CAKE and you know this SONG?!” And I said “Yes, of course, I grew up listening to CAKE.” And that was it. Indie music obsessed man and I fell in love.

  8. avatar Jennifer reply

    My fiance and I are getting married in exactly one month today! To celebrate we’re headed to our town’s beach to watch the Canada Day Fireworks over the lake! My hearts been doubling over itself all day I’m so excited!

    I knew my fiance was the one when he had my name tattooed across his chest…


    Really though…

    I tore my tutu during the dress rehearsal the night before the opening performance of a production of Swan Lake I was in, and my fiance stayed up past midnight to help me fix my tutu. I didn’t even know he could sew, but I’ll never forget the way he smiled at me and said ” I can’t stand it when something makes you sad… and I’m just happy that this is something I CAN fix for you. Pass me the kit and stand still!”

    I’ll love this man forever.

    • avatar Lara reply

      HAHA!!! Thanks for the good laugh, Jennifer! Your story wins bonus points. He fixed your tutu!? Amazing! Love it! And congrats on your upcoming wedding – YAY!!!!

  9. avatar Amanda Zerra reply

    Loving this post, just thinking back to all of the ‘fireworks’ we’ve shared over the years gives me butterflies! The first time I felt the sparks between my now husband and I was back in High School (8 years ago.. wow) we went to the beach on one of our first dates to check out the stars. Me, being the bad influence I was decided we should go past the locked gate and sit on the sand near the water. After about 20 minutes of kissing under the stars a policeman came shining his mag lite on us and yelled at us to leave. I kept my cool knowing we hadn’t done anything wrong and we’d simply be on our way. My now husband however, being the goody two shoes he was freaked out, ran to the cop to apologize. Needless to say this startled the police officer. All was fine, I just remember thinking back then how opposite we were and how much his cute innocence made me laugh, and still does! On the drive home we laughed over our evening and I told him I loved him. Neither of us has changed! :) Happy 4th everybody! God Bless America!

  10. avatar Mandy reply

    The first time I knew was way back when I was in high school after prom when he and a few others spent the night at my house. We weren’t dating at the time (my choice), but we managed to find some time away from the others spending the night and go sit out on my front porch swing. It was really late at night and slightly chilly outside. I’m stubborn as all get out, but I didn’t want to go in and I was cold. Since he didn’t have a jacket to offer me, he pulled me close and put his arm around me. We didn’t say much… just sat in the dark, looking up at the stars, but that’s when I knew. I didn’t know much about how it was going to work out, but I knew that if I were to marry it would be to him and that he would be the perfect one for me. It’s been 7 years since that night and now we are engaged. So much for not dating him!

  11. avatar Lori reply

    We’ve had many sparks and fireworks over the last year and a half, but I’d say the most memorable was on our 2nd date. Bobby had just finished law school at University of Tennessee and on a beautiful summer night, he took me around campus and downtown Knoxville. As we were walking past Market Square and through a small park and gardens, he led me to the old courthouse and explained to me its history and significance. We held eachother’s gaze for what seemed like forever and he leaned down and gave me the most powerful and electric kiss of my life! I have never been one for PDA, but I just couldn’t pull away! We still talk about that kiss and how that’s when we knew we had something very special.

    • avatar Lori reply

      Lori: I forgot to mention that while we were kissing, a car full of college guys drove past and hooped and hollered at us. Haha. Memories.

  12. avatar linda d reply

    It’s so crazy to look back and realize that fireworks happened the moment that we met. We met at a bar in the most lucky of coincidences in terms of time and place. He had just started living in the area and his sister had invited him out to happy hour. One of his sister’s friends had also invited me out. I walked in and sat next to him and so started our story. If for some reason either of us had not gone that night, it was pretty likely that we would have never met and our lives would never have changed. It was the weirdest feeling that we connected so well so quickly. Everyone else there tells me it was so obvious that we were in our own world at that point. Of course we’ve had other fireworks since then, including the surprise proposal! But I will never forget that feeling of the first time. :)

  13. avatar Taylor reply

    After my boyfriend and I had spent 2 moths apart doing mission work during our first year of dating, seeing him walk up the stairs in the airport made my heart EXPLODE! I was in the Dominican Republic, and he was in Jordan. The Lord’s will was our focus and we knew we’d make it through. After serving for so long, our hearts rejoiced together.

  14. avatar AshleyHH reply

    Being a Florida girl, born and raised…. the 4th of July is my favorite holiday (other than Christmas of course!) Fireworks are my absolute favorite and I am so excited to spend this 4th with my sweetie and his family down in the Keys… although I am gonna miss my family out at the lake! When my honey and I first started hanging out, I was very unsure of the whole thing, I knew I liked him, he was just so different than I had remembered him from high school 5 (now 6) years ago. Our first few dates were spent on the beach, swimming at sunset, wishing on stars, sharing life ambitions, and maybe even stealing a kiss or two. ;-) I had surgery on my foot 3 days after we started hanging out (we hung out every night) and he came to see me and take care of me right away. Met my parents right away and got along with them right away. But something inside me was still unsure. And then, when I told him of my insecurities, I felt those fireworks when he gave me his response. He told me, ” If I am not the last guy you date, I hope that I at least set the bar very high for anyone else who might come into your life.” And I melted and realized I didn’t want anyone else to come into my life. We have made it through almost a year of long distance, and now I get to move back to be closer to him tomorrow!!!! Yay!

    • avatar Maddison Lee reply

      AshleyHH: If she doesn’t win, then she better have set the standard! Haha! Love that! Happy moving! No, I don’t know this girl.

  15. avatar Erin B. reply

    My guy does “explosion stuff” all the time…..over the last year for a period of a least 6 months there he was bringing me fresh flowers at least once a week (and I am such a sucker for flowers!!). He loves me so much I can just look into his eyes and see it and THAT is what gives me the explosions!! Although, the flowers are nice too:)
    And I am ready for my firework exit at the wedding!!! These would be great!!

  16. avatar Rachael J reply

    I knew he was “the one” after dating for in high school for two years, I moved two hours south for college. He drove over 500 miles in one weekend because I was all alone my new apartment! It was something he did not have to do by any means but it meant the world to me. Three years later, we are getting married :)

  17. avatar Amanda Noel reply

    I am so excited about the Ring Bearer Bowl! Thank you!

  18. avatar Autumn Goehring reply

    Right from the beggining he was different. At first I didnt know that was a good thing. I was at a point in my life when for the first time, I wanted nothing to do with any “boyfriend”. I met Todd on his birthday. He was coming on WAY too strong. From that night on he did not give up. I pushed him away, and he pushed right back. He knew something I did not. I am so grateful that he did not give up on me, that he sucked up the humiliation of repeated rejection. One night I was alone and he crossed my mind, over and over, the pressure built until I finally let all my pride and emotion go. In one brilliant exlosion of love I realized he was the one. He didnt give up on me. We were together that night and have been ever since. I love my man for who he is and the lesson he taught me.

  19. avatar Brittany Mayer reply

    The first time I experienced fireworks with my fiance Adam, was a little unconventional as I was with another beau at the time, but you just can’t stop love I guess! There was a large group of us all on a camping trip at a lake in North Carolina. I had only met Adam a few times and didn’t know him all too well, but as I got to know him that day I realized what a great person he was. Well that night we all went down onto the beach at our camp site. There was the most amazing meteor shower I have ever seen! Thousands of shooting stars fell across the sky as I stood next to Adam. Of course being the romantic I am I made a wish to find that one person I was meant for, as I have always wished since I was a little girl. And all of a sudden watching those falling stars I just knew it was him. Talk about fireworks! Love is blind and unexpected that way I guess! I will always thank my lucky stars I found him

  20. avatar Amanda R reply

    The moment I knew my man was the one for me was while we weren’t even together or dating! We dated in college, but went separate ways to pursue careers and further education. Long story short, I got a phone call one Memorial Day weekend that he had broken his neck and could possibly be paralyzed. Upon hearing that news and thinking that I could have lost him forever, the heartbreak and feelings that immediately sprung inside of me were so strong that I knew I had more love for him than I ever realized was possible. We gave love a second chance and we are getting married next June!

  21. avatar Angela Alpaugh reply

    The moment I knew was when we saw each other for the first time across a room. It was a true Tony and Maria moment from “West Side Story” when they see each other across the room and everyone else in the room fades away. My New Yorker husband was working at a hospital in my home state of Oklahoma and visited my home church. We were married last month at that same church, Northside Southern Baptist Church. In keeping with true Southern tradition, it is where my parents were married in 1972 and my maternal grandparents began their married life together in 1948. To top it all off, he proposed last 4th of July and we are returning this 4th to the place he proposed: his family’s beach house on Long Beach Island, NJ.

  22. avatar Natalie reply

    My “Heart Explosions” are all the time my fiance goes above and beyond the call of duty just because he loves me so, so much. One of many examples is this past week. I was gone on a mission trip with the church I work for and he was a hero, getting things done for the wedding, trying to help arrange for my mom to visit me so I can finally pick out a wedding dress, and to top it all of cooking dinner for me on the evening I got back. He does so much to make my life easier and better. I love him so much and appreciate all the love he showers me with each and every day!

  23. avatar cleesmile reply

    the heart sparklers would make a beautiful lit-up addition to a bright wedding that we’re trying to have!

  24. avatar Kristyn M reply

    Part of me knew as soon as I met him that he was the one. But that was about 10 months before this moment. Jeff and I met at the dog park but started dating via facebook. I was working for the summer at a law firm in Florida and he was back in North Carolina when we started dating. I was driving the 2.5 hours to Seaside Beach, FL to spend a weekend with a dear friend and her family (now my maid of honor and her daughter is my flower girl.) I talked to Jeff the entire way there but didn’t want to be rude so we hung up once I arrived. I was sitting on the porch of this beautiful beachfront house telling my friend all about Jeff. During this time he sent me a text message saying something about what he was doing that day. Immediately following I got a picture message from him with a picture of fireworks and text that said “and this is how you make me feel :)” I immediately showed my friend and we both got tears in our eyes. I knew he was the one for me at that moment.

    It wasn’t until a few weeks later that we shared our first hug, first kiss and first date. Its proof that you can know before anything physical takes place. It was an emotional connection that I don’t share with anyone but him.

  25. avatar New Year’s Eve Wedding Fireworks | The Destination Wedding Blog – Jet Fete by Bridal Bar reply

    [...] {Photos: Top Left: Midnight in Paris, Right: GemLab, Bottom Left: Colin Cowie Weddings, Right: Paul Johnson via Southern Weddings} [...]

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You still have 15 days to secure your spot in V4! That gorgeous photo above? It’s by Kelly Hornberger, one of our fabulous online + V3 print sponsors! Want to see your gorgeous ad in print? Just email me to learn all about the goodness that we have in store for vendors!

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Southern Recipe Call

by in Main on

From my Mom’s made-from-scratch pound cake to my father in law’s you-won’t-believe-how-good deep fried cajun turkey, yummy Southern recipes run in my family. I may be culinarily-challenged myself (I’ve burned Pop and Serve rolls! True story, y’all!), but let me tell you that I know some incredible Southern cooks! And you know what comes with fabulous Southern cooks? Even more fabulous Southern recipes! I know you’ve got ‘em, too, those flour-covered recipes cards that have been passed down for generations. Well, it’s time to do what your Momma taught you to do as a tiny child – share! We’re putting together the ultimate list of treasured Southern recipes for a future feature and some really fun downloadable recipe cards, and we want the details on your family’s most delicious eats!

We want your MeeMaw’s famous apple uglies and your Great Aunt’s collard greens! That’s right, it’s time to give up the goods, y’all! We’re sending out a Southern Recipe Call for all your favorite beneath-the-Mason-Dixon delectables. Have a favorite recipe? Send it my way.

Don’t forget to include the following items in your submission:

- The recipe text (of course!)
- A quick history or story behind the recipe from you or the original cook.
- What you love about it, when you most love to eat it, etc.
- Best served with (help a girl out: what other Southern dish or favorite Southern beverage pairs perfectly with your dish?)
- A photo of whoever created it or a photo of the dish itself. (Have a picture of you and your Papaw making his famous blackened craw-daddies? Send it along with the recipe – I’d simply adore it!)

Need a little inspiration? Well, since my Mama taught me right, I’m going to share this yummy recipe for Smells Like Home’s red velvet brownies with white chocolate buttercream frosting! Divine, right?!

I cannot wait to see (and try) all the wonderful recipes I know y’all have!

marissa Written with love by Marissa

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Giveaway :: Jess Wainer Glass

by in Main on

Bridesmaids are a special kind of girl. They’re the ones who help you plan your wedding, throw you a killer bridal shower and bachelorette party, and make your life fun and full all at the same time. Heavens to Betsy, finding gifts for the special Southern ladies in our lives is difficult! They deserve gifts as one-of-a-kind and beautiful as they are.

Jess Wainer glass shares the same sentiment. Each one of her hand-blown glass vases is made individually and has a personality of its own.

You could win a few of these lovely bud vases! They would make a unique bridesmaid gift, a work of art that is a constant reminder of how special each one of your ‘maids is.

To Enter: Leave a comment below telling us how your bridesmaids have made your life fun and full.

Win: Five hand-blown mini bud vases made by Jess Wainer for your special ladies.

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar SouthernBelleJM reply

    My bridesmaids have always been my best friends. A few I met in undergrad, and a few I met in grad. Needless to say, we always have fun and end up in some kind of trouble, but there are no other girls I’d like to hang out with than them. They’re great:)

  2. avatar Emma P. reply

    My bridesmaids are my sister and future sister-in-law. My sister has been such a wonderful person to grow up with; she’s funny, kind, unconditionally supportive, pushes me to become the best person I can be and is one of the best travel buddies I could have. My future sister-in-law has been the person to most welcome me into my new family and really make me feel accepted. From Project Runway marathons to starting Thursday night family dinners, she has truly included me for everything fun!

  3. avatar Rebecca reply

    I am absolutely so lucky to be able to surround myself with the women who are my bridesmaids. They are all gorgeous, courageous, smart, and talented women!

  4. avatar Davonne reply

    My bridesmaids rock! They have been my bffs since college and we have been through thick and thin together and they always keep me laughing. I love those girls.

  5. avatar Danielle reply

    Asking my bridesmaids to be in my wedding has been one of the best parts of the whole process for me. I couldn’t wait to have them be a part of the whole thing! A sister, high school friends, and college friends, I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls. They are all amazing and beautiful!

  6. avatar Clara G reply

    My bridesmaids consist of 3 best friends from childhood and 3 from college. From marathons of Mary-Kate and Ashley movies to a spontaneous midnight trip to New Orleans (just to get breakfast), these women bring a never-ending amount of fun and laughter to my life!!

  7. avatar Miranda M reply

    These are really cute and have a great beachy feel!

  8. avatar Amanda Zerra reply

    I had both bridesmaids and ‘bridesmen’ who have made my life incredibly fun and full. I wanted to make sure my Bridal Party consisted of life long friends, people I knew I would keep in touch with 20 years from now. My Matron of Honor was my best friend who is also my cousin, my Bridesmaids consisted of 2 of my best friends since childhood. My brothers and ‘cousin in law’ were ‘Bridesmen’ (they accepted, with zero hesitation amidst all the teasing)! We are all a close knit group of friends and family who have been through so much together, happiness, sadness and craziness! They have made my life so much more pleasant by simply being there for me and my now my husband for many, many years! Couldn’t have asked for a better group!

  9. avatar madelynne miller reply

    I have a bridesmaid in Houston, TX, one in Charleston, SC, one in Birmingham, AL, one in Auburn, AL, one in Tuscaloosa, AL, and one in Dothan, AL. They come from college, high school, sibling (sister), and work. I love all of my girls because they provide different perspectives, advice, and experience. I can’t wait to share my day with some of the best friends ever!

  10. avatar lindsey reply

    my bridesmaids are the best!!! they surprised me with a bach party out in vegas and just threw me the most amazing shower ever. anytime they around we have a blast just hanging out and chatting… i would love to use these gorgeous vases to show my appreciation for them!

  11. avatar Vicky reply

    My matron of honor has been my best friend for almost 20 years. She has been my cheerleader, my greatest supporter and really, the most awesome friend you could ask for. I can go to her for anything and she’s been nothing but amazing during the wedding planning process. My other bridesmaids are friends I’ve met over the past four or five years and the bond I have with them is wonderful. In high school and college I didn’t have a lot of girl friends or I didn’t get very close with them but these ladies showed me how wonderful girlfriends can be and that you need some in your life. Just like my best friend, I can count on them for a shoulder to cry on, to be there when I need a pick me up and to celebrate life’s joys and successes. I don’t mean to sound like a Hallmark card or a Lifetime movie but I am so honored to have them in my life and can’t imagine anyone else standing by my side on the day I say “I do”.

  12. avatar Vicky reply

    My matron of honor is truly the best friend anyone could ask for–and I’m so glad she’s my best friend. I don’t know what I’d do without her and she’s been amazing through this whole wedding planning process. The rest of my bridal party are friends I have been able to count on through the years to celebrate life and our successes as well as being able to go to them when life hasn’t been so sweet. I am so grateful they will be there, standing by my side as I say “I do”.

  13. avatar Kristen reply

    I don’t know what I would do without my bridesmaids! They are my closest friends and have been by my side through it all. And they all offer a little something different making them the perfect group. I love them all!

  14. avatar Liz reply

    I live in the UK, and my bridesmaids are spread between three countries and various states, but they absolutely always make time for us to catch up. I’ve seen them more than my family in the four years I’ve lived abroad! They work so hard to make sure that our friendships stay strong. They are all strong women who are following their passions, and I’m proud of them!

  15. avatar Kim reply

    My bridesmaids have been there for me through all the big moments in my life, and I could not imagine not having them by my side for the biggest day yet! My sister is my MOH, and we’ve been best friends since I had to give up my only-child title when she was born :) Another girl has been my best friend since high school, and we’ve remained close even after all traveling to colleges in different states. Another is my best friend from college, who was my roommate when I met my man, and we both weathered long distance relationships together. My last girl is my fiance’s sister, who I cannot wait to share a last name with! All of these girls are such strong, wonderful women, and I am so blessed to have met each and every one of them.

  16. avatar Jessica reply

    I love my bridesmaids! Well, in my case, they’re my entire wedding party, but my fiance and I met them all seven years ago and love them to pieces. From helping me prank my fiance (we covered his desk in origami) to some crossing the country with us, I can’t imagine life without them.

  17. avatar Brittany reply

    My bridesmaids have been so amazing! From being there to talk about wedding troubles to thinking up deign ideas to just drinking a glass of wine together. Surrounding yourself with people who love you and your fiance is especially important as the wedding day gets closer and things get crazier. It’s always nice to have someone to lean on.

  18. avatar Tara reply

    I have the best bridesmaids, especially my sister and best friend. They have worked together, and with the help of the other 3 girls, given me the most special bridal shower and have planned a weekend beach getaway for us this weekend. My sister is 7 1/2 months pregnant now, and she’s still putting in every effort to make this time special for me. I am so lucky to have her and the rest of them.

  19. avatar Elizabeth M reply

    As I have read the other posts above I must admit it truly made me remember why I chose the ladies I did to be my bridesmaids. My bridesmaids are way more than just a part of my wedding party they are all an extension of my family. I consider them all to be one of my sisters. Two of them have been in my life and have been life long friends since they days we were born over 25 years ago. My other bridesmaid I met 10 years ago when I moved to Atlanta. Through the wedding planning process they have been really supportive. They have given me great advice on wedding planning and surviving it and are constantly there anytime I need another females opinion. Even though we all live in different cities across the Southeast now they are all always there for me. They give me advice, oheer me up, and are always up for a good time doing just about anything. My friends and I have always been there for each other. We have a sisterly bond that will never end. With them it has and always will be for better or worse for richer or poorer in sickness and in health till death do us part.

  20. avatar Erin reply

    My bridesmaids keep me sane and dance like fools to make me laugh!

  21. avatar Erin reply

    These vases are beautiful!
    My bridesmaids are all wonderful women, all stretched out across up and down the East coast yet they each have made an extra special effort to be there for me at different steps throughout this process, whether it’s flying down from Philadelphia to Charleston to help me try on dresses, driving across South Carolina to spend a special 4th of July weekend with me (I’m so EXCITED) or plotting and planning an awesome stock the bar party for me back home in Virginia. These girls are the BEST and they deserve the best.

    I also think these vases would be a perfect gift for my mother and my fiance’s mom. Both of those two have been so amazing and supportive and helpful, and I would love to give them something to say thank you, I have been looking and looking!! They would adore these!!

  22. avatar Linden reply

    Where do I start? My matron of honor is my sister- my best friend, partner-in-crime, and constant playmate growing up! We pretended we were princesses in fairytales, spent countless hours playing in the pool, and have had our fair share of disagreements too. Then there are my two best college friends- we all lived together senior year and travelled the world together when we studied abroad in New Zealand. I climbed the Sydney Bridge with these girls, jumped off cliffs and out of planes with them, and snorkeled on the Great Barrier Reef together. My best childhood friends round out the group- the friend I’ve known since preschool who held my hand on the kindergarten bus when I was scared, the friend who went through those awkward junior high years with me, and the friends who spent hours talking about boys and dreaming about our princes… What all these girls have in common is that they have given me the best memories of friendship, fun, laughter, and unconditional love. My life would not be complete without them and I can’t imagine getting married without them by my side! (LOVE the vases by the way!!! GORGEOUS!)

  23. avatar Kara reply

    I could go on forever, but each of my bridesmaids have been in my life at just the right time for just the right situations. Each of these girls are friends for life and bring so much to our friendships.

  24. avatar Kristi reply

    I don’t even know where to start…I’ve been friends with these girls my entire life. We were in school together from preschool – senior year. Our parents, and even some of our grandparents, went to high school together. They keep me sane and are such a blessing to have in my life. I can, without a doubt, say that we’ll be friends for the rest of our lives.

  25. avatar linda d reply

    My girls have been so great. as all of them have gotten married within the last few years they had great advice for me, have fully supported all of my decisions, and keep me laughing throughout it all. Even though none of us live in the same area they somehow manage to help me!

  26. avatar Sarah barton reply

    Each one of my bridesmaids comes from a different walk in my life…one from middle school, one from high school, and one from college. Each of these girls have been there for me through the trials and tribulations of life. They are dedicated friends, well really they are my sisters. I could not imagine going through such a special time in my life without them. I thank God every day for blessing me with such special ladies in my life!!

  27. avatar Lauren S. reply

    My bridesmaids are the greatest ever, from throwing a bridal shower to hosting my bachelorette party. My wedding party includes my three sisters, and four of my best friends! I couldn’t ask for a more giving, loving bridal party. I know they will help me stay calm on my big day!!

  28. avatar Courtney reply

    I consider each of my bridesmaids to be the sister I never had. I have my best friend who I can tell everything (matron of honor), the other best friend who has always wanted the best for me and cheered me along to finish my dreams (maid of honor), the friend who I am most like-personality wise, the friend who is sentimental and wants to make sure my wedding is my dream’s vision, the friend who is always happy and bring happiness to people when they are down, and the friend with whom I fight with like sister’s about mostly everything but still can look at each other and know that at the end of the day we are always there for one another. My bridesmaid are a collection of friends from lifelong friends to sorority sisters to college roommates. It was a tough decision picking who I wanted in the wedding party, but in the end I knew that these girls have always had my back and I couldn’t imagine not standing up on the most important day of my life without them!

  29. avatar Laura reply

    My bridesmaids are seriously the best. They’re like sisters, each with a special place in my heart. They all come from different times in my lives and have always been there. Some of them are far away, but their friendship is one that trumps all of those transient relationships in my life. When I picked them, I didn’t worry about the numbers, or how they’d look in the pictures. I just chose the girls I couldn’t imagine NOT having by my side, just as they’ve always been.

  30. avatar Marie reply

    I love my bridesmaids. What I find is the most special is that they are from different times in my life, childhood, high school, college, and grad school friends, but I feel so close to each of them even now.

  31. avatar Dana @ Cville Fashion reply

    I just got engaged and haven’t asked my friend to be my bridesmaid yet, but I can tell you that she is such an incredibly supportive, positive influence in my life and motivates me to better myself all the time. She’s a blast to be around, too!

  32. avatar ashley taylor reply

    Spoken in the voice of Shelby from Steel Magnolias “My bridesmaids, my bridesmaids, my bridesmaids!” They truly were the “blush and bashful” of our black + white wedding (figuratively speaking, of course). I’ve known all five of them since elementary school. We’ve laughed, cried, and laughed some more through both trials and celebrations. We’re all unique in our own special ways, and although it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly brought us all together 20 years ago, we know God’s grace is what has gotten us to where we are today.

  33. avatar Kristen reply

    I am so blessed to have such amazing bridesmaids and my big sister and my dear friend (who happens to be my ex-husband’s fiancee). I never would be able to make it through this process without them. My fiance proposed to me while we were in CA after my mom had been moved in to hospice. Mom had endured three types of cancer in less than two years and the liver cancer followed by a stroke as a result of the chemo had taken it’s toll. I prayed for her to have just one moment of being lucid so she would know we were there and we were blessed with many. As my big sister sat across from me with each of us holding my mother’s hand, I became overwhelmed with the prospect of all of the milestones she would miss: my wedding (if my boyfriend proposed), my son growing up, etc. My sister, in her own grief told me that she would make sure she was there for those moments. This selflessness is what makes her more than my sister, but my best friend despite our age difference of 11 years.

    A week after that trip in which my fiance proposed, my mother passed on. It has been the single worst day of my entire life. As I called my dear friend (my bridesmaid) to let her know that my mom had passed. She came over immediately with a single rose in hand to comfort me. She hugged me as I cried and as I had to come to grips with the reality that my mom wasn’t going with me to shop for a dress and all of the other things for my wedding. I thought this was really selfish of me, especially after my mom enduring so much pain and sickness over the past two years. A few days after this, my dear friend told me we were going out for coffee and going to look at some dresses. I sighed and agreed. I told her we were going to look at silhouettes only when lo and behold she holds up this amazing ivory dress that is just perfect for me. It’s like the angels sang and my mom kicked be in the butt all at the same time. Then I looked at the label…designer…not going to happen with my budget. When she flipped the tag around, it was a flawless sample in my size AND it was $850 off. Fine, I’ll try it on, but I don’t have the money yet to secure the dress. She proceeded to email my dad pics of me in the dress and called my dad on my phone. He said, “If you don’t get that dress I’m gonna kick you.” The dress fit nearly perfectly and then she leaned over and said not to worry about the deposit for the layaway. What? So, she marched to the sales counter with the dress and put down the deposit for the dress and told me that it was not a loan. I was floored, yet still I worried about paying for the rest of it in so short a time. She told me not to worry and that it was meant to be. A month later I was not able to make the payment due to multiple trips out to CA. Out of the blue I got a call from my big sister who said she wanted to help me with the dress and was sending the money to do so. I was floored and the reality of getting my dream dress was pretty much secured after my dad told me it was my mom’s wish that they helped me get my dress and paid off the dress for me in its entirety. My last gift from my beautiful mother who was more than a mom to me. She was my best friend, my confidante, and my heart.

    I don’t know how I would have not only got to wear my dream dress, but also have gotten through these past few months without them. They are my rocks and I am theirs. I am blessed to have such wonderful women in my life.

  34. avatar Caitlin reply

    My bridesmaids are so unique and special to me in different ways which is why I feel so lucky to be surrounded by the five most amazing women on my wedding day. Whether it is one on one or in a large group after leaving an occasion when I have spent time with each of them, I always catch myself thinking who that was the best night.

  35. avatar Kt reply

    my bridesmaids all have touched my life at different times – it’s like seeing the different stages all together, through the good & hard times :)

  36. avatar Taylor reply

    Oh… bridesmaids. They definitely make my like fun and full. I would love to gift them these beautiful little vases that are as unique as each of them. Despite whatever is going on in the world, or in our lives, each year since our senior year of highschool, we have a dinner with us and each of our moms. We’ve made a pact that men, babies, etc., will not stop us from staying together. We share struggles, praises, and hardships, and take on each other’s burdens, lightening the load for the other girl. This bond is so dear to my heart, they are worth more to me than almost anything. They are family.

  37. avatar Kristyn M reply

    I couldn’t live without them. They make me laugh like no one else! And that is the best thing someone can do for you!

  38. avatar Amanda reply

    I have lived all over the country throughout the years, have met many people in many places, lost touch with many but cherished a few. Three of my ladies have been my friends, confidants and touchstones. Each is from a different time and place on my life but they are all equally important in my life and have had a role in shaping and supporting the person I am and the person I strive to be. The fourth is my very dear cousin who has known mensince we were both little. She lived with is for a summer years ago and somehow the stories never get old. I love to hear her voice on the phone and she always makes M’s laugh. Hard. Like pee my pants hard! The fifth is my new sister in law. She’s the baby in the family and the only girl. I loom forward to bonding as sisters and playing really important roles in one anoher’s lives – I feel to privileged to have her in my life. And those are my ladies!

  39. avatar Cat reply

    Well my bridesmaids are from all aspects of my life. My best friend from high school who I got into all kinds of trouble with (without ever getting into trouble). A volleyball buddy that I have kept in touch with for years who is just way too much like me. A friend from my working life that I hang out with all the time. And my future sister in law who I just love to death.They have all given so much to me with their friendships. I love them!

  40. avatar lb reply

    These ladies have always had my best interests at heart, brutal honesty eventhough it may have hurt. Decades of friendship that mean the world to me.

  41. avatar Sheila reply

    My bridesmaids are the best! My Maid of Honor is my older (and only) sister. She’s been there for me for my whole life. She is just amazing! She’s caring, loving, and has always been my role model. If I am even half of the woman she is I would be happy! My second bridesmaid is my childhood friend, Margaret (we met in preschool). Although we didn’t hang out quite as much through high school, or now that I have moved out of state, but we will be life long friends. I remember one time specifically, I came back home for Christmas break from college, freshman year. We went to dinner and talked for hours. We said that no matter how long we go without seeing each other we still always know that we are each others best friends. We even talked about how we knew we would be little old, greying ladies and no matter what we would still be friends. I knew long before my fiancé proposed, that when I got married Margaret was going to be a bridesmaid. Probably the day after my fiancé proposed, I was thinking about who I was going to have as my bridesmaids. My sister didn’t even cross my mind because I always just knew she was going to be my MOH, but Margaret was the first person that I thought of. I thought about a few of my other close friends throughout my life, but I couldn’t think of anyone else that I really wanted to stand up there next to me. I wanted more than 2 bridesmaids, but when it came down to it, Claire and Margaret were the only ones that I knew I just had to have there for me, and in my heart that told me I didn’t need anyone else. These two women are my best friends, no matter how far apart we are, no matter how long we go without talking and catching up, they will always be there for me and they will always be the closest friends that I have. I cherish every moment I have with them, especially as the wedding gets closer and closer because I get to spend time with them, which I don’t get to do very often. They deserve a great gift and these would be just perfect!
    P.S.: No one knows this yet, but I have been thinking about asking my mother to be my Matron of Honor, along with my sister as my Maid of Honor. She and I used to be so close, but as I got older I turned into a terrible teenager and went through stages of just hating her. Now, as I’ve gotten even older and more mature, the time I’ve spent with her recently for wedding stuff, I’ve remembered just how much she means to me. It would make her entire year if asked her to be my Matron of Honor, and I would love to have her up there with me.

  42. avatar Winner Round-Up :: Jess Wainer + Fine & Fleurie + Say Cheese! Paper Props « Southern Weddings Magazine reply

    [...] We asked you to tell us how your bridesmaids have made your life fun and full. Reading over your comments made my day! Winner, Courtney said, I consider each of my bridesmaids to be the sister I never had. I have my best friend who I can tell everything (matron of honor), the other best friend who has always wanted the best for me and cheered me along to finish my dreams (maid of honor), the friend who I am most like-personality wise, the friend who is sentimental and wants to make sure my wedding is my dream’s vision, the friend who is always happy and bring happiness to people when they are down, and the friend with whom I fight with like sister’s about mostly everything but still can look at each other and know that at the end of the day we are always there for one another. My bridesmaid are a collection of friends from lifelong friends to sorority sisters to college roommates. It was a tough decision picking who I wanted in the wedding party, but in the end I knew that these girls have always had my back and I couldn’t imagine not standing up on the most important day of my life without them! Fine & Fleurie knows a Southern girl needs her pearls. I was so excited to feature a giveaway with their beautiful Swarovski pearl necklace and bracelet bridal set. Any bride would look lovely in it! [...]

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